Needing To Let Go

Don't Let Go

A/N: Sorry for the late update, been distracted by Thanksgiving, and then there was the age old ailment we all have sometimes, laziness mixed with procrastination. Lol. Now it seems that things are starting to look up for Bella. Not too many chapters left in this beautiful story. I'd say that there are at least one more chapters, and then the epilogue then this story will finally be complete.

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Previously on Needing to Let Go

Forks and spoons stop in midway to or from their mouths and all eyes are on me now. I can tell what they're thinking, and they're thinking that I am missing a few screws or something. I let out a sigh and told them again, and I even mentioned the part about where they were happy about Emmett and Rose getting married.

I let out a sigh when they just blew it off as a fever-induced dream and that it was just my imagination fueled by the fever I had.

Whatever, if it made them feel better I'd let them keep on thinking that.

Bella POV:

"Ugh, guys I'm fine I promise it's been nearly a week since I was sick in bed. You all can relax I'm not going to break; I'm not this fragile little glass figure that will break if you look at it funny."

It's been a week since that whole incident with me almost dying from fever. That whole thing still feels like a complete dream, as if it never really happened. But I know that it did, every bit of it did in fact happen to me.

Outside of my group of friends no one knew how sick I had been, and honestly, it wasn't any of their business. Everyone in school treated as if I were some sort of hero or something. I mean I bet you I got at least twenty high-fives on my way to my locker. Emily whispered to me that I had practically become a celebrity for finally getting back at Heidi for being a complete nightmare to everybody at school ever since middle school.

"Why does everyone see the need to give me high-fives and pats on the back as they pass by me? I mean it's not like I did anything worth congratulating…" Ok, so I technically knew why I was suddenly Miss Popularity, but I didn't know why everyone seemed to think that they had to give me all of the unwanted attention.

"They're happy because Heidi was finally taken down a few pegs Bells. I mean, come on she's been a holy terror since like forever. I would think that you would be among all the celebration, especially after all the crap you went through." Kaleb had a point I suppose, but I just wasn't in a celebrating mood today.

"Yeah, I mean I think it was a bit excessive how your brothers and that new doctor dude made you stay home the rest of last week. I mean, yeah you were sick and everything, but there's just nothing that would be worth staying home from school for."

"You're forgetting that time that Kimmy Lankford got mono and was out of school for nearly a month Jackson."

I suppose Emily did have a point, but I seriously doubt that my fever I had, and whatever else that made me deathly sick, wasn't bad enough to have me stay home.

"Well look who decided to show their face around here again. Been plotting anything else I should be aware of Isabella?" I felt my jaw tighten as I refrained from giving the response I knew that Heidi so desperately wanted from me; she even went as far as to use my full name.

"Buzz off Heidi; do you seriously want to get kicked out of school again?" Raven said in my defense. I managed a small smile. Raven glanced my way and gave me a quick wink.

"Ooo, I see how it is now, you got a whole army to protect you now Isabella. Well, we'll just see how your army sets ups against the kind of pull I – oh hello Principal Adams, I was just telling my new friend Bella here that – "

"That will be enough Heidi, it has come to my attention that you have been, for lack of a better term, a bully. You know that this school has a zero-tolerance policy; that means we will not tolerate any form of bullying at all. So I suggest that you go on and get to class, all of you." Mr. Adams said then with a swift turn around he walked off in the opposite direction down the hall.

"This is far from over Bella, just know that!" Heidi sneered. I could feel my blood boil as I watched her saunter off the way she had come from.

"Was that Heidi? What did she want now?" I felt my heart skip a beat at the sudden appearance of Edward. He was the best boyfriend ever, and after I found out how he didn't want to leave my side for one second made it all the better. Raven gave a shortened explanation of the Heidi drama, and I couldn't' hold back the laughter at Edward's expression when he heard how Heidi was still trying to be top dog; female dog that is.

Just as we were about to go to our next, and final, class Jackson stopped midstride and was glaring down at his cell phone in disbelief.

Before any of us could ask him what was wrong Jackson took off running for the nearest exit. We all stood there dumbfounded for the next couple of minutes before our minds could process that Jackson had all but skipped out on the last class and we had no clue as to why.

I had my last class with Edward and we walked off hand in hand. I could tell that he wanted to ask me what was going on, but he was hesitant to ask. I assume it had something to do with him not wanting to seem too jealous, especially when he saw the hurt in my eyes when Jackson took off.

He didn't know the truth; he didn't know that his mom was an alcoholic, a barely functioning one at that, and that he had to work two jobs practically to keep up the bills.

Now I could break my promise to keep this whole thing a secret, but I had done that in the past and nearly lost all of my friends at once.

"Bella, do you mind telling me what's going on with you and Jackson? I saw the way you looked at him as he ran off. I don't want to sound like one of those jealous clingy boyfriends, but I have to ask…do you have feelings for Jackson?" Wow. I mean I did, in the past, have feelings for Jackson, at least I thought I did. But I came to realize that I didn't love him any more I do Emmett and Jasper; as a brother. I suppose Edward had the right to be worried, but in all honesty there was nothing going on with anyone other than him. I loved him, and I did my best to comfort him and tell him that Jackson was nothing more than just a close friend. I skirted around the whole truth and told him how he feels like he has to take extra care of his mom after his dad skipped out on them.

"Wow, I'm sorry I assumed the worst of you Bella, but we should get going to class before we get marked late for class." Edward said as he caressed my lower back to guide me in the direction we needed to go.

