Needing To Let Go

You Don't Mess With Family

A/N: Ok, so I want to start off with the fact that Bella is definitely not done with her revenge on Heidi for all those years of torment she caused; not to mention that there will be plenty of drama in this chapter what with grandma and grandpa coming to visit. Jasper is really not happy that he was duped by Lily and that she wants to take Bella away from them. But what will happen if Lily finds out that Bella got suspended?

Read to find out ;)

Previously on Needing to Let Go

"Yeah, but Grandpa Joe is trying to convince her to just visit more often like normal grandparents. That's probably why they're visiting now, so grandma – I mean Lily – can see just how I'm better off staying here." I hoped that was the case, but I couldn't be sure of that, or anything when it came to my grandmother.

I just hoped that she wouldn't find out that I got suspended from school. It was the last thing I needed right now.

Bella POV:

Well it was finally the weekend. Thankfully I had gotten off somewhat easy with Emmett and Jasper. They thought I had learned my lesson and that the suspension was punishment enough. I still remember when I got home and Emmett stormed towards me. I thought he was going to lay into me about how wrong I was for doing it, but instead he encased me in a bear hug and ruffled my hair. He even made a crack about how he was starting to wonder if I was really even related to him.

Before I could gently tell him what Grandma Lily's true intentions probably were for visiting Jasper had beaten me to it. The look on my eldest brother's face was a mixture of anger and sadness. I hadn't seen that look on his face since before our parents died in the car accident.

"No wonder mom never wanted her to visit us after Bella was born, she is such a manipulative, conniving – I can't even think of any more words to describe how angry all of this makes me right now. You're definitely not going anywhere Bella; she can't make you go with them." I felt a sense of pride that my brothers didn't want to just give me over to my grandparents. I mean they could do just that and go back to their college lives as if nothing ever happened, but they weren't going to do that; they aren't those types of people.

I had asked them when grandma and grandpa were due to land and asked if either of them were going to go pick them up from the airport. Jasper had already arranged for a rental car at the airport to be ready for them to pick up and drive here.

"So they'll be here in time for dinner? Do we really have to tell them I got suspended; can't we just pretend like it never happened?" I asked hopeful that my brothers would agree with me. I just didn't want to take the chance that my grandmother would see this as a sign that I was being 'neglected' at home and that they can't take care of me, and use it as an excuse to get sole custody.

It was one of the many times I was so frustrated that I was still considered a minor and I couldn't do a thing about it.

I desperately needed some time with Rainbow; that horse is so calming and therapeutic for it was amazing. I grabbed my phone and headed out to the stable and searched in vain for the brushes that Rosalie was nice enough to buy from the feed store. They were still brand new and I saw them sitting on the work bench in the plastic bag. I grabbed a brush and went to go brush Rainbow. I was greeted with a snort and a gentle nudging.

Nico and Gizmo were still here, their owners were still unable to keep them at their own home, but still occasionally visits them and takes them out for a ride or two. Kensington, the lone Tennessee Walker, was still here which was odd because if I remembered correctly their owner was supposed to come soon to pick him up and take the horse home.

"I know girl, but I'm sorry I don't have any treats right now. I'll get some cubes after I finish grooming you." I gently combed out the tangles in her mane and then brushed off the dirt that had collected on her. I was so focused on what I was doing I apparently didn't hear the footsteps that were gradually approaching the horse stables.

Rainbow was alerted first and let out a long and loud neigh and then stomped and scuffed her hoof. I stuck my head out and turned in either direction to see if there was in fact someone that was in here with me.

Nothing. I couldn't hear or see anything or anyone that happened to slip into the stables with me. Rainbow on the other hand was still aware of some sort of intruder.

"Hello? Who's there, I know how to use a shot gun!" Ok, so I really didn't know how to use one, and I wasn't even sure if I knew how to use one if the situation permitted it.

"Whoa, wait a minute, sorry I thought that you knew I was coming today. My name's Jacob Black, my dad went ahead and boarded my horse here while I finished up my classes for school…"

That was today? Man, my brain is all scrambled from all this worrying about whether or not I am going to be able to stay with my brothers or not.

"Oh, um yea I'm sorry I didn't know that you were coming today. You're Kensington's owner right? Is he going home today?" I loved that old Tennessee Walker of a horse. He must be the owner whose grandfather or father, not too sure, came and boarded the horse here while Jacob was finishing up school. Kensington was so much fun to take care of and even ride it was going to be sad to see him go, but I knew that this guy was going to take good care of him and ride him as often as possible.

"Yeah, he's coming home with me today. I plan to use him as a therapy horse. I have a few other horses back where I live and I let children with special needs ride them to help them have a fun and safe time. I can tell that you and your brothers take good care of the horses here, and don't worry I'll leave you guys a good review and recommend this place to as many people as I can." Jacob said with a smirk. He put Kensington's halter on and started to lead him out of the stable and to the awaiting trailer he had backed up to the side of the stable.

Why hadn't I noticed that when I came to the stabled in the first place.

It probably had to do with me being paranoid that my increasingly paranoid grandmother was coming to visit today and would attempt to dictate if I was 'safe' here at home or move to Wisconsin wither her and Grandpa Joe.

