Needing To Let Go

Sprint Break Visit

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Previously On Needing to Let Go

I plopped down next to Edward and leaned my head against him. One of the best things about this man sitting next to me was that he didn't question me. He could've tried to play twenty questions as to who was on the phone, but he didn't he just snuggled in closer to me and we watched the rest of the New Year's Eve program on television.

This is what I wanted, and I didn't want anything of that to change.

Bella POV:

"I don't care if she's our grandma Jasper; I don't want to go visit some old lady who barely wanted to visit us when mom and dad were alive! " I hated that I shouted at Jasper, but I still couldn't believe that he expected me to get on a plane in a couple hours to go visit that woman over my spring break. He knew how much mom and her didn't ever get along. She never came to visit us while mom was alive.

I wasn't used to waking up so early on a Sunday more, it was nearly five in the morning, and still dark outside. I adored sleep, and I wasn't going to be able to get any sleep until I would get on the plane. That was one of the good things I could look forward to I suppose.

"That's not true Bells, Grandma Lily used to come all the time when Emmett and I were little. She stopped coming after mom and Trevor got together. It wasn't very pretty though after that first disagreement over mom marrying Trevor, there was a big argument over little things that ended up snowballing into the mother of all arguments.

But Bella, she wants to get to know you now. Please don't let your preconceived notions of her from mom what said cloud your own feelings. Just give her a chance Bella, who knows you may actually like them, and plus it's only for one week; you'll be home before you know it."

I stormed up to my room and slammed the door shut. I wasn't anywhere near packed, and I hadn't exactly gotten around to telling my friends that I wouldn't be around the entire spring break. Hopefully they wouldn't ask too many questions. I wasn't exactly in the best spirits to have to explain how I was roped into going to Wisconsin.

I still couldn't believe how Jasper defended this woman. I've come to learn that grandma Lily didn't want to come visit us, and now I find out that I'm that exact reason. Well, maybe not directly, but it was sure felt like Lily didn't want anything to do with mom or my brothers when she got wind of mom being pregnant with me.

I mean, I still remember while growing up and occasionally asking mom and dad if I had grandparents.

"Mommy, why does Jamie have grandparents but I don't?"

"Well, sweetie you do have grandparents, they just live very far away and can't always visit us when they can."

Or better yet, when I was about ten I asked mom again about grandma:

"Mom, if Grandma Lily doesn't come to visit us, why don't we go visit her?"

"Because she doesn't want to come and visit, and she doesn't want us going to visit her Bella, and just leave it at that."

Then a few months before the accident mom got fed up with me always pestering her and dad about why Grandma Lily never came.

"Mom, are you ever going to tell me the real reason why grandma never visits us?"

I still remember when my mom let out a long exasperated sigh and turned her head towards me, her face was a mixture of pain and anguish. Thinking back, I could tell that whatever it was she as hiding from me was something that has haunted her ever since.

"She doesn't want anything to do with me or you kids because she doesn't like that I married your dad and am happily married to someone else."

Knowing the whole truth now wasn't any better than how I felt before. I was better off just thinking that Grandma Lily wanted nothing to do with mom or me. Instead I'm having conflicting feelings about what I've been told over the years, and what I've learned that New Year's eve. How was I supposed to take everything I've grown to accept and just throw it away and take what my grandma, who I haven't ever really spoken to, said as truth and go and visit her all the way in Wisconsin?

Could I bring Edward with me?

Yeah right Bella; your grandma would have a cow if she saw you with your boyfriend.

Wait, did I really consider Edward my boyfriend? I mean I know we've been on a few dates, and we've spent a lot of time together, but it didn't occur to me until just now that he is actually my first real official boyfriend.

And as if on cue I heard a car coming up the gravel driveway. I peeked out the window and sure enough I saw headlights coming towards the house that was from Edward's Volvo. I couldn't only guess that either Jasper and Emmett told him, or Alice blabbed to him that I was going away for spring break. I didn't wait a second longer before I rushed down the stairs and out to the car and attacked Edward with a hug. I'm not sure what came over me but I just broke down and started crying right on the spot.

Sensing that something was up, Edward immediately started comforting and whispering that everything would be just fine. In between my sobs I explained how I was going to go visit grandparents in another state.

"Well that's perfectly ok love; I'll still be here when you get back. I'm not going anywhere."

I slowly allowed myself to start to relax a bit. I wiped my tears away as I guided Edward up to my room, remembering Emmett's I kept my door wide open.

"I'm sorry I'm such an emotional mess Edward, I just really don't want to go visit my grandmother. Long story short, her and my mom never was really on the best of terms." I softly spoke as I packed away two pairs of jeans and a couple of sweaters. I packed my laptop as well, but I wasn't even sure if Grandma Lily and Grandpa Frank had wi-fi, or even knew what that was. Who cares, I want something that I could use as an escape if this whole trip turned out to be a complete bust.

