Needing To Let Go

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A/N: Not a lot to say in this author's note other than I didn't get very many reviews for the last chapter. But I won't let that stop me from finishing this story. Just a quick catch up: Bella is worried that Heidi may try and steal Edward away from her and she just found out that her grandmother is thinking about taking sole custody of her.

Now on with the story!

Previously on Needing to Let Go

I toweled off and quickly got changed and headed for my bed; my cell phone read that it was only half past ten. That didn't matter to me, I just wanted an escape, and it just so happened that that was sleep. So much has happened today and it was only Wednesday. I still had to put up with two and a half more days before I got home. I sighed and quietly prayed that my grandma would drop her threats of taking custody of me and let me stay with my brother; my family.

My eyes started to weigh down from stress; sleep came so easy, and I gladly accepted it.

The rest of my spring break wasn't all that eventful as that night when I learned that I would have to watch out for Heidi trying to steal my boyfriend away, and also worry about my grandparents swooping in and taking sole custody of me out from under Jasper and Emmett. Grandma, I mean Lily, decided to play nice and actually spend some one on one time with me on my last full day in Wisconsin. She decided to take me shopping at the local mall, and when I say shopping I mean that she dragged me through more stores that I could keep track of. I swear, she could give Alice a run for her money when it came to power shopping.

I had to hold back a snort of disbelief when she had the nerve to even bring up what it would be like if I decided to stay her on a more permanent basis. Did she not get the hint that I would much rather stay with Jasper and Emmett? I even politely told her that I much preferred it to living here.

When it was finally time for me to head back to the airport I couldn't be more excited to head home. Granted, I would definitely miss my Grandpa Joe, he and I really made a connection. I hope that he would be successful in getting Lily to visit more often rather than take me away from my brothers.

The flight from Wisconsin to Memphis was uneventful, most of the passengers were sound asleep before the plane even took off, but when it came time to get on my final flight home it was actually the complete opposite; I swear that they piled on as many cranky, tired toddlers on this flight that it had to be a conspiracy. I knew that I got a few angry looks from the mothers when I all but sprinted off the plane with my bag in tow; at this time of night I honestly didn't even care. I mean, it was nearly two in the morning. If I didn't already know that I was expecting one, or both, of my brothers to pick me up in the terminal I would be very afraid for my safety. When I picked up my other luggage from baggage claim I was dumbfounded at whom I saw waiting for me.

There, a few feet from where I was, Edward stood, and he was holding a cute little teddy bear that appeared to be holding a cute stuffed heart. All my worries and concerns that had fallen on me over this emotionally exhausting vacation were washed away at the sight of him and that adorable teddy bear.

"I know you're probably wondering why either Jasper or Emmett aren't here, well I called them earlier this week and practically had to beg on hand and knee to get them to allow me to come pick you up from the airport. I hope this doesn't seem overly creepy or anything, but I just wanted to see you, it feels like it's been a lot longer than just a few days." I couldn't find the words to express how romantic and thoughtful he was right now. I just leaped into his arms and hugged him as right as I could.

No more words were needed to be said. I was just so glad that Edward hadn't been swayed by the hundred attempts made by Heidi at trying to steal Edward away from me.

"Heidi isn't your friend…is she…?" Wow was I really that easy to read? I took a step back and looked at Edward. I couldn't help but feel confused as to how he figured that out.

"Can you read minds or something?" This earned me one of his trademark crooked grins as he tried his hardest not to crack up laughing.

"No, I was informed by Raven and Emily that I'd better stay clear of Heidi, and when I asked them why they told me that it was a story that only you could tell me; something about how you and the 'queen bitch', as Raven so eloquently put it, and you were friends at one time."

'For the love of god, I would have to give Raven a good punch in the arm for forcing me to tell Edward all about I had been friends with the devil herself.

"Let's save that for the car ride home, because lord knows it's going to be a very long story, and I don't want to have to repeat myself." Edward just shook his head and agreed. We walked to his Volvo in silence. I was just too tired to make small talk, and lord knows I would have plenty to say when we got to his car. Thankfully, I managed to finish the whole Heidi story sooner than I had anticipated, so I decided to take a nap the rest of the car ride; if you call being constantly woken up by the bumps in the road a decent nap.