"Bella, I am serious though, thank you again for taking such good care of Kensington. I know that you already have a few other horses here, but I can tell that Kensington is a better horse than he was when I first set eyes on him."

"What do you mean?" I asked and almost immediately I realized what Jacob was implying. I'm pretty sure that Jacob was going to tell me that Kensington was a rescue horse. If I remember correctly, when he was brought here I knew he looked a bit underweight and not too fond of human contact all that much.

"Let's just say that Kensington is a lot better off now than he was before you or I got to him." Jacob said and for a split second I swore I saw a flash of anger wash over his face. But could you blame him; how could someone neglect and abuse such a beautiful animal?

After that somewhat awkward conversation I helped Jacob get Kensington into his trailer and saw Jacob off the farm and back to wherever it was he was from. It was so long ago but I think I remember that his grandfather told me he grew up in Forks, Washington. Wait, that's where Uncle Charlie and Aunt Renee live; wow talk about a small world I guess.

I put away the brush and headed back slowly to the house, and when I got closer I saw a strange car parked in the driveway. I knew that it wasn't Edward's car, which meant that it had to be my grandparents had landed and made it to the house ok. I took in a deep breath and continued back to the house. I just hoped that Lily would be on her best behavior and not start criticizing my brothers on whatever she could come up with.

"Bella, good to see you again kiddo, have you been staying out of trouble?" My grandpa's attempt at a joke caught me off guard because he had no clue how close he was to the truth and what's really going on.

"Yeah, been doing pretty good in school, considering that it's high school. " I said as I tried my best to put a brave face on for him. I hated that he could tell when I wasn't always telling the whole truth, and if he knew that I wasn't telling him everything he would just give me a look that would make even the hardest criminal crumble. Ok, that was a bit dramatic, but he was just that kind of person it seemed like. You could try your hardest to lie to him, and he just knew; today wasn't any different. He gave me a knowing look, but thankfully he didn't push he just smiled at me and went to the living room with the others. I had to assume that Lily was interrogating my brothers about everything they have been up to since the funeral. I loved my grandma, even when she was her overbearing and critical self.

I lingered by the front door as long as I could when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I got it out and saw a text from Emily. I couldn't help but let out a quick holler of celebration when I read what the message said. Heidi had also been suspended for the same amount of time as I had gotten. Emily went on to say that after word got out that I had gotten in trouble a few kids, kids I didn't even know all that well, came forward and said that they had saw Heidi spray paint that word over my locker. I wish I could've seen the look on her face when she finally got what she's had coming to her.

"Is everything ok Bella? We heard you holler from the living room, come have a seat your brothers were just telling me some interesting things, such as the fact that Emmett is now engaged and no one bothered to mention it to me." Lily said as she looked between Jasper and I. I just shrugged and plopped down on the loveseat next to Joe. I could tell that he has had his hands full with her on this whole trip, mainly because my grandpa was already sound asleep next to me.

"It wasn't on purpose grandma, I was going to tell you eventually, we've been busy with making sure that the bills get paid and we still have a roof over our heads." I cringed back a bit when Emmett sharply spoke to Lily. I could tell that he was letting his emotions get the better of him, and it probably didn't help that Jasper and I had told him about why our grandparents were visiting.

Rosalie put a comforting hand on his arm, and it seemed to have a calming effect on him. After taking a deep breath I could tell that he felt better, but I could tell that he was still irritated at our grandmother for trying to subtly tell them that she wasn't all to please with how things were going here.

"I see, well Bella why don't you tell me how school's been going for you, or shall we see how Jasper has been doing. What is it that you do again for work Jasper?"

Ok seriously? She was being completely rude to my brothers.

I mean my brother may not have heard a tone to her voice, but for some reason I was able to detect a hint of a condescending tone to it.

"Well, I work down at the local library some days and tutor some kids as well for extra money. We both are able to make a decent living for ourselves grandma. You may not think so but we get along just fine." I wanted to high five Jasper so much right now. He didn't say it with an attitude or anything, but he just nicely told our grandma to butt out of our business and leave well enough alone.

"Hmpf, well I suppose there's that I guess. So what are we having for dinner? You two do cook meals in the kitchen don't you?"

Ugh! This woman was driving me absolutely crazy.

It was like she thought my brothers were complete screw ups and that they couldn't do anything right. Jasper had calmly informed her, and me, that we were going to go out to eat for dinner. My body immediately went rigid. That meant that we were going to Delilah's. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but today was Emily's day to work. Again, that doesn't seem like a big deal but she didn't know that my grandmother was looking for any possible excuse to make it easier to have grounds for seeking sole custody of me. Plus it didn't help that Emily couldn't keep her mouth shut so she would probably inevitably spill the news that I had gotten suspended from school.

"Well, actually we just thought that you would be hungry from your long flight here and to save you the trouble of waiting for us to cook something up and it end up being nearly nine in the evening." God I love my brother Jasper; he definitely got mom's quick wit that's for sure. This quickly quieted our grandmother and she got up to get her coat without another word.

