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I want to start off by telling each and every one of you who reviewed that I appreciated your reviews and your thoughtful comments. I am also pleased that you enjoyed the previous chapter, and that you all seemed to agree that it was better to have the previous chapter in 3rd person point of view. And to answer one reviewer in particular we will get a better idea of what exactly our Bella was dreaming of during her fever-induced dreams/hallucinations.

Now here is chapter 29 of Needing to Let Go.

Previously on Needing to Let Go

Soon everyone was wide awake and practically singing words of praise as they saw that Bella was awake, alert, and doing almost one-hundred percent better than she had almost twelve hours ago.

Emmett wrapped his sister in a bear hug and whispered how she had him worried. Everyone shared his feelings and was just so relieved that she had pulled through. Knowing that Bella was going to be ok, everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. Bella was going to be ok; she was going to make a full recovery!

Bella POV:

"So you seriously have no recollection of anything after you had gotten separated from your horse up until you finally opened your beautiful hazel eyes." I had no intentions of telling Edward that I did in fact remember everything in my fever-laced dreams, because I wasn't all that sure what I had dreamt was even a dream itself.

I mean, I remember talking to my mom and dad as if they had never died in that car crash. They seemed to know a lot about what has been going on, and they seemed to approve of Emmett and Rosalie getting married. Then there was fire that threatened to separate me from my parents. Then as the fire grew hotter and hotter I could feel myself start to sweat profusely as I felt the fire lick at my body. I could hear my mom and dad holler for me to go back, but I refused and yelled to them that I didn't want to leave them. After that last part things got a bit hazy for me, then the next thing I knew I was back in my bedroom and the sun had just started to peak through my window.

"No, I do remember some parts of that horrible day, but other parts are still a bit fuzzy for me."

"Well, I'm just glad that you're ok. You had all of us worried sick over you. It was the longest night of my life, and I'm sure your brothers would agree with me." I managed to smile, even though I'm pretty sure that it never fully met my eyes. I was still very tired and my entire body felt as if it weighed a ton. As if he were reading my mind Edward told me that I hadn't eaten anything since after breakfast yesterday morning.

That was another thing; I was finding it rather hard to comprehend the whole incident was just yesterday. When I opened my eyes I could've sworn that I had been asleep for far much longer. That may have had something to do with the dream I had with my mom and dad; if you could call what I saw a dream. I mean they knew stuff that was too recent for them to even know, and then there's the part where they've been dead for almost nine months; it hasn't even been a year. I suppose some people would say that I had an out of body experience, but I think it's more than that; I think my mom and dad visited me in my dream. God, even as I'm thinking about it I sound like a complete lunatic.

"What's got you looking so upset Bella? Are you feeling ok?" Edward quickly said as he raised his palm to my cheeks to see if my fever had returned.

"I'm fine Edward, where's Emmett and Jasper? Did you guys sleep in my room the whole night?" I felt my heart swell with love when he gave me that crooked grin of his and nodded his head to my last question. Emmett and Jasper had gone to go get Carlisle when I had finally woken up, and had stopped by the diner to bring back breakfast; no one felt like cooking much of anything at the moment.

Then I saw a familiar set of faces that poked their heads in from the hallway. Raven, Emily, Jackson, and Kaleb came in all smiles. I checked the clock and they were supposed to be in school today, it was just Monday; I still had one more day of my suspension left to get through.

"You don't think we would go to school knowing that our best friend was home sick and at death's door no less." Raven said with a smirk. I take it that they had been filled in on what happened yesterday and had immediately rushed over to my house.

"I'm just glad that you're ok Bells, I mean we had no clue until Alice called me and told me how bad off you were." Emily said as she lunged for me and enwrapped me in a tight hug that was so tight I nearly couldn't breathe. I could feel her shaking slightly; I could also hear her soft sobbing as well. Wow, I had a good idea that I was sick, but I had no idea that I had been so sick to the point that all of my friends and family would act this strongly to the fact that I was no longer so sick.

Of course they would Bella; you are just as important to them as they are to you.

Emily and the gang stuck around for a while before being shooed out by my grandmother with Carlisle following close behind her. My grandmother was just about to shoo Edward out as well, but I told her that he was more than welcome to stay with me. I could tell that Lily didn't like that one bit, but decided to not push the issue.

Carlisle began his examination and asked me how I was feeling and if I still felt any lingering symptoms. I told him other than me feeling weak and the growling in my stomach from hunger I was feeling over one hundred times better. This earned my a warming smile and Carlisle was pleased that I had seemed to make a full recovery but recommended that I stay in bed for the rest of today, and that I was allowed to eat food, but that it was limited to soups and broths. I wrinkled my nose up at that, but thought it best to not argue with him for now. I mean right now I could go for a double decker cheeseburger with a side order of French fries and a chocolate milkshake right now; that's how hungry I was right now.

