Needing To Let Go

Let The Fun Begin

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Previously on Needing To Let Go

To say that I was nervous about this party this Friday was an understatement, especially now that I knew that Alice wanted me to come, and that I would have to have a spectacular costume to impress her. Boy, I just hoped that I didn't make a complete idiot out of myself there.

Bella POV:

"Bella, would you please hold still, this costume is going to look awesome on you, and I can't believe that we get to wear masquerade masks with our costumes too at the party." Emily gushed as she finished applying the final touches to my costume. We, we meaning Emily, Raven, and I, all went out and looked for the perfect costumes to wear to the party tonight.

I still wasn't completely sure why I was going in the first place, but then I remembered what Emily told me, Edward would be there and that meant I had a chance to show off for him without him knowing who I was.

Thank you Alice and your masquerade masks!

If there were no masks required I would've backed out a long time ago. I didn't do very well with large crowds; I guess you could say that I am a bit claustrophobic at times. That's the reason why I hardly ever go to any of the parties, that, and well, I'm never invited to any parties to even decline.

"There you go Bella, all done! I have to say, that you look very sexy in that costume, if Edward doesn't notice you in that then he's as blind as a bat." Emily teased and I saw Raven nod in agreement in my reflection. I felt my breath catch in my throat when I got a real good look at myself. I thought it was stupid at first that I decided on picking out that angel costume, but after Raven and Emily took it home and made their own personal alterations, it didn't look like the same costume at all.

The neckline was a low V-neck, any lower the costume wouldn't be an "angel" anymore, then there was the waist; it had a corset-look to it, then the skirt of the costume stopped a few inches above my knees with a lace fringe at the bottom. The wings were pretty good too, they looked very 'realistic' and not to cliché for Halloween thankfully. I opted not to wear the halo, mainly because when I had it on I just felt dorky with it on, thankfully Emily and Raven agreed with me. I held up my white mask in front of my face. It had intricate glitter-floral design along the mask, centering on the eyes, it matched my costume perfectly.

"I bet all the boys, heck, everyone at the party, will drool when they see you." Emily giggled as she started putting on her costume. She decided to go as Snow White, from 'Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Now, if you are expecting her to go with the classic costume, you'd be wrong. Did I forget to mention that Raven and Emily dragged me to a costume store, and not to the local Wal-Mart store, where the costumes were more elaborate and for costume parties, at least that's what the sales clerk said to us as we shopped through the store.

Emily's Snow White costume was a yellow tank top with red stripes down the top and onto the blue skirt; the skirt poofed out a bit, a spoof on the ball gown-type skirt. Now, Emily is a bit more modest than Raven and, like me didn't like that the skirt was too short so she managed to lower the blue skirt a bit so that it was a closer to her knees than where it had been. Also, imagine Snow White in the movie, and that uncomfortably-looking collar she has around her neck and that was a part of her costume as well. To accessorize with the outfit she styled her hair, by perming it then adding the red bow in her hair then put on the red calf-high boots to match, as well as a crimson-colored mask with royal blue trim along the edge.

Finally, Raven's costume was a complete opposite for her personality. She went with a cat costume, but it was a very beautiful one, and not one of the cheap ones. She had a black dress with a corset waist with pink ribbons for the corset. The skirt of the dress had leopard print fringe, along with a leopard print shawl/hood that had cat ears on the top. Raven was just putting on her leopard print heeled shoes and finishing up putting on her whiskers and pinning her tail to the back of her dress. Lastly, she added her black mask that she had bought and even added the leopard print fringe to it.

"I can't believe how awesome we look, the boys are gonna be blown away when they get a load of us." Emily said as she grinned ear to ear. I couldn't agree more, you would think with how shy I was I would detest Halloween, but it was the complete opposite. Halloween was my one night a year I could be someone else and no one would care who I was or judge me. Emily giggled and ran to get her phone to take a group picture of just us girls. We crammed close together as much as we could into the mirror to get us all in frame.

"Wow, you girls look amazing! Bella, do your brothers know you're dressing like that?" Rosalie asked with a quizzical look on her face. I sighed and felt my shoulders slump a bit. Jasper and Emmett would flip if they saw my costume and that I planned to go out in public like this. I loved them to death, but they were a bit overprotective at times. Thank goodness Rosalie offered to distract them both while we would make our escape out the back door of the kitchen. After we gathered our stuff and went down the stairs we could hear Rosalie talking to Jasper and Emmett as they were coming up the stairs behind her. Thankfully Rosalie was first and waved us off furiously trying to give us heads up that my brothers were coming, so we ran for it and hid inside the bathroom. I peeked outside and saw Rosalie lead them both into her room, she was asking something construction related, I think something to do with Bentley, when I saw her give us the OK to run downstairs and head out the front door.

