Needing To Let Go

Torrential Rain Advisory!

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Previously on Needing to Let Go

Sleep felt easy, felt peaceful right now; all my energy was completely drained. But one thing that lingered through my body and that was the sensation of relief. I guess it had to do with the fact I was able to finally tell Lily exactly how I felt about the whole thing and that I wasn't going to allow her to even attempt to seek custody of me. I would run away before I would let that happen. Yes, that is a dramatic way of looking at it, but nothing would change my mind. I would live with my brothers and no place else.

Bella POV:

So that whole thing with my grandmother last night could've gone a whole heck of a lot better than it did. I mean I can't believe how I exploded at her, and I know that she needed to be told, and I was very glad that I got the chance to do so, but she was still my grandmother and I loved her.

I came downstairs to the smell of French toast and eggs cooking on the stove. I was trying to think of whose turn it was to cook this morning, but when I got to the kitchen I saw Lily standing at the stove. What should I do? Should I walk in and act as if nothing happened, or should I try and mend things? I definitely was in no possible way apologizing for what was said though. I took a seat at the table and quietly waited for breakfast to be ready.

"So Bella, I was informed that your suspension is due to you retaliating against a girl who seemed to think that she has the run of the school."

Was my grandmother really trying to be civilized and not nitpicking at every little thing that goes on around me? I looked around to see if any of my brothers were around, maybe they had something to do with this, but it was only me in the kitchen with her.

"Um, well, she and I used to be best friends, and then one day everything changed between us. Ever since that day she has made it her mission to make my life, not to mention other kids' lives, practically unbearable."

"Oh so she's that type of girl, wants everyone else to feel lousy so she can feel superior. Bella, there are always going to be people like her, and after what I've heard she's done to you I'm surprised you didn't do more than just 'tar and feather' that spoiled brat."

"Wait, so you're not going to yell at me or demand that I pack my stuff up and move to Wisconsin with you and Grandpa Joe?"

"No, no, I've decided that I may have overreacted in coming here to see if your brothers were doing an adequate job in taking care of you. Isabella – I mean Bella - I know now that your brothers love you so much, and it took this trip out here for this old woman to finally see just how true that is." Wow, where was the woman who was 'too young to be a grandmother', because right now the woman standing at the stove fixing breakfast wasn't the same woman I had met over spring break.

"Wow, um, well I'm not quite sure what to say, but I am happy that you're going to let me stay with Jasper and Emmett." I was the truth. I knew that my grandmother was just trying to do what she thought was best for me, it just got too much out of hand to the point that I was seriously considering running away from home. "I am too, at least now that I see how much those boys love you and want only the best for you. Now, why don't you go wake everyone up I'm about finished here making breakfast." Lily says as she flips over, what I believe to be, the French toast.

I hurried upstairs and flipped on the light in Emmett and Rosalie's room. Ever since Emmett went and proposed to Rosalie on New Year's Eve they decided to share the master bedroom, and Bentley now had a room all to his self.

"Wake up you love birds, grandma is making French toast and scrambled eggs." I said as I slapped at the covers to hasten the waking process. I couldn't help but laugh when my brother shot up out of bed like a cannon. "Wh-what's going on?!" Emmett stumbled around for a few seconds while he got his bearings in order. Rosalie, who managed to look all refreshed and no bed head whatsoever. With a yawn Rosalie got up and headed down the hall to Bentley's room to get him woken up and changed out of his pajamas.

"Did you or Jasper say anything to grandma after I stormed up to my room last night?" I said while I attempted to detangle my hair with my fingers. "No, after you stormed off to your room after telling grandma off – which by the way was awesome! – she and grandpa Joe stepped outside and had some sort of hushed argument then grandma stomped up to their room and slammed the door shut." Well, I will definitely have to thank Grandpa Joe when I saw him at breakfast. I told Emmett to hurry and get dressed and that Lily was about finished making breakfast. I was about to go into Jasper's room, but saw that he was already up and in the bathroom at the moment.

I went to go check on Grandpa Joe, and saw that he was sitting on the side of the bed and looking out the window towards the horse paddock. He was oddly still, so I carefully walked further in to see if he was ok.

