Needing To Let Go

Spring Break-Up?

A/N: Want to start off by apologizing for not updating sooner. I've been very busy going back over the first six chapters of this story to make a few adjustments! (If you like you can go back and reread them, but just know that they only made the story better, no major changes)

Now, in this chapter we will see if Bella is having any fun in Wisconsin with her grandparents for Spring break vacation.

Previously on Needing to Let Go

This was it. I was actually going to go visit the woman I have been told hated me, hated my mom, and hated dad. As I thought about it the more I was starting to actually grow curious if this woman lived up to her reputation or not.

I guess would find out five hours from now.

This was turning into the longest week of spring break ever. Grandma Lily and Grandpa Joe seemed halfway decent so far; I mean they weren't the monsters I had envisioned growing up as a child. They were just your typical every day grandparents. Grandma Lily, or Lily, as she preferred to be called, spent her Wednesdays down at the local church for a rousing game of bingo. I wasn't really allowed to call her grandma, at least when I was around her friends. According to Grandpa Joe, Lily thought that the word 'grandma' made her sound too old.

This became a running joke between me and Grandpa Joe. He was the polar opposite of his wife; he was so laid back and would just go with the flow of things.

Today was Wednesday and Lily was down at the church for bingo night, this left me and my grandpa to fend for ourselves at home. Lily had told me that there were frozen dinners in the freezer for us when we got hungry. I couldn't hide my amusement when I saw Joe blanch at the thought of eating some frozen food that they attempted to pass off as real meat.

"What do you say I take you out for some good 'ol fashioned pizza? I know this perfect hole in the wall place that serves up pizza that would make you feel like you've died and gone to heaven." I liked that Grandpa Joe, or Joseph as he was sometimes called, was so laid back and easy going.

I definitely saw my mom's personality in him, and I was also starting to see why mom and grandma seemed to always butt heads. Lily was like the polar opposite of mom; she was a stickler for the rules. Not to mention, she wouldn't ever really bend on the rules she had set up; basically, it was either her way or not at all.

As luck would have it the pizza joint was only a block from the house, and since neither one of us really felt like going through the trouble of driving the car, because then we would have to find a parking spot. Apparently this place was very well known, which meant that everyone and their brother drove here to get a slice of pizza.

"Why don't you pick the kind of pizza you want, everything's good here, and then go give that boyfriend of yours a call." Joe said with a smirk on his face.

How did Grandpa Joe know about Edward?

Then I remembered what Lily had told me back on New Year's Eve; Jasper made an effort to call and catch up at least once a month. Why that is, I'll never know.

"What if I pick a pizza that neither one of us likes, then what are we gonna do for dinner?" I asked playfully.

"Not possible, 'Nico's Authentic Pizzeria' is amazing; you can never go wrong with pizza from her Bells. Now just pick whatever pizza calls to you and make that phone call, I bet that boy is itching to hear from you." I couldn't help the blush that was forming on my cheeks. I glanced at the menu board above the counter and decided to trust this Nico person and go with the choice of 'Nico's choice; according to grandpa that meant the cook would make whatever pizza and that was the pizza you would get. I just hoped my grandpa was right, and this pizza was as good as he says it was.

After ordering the pizza I slipped outside to make the phone call I had so desparately wanted to make. I glanced at the time and I reminded myself that just because I was all the way up in Wisconsin it was the same time back in Kansas; it was apparently ten after eight in the evening. I took in a deep breath and let it out and proceeded to call Edward. I wasn't sure why I was so nervous to call him, I mean he was my boyfriend for crying out loud; maybe it was anticipation rather than anxiety I was feeling.

"Hello? Bella, is that you?"

I had managed to suppress a girlish squeal at the sound of his throaty chuckle when I didn't answer right away. It was as if my voice had been put on mute. I couldn't form a sentence, let alone a single word.

"Um, yeah, it's me. How's everything back home? I miss you a lot Edward." I wanted to smack myself right now; I couldn't believe how clingy and stupid I was sounding right now.

