Needing To Let Go

You're Doing What?

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Previously on Needing To Let Go:

Emmett carefully got up from his bed and trudged over to get a better look at him. I was pleased, but at the same time confused by Emmett's cool reaction to Rosalie being pregnant. I mean, usually, like I've already said, he went from woman to woman never longer than a few months. It was never serious, but I guess Rosalie was different. I liked the man Rosalie made him become; he was more grown up and not such a goof ball all of the time.

"Sweet, that's a cool name, hey when you get tired of holding him it's my turn Bells."

I just smiled and agreed. If I didn't know better I would've thought that Emmett was the father of this beautiful baby.

Bella POV:

It was the next day and after school Rosalie was getting released from the hospital and going home with little Bentley. I couldn't wait for them to get home because Rose said that I could come over to her place after school for a few minutes before I would have to go work at Delilah's. Emmett offered to take Rosalie home when it came time. It was just really odd how cool Emmett was about all this. I mean he's always been a serial dater, never dating any girl longer than a few weeks, the longest I've ever remembered him with someone was, at least, four months.

School went on like always, Raven was still mad at Jackson for lying, and refused to even talk to him. Emily and Kaleb tried cheering her up, but it didn't seem to do any good. Raven wouldn't even speak to me either, well that wasn't entirely true she would talk to me about school-related things, but anything else she would just pretend as if I hadn't said anything.

Then there was Edward, I wasn't sure why, but he had been all too friendly with me the first couple days when he first got here, but when I would try and talk to him during science he seemed distant, like his mind was preoccupied with something else.

Just what I needed, almost all of my friends ignoring me or mad at me. This was one of those days where I wished I could just skip school and go off and ride Rainbow, my horse. I love riding her, haven't had a chance to ride her as much lately due to school and work. I know that Rainbow is somewhat of a 'dumb' name for a horse, but I was five when I got her, so cut me some slack. She's a Palomino and I love her.

"Ms. Swan, how about you come up to the board and answer this question for the class." Mr. Ackley said in a tone that showed his annoyance for my lack of attention during his math class. I knew why they did it, but was their reasoning for calling on kids who didn't pay attention during lecture only so to set an example for others not to doze off during class.

I sighed and dragged my feet towards the chalkboard at the front. I mentally talked to myself that I could do this, and that Math wasn't my worst subject, that I could do this.

I silently groaned when I saw the math question in front of me. Why did I ever agree to take Calculus is beyond me; I barely was able to make a C average in the class, and that was only because Mr. Ackley went easy on me because my parents died. Now that it's been a while and I've had time to grieve (not my words by the way) I should be back to normal and that my studying shouldn't be affected as much anymore.

No one was saying this out loud but it sure was being implied by some of the teachers, at least that's how I felt when I explained why my homework wasn't done on time.

I stood at the chalkboard for a long time, not sure what to do. I could try and answer the question, but if I did then it would possibly be wrong and I would get laughed at; I would get laughed at either way. It was a lose-lose situation for me.

"See children, this is why paying attention in class pays off, you know how to answer questions. Go have a seat Ms. Swan." Mr. Ackley said with a hint of amusement directed at me. Although he didn't show it, I could sense that he thoroughly enjoyed seeing his students squirm when they couldn't figure out the answer.

"No! No, I will not have a seat; I don't have to take this crap, not from anyone not from you!" I had no idea where this came from; I'm never this outspoken, I usually keep everything bottled up and shove it down inside. The entire class was stunned as well and I looked around and I saw a few open mouths and a couple smiling ear to ear. I felt myself smiling as well, I was proud that I finally spoke my mind. Before Mr. Ackley could form a response, which would be to send me to the principal's office, I grabbed my backpack and stormed out of class and shut the door behind me; I jumped when I heard it slam shut. I had no idea I had in fact shut it that hard. I just sighed and kept on walking; I was afraid if I stopped that I would cave in to my good nature and just get into more trouble, I just wanted to get out of the school and get some fresh air.