"Grandpa, are you ok?" When I managed to get a better look at my grandfather I saw him smiling out at the sight of the horses grazing around the pasture. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine Bells. I was just admiring the view from this particular part of the house. I can see why you've fought hard to make sure that you stayed here, and not just because of your brothers. This farm almost has a calming effect over me – like I can feel your mother in this house – now what was this I heard about your grandmother cooking? In all our years of marriage she has never once managed to cook a decent breakfast, but that may have something to do with her love for a McDonald's biscuits and gravy and a large root beer." This was yet another side to my grandpa that I never thought existed. I was starting to see where mom's love for the openness that came with living on a farm came from. "Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we should be worried that she's cooking, but let's just say that in the past good 'ol Lillian has used the smoke alarm as her timer."

"Wow, way to invoke confidence in grandma. If you like, after breakfast we could take a couple of the horses out for a ride; maybe we can even get grandma out on a horse." I said with a playful grin. "If you can get that 'old woman' on a horse then you've got a deal Bella."

"Who are you calling old, old man?" We both jumped at the sudden voice of my grandmother. "Breakfast is ready and you both better hurry, 'cause it looks like Emmett may try and eat it all before you two get down there." Lily said with a playful smile. I went ahead and asked her if she would like to attempt to ride one of the horses.

Well, let's just say that she was extremely against the idea of even getting near a horse. "I am not setting foot near any of the horses, call me a 'baby' all you like, but I am not getting anywhere near those things. I swear, they're dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle. I'm perfectly fine on the ground." I couldn't help but crack up laughing. I had not expected my grandma to go and quote a line from the 'Sherlock Holmes' movie with Robert Downey Jr.

With that all three of us headed downstairs, and we all managed to have enough French toast for the seven of us in the house. I took a bite of the scrambled eggs, and was immediately brought back to when mom would make French toast and scrambled eggs for us. I realized that my mom had gotten the recipe from Lily. It was getting somewhat easier to talk about, let alone even think about, both my mom and my dad. Some days were better than others, but it was just one day at a time. I still can't go out to the stable or barn without remembering something either one had done or said that had to do with whatever it was I was about to do out there.

"So what do you say grandpa, you and me go and ride the horses, don't worry it'll be fun!" I could tell that my grandpa was trying to find a nice way of turning down my offer and I quickly assured him that it was perfectly ok that he didn't go out with me today.

"Are you sure you want to take Rainbow out today? I mean Bells, it's said that there's a chance of rain coming, and the weatherman made an effort to mention how we're going to get upwards to at least three inches of rain, and that's just today!" I let out a long sigh. I swear Jasper watched too much of the Weather Channel. "Don't worry Jazz, I will be just fine. I'm just going to take Rainbow down to my secret spot for a few minutes and then I'll be back with plenty of time to spare before the rain comes in."

When I finished I put my plate in the sink and hurried down to the stables to get Rainbow's saddle and bridle ready. As if psychic Rainbow quickly trotted in from the pasture to her stall and calmly waited for me to get everything ready for her.

"Hello Rainbow, hang on girl you know that I've got to put your bridle on first." As if she could understand me she carefully extended her neck out the open window of her stall and waited for me to put it on her. Once that was on I led her out into the walkway and put her blanket and saddle on her. I made sure all the necessary straps were on tight and secure and we were off to our secret spot.

I just absolutely loved riding horses, and it helped that my parents started a boarding business where I get to take care of horses and ride them as often as I liked was just icing on the cake.

It doesn't look like it's going to rain any time soon.

Jasper worries over the smallest things.

We got to the creek and there was adorable momma duck with all of her cute little ducklings following close behind her wherever she went.

I spent a good time there just relaxing and letting myself get some fresh air when I heard a loud rumble of thunder off in the distance. Rainbow started to get antsy and was starting to stomp around and rearing her head up. I quickly got up and mounted her and we were off.

Only thing that would be worse is if it started pouring down rain.

I let out a long sigh when the skies opened up and gallons upon gallons of rain fell from the sky. I really needed to keep all negative thoughts out of mind from now on. We were about halfway back to the farm, at least I thought I was, what with all this rain pouring down I could barely see a few feet in front of me. Just as we were about to pass a tall oak tree Rainbow stopped dead in her tracks and raised up on her hind legs and let out a long neigh. In normal conditions I would've been able to hang on to the reigns better, but with all this rain coming down I was bucked off of her and I landed flat on my back hard, nearly knocking the wind out of me.