"Bella, I know that you're feeling so much better than you were the previous day, but I'm serious we need to take baby steps with getting your appetite back. You may feel like you're absolutely famished, but if you eat too much in one sitting you will end up sick all over again." I nodded my head in agreement, but I was secretly disappointed that I couldn't have my cheeseburger and fries any time in the near future.

"Looks like I'll be playing nurse to you for the day Bells, anything you need I am your slave." Edward said with a playful grin.

"Ok, well I think that's my cue to leave now; so I will check on you later tomorrow Bella." With that Carlisle took his bag and headed off to what I assumed was work.

I was about open my mouth when we heard a car coming up the driveway. I guess Emmett and Jasper finally decided to get their slow butts back home with breakfast. I had pulled back the covers and was about to get up when Edward gently pushed me back into bed, preventing me from getting up.

"You heard what my dad said Bells, you're supposed to stay in bed for the rest of the day. I'll bring back up your breakfast; you can have breakfast in bed."

"Ok, one, I'm not sick, I was sick, but I feel fine now; and two I am not an invalid. I can get my own breakfast Edward. I'm touched that you want to play nurse to me, but there is no need for it. I am perfectly capable of it." Ok, so I was a bit rude, but I wasn't about to spend the whole day cooped up in my room. Thankfully Edward didn't try and prevent me from getting up; in fact he helped me out of bed and down the stairs to the kitchen.

I saw my brothers passing out the food and felt my heart swell even more. Then I remembered the conversation I had with mom and dad and how they approved of Emmett and Rosalie getting married, and how they were proud of all of us. I still couldn't get over how real that all was to me.

"Hey! What are you doing out of bed sis, I thought the doc told you to stay in bed for the rest of the day." I rolled my eyes at Emmett, he knew better than anyone that I hated being cooped up in bed. He knew this because he is the exact same way when he's sick. I mean this guy could have the flu and pneumonia and he's still up and about.

Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it's still true that he's also not a fan of lying in bed.

"You and I both know that we don't like being cooped up in our rooms, even when the good 'ol doctor told us to."

"Yeah, I guess you do have a point there Bells, so you allowed to have any solid foods?" I wanted to scream that yes, yes I was allowed to, but Edward beat me to it and told them that I was on a soup diet for today and tomorrow at the latest.

"You're so mean to me Eddy." I said with my best pouty face. But Edward was not fazed by it whatsoever.

"That's too bad Bells. You're having chicken noodle soup today, and don't call me Eddy. I rather dislike that nickname." I smirked and found Edward's weakness; he had a nickname that he hated!

"Awe, Eddy boy doesn't like his new pet name Bells made up for him. I rather like the name Eddy." Emmett teased.

I think I may have created a monster. Once Emmett gets started in his teasing eh doesn't stop, even after the joke has worn off.

I had a strange feeling that Eddy was going to be Emmett's new nickname for Edward. I just hoped that my boyfriend would forgive me for the constant teasing that would ensue.

"I'm sorry ahead of time Edward. I think I may have created a monster with Emmett." I whispered to him. I chanced a glance at him, and my heart melted instantly. Staring back at me was Edward with a warm smile; he was in no way angry with me. He told me that I was the only one who would be allowed to call him that.

"Awe no fun, oh well sit down and eat your soup Bells, it's gonna get cold." Jasper said when he placed my bowl down in front of me. I carefully sit down in my chair and sip at my soup.

Everyone is so involved in their breakfast that there seems to be no flowing conversation. I know that I need to tell them what I experienced while I was sick with a high fever, but there was never going to be a right time to tell them. So I suppose now is a good time as any to do so.

"So, um, well I talked to mom and dad yesterday while I had my high fever…"

Forks and spoons stop in midway to or from their mouths and all eyes are on me now. I can tell what they're thinking, and they're thinking that I am missing a few screws or something. I let out a sigh and told them again, and I even mentioned the part about where they were happy about Emmett and Rose getting married.

I let out a sigh when they just blew it off as a fever-induced dream and that it was just my imagination fueled by the fever I had.

Whatever, if it made them feel better I'd let them keep on thinking that.

A/N: So there ya have it, chatper 29 of Needing to Let Go. I am pretty certain Bella's dream wasn't just a dream. I think she had a dream visitation of her parents. It's been known to happen to certain people. I mean Bella was practically on death's door it seemed with her fever.

Without going into full on detail I am a true believer of the out of body experience because I've had that happen to me at least twice (had severe asthma as a child and 'died' twice during the attacks)

OK, so enough of the sad stuff, leave me some good stuff in your reviews so that I can write the next chapter even quicker!

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