When we finally got to the house, I saw that all the lights were off in the house, except for the living room light; granted it was nearing three-thirty and everyone was still sound asleep.

Being the gentleman that he is, Edward walked me up to the front door. I knew that he wanted to kiss me good night, but he was too afraid to do so. I desperately wanted him to kiss me; I needed to feel his warm embrace on me. It was now or never, I would have to be assertive and make the first move. I'm not sure what came over me, but I gingerly closed the space between us, making sure to never break eye contact, and gingerly eased my lips onto his. The kiss was still as amazing as I remembered; the world around us both could end and I wouldn't know it.

I gasped when I felt Edward deepen the kiss.

"Edward, I better g – "

I was cut off midsentence by Edward pulling back to him. I have to also admit that I loved it when he ran his fingers through my hair and latched onto a piece and held me tight against him.

And just as quickly as it had started, Edward pulled away from me. I was about to argue in protest, but noticed that the front porch light was flipping on and off.

I swear to god, I'm going to murder Emmett in his sleep the next chance I get!

Edward gave me one last kiss then walked, in what seemed slow motion, back to his car.

"See you at school Monday Bella." Edward said with a smile and got in his car and drove off. I took a few extra minutes to revel in the lingering love I felt for that man before I headed inside. I shoved open the door and prepared to scream at Emmett for being a complete douche for ruining my kiss with Edward when I realized that it was Jasper that was behind the porch light flipping on and off.

I wasn't about to try and argue with Jasper, but I was still plenty annoyed with him for cutting my time with Edward shorter than I had wanted.

"Bells, do you realize that it's almost four in the morning? You may have just gotten home from your trip, but you still got your set of chores to do tomorrow. Now go on up to bed and get some sleep." Jasper said as he pointed up the stairs. I suppose that my plane trip was catching up with me because I was just now feeling the effects of having a late night plane ride home; I was exhausted and all I wanted was my bed.

I didn't bother with a shower before I went to bed; I would just have to take one after I finished my morning chores.

I changed into a t shirt and pajama pants and plopped down into bed; my entire trip catching up with me I didn't even notice when my eyes drifted shut and I slipped into dream world.

Before I knew it, it was time to go back to school. I dreaded the whole idea of it, but that was mainly due to the fact I knew Heidi would try her hardest to try and steal Edward away. I knew that Edward wouldn't be susceptible to her evil charms. But it still annoyed me immensely that she would even attempt something that was so low; even for her. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and saw Rosalie making breakfast today; I guess Jasper and her were going to take turns fixing breakfast.

I just hoped that I would never see Emmett attempting to use the kitchen to make ANY kind of food. I still remember when I was almost seven and Emmett was about eleven. He desperately wanted a new video game and wanted to butter mom and dad up; so he attempted to make them breakfast in bed. I say attempted, because not even five minutes into cooking the smoke alarm went off and that's how we ended up eating breakfast down at the local Denny's for the next couple of weeks. No, Emmett didn't burn down the kitchen, but we didn't have a lot of money at the time, especially not to spend on buying a brand new stove.

"Hey Bella, have a seat I'm about finished making the waffles." I couldn't help but take in a big breath and was overwhelmed with the aroma of waffles with a mixture of bacon and scrambled eggs cooking in a skillet. I swear there was a puddle of drool on the kitchen table where I was sitting.

"I love it when it's your turn to cook breakfast babe, did you make my favorite today?" Emmett said then walked up behind her and encased her in a hug. I just rolled my eyes at Emmett's lame attempt at getting Rosalie to fix his favorite, omelets and sausage links, when she was finishing up the breakfast she already made.

"Sorry about your luck babe, it's waffles, scrambled eggs, and bacon today." Emmett just shrugged it off and took a seat at the table with me.

I checked the clock and saw that it was already close to time that the bus would come to get me. In the past I would have to wait for one of my brothers to take me school after I decided to skip school all those months ago. But now I was finally able to ride the bus again, so I grabbed a piece of toast and hurried to grab my book bag and go out to meet the bus. I heard Rosalie call out after me and I just told her that I was going to miss the bus and that to just split my helping among them.

When I got to the end of the driveway I was taken aback when, right there in front of me, I saw Edward standing there leaning against his car.

"Wow, um you're not the bus…"

God, could I sound any more stupid right now.