I slowly managed to sit up where I landed when I saw that Rainbow was nowhere in sight. I'm not sure what spooked Rainbow so bad, but it was enough that she bucked me off and took off for home. I crawled as best I could while still attempting to get air back into my lungs. By this time I was soaked to the bone. I knew that I should keep on walking back to wherever home was, but something inside me told me to stay put and wait out the rain.

My teeth started to chatter a bit as the wind started to pick up and blow the rain hard against my face. I hugged my legs against my chest and silently prayed that either the rain stopped soon or someone would be able to find me.

Jasper POV:

Man, I knew that I should've made Bella stay home and not go out and ride her horse today, not with the rain that was due to come in any minute. I know that I sound like an old fuddy duddy, but between Bella and Emmett, I decided a long time ago that I would be the voice of reason between them.

All at once I heard a loud rumble outside and looked to see that rain was starting to pour hard from the skies, and there was no Bella in sight. I knew that she was one of those people who loved riding horses, but there was a time and place for that and I swear she needed to learn that.

Just then Edward's car pulled up in the drive way and when I saw both Edward and his sister Alice, I have to admit that I was very excited that she had decided to come along with him.

I wasn't sure what to call Alice and mine relationship. I mean I knew that I really liked her a lot, maybe even loved her, but I wasn't sure how she felt about me. I wasn't about to ask her any time soon either, I mean I didn't want to come off as a complete idiot and scare her off.

"Woo, it's really coming down out there now. I guess whoever came up with the term 'April Showers' wasn't kidding. Is Bella upstairs in her room?" Edward asked as he hung his coat up on the coat tree. I let out a long ragged sigh, but thankfully Emmett managed to pull himself away from the television long enough to tell them that she was outside riding Rainbow.

"Wait, she's riding her horse, in this weather; have you seen it outside? I mean it's practically raining cats and dogs outside!" Edward said with a hint of concern. Alice placed a calming hand on her brother's back and reassured him that Bella was an experienced rider, which was true, but it didn't make him, or me for that matter, feel any better.

"Whoa, what's that out there?" Edward said as he took a step closer to the window to get a better look at whatever it was that he had thought he saw. I looked over his shoulder and saw that I was a horse running towards the stables back behind the house. But that wasn't just any horse, no, that was Bella's horse, and Bella wasn't on it.

Almost immediately my heart sank to my stomach. Something happened and Bella is probably out there hurt and not to mention probably scared out of her mind.

"Oh my god, that's Rainbow, but where's Bella at?" Alice said with a shaky tone. I quickly wrapped her in a comforting hug. Both Emmett and I grabbed our rain coats and headed out to the stable. "I'm coming too, and don't think that you can stop me." Edward said as he grabbed his coat and proceeded to button up. Emmett and I each knew that he had never ever ridden a horse before, but we weren't about to try and stop him from coming with us to help. Even Alice offered to come with us, but I told her that she needed to stay with Rosalie in case Bella managed to walk back to the house on foot. Grandpa Joe gladly agreed to come along, and we told him that he could drive the ATV that we had stored in the barn.

Once we were all on our means of transportation, Emmett handed each of us a walkie-talkie, and made sure to give Rosalie one as well just in case.

I just hoped to god that we would manage to find Bella before she caught her death of cold out in this rain. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something horrible happened to her out in this rain.

I couldn't let myself think about it, so I decided to make myself focus on the task at hand and that was make sure that we find our sister.

Bella POV

So cold….need to keep warm, god why didn't I bring my coat along with me.

I tried my hardest to keep myself warm, but it was proving difficult with the blowing wind and torrential rain pouring down on me.

Need to keep moving.

Something inside me told me that I needed to keep moving, that staying in one place wasn't an option anymore. I groaned as I slowly stood up and managed to stretch a bit and started walking in the direction, I hoped, was the way that would lead me back home.

After, what I think was a mile or two, I came across a tree that managed to have all of its leaves in full bloom, so I decided to take shelter there for a few minutes. But as I got closer to the tree I stopped dead in my tracks, because there past the tree was a huge ditch that was quickly filling up with the falling rain. In all my time riding I had never came across a ditch on my way to or from the creek to my house.