I took a step outside and before I knew it I collided with a hard object and fell backwards, luckily I didn't fall down, but I did stumble back a bit. I glanced up to see who I had bumped into I suddenly felt my cheeks start to redden. I had bumped into Edward. Why was it that, of all the people in this school, I bumped into him? It wasn't that I hated him, but like I said, he acted like he was avoiding me and the last thing I needed was another person giving me grief.

"We gotta stop meeting like this." He said with a crooked grin. That darn grin made me blush even more. I rolled my eyes and tried to stop myself from blushing even more. I explained what happened and even mentioned my outburst in class, which earned me a loud chortle from Edward. He was shocked that I was a troublemaker and that he had me pegged as the 'quiet good girl' type. I was so flustered that I couldn't even form a simple response and told him to go shove in his ear and I stormed off past him.

"Whoa, wait a minute Bella, where are you going?" Edward said as he grabbed me by the arm. It wasn't hard, but I wasn't expecting it and I stumbled back a bit. He steadied me and made me look him in the eyes and I wanted to look away and just keep on walking, but something in his expression made me stay right where I was. I didn't owe him an explanation for where I was going, however, I just sighed and stared back up at him.

"I don't have to tell you where I'm going, but if you must know I'm going to see a friend before I go to work, is that ok with you?" I said a bit harsh, more than I wanted to sound, but I was just frustrated and I just wanted to go home. I was getting tired of school, my friends weren't talking to me, well at least Raven wasn't; Emily and Kaleb have yet to try and talk to me, although in their defense I have been trying to dodge them so I could avoid the confrontation and imminent conversation about how I lied to Raven and them about Jackson's situation.

In retrospect I personally thought the whole thing was a bit juvenile; keeping secrets about friends from other friends, it was all a bit stupid.

"Bella," Edward sighed, if I didn't know better, it sounded like he wanted to say more, but didn't. ", please be careful. Don't give up on school; I hope you're in class tomorrow." Edward said as he let my arm go from his grasp. I shook feeling back into it, even though it really didn't need it. I just nodded and stared at him, hopefully that would be enough of an answer for him.

I kept on walking, and when I finally arrived outside in front of Rosalie's house I saw Emmett putting some boxes into the back of the truck. That's strange, I thought, so why would Emmett be putting boxes into the back of the truck from inside Rosalie's house? I continued way towards the truck I saw Rosalie coming out through the front door carrying a wrapped-up Bentley and smiled bigger when she saw me walking towards her.

"Oh hello Bella, I know that I said you could come by and visit with Bentley and I, but Emmett has invited me to come live with him, well I guess you as well, seeing as how Emmett and Jasper live with you at your house. I hope you don't mind." Rosalie said with a hint of worry in her tone. I wasn't the least bit put out by it. I actually loved the idea, I would get to see more of the cute little baby and I wouldn't even need an excuse.

"Oh hey Bells, Rosalie here is moving in with us. I already talked to Jazz and he's on board with it, and since Rose's has the baby, she can use mom and dad's old room." Emmett said with a grin.


I was all for Rosalie coming to live with us, but if she used mom and dad's old room, then it would all be real. My mom and dad were really dead and never coming back. I just nodded; I didn't trust my words at that moment. I was afraid I may say something I would later regret. I wanted Rosalie to come live with us, but I wasn't looking forward to having to help move all of their things up to the attic. I know life goes on and everything, but I wasn't sure how this would make me feel.

I originally thought that I would be able to accept their deaths and move on, not forget them, but just accept that they were gone, and that one day I would see them again. But just as I thought I was just starting to accept it, something came up and put a wrinkle in the plan.

"Oh um, that's great! I mean, really, well I um have to get to the diner, but I'll be home afterwards." I said before either one could answer me, and I quickly walked back in the opposite direction. I heard Emmett offer to take me over to Delilah's, but I kept on walking. I needed time to think, time to try and make myself come to terms with the fact that Rosalie and Bentley moving in with us, and into my parents' old room was a sign that they were truly gone.

Then Edward's expression and the fact that he wanted to say something else, but didn't, made things even more confusing. I just hoped that things would calm down and I would be able to cope with all these feelings, plus that Raven would soon talk to me about stuff other than school related.

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