We didn't need to be told twice, and we headed down the stairs as quietly as we could. I was the last one out when I heard, who I thought was Jasper, ask where I was going, but I shut the door before I they could finish that sentence.

"Quick, into my car guys." Raven whispered harshly as we ran as fast as we could in our heels without falling. Thankfully I remembered to get my bigger purse and had stored my white ballet flats in there in case my feet started to ache from my white high heel shoes Emily forced me to buy. Once inside we sighed with relief and Raven started up the car. Emily asked if we were picking up the boys, or if we were meeting them at the party and Raven answered that we would pick them both up at Kaleb's house. I rolled my eyes when I remembered that Emily made Kaleb coordinate costumes, meaning that Kaleb would be prince charming, and as for Jackson? Raven was like me in that department and allowed him to wear whatever costume he wanted.

We got to Kaleb's house and both boys were waiting on the front step for us to arrive. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Kaleb's costume. I could tell that he wasn't all too pleased that he had to wear. I could only guess that Emily had a hand in picking out his costume, because it matched the prince's wardrobe from the movie almost to a T. He had a royal blue mask on and a fake plastic sword to match even. Then there was Jackson, he looked very handsome in his costume. I'm not sure where he got it, but he made the most amazingly hot military man ever. The the uniform, wait costume, looked almost legit. Apparently it was, because Jackson couldn't find a costume, and got to Kaleb's with no costume. His mom let Jackson borrow Kaleb's older brother's spare camouflage uniform for tonight, and instead of a tangible mask, like the rest of us were wearing, he just put on forest green mixed with some brown paint to give the illusion of trying to 'blend' in.

"Well, don't you all look gorgeous?" Kaleb asked with a playful grin. We all rolled our eyes and Emily playfully smacked his shoulder. The conversation was mainly just where we got our costumes and how we were coming with the latest homework assignment or what not.

Before we all knew it we were at the party and all got out of the car and made our way inside to the party. I looked around and saw a sea of masked faces and heard nothing but the loud pounding of the bass of the music playing. I was shocked at how open and big the living room was, I mean, I thought my living room was big, but this? I bet you could fit my living room in here twice and still have room left over for more. Raven announced to the group that her and Jackson were going to go dance and have some fun, and that they would catch up with us later. My anxiety started to climb a little bit. I liked the anonymity of wearing a mask, but at the same time that was also a bit disconcerting.

Kaleb offered to get us something to drink, and we gladly accepted. I linked arms with Emily and leaned in close to her ear and asked if she wanted to go look around for a bit while we waited. We took in all the party as we walked around. There were a lot of different costumes, but there were your normal costumes: the witch, astronaut, and all the other typical costumes. I couldn't help but groan with annoyance when I saw Heidi dancing with some football player.

How did I know it was Heidi? Well, it doesn't take a genius when she wore her cheerleading costume and added fake blood around her lips, and zombie makeup. Not much imagination I guess.

"Can you believe Heidi wore her cheer uniform to a costume party? Talk about unoriginal." Emily shouted in my ear so that I could hear her over the music. I just nodded and laughed that we had spotted the same lack of originality. But then that was Heidi, she always went for the east A.

Time passed and no Kaleb. We both asked where he was, and I finally offered to go look for him, and that's when I ran into Alice. Thankfully neither one of us was knocked down. She was dressed as a fairy, no scratch that, a pixie, she had on a tinker bell costume and even the blonde wig to match it, along with the cute green slippers, wait no, make that green high heeled shoes. What was it with the girls I knew and high heels? I'll never understand the big deal about them, I can't even look at high heels, because if I do all I see is me falling and twisting, or breaking, an ankle.

"Wow Bella, you look amazing in that costume!" Alice squealed as she took me by the hands and took a step back to get a better look at me. She couldn't believe how amazing I looked in the costume and asked me where I got it, and if there were any more, something to do with buying it for next year or for any costume parties she would get invited to in the future. I couldn't help but laugh at how all over the place she could be. But then I had a sneaking suspicion that she was always like this.

"Well thank you Alice, I went with a couple friends to a local costume shop, and then I let my best friend, Emily, do a little alteration to it and then, well, ta da!" I said with a grin. Alice loved it and made a mental note (out loud though) that she would have to meet this Emily, because they had the same taste in fashion.