"No, I'm not the bus; in fact I'm a lot better looking; not to mention a lot faster." I couldn't help but blush, which of course made him start laughing.

"So are you going to get in the car or what?"

"I don't know, my mom always told me never to get into a car with a stranger." I said and I surprised myself a bit at how much of a flirt was being. I mean I've always been the quiet little girl who always follows the rules, and now here I am flirting with my boyfriend. I didn't even know I had it in me to flirt.

"Well, your mother raised you right then, but we both know that I'm no stranger." I laughed when Edward gave me a cheesy grin and walked around to the passenger side door and opened it up for me. I graciously accepted the invitation and quickly got in the car and before I knew it Edward was speeding off down the dirt road towards school.

"So have you told your brothers yet about what the wicked grandma from Wisconsin?" God how I wish that didn't have to tell them, but Edward's right I suppose; I need to tell them.

"Not yet, but then maybe I won't have to; maybe my grandma will see sense and be happy to just visit more often like normal grandparents."

With Edward's driving we ended up at school a lot sooner than if I would've waited for the school bus. I still wasn't sure how Edward was able to avoid ever getting a speeding ticket around town; the police officers here in town just loved to give out speeding tickets as if they were candy.

Edward and I walked into school together and I could definitely tell that everyone was looking in our general direction; and not just because my boyfriend happened to be the hottest guy in school. It was something else that had everyone turning to look and stare at me; yeah I'm almost certain that it was me that they're all gawking at.

"Why is everyone staring at me?"

"They aren't staring at you – ok maybe they are looking at you, but maybe it's not as bad as you think it is."

Was Edward serious right now? No one ever gave me the light of day in school, not even when Edward started spending time with me and my friends, so what had everyone's attention directed towards me.

"Oh Bella, don't worry Raven and I both know that it's a completely and totally untrue!" Ok I was seriously confused now. What was Emily talking about? Apparently it was written all over my face and I grew more concerned when Emily started to blush.

"Ok out with Em, what's going on, what's not true?"

"Oh boy, you're not going to like it. But I know that you're going to find out anyway." She sighed and took me by the arm and led me towards my locker. There was a rather large crowd of kids surrounding my locker. I took a deep breath and shoved my way towards the front of the crowd. All of the air left my body as I saw what was in front of me.

There on my locker for the whole school to see was the word 'slut' in large spray painted letters. I didn't even notice when I apparently let my books fall hard on the floor, which resulted in a rather loud noise.

Who could've done this? Why would someone do this, and why would they do it to me?

I looked around frantically searching for any possible suspects still lingering around to take in their handy work. That's when I saw the person responsible; it didn't take a genius to realize just who was to blame for the graffiti on my locker. It was Heidi, and I knew this because a ways down the hall I saw her laughing it up with her pack of clones at my expense.

I knew that Heidi was evil, but this was a new low; even for her. I could feel tears fighting to pour down my face. Edward was coming towards me to try and comfort me, but I wasn't anywhere near that right now. I just needed to get away from this place, right now. I took off down the hall and made a break for the girls' bathroom. I took refuge in the very last stall and made sure that it was locked and that's when it finally became all too much for me. I couldn't stop the tears from pouring down my face.

Heidi did warn me that she would get Edward at any cost, but this? I thought I knew all what she was capable, but once again I underestimated her, she would most likely make my life a living hell unless Edward finally 'came to his senses' and broke up with me to date her.

This was a test, and I sure as heck wasn't going to let Heidi beat me. I would have to beat her at her own game, even if that meant getting down and dirty with the dogs!

A/N: So there's the chapter.

Heidi is a B***h but we all already knew that didn't we. What do you think our self-proclaimed 'good-girl' will do to get even with Heidi?

Will she have help? I have a feeling that we will be seeing 'Izzy' coming out to play with the help of Raven to get back at her. (think of the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan)

Oh and before I forget here is the teaser summary for my new story called, Inquisitioni Curam, which translates form Latin to The Quest for the Cure. I will collaborate with Arrowhead1996 on: What if there was way to get your humanity back, would you go after it at any cost; even if that meant trusting someone who is a sworn enemy? These questions are exactly what vampire Bella is faced with in this story. Would you put your differences aside to work together to find the one person that is said to have the power to grant the one thing that she wants most of all; her humanity.

So what do you think; would you read it?

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