Needing To Let Go

The Big 'Green' Monster

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Previously on Needing to Let Go

Heidi did warn me that she would get Edward at any cost, but this? I thought I knew all what she was capable, but once again I underestimated her, she would most likely make my life a living hell unless Edward finally 'came to his senses' and broke up with me to date her.

This was a test, and I sure as heck wasn't going to let Heidi beat me. I would have to beat her at her own game, even if that meant getting down and dirty with the dogs!

"So Bella, would you mind explaining to me just how Ms. Crawford ended up covered in Kelly green colored paint and covered in duck down feathers?"

Yeah, maybe I took my revenge on Heidi a bit too far, but she's had it coming for a long time. Ever since she ditched me to pursue her cheerleading dream she's been nothing but horrible to me. Heck, Heidi has been making my life as miserable as possible even when we were friends; I was just too blind, or I just wanted to have at least one friend, to see just how horrible she is. I mean, she even bosses her parents around to get what she wants.

Edward was surprised that I wasn't more upset at how she acted at Edward's house that night her parents were invited over to Carlisle and Esme's house for dinner. He even told me how much Carlisle disliked her, and was disappointed that her parents did nothing to correct her behavior.

"Miss Swan, have you heard a word I've said? What do you have to say for yourself; you do know that our school has a 'zero-tolerance' policy.

Was he being serious? He's giving me the riot act for dumping paint and feathers on her; when Heidi vandalized school property, my locker, with black spray paint to publically humiliate me!

She did it to make me a social outcast again, but I just gave her a taste of her own medicine, granted I might've gone a bit too far.

"Yes I heard all of your nonsense; Heidi vandalizes school property, bullies me even, and nothing happens to her. I, however, give her a much needed makeover, not damaging school property and I am being given the shiv!" Where this sudden attitude was coming from I wasn't quite sure, but right now wasn't probably the best time to be having this type of revelation; especially at my principal's expense.

I may have to pretend to be sorry and beg for forgiveness if it means that I don't get suspended. What I won't ever tell the principal is that this was the one that Raven, Alice, Emily, and I had come up with schemes that were far worse than just green paint and feathers.


"I say we fight fire with fire; spray paint her locker back!"

"Yeah, well there's that, but I think we can come up with something more original that what the evil queen has already done." Alice said a bit too harsh towards Emily. I'm not sure why Alice was so angry, but I wasn't about to go and ask her. I valued my life and I had a sneaking suspicion that it had to do with the fact that I was considered family; and no one messes with family.

"Ok, so what do you have in mind Miss Pixie?"

"It's about time you asked me Emily, I say that we rig her locker to explode green paint all over her then one of us waits for her to come running down the hallway to the bathroom and bombard her with a box of duck down feathers!" Alice said as she did her best impression of one of those villains from the old spy movies.

"You are seriously a sick and twisted girl Alice; why haven't you hung out with us sooner?" Raven said as a smile broadened over her face. When it came to pulling pranks it was as if Alice and Raven were either long lost sisters or something.

"I know right? Well, are we all in favor of giving that snot-nosed witch a taste of her own medicine via a brand new makeover?"

Part of me wanted to scream that all of this was a bit too much for my liking, but the half, the half that wanted to take my revenge, was in agreement with Alice and Raven. It was settled then that Emily and Raven would be in charge of getting the rigging set up so that when Heidi opened her locker door she got a face full of bright green paint, and me and Alice would get to bomb Heidi with the duck feathers.

We decided to wait until that Friday to put our plan into action. We wanted to wait until Friday because that coming Friday was a home basketball game, and Raven had made the observation that Heidi would be wearing her cheerleading uniform; which would make our revenge all the more sweet.



It was finally Friday and Emily and Raven were able to get into the school early, thanks to an unsuspecting janitor, and set up the device that would splatter Heidi in bright green paint.

Before we could begin our revenge scheme the principal came over intercom and announced that instead of going to our homerooms today, we were instructed to go the gymnasium for a pep session. Our vengeance would have to wait until after the tedious nonsense that they thought was a 'pep session'. It was more like 'hey let's cheer on our classmates who bully us and get special treatment'.