Thankfully the last class flew by rather quickly. The gang, Edward, and I all hurried to our cars and hurried over to Jackson's house to make sure that our friend was actually doing ok.

I, of course, was riding with Edward, and when we turned on to his street we saw at least two police cars with red and blue lights flashing. Ok, well maybe it was a case of mistaken address. I was sadly mistaken when we heard the sound of an ambulance siren barreling down the street at top speed; passing Edward's Volvo in a blur.

"You don't think…?" Edward shook his head no before I could even manage to finish the sentence. I prayed that nothing serious had happened, and I prayed that both Jackson and his mom were ok. We finally pulled up, as close as we could, to the house and just as I got out of the car I saw Jackson talking with a police officer, and was that…was that blood on his shirt and hands?!

I sprinted over to him, but stopped short when I saw that he was still talking to the officer. At this very moment I truly didn't care and I continued over to him and wrapped him tight in my embrace. The officer thankfully halted his questioning and excused himself. I whispered in his ear asking him what happened, and why the ambulance was here.

"It happened so fast, my mom is still hung over from her binge drinking last night. Apparently my deadbeat dad decided to make an unexpected visit. And well my mom, still being under the influence of her last bottle of vodka, grabbed the handgun she kept stashed in the night table drawer and stumbled out to see who was in the house." Jackson was practically shaking like a leaf at this point. What could have happened that would cause one of my best friends to have a nervous breakdown?

The paramedics ushered everyone out of their way as they rushed through the crowd towards the ambulance. I couldn't get a good look at who was on the stretcher, but I wouldn't have to wait long to find out who it was.

"Jackson! Jackson where are you honey?! Everyone turned back towards the woman screeching from the front door of their small rundown home. The woman was in a night gown that had a crimson-colored stain over her lower abdomen. It didn't seem to be hers, but then that would mean the person on the stretcher was Jackson's father.

Jackson gave me one last squeeze and hurried off to console his mother. Kaleb, Emily, and Raven all arrived shortly after the ambulance left; I swear sometime soon Kaleb would have to talk to his parents about getting him a car that was made in this decade at least. Raven quickly raced over to Jackson and his mother, who was still very inconsolable at the moment.

Who could blame her though, I mean she shot a person who she believed to be an intruder, but come to find out it's the father of your son.

"What happened? Why is Jackson's mom crying?" Emily asked as tears welled up in her eyes.

"A better question is why so many police officers?" Kaleb asked to no one in particular as he took in the sight around him.

As the reality of everything that happened here came crashing down on me it started to bring back the memories of my mom and dad. No, they weren't shot, but for some reason this brought all those feelings I had been trying desperately to let go of and move on from this limbo I have been in when it came to my mom and dad.

"Babe, are you ok?" Edward asked as he tenderly took me in an embrace. Being this close to Edward, I could feel that I was on the verge of passing out from hyperventilation.

"I-I'm fine Edward…I'm just fine…" I tried to convince myself of what I was saying to be true, but I was finding it hard to do just that.

"There is no need to hide your feelings Bella, you can tell me anything. Is it about your mom and dad?" I hated how perceptive he was sometimes, but he pretty much hit the nail on the head; I missed my mom and dad like crazy. Every day seemed to be a struggle for me; I mean there are just so many things that they won't get to see.

"Bella, the officers aren't going to file charges on Jackson's mom for the shooting, they declared it self-defense. It turns out the gunshot wound isn't as life-threatening as they first thought. He looks like he's gonna make it." Emily said all smiles. I just smiled back, but I was pretty sure that my smile didn't reach my eyes. I mean I should be thrilled that Jackson won't have to go through much more turmoil with his mom and dad, but right now all I could think about was my dad. I kindly asked to be alone with Edward for a few minutes, and thankfully Emily didn't question it and took off back to find Kaleb, Raven, and Jackson.

"Bella, you need to know that your mom and dad still love you, and they're looking down on you and your brothers. I know that I don't know them at all, but I feel like I do, and do you want to know why?" I nodded as I tried my best to form any sort of smile, but I couldn't. "I think it's because of all the stories I hear you and your brothers talk about."

"I know that Edward, but I swear, there are just some days that I feel like I just need to let go of everything and quit hanging on to who my parents were. I mean, they're gone, and they're never coming back." I wasn't sure why I was talking like this. I love my mom and dad, but maybe this was just my feelings finally making their way to the surface.

"No, no you shouldn't let go of them Bella, they are in your memories, they are in your brothers' memories; don't ever let them go." Then all of a sudden Edward closed the gap that was between us and took me by my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye. "I vaguely remember my mother, my birth mother, and I still remember certain things of her, and I am glad for that, and Esme makes sure that I never forget her either. So Bella, don't let go, don't ever let go!" All at once I was overcome with sadness, and grief; I could feel myself start to sob uncontrollably. I just couldn't stop, it was if the dam had broken and the flood gates were rushing full speed.

Had I really been holding all of this in this entire time?

I suppose that Edward is right, I don't need to let go, I need to hold on to the memories I have of my mom and dad and cherish every single one of them every day.

A/N: OK, so not a lot to say other than I am aware that they do not always declare self-defense and not press charges right away, but for the sake of my story, and in this one instance, they do. I'm not sure how the end came so quickly for this story, but the next chapter will be the last chapter before the Epilogue.

I will not give a lot away, but I will say that the next chapter will be a fast forward of two years, high school graduation, and a lot of drama (THAT WILL BE RESOLVED IN THE EPILOGUE) so don't worry too much lol

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