Needing To Let Go

A Storm's A-Brewin'

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Previously On Needing To Let Go

I collapsed on my bed and sighed as I felt my body hit the cool sheets that were my bed. I didn't know what it was about cool sheets, but it had an almost relaxing property about it. I gladly welcomed it, and soon found my thoughts begin to feel fuzzy as I slipped into much needed slumber. I could only imagine the trouble I could be in for in the morning, but for now, I just didn't care.

Bella POV:

"Isabella Marie Swan, get your butt down here right now!" I jerked my head up from my nice, soft pillow when I heard Jasper shouting my name from downstairs. I guess I was wrong when I thought that I had managed to get in the house without getting caught. I groaned as I dragged myself out of bed. Who knew that I was so tired? I mean, I didn't even have any of the spiked punch, I sighed as I quickly rushed to my bathroom tried my hardest to get as much makeup off as I could.

"Isabella Swan, get down here right now!" Now that time, it was Emmett; only Jasper ever used my full name anymore. I hollered downstairs that I was coming, and that I was washing my face first. I hoped to god that I wasn't in trouble. Not that I was worried. I mean, yeah Jasper and Emmett are older than me and legally my guardians, but I really wasn't that scared of them like they thought I was. At least not any more, last time I was scared of either one was back when I was like ten and it was Halloween. But then that's the point of Halloween isn't it?

I hurried down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Rosalie was sitting in front of Bentley's highchair while attempting to feed him some stringed beans or something that was green and mushy, no wonder Bentley didn't want anything to do with the foul smelling baby food. I looked around and saw no Jasper or Emmett anywhere in the kitchen.

"They're in the living room, and you didn't hear it from me, but it sounds like you're still in the clear about the party." Rosalie whispered to me as she finally tricked Bentley into eating a spoonful of the foul-smelling green goo. I had to agree with Bentley when he stuck out his tongue and started to fuss.

I feel for ya little buddy, but ya gotta eat your veggies, no matter how smelly they are.

I let out a short breath and slowly trudged into the living room. I hoped to god that Rosalie was right, and that I wasn't in trouble, and that it was just something completely harmless.

"There you are Bells, now look, according to the news, and yes I watch things other than ESPN, there is a chance for strong storms today, so before you head off to school, you're going to have to board up the horses in the stable, and the other animals up in the barn." Emmett said with the most serious face I have ever seen him make. I knew that he was serious, and that this was no joke. Jasper went on to say that there had been reports of golf ball size hail and strong wind gusts a couple cities over. Emmett had already showed Rosalie where the storm shelter was, seeing as how she would still be hanging around the house today.

I hated tornado season with a passion, especially since Halloween was in a few days, and we should be experiencing cooler weather and snow flurries, not sixty degree weather and thunderstorms. But then that's one of the perks living here I guess, the weather could be unpredictable at times. I checked the clock above the television and saw that I had about an hour and a half to get the horses put up, and the cow and other animals shut up in the barn.

After I grabbed my coat to go outside, I was immediately overcome with a large gust of wind that nearly knocked me back on my butt. And here I thought that Emmett and Jasper were being overdramatic about this freak storm that was heading this way, guess I was wrong. The horses were out in the pasture, and I could tell that they were getting extra antsy at the strong winds, so I quickly jogged to the pasture and quickly got all three horses into the barn. That's when I realized that Rainbow wasn't already in her stall, and she wasn't in the pasture with the other horses. This meant she had gotten out again and probably went down to the meadow to graze. I didn't have time to go get her, but knew that she would be ok, and that she knew her way back to the farm.

I hurried off to school in the truck after herding all the other animals into the barn and locked it up. I had just gotten to my locker when the bell rang signally the start of classes. I sighed and cursed silently as I slammed my backpack into my locker and grabbed the books I needed. I was so fed up I was seriously considering just skipping class and go hang out in the usual spot Raven, Emily, Kaleb, Jackson, and I would hang out between classes, rather than go and be marked as late to first period.

"Why do you insist on skipping classes every day Bella? Don't you know you need a decent education to get a decent paying job now days?" I turned to see that it was Edward. I was overcome with memories of last night at the party, and the fact that he and I actually kissed. I still remembered every little detail of that amazing kiss. I'm not sure what came over me, but I had the insatiable urge to run my fingers through his hair again and kiss him all over again. I managed to keep those urges hidden from him.

"I have decent grades Edward, and you make it sound like I skip classes every day and don't do homework. So why are you following me?" I asked mischievously as I grinned ear to ear. This was the first time I think I actually saw Edward Cullen blush.

"What makes you think I was following you? For all you know I could have a hall pass to use the bathroom…" Edward trailed off as he rubbed the back of his neck. I could tell that he was lying and quite badly I might add. I mean, I know I'm not the most skilled at lying, but I think Edward was just as bad as I am.