When the pep session finished we were given a few extra minutes to check into our homerooms for attendance and go to our lockers if need be. But for me it meant that I could finally wipe that horrible smirk off of Heidi's face and teach her a long-deserved lesson.

Alice and I sprinted to our lockers and grabbed the boxes of feathers we would dump on top of the paint that would be dripping all over that person I used to think was my best friend.

We both got our things and hurried to our designated positions and waited for the signal to rush up on Heidi and dump the feathers on her.

Everything seemed to be going to plan; Emily had texted me that Heidi was putting in the combination to her locker. I decided to peek out from the corner to get a better angle on the prank that would most definitely knock her down a few pegs.

What happened next no one could expect, Heidi opened her locker and nothing, NOTHING, happened; no spray of paint, no screaming, nothing. What was going on? I was about to run up there when there was a loud sounding explosion and I couldn't help but gasp and hurry off in the other direction. I think Raven must've gotten the timing off and not to mention just how much paint was going to be splattered in her face. It was something out of one of those spoof videos where the paint is never-ending and is hard spraying. We all agreed that it would just be a quick 'splat' and then the feathers, but this? This was a bit too far, but that one little flaw in the plan didn't diminish the satisfaction I felt at this very moment.

"Oh. My. God! What the hell is going on? Whoever did this will pay!" Heidi screeched as she stood there wiping the paint from her eyes. I'm not sure what came over me, but seeing that Heidi wasn't fully capable to see much of anything through all of the paint I decided to finish off the plan. I took the other box from Alice and took off running towards Heidi. It was like an out of body experience, I mean I knew that it was me covering Heidi in the feathers, but it felt like an out of body experience.

The entire hallway was dead silent; taking in the incident that just happened.

"What the hell? You, you are so dead Isabella Swan! You will be so sorry that you messed with me! I will make your life in school a living hell!" I just shrugged my shoulders and plastered a big grin aimed at her. I was tired of walking on egg shells around her, and it was about time someone put her in her place. Heidi took off for the nearest restroom. After a good couple of minutes the hallways erupted in deafening hoots and hollers.

I was the hero.

I was David, and Heidi was Goliath.

I did what every kid in this school only dreamed of; I fought back. I got back at the queen bee, and I felt amazing; there wasn't anything that could bring me down from this high!

"Miss Swan, my office, now."

Except maybe the principal; I forgot that there was one flaw in this whole plan to get back at Heidi. I had forgotten about the possibility of getting caught.


"Miss Swan, did you hear a word I just said?" I was shaken from my recollection of the events that led up to me being called into the principal's office. "I said, I can't let this incident slide Isabella, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to suspend you from classes today, and for the next three days of school. You may use the phone at my secretary's desk to call your brothers to come pick you up."

I oh so wanted to scream at the man that Heidi has done so much worse to me, not to mention other kids in school, and has never even gotten a slap on the wrist. But I decided to suffer in silence; I would be a martyr for the cause.

Without a single word I got up from my chair and walked out of the office and called my brothers. I was sure to catch hell for getting suspended, and I know that Jasper would definitely have some words to say about how I'm much better than this, and that I would need to stop acting like a child.

"Swan residence."

Oh thank god, it was Rosalie, there was a god and he was definitely looking out for me."


And I spoke to soon; Jasper picked up the other extension up in the upstairs hallway.

I took in a deep breath and explained in short that I needed to be picked up from school. I carefully danced around the topic of me being suspended, but Jasper was too smart for that. He started in on me on almost exactly what I knew he would harp on about.

"Jazz, relax I've seen that girl in and out of Delilah's with her irritatingly "chipper" friends; they're rude, obnoxious, and I can honestly say that I would've done a lot worse than what Bella probably did to them." I felt a sense of pride and kinship with Rosalie at that moment. She was definitely like the older sister I always longed for.

I didn't bother elaborating that it wasn't just me that pranked Heidi, it didn't matter at all it was my idea to begin with and I was actually ok with taking the blame.

"I still don't like hearing that you get suspended. I'm just glad mom and Trevor aren't here otherwise you would be grounded until your thirty." I rolled my eyes and shrugged off that last comment. I was in the middle of my goodbyes to both Rosalie and Jasper when all of my friends, Alice included, and not to mention Edward stormed in. They immediately started yelling that they were involved too and that it just wasn't me that was responsible for the prank. I quickly said goodbye and hung up the phone and looked at my friends with confusion. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I couldn't let them get in trouble along with me.