"Well, I miss you too Bella, just three and a half more days until you get back home to me."Now it was my turn to laugh because I swear I could hear Edward silently smacking himself for that cheesy, yet very endearing sentiment.

"I know I miss you, and Wisconsin is so boring, and not to mention its cold! Since when is it supposed to be cold one week 'til April?"

I was about to say something else as well when I heard a female voice laughing in the background. I knew that it wasn't Alice; her laugh reminded me of flittering birds. This female voice sounded very familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place it.

"Edward, where are you right now? Um, I'm only asking because I'm standing outside a pizza joint right now and was only curious." God, I wanted to smack myself for how stupid I sounded right now. I sounded like one of those jealous girlfriends me and my brothers make fun of on that show, Maury.

"Oh, I'm in my room right now. My parents are hosting a dinner party right now, and a couple of them brought their kids along with them. I think you know one of them, she says you two used to be best friends."

My blood ran cold at that exact moment; did Edward just tell me that Heidi, Heidi Crawford, was over at his house, and in his room. ALONE! I wanted to scream right now. Heidi was a lot of things, and boyfriend stealing was definitely one of them. I mean, I trusted Edward; it was my ex-best friend Heidi I didn't trust. Leave it to her to find some way to weasel her way in and attempt to steal away someone else's boyfriend.

"Oh wait, I think Heidi wants to say hello or something." I rolled my eyes and willed myself to remain quiet even though I wanted to scream into the phone about how much I hated and despised her. I heard Edward tell Heidi that he was heading downstairs to get some more of the pie they apparently had tonight.

There was a long silence then I groaned when Heidi's shrill voice came over the phone.

"So, how is good girl Bella doing all the way up in good 'ol Wisconsin? Don't worry about Eddy; I'm taking very good care of him. I've been making sure he's having a wonderful time while you're gone, and who knows maybe he'll finally see some sense and dump you for me." I couldn't help but groan at her lame attempt to bait me; it was what Heidi was good at.

"Whatever Heidi, Edward isn't dumb enough to buy the load of crap you're feeding him, he sees right through you."

"We'll just see about that Bella dear, we'll see." I wanted to scream at her, but she went and hung up before I could get in the last word. I just wanted to pull my hair out and scream until I didn't have a voice; Heidi was so annoying I wish I could punch her in the nose. When I look back and think about our friendship I want to slap myself for not seeing who she really was sooner; she was so selfish and manipulative; Heidi always has to get what she wants no matter what. I let out one more groan and trudged back inside and found my grandpa sipping a mug full of either coke or root beer, I wasn't quite sure, and was on his second piece of pizza.

"Hey, about time you got back in here, I was about to go send out a search party for you. Is everything ok back home?" I couldn't help but smile when I was around Grandpa Joe; he just had that way about him. I let out a long breath and explained the entire phone call, and even went into detail about how Heidi and I used to be friends.

"Wow, she sounds like a bitch."

"Grandpa!" I swear my eyes were twice their normal size. Grandpa Joe didn't strike me as the kind of person who used that kind of language, which was probably why I busted out laughing right there.

"What? They use it all the time in all those girly movies your grandma drags me to." He said as his lips curled up into a playful smile.

"They do, but it's just very weird to hear you talking like that."

"Hey, just because I'm your grandpa doesn't mean I can't be as hip as you kids." I just sighed and held my head in my hands trying so hard not to laugh any harder so as to not bring any more attention to us than we already were. I knew that Joe was being 'uncool' on purpose to make me more at ease.

But I will say that he had managed to succeed in his mission, and that was to cheer me up and help me focus my thoughts elsewhere. We finished eating and took our time in getting back to the house. Yes, it was still very cold out tonight, but luckily no snow was on the ground, and the sidewalks weren't at all icy. When we got inside grandma lily was relaxing on the couch watching, what looked to be, Family Feud.