I plopped down on a nearby bench and leaned back against it; the clouds seemed to break up and the sun began to shine through. Maybe this storm thing wasn't going to happen after all. Edward sat next to me and looked up the sky, probably wondering why I was being a complete loon and staring up at the sky for no good reason. I remember when I was younger; mom, dad, me, Jasper, and Emmett would all pile in the truck and be our own storm chasing team. We wouldn't get too close to the storm, but just close enough that we could get some awesome pictures and even pretended to be recording the storms.


"Mom, look at that cloud! Think it will make a tornado?" I said as I pointed out the passenger-side door. I could see that the clouds were moving fast, and thanks to my science teacher I knew that if clouds were moving in a rotation, then that meant funnel clouds could, and would, form.

Just as we passed the old Cunningham Farm it started raining and also hailstones that were nearly the size of golf balls started to fall from the sky.

"Whoa, mom, maybe we should head back, the rain's startin' to pick up." Jasper said as he looked around the truck. He was right, the rain was starting to pick up in intensity, and the windshield wipers could barely keep up.

"Maybe he's right Trevor, maybe we should head back before it's too late to turn around." My mom said to my dad as she looked at him with worry. Lightening and rain continued to pound down on the old pickup truck. My dad was never one to give up when things were just beginning to get good, but when he looked at my mom, and saw the fear in her eyes he quickly turned the truck around and headed back for home.

"Wait! Look!" I yelled as I pointed to something out through the windshield a few hundred yards away. The more we all focused on the foreign object ahead, the more clear that what we were seeing was a funnel cloud touchdown and started heading west, that was the direction in which their house was.

My mom yelled for my dad to head back home quick, while me, Jasper, and Emmett were all worrying about the house and all the animals that needed to be protected from flying debris. When my dad spun the truck around in the middle of a deserted road they saw that the funnel cloud had shifted its course and was headed back towards the truck. Panic started to settle in among all of us as we realized that we didn't have to worry about the farm, but that we had to worry about being picked up by the tornado heading towards them.

"Mom, I'm scared!" I said as hail and rain started to pick up speed. I yelped again when I saw flying pieces of houses fly past the truck. I also learned in school that it was safer to be in a ditch than a moving vehicle during a tornado, but there were no ditches whatsoever around where we were on the road. Before we knew it the tornado had hopped and skipped over various houses and farms and was inching closer and closer to their truck.

Mom had us all huddle together, and I remember hearing my mom softly saying a short prayer to keep us all safe. As my mom was praying they felt the truck skid across the pavement as my dad tried his hardest to drive the truck in reverse. As the truck continued to skid closer and closer, I swore the sound of the wind reminded me of a freight train passing by.

And with a loud thud the car dropped back onto the ground, I took this as an opportunity to peek outside, and saw that everything looked ok; as if nothing had happened, and that there had not been any tornado about to pick up the truck that had me, my mom, dad, and brothers in it.


"Earth to Bella…are you still with us?" Edward said as he waved his hand in front of my face to snap me out of my daydream I apparently was in.

"Uh, yeah, sorry I must've drifted off in a daydream or something. So tell me, why did you insist on following me out here and risk getting yourself in trouble?" I just happened to see Edward run his fingers through his hair searching for an answer, that I'm assuming, wouldn't come off as him being a complete stalker.

"I heard that there's supposed to a big storm coming through today, do you think I should be worried?" He asked with that stupid playful grin on his face.

"Well, take it from me, seeing as how I've practically grown up here, when I say that this looks to be a big storm, and you should be worried." I may have sounded like I was joking around, but I was completely serious, and made sure to add that I boarded up the horses and other animals on my farm before going to school. Edward was still not convinced and teased me like I was just overreacting over some itty bitty storm that would pass over and nothing would happen.

Just then there was a loud siren that went off and, of course growing up in tornado alley, I knew that this wasn't a drill. I grabbed Edward's hand, and did my best to ignore the electric spark I felt when our hands touched as I started to pull him back towards the school, when my cellphone went off in my pants pocket. I quickly pulled it out and saw that the caller ID read "Rosalie Hale".

"Bella?! Bella, we heard the sirens, and I was going to the storm shelter like Emmett showed me, but it's completely covered with tree branches and I can't pick them up! I wouldn't ask you to get out in this storm, but I need help." Rosalie sounded scared, but I could tell she was trying her best to hide it, so as to not scare or upset Bentley.

"Ok, um, I'm on my way home, just make sure you stay inside with Bentley." I said then hung up the phone. I glanced at Edward, and he wasn't too pleased with the idea, but reluctantly agreed to drive me out to my house. I repeatedly thanked him as we rushed out to the parking lot to get in his Volvo.

"It doesn't look like its bad enough out here for the siren to go off…or I could be wrong I suppose…" Edward trailed off as I pointed off to the west where there were very dark clouds, with an overlay of grey clouds moving fast in our direction. I decided against rubbing it in about the fact that he was wrong, and impatiently waited for him to get to my house, and hoped to god that it wasn't going to get any worse.