"Promise me one thing Bella." Edward said as he caught my wrist, forcing me to make eye contact with him. I couldn't get over at how green his eyes were. I nodded my head without a single word. I was finding this whole subject a bit too exhausting. "Promise me that while you're all the way up in Wisconsin that you won't forget about me and fall in love with some cheese farmer." I couldn't help but laugh at his outrageous promise. Was he so delusional that he would even entertain the thought of me having feelings for someone other than him?

"Edward, you have my word that I will not fall in love with a cheese farmer." I said with a playful smirk on my face. I couldn't help it, was he serious that he thought I would fall that quickly out of love with him in a week? He had to be if he seriously considered this as a plausible situation.

"Well, that is very good to know Bella." Edward said as he slowly rose from his seat on the edge of my bed and gradually walked over to me. I couldn't help but let out a soft gasp when I realized just how close he was to me. Our lips were tantalizingly close to one another's and as I tried to lean in to initiate the kiss, he pulled away from me.

"Not yet…" he said softly; making sure to not break the distance between us. "Bella, you do realize that you will go for entire week, and I want to leave you with something that will solidify our relationship. Please, please don't rush this; I want it as intimate as can be for us." Edward said in barely a whisper. His lips grazed against my own. It took all I had to comply to his wishes and not attack his lips with mine. Then Edward was making it even harder to stay still. His lips were tracing my lips while his hands were caressing either side of my face. It was a good thing too, because I don't think I would've been able to stand on my own two feet as he continued to gently kiss my lips. Finally, as if his resolve had broken, his body crashed into mine and I felt his fingers rake through my hair. I couldn't help but groan when I felt him latch onto a portion of my hair. I hadn't even realized I had a good hold on Edward's hair until I heard him growl with excitement.

All that could be heard were the both of us gasping for air while we were under the spell of the most passionate, most fiery kiss I have ever had.

"Uh, excuse me, but Bella, you need to get going if you're going to make your flight on time." Jasper said as he stood there. We quickly untangled ourselves and I reached for my suitcase without as much as a word to either man standing in the room. I managed to squeak out an 'excuse me' as I brushed past Jasper and quickly ran down the stairs and out to the waiting pickup truck. I felt my cheeks start to redden as I started to realize that I had kissed Edward in my room and in front of my brother no less. What was weird though was that I wasn't embarrassed that Jasper caught me, but that I was upset that I had to leave him along with my group of friends behind for a whole week.

Had what all Edward said been true? Does he really love me, and will he really be waiting for me when I come back?

Minutes later Emmett came out with his car keys in his hand. He started up the engine and thankfully turned on the radio, less chance of me kissing Edward to come up. It was the last thing I wanted to talk about right now. But it seemed like the cosmic beings were still wanting to get a good laugh in because 'How Deep Is Your Love' came on the radio, and I couldn't help but hum along and think about how this somewhat applied to my current situation.

Before I knew it we arrived at the airport. We parked in the drop off lane and Emmett helped me get my things out of the back of the truck.

"You sure you're going to be ok? I mean, I know you don't really want to go. To be honest I didn't know about this until a few days ago. Jazz just wants what's best for you, and he wouldn't have agreed to have you go visit if he thought something was up. Plus I've been told by Rosalie that you need to bring back as much cheddar cheese as possible. Apparently that woman loves it as much as chocolate." I let out a sigh and hugged my big brother tight.

I knew I wasn't saying goodbye it was just a 'see you soon', but I still hated to be away from them. They've taken care of me ever since mom and dad died, and I feel like I'm abandoning them.

"Relax Bells, we'll be just fine without you, and you're lucky in that you won't have to put up with bridezilla and bridesmaidzilla." I had almost forgotten that this was the week that Alice and Rosalie would go shopping for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and other wedding associated things. I guess that was one of the few perks to this trip I could look forward to.

After a few more hugs I quickly rushed inside the airport terminal and searched the flight board and saw that my one way flight would have a stop in Memphis, then I would end up in Milwaukee. So, so much for a direct flight, I guess they don't always make it that simple to get to and from one place. I guess I shouldn't complain; my grandma was springing for my plane ticket for both ways.

After the intense security checks and I managed to get pulled out of line for one of the 'thorough' checks, I asked for directions to where I needed to be to get on the right flight. That's when I finally found my designated gate. I checked in with the woman standing behind the podium. She seemed to be halfway interested in her job. I glanced at her nametag and it read, I think, Jessica. She seemed fairly attractive, but I could tell that she desperately wanted to be somewhere else. I knew the feeling, I hated that I had to go, but I decided to take Emmett's advice and make the most of it.

Maybe he's right, and I will actually have a decent time.

"Now Boarding Delta 4602, attention now boarding flight Delta 4602."

I quickly grabbed my purse and slowly made my way into the single file line leading to the plane.

This was it. I was actually going to go visit the woman I have been told hated me, hated my mom, and hated dad. As I thought about it the more I was starting to actually grow curious if this woman lived up to her reputation or not.

I guess would find out five hours from now.

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