As the night went on I saw no sign of Edward anywhere. I decided that he decided not to dress up and was locked up in his room away from everyone here. I finally met up with Emily, Raven, and the boys after what seemed like forever. As I got closer I saw Emily and Kaleb making out in the corner, which was normal for them lately for some reason, and Raven and Jackson were a few yards away dancing to what I think was a remixed version of Gangnam Style. I let out a sigh and decided to delay the reunion and weaved my way through the crowd to the punch table and when I finally got there I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw…him. He wasn't wearing any costume, but he was wearing a black mask over his eyes, I guess he wasn't much for dressing up.

"My sister told me I might find you here Bella. Very nice costume, it's suited for you." I couldn't tell if he was being genuine or if he was being condescending. But when I saw that damned crooked smile I knew then that it wasn't either one. He was baiting me, trying to see how I would react to his observation.

"Now, I'm not quite sure whether I should take that as a compliment Edward Cullen, or if I should be offended." I said playfully with a hint of sincerity. I could tell that I hadn't cracked him and silently groaned as he started to smile with a smug look about him.

"Well, I hope as a compliment Bella, never as anything else, especially since you are a daughter of the holy god himself." Edward said as he started to laugh. As much as I wanted to scoff and roll my eyes I couldn't help but start laughing myself. I knew what he was trying to say, and to sound romantic but it just came out cheesy as hell. I turned around and grabbed a cup full of punch and gingerly took a sip of the drink and immediately gagged and held out the drink at arm's length.

"What's in this drink? It tastes like someone washed their dirty socks in this or something." I said with a soured expression. Edward laughed then ever so slightly leaned over to get a better whiff of the drink and stiffened almost immediately. The expression on his face, if I hadn't already had a sneaking suspicion why he was upset, would've scared the living daylights out of me. Edward then stormed over to the punch bowl and picked it up and stormed into the kitchen with it. I scurried along behind him and as I was about to ask him what he was thinking about doing with the bowl I saw him pour the whole thing down the drain.

"Someone spiked the punch bowl Bella, thankfully you didn't drink more of it, otherwise who knows how you'd be feeling." Edward said with a stern, but caring look in his eye. I couldn't help but smile back at him. But then I thought, "He probably just doesn't want to get caught with alcohol at a party with underage kids." That made more sense than him caring about me like I thought he did.

"Hey, did it hurt baby?" I turned and saw a guy who looked like he had one too many 'special' punch drinks standing in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen.

"Did what hurt?" I asked with a hint of irritation. I could only imagine the cheesy pickup line this guy would try and use on me. I'm sure something relating to heaven, how old.

"When you fell from heaven, 'cause baby, you're an angel." And the idiot started cracking up at his own joke. I rolled my eyes and laughed to shut him up, but it wasn't sincere in the slightest. I rolled my eyes and tried to brush him off as gently as I could without being too mean. He didn't seem to grasp the concept of me shooting him down, because he sauntered over closer to me and tried to feel me up and stuck his nose in my hair and took in a deep breath. I couldn't help but cringe and try pushing him away, and he just latched on tighter, so tight that I let out a gasp and winced as I felt his hand tighten on my wrist. He drunkenly tried to calm me down with, "Awe, don't be that way baby, we could make sweet music together." and a bunch of other gross and cheesy pickup lines. I kept refusing and pleaded with I'm to let me go. What happened next happened so fast that I still couldn't believe it happened.

Edward stormed over to us and next thing I knew the guy was on the ground holding his nose and groaning that it hurt, and by all the blood I could only assume that Edward broke the guy's nose. I rubbed my wrist, which would have a nice size bruise in the morning it looked like. Edward walked over to me and took my face in his hands and looked me in the eye and asked if I was ok. I was in shock with what happened within a matter of seconds that all I could do was just nod my head. He whispered what I think was, "good" and he gently took off my mask so that he could look me in the eye. I couldn't move, my legs felt like jelly. I felt our lips inching closer and closer. I was intoxicated by his choice of cologne and felt my head start to whirl. Once our lips touched it felt like a smoldering fire, but I liked it and it only encouraged me to further the kiss. I couldn't help myself and as the kiss got more and more passionate and intense I felt like I had to anchor myself to him, so I ran my fingers through his hair and latched on as if my life depended on it.