Oh how I wish I hadn't said that…

Because Just then the sky opened up and rain started pounding hard on the car as Edward and I were nearing the house. The wipers on his car could barely keep up with the amount of rain that was falling. Then all at once it started to hail, and I jumped when the first big piece pinged off on Edward's car. I felt guilty that I was making him drive me now, seeing as how his Volvo is practically his baby. I was about to apologize, but he stopped me and said that he could get the hail damage fixed. I started having flashbacks of the last time I was out during a severe storm, which even had a tornado. It wasn't a very good feeling, but I managed to keep myself pretty calm.

When we finally got to my house, the hail had stopped, and I raced inside yelling for Rosalie and Bentley to see where they were. But I wasn't even sure they could hear me, because the wind and rain picked up even more, and I swore I heard Edward behind me yelling for me to be careful as he followed after me. I couldn't hear hardly anything other than the sound of the rain pounding down, and the winds whistling and howling.

All At once I came upon Rosalie shielding a screaming Bentley from the winds and rain as she continued to lift the debris covering the storm shelter with one arm. I raced over and I could tell that she was more than happy to see me.

"Bella, I can't get it open, I've tried and tried, but it won't budge." Rosalie said near tears out of frustration, but I couldn't blame her, she had a scared baby in her arms as she was trying to stay calm herself; it wasn't very easy to do.

"Ok, you calm Bentley down and I'll see what I can do." I said as I tried to lift the branches off the shelter. They weren't that heavy, but some of the smaller branches were threaded through the handle to the shelter. Edward caught up with me, he said he had moved his car away from the tree that he had parked by when we pull up, and he helped me move the debris away and we immediately all hurried in and Edward locked the door behind us.

The storm shelter was a cement room with a few shelves of supplies, and a small folding table and two folding chairs off in the corner. It had a few flashlights, but since we were in here during the day, the daylight shown through enough that the flashlights weren't needed.

Rosalie immediately sat down in a chair and rocked a terrified Bentley to try and calm him down. Edward and I just stood there not sure what to do. I still was unsure why he followed me in the first place, but I was glad that he did, because he practically saved me, Rosalie, and baby Bentley.

"Thank you so much for coming Bella, I don't know if Bentley and I would've been able to move it ourselves if you hadn't." Rosalie said as she tried to fight back sobs of relief and panic as she took me into a tight suffocating hug.

"It's no problem Rose, you're like family to us, and besides I'd rather be here and know that you, Bentley and the animals are going to be ok." I said as I hugged her and kissed Bentley's forehead.

All at once the wind started howling and whistling through the cracks of the door as the storm passed over us. All I could do was quietly pray that we all would be ok, and that the worst of the storm would pass over us and we would all be safe. But that wasn't the case this time, because it sounded as if a freight train were passing overtop of us. We huddled together, and even in the current situation, I couldn't help but get a good whiff of Edward's cologne. What can I say, I needed some kind of distraction, and Edward's intoxicating cologne was just what I needed. I even surprised myself when I leaned into Edward as the storm continued to pass over us.

I hoped to god that Jasper, Emmett, and all my friends still at school were all right, and that no one was hurt.

And as quickly as it began, the storm stopped all together, it was eerily silent, no noises, no animals making sounds, or even the wind. We were afraid to go out and assess the damage, hopefully none, but we knew that we had to go out. Edward, being the person he is, he offered to stick his head out first and take a look outside. He slowly walked up the short five steps and unlocked the door and slowly opened the door just a few inches to see if it was ok to come out.

"Bella, Rosalie, you're going to want to come see this…" Edward trailed off as he continued up the steps and opened the door the rest of the way. The sudden bright light blinded all of us for a few seconds, and after our eyes adjusted we walked up the steps to see for ourselves what Edward was talking about. What I saw when I walked out of the shelter, was something I don't think I could ever get over.

"I can't believe it, Bentley and I were just in there too!" Rosalie said in amazement as she took in the entire scene before her.

"Do you think it can be fixed?" I asked absent-mindedly, still in shock about what I was seeing.

"May be, but it will be a few days, maybe even weeks before it can be fixed." Edward said as he kept walking towards the house.

My house, my house was almost half gone; at least the upstairs was on the side of the house. It was like someone took a knife and decided to cut the upstairs off the top of the house. Pieces of the siding were strewn all over the yard, the barn and stable were still intact, and I knew that I would need to go check on the animals, but I was stuck where I stood. My room was gone; it was like someone just picked it up and threw it on the ground.

I wasn't sure how or if it could be fixed, all I knew is that nothing would be the same. I had a suspicion that the house would need to be torn down and built from the ground up. We didn't have that kind of money, and I didn't think the insurance would cover this either. But I was getting ahead of myself, we didn't know anything yet.

But I knew for a fact, no one could prove differently, that the house would need to be rebuilt, and that I would need to let go of the old house I grew up in, because that one was gone.

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