"Way to go Jazz, you managed to silence the dragon. Too bad it's illegal to do half of the things she makes so angry to possibly do to her." Emmett said through clenched teeth.

"That's enough Em; I'm sure she just wants to make sure you both are doing all right while looking after your sister." Oh how I loved Rosalie's optimism. I mean even when our grandmother was being a colossal pain in the butt she managed to see the good in her that even for me was hard to see sometimes.

When we finally got to the restaurant I could tell that my grandmother wasn't expecting such a "quaint" diner; those were her words not mine. I swear by the end of the visit my tongue would be a mangled mess I was biting my tongue some many times I desperately wanted to just scream at my grandmother be quiet and that she doesn't know the full story that that I don't even want to move to cold boring Wisconsin with her and Grandpa Joe.

'Hi guys, hi Bella, my name's Emily and can I get you started on some drinks?" Count on Emily to be oblivious to the tension that was building towards my grandmother. I swear if I hear one more belittling thing out of her mouth I was going to burst open and lay into her. We all ordered our drinks and Emily meandered back to fill our drink orders.

"That girl is too chipper for her own good. What did she do drink eight cups of coffee or something?" I wanted to scream right now and I didn't even care if people turned to see if I had grown a second head or something like that. I mean why was she being so rude about everything here in town. It was like she had something against Myersville or something.

Thankfully Lily kept the rest of her opinions to herself for the rest of the night. We were able to order and eat our food in peace without any unwanted commentary. I wasn't quite sure why she was acting odder than she did when I visited them over spring break; it was like she wanted to taint my feelings for this place so I would want to go live with her or something to that nature.

Just as Emmett and Jasper got up to go pay the bill at the cash register Emily hurried over and started talking about what she had heard about what went on after I left school. When she had accidentally let it slip about my suspension, of course, my grandma had to be right next to me and caught the word. Man, if that didn't start her off and she charged at my brothers, demanding them tell her why they failed to mention m suspension to her from the beginning. Thankfully though Grandpa Joe was able to calm her down and we all got in our cars and headed back to the house. I had the luck of the draw and was in the car that my grandparents were driving; so I got to hear all about how she was angry that I was suspended, how she was disappointed in me, and then she started in on my brothers and how my mom and dad are probably rolling over in their graves at how "well" they're raising me.

"You have no right to talk about my brothers that way!" I was fuming at this point. I had finally had enough of her condescending words and making fun of everything and everyone I cared about.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, I'm tired of the way you talk about my brothers, and I'm tired of how you act like you're better than me or my brothers." I was so angry at this point I felt myself literally shaking. When we pulled up to the front of the house I stormed out of the car and stomped into the house. I heard my grandmother yelling after me, but I didn't care at this point I wanted to as far away from her as possible.

"Isabella Marie Swan, don't you dare storm off like that again!"

"Or what; what are you going to do to me? You may be my grandmother, but that doesn't make you family to me. Family means that you love them no matter what; not make them feel like crap! And what gives you the right to say that what Emmett and Jasper do is anything to snivel at?!" It was as if all of my feelings and opinions on my grandmother came pouring out of me. I wasn't even sure if it was me actually saying these words. I knew that it was my voice and everything, but it felt as if it wasn't at the same time.

"I mean my god; they do the best they can do under the circumstances. I heard you and grandpa arguing the last day I was visiting you guys. I heard you arguing about how you want to get custody of me. News flash for you 'Lily' I don't want you to adopt me I am perfectly happy here with Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. They are my family and you don't mess with family." I was so angry to the point I felt tears start to well up in my eyes and a couple trailed down my cheeks as I stomped up to my room. I heard some sort of conversation going on downstairs, but it didn't matter to me at the moment.

All I wanted right now was my pillow and nice warm bed. I felt emotionally drained to the point that I could barely keep my eyes open. Today had started off halfway decent, but then took a nose dive when my grandmother got here.

Sleep felt easy, felt peaceful right now; all my energy was completely drained. But one thing that lingered through my body, and that was the sensation of relief. I guess it had to do with the fact I was able to finally tell Lily exactly how I felt about the whole thing and that I wasn't going to allow her to even attempt to seek custody of me. I would run away before I would let that happen. Yes, that is a dramatic way of looking at it, but nothing would change my mind. I would live with my brothers and no place else.

As I let my eyes droop close again I let myself slowly drift off into dream world; after what all happened tonight I could honestly say that I had gotten the best sleep I have gotten in a long time.

A/N: So what did you think? Yes we find out that Heidi did in fact get in trouble as well for vandalizing Bella's locker and we also saw Bella all out explode at her grandmother after everything she has said during her first day (yes her FIRST day) of visiting. Will this allow Lily to see that Bella is happy right where she is, or will she still try to sway Bella to see her side of the situation? It's pretty safe to say that Bella's outburst will definitely have an impact on whether or not Lily will still consider the possibility of taking custody of Bella.

Other than that I don't have much to say other than soon (no set date as of yet) I will be posting the prologue to my collaboration story with Arrowhead1996, Quest for the Cure. So if you haven't already, please add me to your author alerts so you can get a sneak peek as to what lay in store for the upcoming story! ;)

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