Needing To Let Go


A/N: So the last chapter Bella had taken her horse, Rainbow, out for a ride and got caught in a spring thunderstorm. It took a couple hours before her brothers, grandfather, and Edward were able to find her. Now that she is found she is far from being 'okay'.

Also, this chapter will be in third person point of view, I feel that it will be easier to get a better picture of just how sick Bella is from being out in that rain for so long.

Now I don't want to spoil anything, so here is chapter 28 of Needing to Let Go, and I hope you all enjoy!

Previously on Needing to Let Go

"She's going to be alright isn't she? I mean, she's just cold and soaked is all right?" Edward asked uneasily. None of us could answer for sure whether or not she would pull through.

All we could do right now was pray that she would make it through the night alright, because if she made it through the night with nothing serious happening she would make a full recovery.

I mean, she had to make it, she was our sister

It had been nearly four hours since Bella's brother Jasper was able to find her and bring her back to the house. She was in pretty bad shape when Jasper was finally able to locate just where his sister was. There had been a chance for rain, but no one could have expected the skies to just open up and rain come down by the gallon.

The wind whistled and hollered outside of the Swan's living room window. In there were Jasper and Emmett, Bella's older brothers, their grandparents, Rosalie, Emmett's fiancé, and Edward, Bella's boyfriend. All of them waited on pins and needles as they waited to hear the news that they so desperately wanted to hear; that Bella was ok and that she just needed extra rest. It was now nine in the evening and everyone was still uneasy as they waited with bated breath to hear of any news.

But Jasper wasn't so sure, he had seen just how bad his baby sister was when he finally was able to find her. Thinking about that also reminded him how close his sister was to being attacked by that mountain lion that had circled around Bella. He couldn't sit still, he had to do something, anything, and otherwise he would go out of his mind with worry. They had already lost their parents in a car crash involving a drunk driver; Jasper wasn't about to sit and do nothing while Bella teetered between life and death.

He might be over exaggerating a bit, but he had seen just how near unconsciousness Bella had been when he got to her and hurried back to the house on his horse.

Everyone's attention shot straight towards Alice, Edward's sister and Jasper's 'almost' girlfriend, who had just come down the stairs.

"How is she doing Alice, you have to tell us everything you know, we're all going mad down here thinking of all the worst things possible that could be wrong with Bella." Rosalie pleaded. Her expression said it all; she was worried for the girl she had grown to think of as a younger sister. Alice explained what Carlisle, both Edward and Alice's adoptive father, had diagnosed. Bella had a dangerously high fever, and that she was currently upstairs in her room under three layers of heavy comforter sheets to try and break the fever.

Before anyone could stop him Edward shot up the stairs, rushing past Alice, and sprinted to Bella's bedroom. When he got to the doorway his body went cold when he saw just how bad off Bella was at this very moment. He let out an inconsolable sob of pain as he saw Bella's forehead covered in sheen of sweat, and all the color in her face was gone, and she was the color of blank typing paper. Edward's heart broke even more when he could hear her whimpering and sobbing as she begged and pleaded for something that was far too incomprehensible for anyone to understand.

"Son, you'd better wait outside, she is nowhere near out of the woods right now." Carlisle said as he did his best to usher Edward out of Bella's bedroom and into the hall. "I know that you'd rather not leave her side, but you won't be doing you or Bella for that matter and good sitting by her bedside wasting away." This caused Edward to break down and cry despairingly as he clung to his father. Carlisle knew that Bella and Edward had a very unique connection; he knew it from the first day that they moved here from Chicago and Edward came home talking about nothing other than how he had met this very interesting girl in one of his classes.

Edward screamed and growled at his father, and wanted desperately to be by Bella's side when she would finally open her eyes and would pull through this sickness.

It took both Jasper and Emmett to drag Edward back downstairs, and then Alice and Rosalie both tried to keep his mind occupied with anything possible.

Carlisle walked back into Bella's room to check her temperature for the third time this hour; her fever still was in the triple digits, but there was no dramatic increase. Carlisle was thankful for this small generous gift. It pained him to see this poor girl in so much pain. His heart broke even further when Bella started to scream and thrash around at whatever was going on inside of her mind; he could only guess what was going on through her fever-induced hallucinations. There were very few words Carlisle was able to make out that Bella was muttering.

Carlisle placed the warmed wash cloth back in the cool bowl of water and wrung it out before placing it back on Bella's forehead to try and bring down Bella's outward temperature.

"No…mom….fire….please don't…." Bella managed to mutter under her breath as she thrashed around uncomfortably. Carlisle carefully put his hands on her arms to try and keep her under the layers of covers. He whispered calming words to Bella to try and help her realize that she was safe, but he knew that he was talking on deaf ears. Bella was far too out of it to even start to comprehend what was going on around her.

Then all at once Bella was completely still, she wasn't moving around or whimpering in pain from the high fever. Carlisle was on edge though; he knew that something was adding up. Bella's fever was still ever-present, he could tell by simply touching her skin. Suddenly Bella's entire body went rigid and started to convulse uncontrollably. Carlisle quickly, and carefully, ripped the covers off the bed, and turned Bella on her side and held her steady while the seizure rode itself out. There was nothing he could do other than that, he wasn't about to hold Bella down; that would do more harm than good at this moment. Just as quickly as it started the seizure had dissipated. Once he was sure that there was not going to be a second seizure Carlisle carefully took Bella's temperature again and had seen it had gone down from 103.5 to 100.4. The only explanation he could come up with was that for a split second Bella's fever had spiked, causing the seizure, and now her fever was closer to finally breaking.