"I hope you two had a fun down at Nico's, because I had a lousy time at bingo, Mary Jane Escott won every single possible game it seemed like; all I got was a few costume jewelry pieces and a stupid gift card to Starbucks." I let out a breath and quietly excused myself. It wasn't that I was afraid of my grandma; it was just that I didn't want to be around anymore drama tonight.

I went up to my room; technically it was my mom's old room. But you wouldn't know it if you saw it. The room was completely bare, no signs that anyone ever lived in this space. My only guess would that they moved all of her things either up and into the attic, or out in the garage. I shoved those thoughts aside and decided to get ready for bed early. I was somewhat hurt that Edward didn't even try to call me again. Maybe Heidi did, in fact, dig her claws into him and he was mystified by her charms.

Come on Bella, you're smarter than that. You know damn well that Edward is head over heels in love with you, and Heidi is just trying to get into your head.

I sighed and headed off to take a shower. The bathroom, being close to the hallway stairs I heard, what I thought was, an argument in hushed tones. It was like they didn't want to take the chance that someone, me, would hear them arguing.

I really shouldn't try and listen in on the conversation, but I ignored that voice and decided to listen in. I made it to the top of the stairs and sat down on the step second from the top; making sure that I was still undetected I leaned in closer to hear.

"Lillian, I want a better relationship with our grandchildren too, but do you honestly think that this is the best solution?"


"Of course I'm sure Joseph; Bella needs a stable and healthy environment to succeed. Do you honestly think that she would get that living with her brothers back in Kansas?"

"I'm not sure of anything Lil, but I am sure that having Bella here won't bring back our daughter."

Ouch, that was a low blow even for grandma.

"How dare you Joe?! I don't want Bella here because I want her to replace Roxanne, I want her to live with us because she doesn't need to worry whether or not she will still have a roof over her head when she gets home from school! She needs a stable home life. Do you really think she'll have that if she stays there?"

Ok, I've been nothing but nice to my grandmother, but all bets were off if she expected me to pick up my life and move away from my brothers. Yes, I deserve a stable family, but shouldn't I get a say in this?

"If she wants to stay with her brothers then by all means let her stay Lily. Bella should have a say in all of this. I personally wouldn't mind making the effort to go visit her, Jasper, and Emmett from time to time. If you go through with this, she will grow to resent you, and it is possible she would try and run away.

OK, that last part was a bit farfetched even for me, but I would definitely consider the option if Lily went through with taking custody of me. Did Jasper and Emmett know about this?

"Don't make me out to be the bad guy here Joe, I just want what's best for her. Do you seriously think she would get that in that small farm town?"

"I don't know, and I am perfectly ok with that. I've actually made an effort in spending one-on-one time with her Lillian, and she is so much like Roxxy, that I am confident she will be more than fine."

Wow, I've never been compared to my mom, at least not as often as I was compared with my dad. I guess there were a few similarities we shared.

I decided I heard enough and carefully got up and made my way to the bathroom to take a much needed shower.

I toweled off and quickly got changed and headed for my bed; my cell phone read that it was only half past ten. That didn't matter to me, I just wanted an escape, and it just so happened that that was sleep. So much has happened today and it was only Wednesday. I still had to put up with two and a half more days before I got home. I sighed and quietly prayed that my grandma would drop her threats of taking custody of me and let me stay with my brother; my family.

My eyes started to weigh down from stress; sleep came so easy, and I gladly accepted it.

A/N: So a lot happened in this chapter; Bella's worried Heidi is going to try and steal Edward away from her, and she just found out that her grandparents (mainly her grandma) is thinking about taking custody of her and having her move up to Wisconsin with them.

Now, I tried to have Grandpa Joe resemble my own grandfather. It was rather fun writing Joseph and Lily arguing. (now my grandparents don't fight, but it felt like a married couple squabble; at least to me.)

Next chapter will address the elephant(s) in the room that are in this chapter. Let me know what you think will happen and just stay tuned for the next chapter!

Thank you!

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