"Guy, you don't have to do this, I'm perfectly ok with getting suspended for four days. Honestly, just go back to class I'll be fine." I glanced around the group and I knew that I was talking on deaf ears; they were my friends, and I would do the exact same thing if I were in their shoes.

"No dice Izz, you're not taking the rap for all of us. We were all involved, whether directly or not. Don't even try to argue because you won't win."

"What is going on out here? You all, in my office now! Miss Swan gather your things and come back in the front office and wait for your one of your brothers to come get you."

With one last deep sigh I looked back at my friends who were filing into the principal's office. When I got to my locker the entire hallway was completely barren; not a kid in sight. I glanced down the hall at Heidi's locker, there was paint splattered all over her locker, the lockers on either side of hers, and all over the floor. I felt a sense of pride in what I had done, that is until I saw the elderly janitor having to put more effort into getting the paint off the floor with the mop. After getting my backpack I slowly made my way over to the janitor. I wasn't sure how or what I was going to say, but I did know that I felt a little guilty for making a horrible mess for this man to clean up.

"Um, sir, I'm sorry for the mess I made that you now have to clean up…"

"You did this; you're the one who covered that Crawford girl in bright green paint?" I couldn't tell whether or not he was angry at me for being the reason his day just got all that more frustration. I cautiously nodded my head slowly and was surprised when the man in front of me erupted in a fervent laughter. "It's about time someone took that girl down a few notches, knowing that you're the one who did this makes up for all of the extra work I have to do." I couldn't hold back the widening grin that was forming on my face.

I shared in his laughter and said my goodbyes and headed back to the office to wait for either Emmett or Jasper to come pick me up. While waiting on one of my brothers to come pick me up I saw that Raven and Emily were also waiting in the office with their things.

"Did you get suspended too?" I know it was a stupid question, but I was curious.

"Yeah, but not nearly as long as you, Raven and I each got two days of suspension. I guess because we didn't cover Heidi in feathers he didn't give us the same amount as you. Alice managed to get off with a warning; the guys too. Alice feels bad that she didn't get in trouble too, but we assured her we don't hold any hard feelings."

"Yeah, the principal didn't out right say it, but I'm pretty sure since Edward and Alice's dad is a well-known doctor she and him got off easy." Raven said as she fiddled with her backpack zippers.

"Jackson and Kaleb didn't get in trouble, but that douche of a principal tried to get them to admit to being involved, no matter how much they told him they had no idea."

Plausible deniability; what we wanted Kaleb and Jackson to have if we ended up getting in trouble.

Before I knew it Jasper was here to pick me up from school, and after signing me out we made the long, silent I might add, walk to the truck. When we got inside I expected the riot act, and an elaboration on how much this won't reflect well on my high school transcript, but instead I got a pat on the back and he even asked what exactly it was that I did to get suspended. To say that I was surprised would be an understatement; I gave a play by play of what all happened and why we did what we did.

"Wow, I would've never pegged Heidi as such a vindictive little 'B'. Rosalie wasn't kidding about what she said about her." Jasper said as we were getting closer to home. I was staring out the window when I heard something that peaked my interest. Apparently Grandma Lily and Grandpa Joe were going to come for a visit this weekend. I'm not sure what made me blurt it out, but all I know is that I did.

"Grandma Lily wants to try and get sole custody of me!" As soon as I said it I immediately cupped my hand to my mouth. I surprised even myself at my sudden admission. I had hoped that I wouldn't have to worry about this, but I suppose my sub conscious had other plans and wanted me to tell Jasper this piece of news rather than try and keep it a secret.

"What, are you serious; she wants to take full custody of you and take you away from us?" I suppose Jasper was finally seeing grandma for who she really was, and he didn't like the harsh reality at all.

"Yeah, but Grandpa Joe is trying to convince her to just visit more often like normal grandparents. That's probably why they're visiting now, so grandma – I mean Lily – can see just how I'm better off staying here." I hoped that was the case, but I couldn't be sure of that, or anything when it came to my grandmother.

I just hoped that she wouldn't find out that I got suspended from school. It was the last thing I needed right now.

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