I picked up a fallen tree limb and decided to use it as leverage to make my way across the growing water level. When I was nearly across the trench I felt my foot slip and I felt myself fall to the side and I screamed out in pain when my side came into contact with something hard and firm. After a few seconds to gather my thoughts I got myself back up and continued to make my way across. I finally made it across and my side continued to throb. I knew at the very least that I had bruised a rib of some kind.

Finally I came across another tree and decided to take a short rest before attempting to continue on.

My body was screaming for me to give up, but I knew in my heart that I needed to keep going no matter what.

It's not going to kill you to wait a few minutes under this harmless tree.

Just as I leaned against the tree and slid down I heard a low grumbling come from above me. Instantly I felt my body freeze up. I was almost too terrified to look up to see what was the source of that growling, but I decided against my better judgment and slowly lifted my head to look above me and I swear all the air left my body when I saw what it was.

It was a decent sized mountain lion perched up on a few tree limbs above my head.

Jasper POV

The rain continued to pour down, and none of us were able to find Bella anywhere, but then who wouldn't get lost in the heavy rain storm. The visibility was practically at zero at this point, but I will say that Emmett was a bit over reactive when he handed me and our grandpa each shotguns. Edward had asked him why he had those around, and Emmett said that there were mountain lions out there, and it was a possibility that one could find Bella before we do.

God, I hoped and prayed that we wouldn't have to use these, and that she would be ok.

Every five to ten minutes we were to check in and let the other know if we found Bella. Emmett had made it to Bella's favorite creek that she had claimed was a secret, but in fact was a well-known one at that, and Bella was not there.

Just when I thought we would never find her I saw something move off in the distance to my left. I squinted as hard as I could to get a better look, and I saw something big jump down from a tree and start to circle in.

When I got closer I saw that it was my sister, Bella, who the creature had its sights set on. I spurred the horse into a gallop closer and fired off two warning shots. Thankfully the creature, which was in all reality a mountain lion, took off away from Bella. I quickly got off the horse and sprinted towards her. She was soaked through her shirt and pants, not to mention her lips were practically blue.

"Jasper…is that you?"

Oh god she's delirious. I carefully picked her up and put her up on my horse and when I got back up I cradled her in my chest. I radioed to the others that I had found Bella and told Rosalie to call Edward's dad immediately. As if sensing my urgency my horse took off, with no spurring needed, for home.

"Jasper…I'm so cold…." Bella started shivering and I could hear her teeth chattering.

God, please don't take her, she's just a child.

When I got back to the house Rosalie and everyone was waiting on the back porch. Rosalie rushed out and held out her arms for me to hand Bella to her. Thankfully both Alice and Lily came out and helped get Bella inside. Shortly after me Emmett, Edward, and Joe had made it back and Emmett took Edward with him to go unsaddle the horses. I could tell that Edward wanted desperately to be by Bella's side, but at this point we could only wait for the doctor to come and assess whether or not to take her to the hospital.

Now, I know that we should've gotten in the car and rushed Bella to the hospital, but the hospital wasn't for another five or six miles, and Bella needed to be warmed up now.

I dropped my coat off at the door and paced back and forth through the living room.

"Any word yet from the girls?" I startled a bit with the sudden voice of my grandfather. I just shook my head no and collapsed on the foot of the stairs. I was supposed to be the rock, the person people leaned on for support, but right now I wasn't the rock, I was a big emotional mess. I felt my body start to shake as the tears poured down my face. I relaxed somewhat when I felt a soothing hand on my back.

"I'm sure Bella is going to be alright, all we can do right now is pray that she will pull through this all right." I nodded my head without bothering to look up. I didn't trust myself at this moment. I was afraid that I would break down and start to cry again if I did. Emmett and Edward came rushing in and Edward was in worse shape than I was if that was even possible. His eyes were red-rimmed and I could tell that he had been crying as well.

All at once there was a pounding at the door and my grandpa quickly got up from his place beside me and opened the door. There Carlisle stood with his big overcoat and medical bag. He asked how long Bella had been out in the rain, and I could see a small frown when we told him that she had just been brought inside no more than ten minutes ago. I shifted to the side to allow him room to go upstairs.

"She's going to be alright isn't she? I mean, she's just cold and soaked is all right?" Edward asked uneasily. None of us could answer for sure whether or not she would pull through.

All we could do right now was pray that she would make it through the night alright, because if she made it through the night with nothing serious happening she would make a full recovery.

I mean, she had to make it, she was our sister.

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