Carlisle called out to Alice and Lily, Bella's grandmother, to come upstairs and he gave them the short version of what had happened. He told them to stay with her while he went downstairs to give the rest of the family an update on Bella's condition.

The sun was had already disappeared for the day, and the moon was out and at its fullest. Only Emmett, Jasper, and Joe, the grandfather, were in the living room. From what his nose detected he was pretty sure that Rosalie was in the kitchen fixing a late night meal to help keep everyone's spirits up.

"Doc, how's Bella doing? Is she gonna pull through?" Emmett asked. Carlisle could tell that he had been crying by the red rim around his eyes. "Does she still have a fever?" Jasper asked with bloodshot eyes. The doctor waited for everyone to come to the living room so he could tell them all at the same time. Once everyone was gathered he told them that Bella's fever had been dangerously high at 103.5 and apparently had spiked, causing a seizure, then dramatically dropped back down to 100.4. He was fairly certain that her fever would break soon, and that she was to stay in bed until he would come back in the morning.

"I'm spending the night dad; you're not going to tell me otherwise." Edward said in a hardened tone. Carlisle could tell that he was worried about Bella, and besides he wasn't even about to tell him otherwise. He was fairly certain that when Bella's fever broke, her first question would be where his son was. "I'm perfectly ok with that Edward. I'll be sure to let your mother know when Alice and I get home." Carlisle grabbed his coat off the coat rack and called for Alice to grab hers and go home as well.

Carlisle was aware of his daughter's and Jasper's feelings towards one another, but he cautioned Alice to be careful with Jasper and that if she felt pressured by him to break it off immediately. Alice informed him rather angrily that he had no reason to worry and that Jasper wasn't that type of person.

It was after midnight when the doctor and Alice left Edward hurried upstairs and went straight to Bella's room. When he got to her room, he could feel tears threatening to trickle down his cheeks at the sight of his girlfriend in a fever-induced slumber. It was even worse that she didn't even seem to acknowledge that Edward, or her grandmother for that matter, was in the room with her.

"Hot…fire….tired…gone…" Edward cringed at the sight of Bella in so much pain and the fact that she wasn't making hardly any sense made it even worse for him.

As if sensing that Edward wasn't about to go anywhere Lily went to the hall closet and grabbed a pillow and a blanket and gave it to him. She told him that he could make himself comfortable in the chair that had been brought upstairs. Apparently standing right outside, both Jasper and Emmett had their chairs with them and placed them in the room and grabbed their own pillows and blankets and set up camp by Bella's beside as well. It was well into the morning, nearing three a.m. to be precise, and everyone was too anxious to even consider sleeping, but by the time five a.m. rolled around everyone was sound asleep in a chair, or on the floor, asleep in Bella's room.

As the sun began to shine through the single window in her room Bella's eyes sluggishly fluttered open, she felt as if her entire body weighed practically two tons instead of her modest one-hundred-twenty pounds.

Her eyes slowly began to focus and she was confused as to why everyone was in her room, and then in small pieces everything that had happened the day before came rushing back to her.

She tried to sit up in her bed, but her actions were in vain, she was still very weak and her blankets felt like lead weights to her in this moment.

She tried to say something, anything, to get everyone in the room's attention, but all that came out was a strangled groan. This was all that needed apparently, because Jasper's eyes shot open and he was at Bella's side almost immediately. He placed the back of his palm to his sister's forehead and felt that her fever had, in fact, broken and she was out of the woods.

Bella tried to speak again, but before she could even attempt to, Jasper grabbed the glass of water on her nightstand and helped her take a few sips.

"Wh-why is everyone in my bedroom?" Bella asked as she looked around in confusion.

"She has no idea what happened to her yesterday? May be it's better that she doesn't remember every horrible detail of what she went through." Jasper thought to himself as he thought carefully of what he would exactly tell his sister, and what he would leave out.

He asked her the last thing she remembered about yesterday. Jasper was surprised at how much she remembered, and wasn't all too surprised that she remembered only little slices of the period of time she had the critically-high fever, and not to mention the seizure from the spike in her temperature.

"It's ok Bella, you need to relax and rest. Carlisle will be over later to determine for sure if your fever is truly broken and how long you will have to stay home from school." Jasper just laughed when Bella let out an exasperated sigh and flopped back on her bed.

Soon everyone was wide awake and practically singing words of praise as they saw that Bella was awake, alert, and doing almost one-hundred percent better than she had almost twelve hours ago.

Emmett wrapped his sister in a bear hug and whispered how she had him worried. Everyone shared his feelings and was just so relieved that she had pulled through. Knowing that Bella was going to be ok, everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. Bella was going to be ok; she was going to make a full recovery!

A/N: So what did you think? Did you like the third person? I feel that this chapter needed to be written in the third person, it would be easier to understand what was going on with Bella, as well as everyone else all at the same time. It would've been hard to explain what all was happening to Bella in her point of view if she's having fever-induced hallucinations.

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