Needing To Let Go

Happy New Year!

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Previously on Needing to Let Go

As Edward made his way down the steps and back to his car I couldn't help but bring the collar of his jacket up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I sighed as I took in the aroma of his cologne. Once I was sure Edward made it back down the driveway safely I turned around and trudged in and up to my room.

I flopped back onto my bed and sighed with a stupid grin on my face.

Most girls would say that this whole date was horrible, especially on their birthday, but not me. I still had the most amazing day, and that was all thanks to one person.

Edward Cullen.

Bella POV:

I couldn't even believe that it was already New Year's Eve. I mean, Christmas seemed to come and go so fast, and it couldn't have been any better. I got to spend some time with Edward and his family, and my aunt and uncle came for Christmas as well. I got a bunch of books from my Uncle Charlie, and Aunt Renee got me my very own cell phone. Before, I had been using Emmett's old clunker of a cell phone, and it was like I was carrying around a tiny little brick around with me. I almost couldn't accept the phone, but when Renee told me that it was a 'pay as you go' type of phone I perked up and hugged her tightly.

Jasper had gotten a collection of history books from both of them, and Emmett's gift, you would've thought that he had won the lottery or something, was a football signed by Dan Marino. All of us started laughing hysterically when Emmett got up and started doing a little jig then grabbed Charlie in a big bear hug.

My gift to Edward was simple in comparison to other gifts everyone had gotten. I had noticed that Edward's copy of Claire de Lune was starting to show its age. His grandfather had gotten it back when he was about Edward's age, and then had given it to Edward when he was about ten years old. I had managed to save up enough money to buy a copy of a live recording of the song. I was kinda nervous that either he wouldn't like the version I got him, or for all I knew he already had this version. But I was put at ease when I saw the look on Edward's face when he ripped off the paper. Before I could explain what I had gotten him, he took me into the biggest hug ever. I had apparently managed to get the exact recording of the song that he had been wanting.

After we opened all of our presents I was ashamed to admit I was a bit envious of Edward and his family. He had his parents, even if they were his adoptive parents, it still made me feel jealous of him and Alice. I never am usually like this, but it is one of the holidays that centers on togetherness and family. But as quickly as this sensation of jealousy came over me, it had quickly dissipated.

Now that it was New Year's Eve Edward wanted to spend it with me, my brothers, and Rosalie. Bentley was an obvious given to be there as well. It was weird to think about the fact that he was almost four months old. Edward brought Alice along with him to spend New Year's Eve with us too. I was almost positive that he had no idea that his sister and my brother were secretly dating, if that's what you call giving each other googly eyes when they think no one else is paying attention. It was actually kind of weird seeing Alice acting unlike herself, meaning she was acting shy, quiet, and I think I even saw her blush a few times during our little New Year's party.

To pass the time we all decided to get out the 'ol Monopoly board game. I had chosen to play the little dog, and everyone picked their own little game piece. True to the board game's reputation we gave up on the game about halfway through, because everyone started accusing the other of cheating or stealing money from the banker's stash. I was the voice of reason and quickly started putting the game away. Emmett, being Mr. Competitive, tried to stop me and begged me to pull it back out so we could have another go at the game.

But thankfully the game had made the time go by so much quicker. It was apparently less than three minutes until the big metallic ball would drop and signal that it was officially the New Year.




Just as the ball dropped and lit out Auld Lang Syne started to play, and almost immediately Edward pulled me into a kiss. I almost felt as if everything could've caught on fire around us and I wouldn't have even noticed, or cared for that matter. We both finally came up for air, and I couldn't stop the smile that was starting to form on my face. I saw Rosalie and Emmett kissing, and I even saw Jasper give Alice a quick peck on the lips.

That's a big step for Mr. Cautious; good for him.

Emmett swiftly left the room to go find something. This had us all confused and wondering what had gotten into him. Part of me thought that he was trying to find where I had hidden the Monopoly game, but that wasn't it; something else had my sturdy big brother nervous as a little Chihuahua. After a few minutes of random shuffling and things clinking around Emmett came back out and he looked as if he was going to throw up right there on the living room floor.

I was just about to ask if he was ok, when Emmett quickly got down on one knee at Rosalie's feet.

Oh. My. God. He wouldn't…..would he?