"Ahem, excuse me, but brother dear we have angry thirsty guests here that want more punch." Both Edward and I jumped nearly out of our skin at the sudden voice of Alice standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face. I could feel my cheeks blush a nice shade of pink and quickly excused myself. I heard Edward start to call out to stop me, but was cut off by Alice ordering him to make the new batch of punch. I couldn't help but smile as I walked back to where my friends were. My lips felt warm and were buzzing with sensation that was foreign to me. I couldn't help but run my fingertips over my lips, they felt swollen, but I think I liked it, I liked the sensation they gave me.

"Hello, earth Bella, Bella?" Raven said as she snapped her fingers in front of my face to catch my attention. I shook my head to gather my thoughts and looked to Raven who was grinning ear to ear. She asked me what had me in such a good mood, and Emily playfully teased right along with her. I just rolled my eyes and tried to play dumb, but they were too smart for that and ordered for me to spill whatever it was that I was hiding. I rolled my eyes and laughed nervously. I whispered to them that I had kissed Edward.

"No way, no effin' way! You kissed Edward Cullen, The Edward Cullen? O.M.G you finally made a move on that hot piece of Chicago yumminess?" Emily said with a playful smirk, too bad that both Kaleb and Jackson heard because they were both wide-eyed and grinning ear to ear. I just rolled my eyes and tried to brush it off, but secretly I wanted to just crawl in a hole and die. I hated that they were making a big deal over nothing, well it wasn't exactly anything.

"Ok, ok, guys laugh it up, yes I kissed Edward, now let's just have a fun and dance, or otherwise I'm going to go home." I said playfully in hopes that they would catch on and save the teasing for another time, hopefully that time would never come.


As the party started to slowly die down it was well past one in the morning, and I was officially and royally screwed. If Jasper and Emmett were up, which they were, I would be in so much trouble. But then there was the possibility that I could argue that we never really agreed on a set time for me to be home. However, I knew that that wouldn't fly even for a second.

Both Raven and Emily were tired and fighting back yawns, and we all decided to call it a night, so we went and found Alice and thanked her for inviting us while Kaleb and Jackson offered to pull around the car. Raven and Emily started for the door, but Alice stopped me and asked if I was ok. Apparently Edward had been forced to explain what happened in the kitchen earlier, and wanted to apologize for allowing someone to spike the punch. I assured her that I was fine, and that nothing happened, which she seemed to buy that. I guess Edward neglected to mention that he and I shared the most intense and passionate kiss I ever had, which I was eternally grateful for.

"Seeing you wear this costume has me thinking that you and I need to go shopping for new clothes for your closet, because the other clothes you have pale in comparison, and I won't take no for an answer. Of course you can bring your friends too; we can make it a shopping trip." Alice said as she beamed. How in God's name could she be this chipper as two a.m. neared?

I told her I would have to think about it, but that I more than likely would agree to it.

With that I left and caught up with Emily and Raven as we waited for Kaleb and Jackson. After a few minutes they finally showed up and we all got in, and it was collectively decided that since Raven, Emily, and I could barely keep our eyes open that Jackson would drive us all home. Raven tried to protest, but gave up almost immediately as she snuggled into Emily's shoulder, who was snuggled into Kaleb's in the back seat. I opted to sit up front, but found that my head felt heavier as sleep crept in more and more.

I decided to rest my head against the window just for a bit. This was a big mistake because just as I had finally got comfortable I was roused from sleep by Jackson telling me that we were in front of my house. I groaned softly and gathered up all my things and got out of the car and took this as an opportunity to switch shoes. It was a wonder that I hadn't fallen in them before now. Once I was finally in my ballet flats I shuffled up the driveway and up to the house. I heard Jackson holler out that he'd see me tomorrow and I just waved to him letting him know I heard him. I was just too tired to respond verbally.

I got to the front door and held the doorknob in my hand. I let out a sigh and prepared to be bombarded with questions like it was Spanish Inquisition, but when I opened the door and peeked in I saw the exact opposite. The lights were off in the entire house, well, all of them except for the upstairs hallway light.

Hmm, guess I was wrong. Maybe I'm in the clear…for now?

I shuffled up the stairs towards my bed. I knew I should change into my pajamas, but I was just too tired to even care about that. I collapsed on my bed and sighed as I felt my body hit the cool sheets that were my bed. I didn't know what it was about cool sheets, but it had an almost relaxing property about it. I gladly welcomed it, and soon found my thoughts begin to feel fuzzy as I slipped into much needed slumber. I could only imagine the trouble I could be in for in the morning, but for now, I just didn't care.


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