"Rosalie Lillian Hale, I know we've only been seeing each other for almost five months, but I feel like I've known you my whole life." He was, he was proposing to Rosalie! I couldn't help but grin like a big buffoon as Emmett explained why he thought Rosalie and he would be perfect for each other. "Rosie, I love you with all of my heart. Will you marry me?" Emmett said as he carefully pulled out a small round black box. All of us girls gasped when we got a good look at the ring inside. It was a silver engagement ring, with a square diamond mounted in the center along with two smaller diamonds on either side of the ring, as if in a descending order.

"So, what do you say Rosalie? I love you and I want to spe– " Emmett was cut off by Rosalie leaning down and kissing him before he could finish his sentence.

"I'll take that as a yes then?" Edward whispered to me. I nearly jumped at the sudden closeness of his lips to my ear. I smiled and nodded in agreement. I was happy that Emmett was going to marry Rosalie. They were perfect for each other. I didn't think that Emmett was ever going to get out of his womanizing ways, but Rosalie managed to break him of his habit.

"Yes, yes, I'll marry you, you stupid idiot!" Rosalie cried as she hugged him tight. Emmett immediately put the ring on her left ring finger. She couldn't help but hold it up to the light and grin ear to ear. Bentley then took this as the opportunity to wreck the moment by starting to cry. Before she could go tend to her son Emmett stopped her and dropped a bomb on her. He wanted to legally adopt Bentley. This caught all of us by surprise, because Emmett had never mentioned this to either me or Jasper. Heck, he didn't even tell us he was thinking about proposing to her.

"Uh, one step at a time Em, let's get married before we even talk about you adopting my son." Rosalie said as nicely as she could. I couldn't blame her. Emmett was never one for subtlety. He'd rather get everything done and over with all at once rather than drag everything out.

"So it's official, you and me are gonna get hitched?" Emmett asked with his big goofy grin. Rosalie just rolled her eyes and kissed him.

Nothing could ruin this moment.

Then as if on cue, the phone rang. I hurried to go get it, seeing as how Emmett and Jasper were preoccupied at the moment to even hear the phone.


"Yes, hello, is this you Isabella?"

"Um, yes, this is Bella Swan. May I ask whose calling?" an elderly voice asked. I couldn't quite place the voice, but it did sound very familiar to me.

"You don't remember me do you? Well this is your grandmother calling sweetheart. I just wanted to call and see how you and your brothers have been. It's been awhile since Jasper had called to update us on what all's been going on there. Are you excited to come visit us on your spring break?"

I was seriously going to hurt Jasper when I got my hands on him. He never told me or Emmett for that matter, that he was talking to grandma and grandpa and letting them know how we were doing. It wasn't like they ever made an effort before mom and dad died, why would they want to try and form a relationship now?

"Oh, yes, I'm so looking forward to visiting you guys in…."

"Wisconsin, we live in Wisconsin sweetie, and your grandpa and I are excited to see you. Oh, Happy New Year Bella sweetie, let your brothers know we said hello as well. There's no need to pull them away from whatever it is they're doing. Goodbye sweetheart."

And with the final click of the phone I was left standing there still holding the phone.

I was angry with Jasper for keeping this humongous secret from me, and I should confront him about all of this. But I can't, not today; it's too late for this conversation, so I would just have to just bring it up tomorrow.

For now, I would just pretend like it was just a wrong number and go back to the party and celebrate the impending wedding with the people I cared about. Then I started to think about my mom and dad again, and all the things we would miss out on with them gone.

Happy New Year mom and dad, I miss you both like crazy, and I know that you would be both ecstatic and worried about Emmett getting married.

Not to mention I wouldn't be forced to visit my grandparents all the way in Wisconsin, mainly because I knew that they wouldn't even want to see me, or even care as much. I know that that was callous for me to say, they were one of the few family I had left and I should be thankful they want to spend time with me.

I let out a long sigh and hung up the phone then slowly made my way back to the living room and saw Emmett and Rosalie cuddling on the couch with Bentley snuggled against Emmett. Jasper and Alice were in a heated debate in the loveseat over something, I think, that had to do with what colors the bridesmaids would wear and what color the groomsmen vests would be that would accent well with the dresses.

Only Alice would take this as an opportunity to apply her fashion ideas to Rosalie's wedding. I wonder if Rose will let Alice help her plan everything. A better question would be, could Alice go along with Rose's idea without much argument.

I plopped down next to Edward and leaned my head against him. One of the best things about this man sitting next to me was that he didn't question me. He could've tried to play twenty questions as to who was on the phone, but he didn't he just snuggled in closer to me and we watched the rest of the New Year's Eve program on television.

This is what I wanted, and I didn't want anything of that to change.

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