Needing To Let Go

Revelations of Family

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A few more months passed, and things have been going great with Raven and her crew. I now knew all the hot spots to hang out and where all the places to get cigarettes cheap and still pretty good quality. Raven and them all drank, but that's where I drew the line. I wouldn't touch the stuff; to me it didn't look all that appetizing.

"Izzy, do you want to take a turn at a cigarette?"

I nodded in agreement and took the small cigarette and took a drag of it. I had gotten quite used to smoking between classes, and it got to the point that I would miss a class or two. And I had figured a way to keep up my smoking and all the while still getting by in school. I guess you could say that I was starting to take to Raven's lifestyle rather fast, and I actually welcomed it with open arms.

"Shit, teacher's coming everyone scatter." Jackson said while peering over the brick wall that we usually hid behind. Everyone in the group rotated taking turns being the look-out to make sure that if a teacher came by we ran and acted as if we were going on a group errand. Ironically enough, the teachers here never really caught on to what we were doing, which made it all the more fun.

Once we were sure that the coast was clear Jackson, Raven, Emily, Kaleb and I hurried back off to our hideout.

"Shit, that was a close one Emi."

"You're telling me Rae, Mrs. Jennings is already suspicious of Kaleb and I, and seeing the five of us together probably set off her radar." Emily and Kaleb had just recently started dating, but the two of them has liked them for as long as I could remember. I think it was Emily who finally made the first move and asked Kaleb to go see a movie that was playing down at the local movie theater.

"I guess that means we have to go back to class." I said. I may be 'Izzy', but Izzy knew when to give up and go back to class so we wouldn't get into trouble.

"Yea, guess Izz is right. I gotta catch up on the research paper Miss Shelby assigned us." Jackson said. Jackson and Kaleb had her, and Emily and I had her next period, so I guess that's what we had to look forward to. Raven on the other hand had an art class to look forward. Raven was actually very talented. She even sketched portraits of all of us. They were so amazing and looked so life like that it was almost scary.

We all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways to our respectful classes. Emily and I snuck in while our teacher's back was turned and we got to our desks that were closest to the door. Mr. Landry didn't even notice that we came in over twenty minutes late to class. Mr. Landry taught Algebra II, and it was so boring it wasn't even funny.

Emily and I snickered at that, see, Mr. Landry was almost eighty-five and his vision was fading even with the thick glasses he was prescribed. The principal and superintendent tried to reason with him and give him a worthy retirement plan, but Mr. Landerby loves to teach, even if he can't see or hear very well anymore. I sort of felt kind of bad for skipping his class, but then again, I loved spending time with Raven and the gang. Besides, it wasn't like I was allowed to hang with them outside of school seeing as I was grounded for the rest of my existence it seemed for cutting school.

"Now class, we are about to go over our quiz, please exchange your homework with someone close by you." Of course, Emily and I switched papers and started grading our tests.

"Ok class, write the score that your classmate got out of sixty-five and pass them forward." Whoa, where did the time go? I just lost focus for a few seconds, and I completely forgot to grade Emily test. Thankfully, I was rather good in math, I quickly checked if she had gotten the answers correct. She only missed five out of the sixty-five possible. I circled the score and quickly passed it up.

"How'd I do Izzy?"

"You only missed five." I said with a sincere smile. "Tell me the damage Emi." I said as I squeezed my eyes shut. "Bells, did you even study for the quiz? You about flunked the test. You got a seventy-eight percent."

I smacked my forehead. I remembered that was the day that Emmett, Jazz and I had to fill out all the thank you cards for coming to mom and dad's funeral. My mind wasn't fully there that day, but then when I thought about them, it never really was.

But then thankfully I still passed. I was put in the accelerated program, mom's doing, and to pass we have to keep a C average. And failing a test wasn't an option to keep that average to stay in the program. I never really thought I was any good to stay in the accelerated program, but mom insisted that I stay in it; it would look good on college applications. I didn't even know if college would be a possible option, considering the fact that Emmett and Jasper were having problems keeping up with the bills and the utilities. Sad thing was that Jasper and Emmett didn't know that I knew. I overheard them discussing it rather loudly in the kitchen. I was hiding out on the stairs outside the kitchen.

"Isabella, perhaps you would like to teach the class since you're so bored with the way I happen to teach the class. I snapped out of thoughts and locked eyes with the teacher and quickly shook my head no. Bella was chicken, but on the inside, Izzy was more than happy to teach the class for a change.

"Then you wouldn't mind paying attention would you?" I shook my head no. and Mr. Landry continued to lecture over whatever he seemed to drone on and on about. Thankfully a few seconds later the bell rang and I was off to Miss Shelby's class with Emily.

"Bella, can I see you for a second?" Mr. Landry said as he took a seat behind his desk. "Yes, Mr. Landry?"

"Bella, you are one of my brightest students, your test scores prove that, but why aren't you doing your homework, and barely passing your quizzes? Be honest Bella." Crap, he had me caught. I would have to think of something on the spot. "Well, to me the homework just seems tedious and the quizzes are almost as bad, and to me, the tests are the most important thing."

Mr. Landry nodded his head the entire time I reasoned my actions. "I see…You know that I am required to give out homework Bella, and I can't play favorites-"

"And I don't expect you to Mr. Landry. Can I go to my next class now?" Mr. Landry just nodded his head and I hurried off to catch up with Emily and everyone before we had to go our separate ways. "She lives! So…what did Lander want anyway Izzy?"

"Aw nothing, just giving a lecture on how I need to do better in his class and stuff like that." I knew that I wasn't telling the complete truth, but then what went on was really my business and no one else's. "Landry can be such a douche sometimes, huh?" I nodded my head as I rolled my eyes to add to the act.


That was the bell to let the school know the final class of the day was about to start. Emily and I hurried off to academic English.

Surprisingly enough English went rather fast and I trudged my way to bus number twenty. I had come to find out that Kaleb rode the same bus I did so we ended up sitting with each other.

"Are your brothers managing the farm okay? My mom heard a rumor from someone down at the hair place that you're close to losing your house." I was stunned. I didn't know anything about this, so how did Kaleb know this?! Heck, did the whole town know this?! "You didn't know…" He wasn't asking, he was making an observation. I slowly shook my head no. "I knew that we were behind with some of the bills, but I didn't know that we were close to losing the house." I said doing my best to keep my voice calm.

Kaleb just shook his head. "I'm just telling you what my mom heard; don't shoot the messenger." I just shook my head this was all too complicated. Why did mom and dad have to die? Yea I know that we were barely making ends meet, but at least we weren't close to losing the house.

But before I knew it my stop was here. I said goodbye to Kaleb, gathered my things and walked off the bus. I walked up the dirt path and from outside the front porch steps I could hear Emmett and Jasper arguing rather loudly about something to do with the bills. I sighed and plopped down on the steps and just reclined looking up to the partly cloudy sky.

I wonder if mom and dad are watching down on us right now. Are they disappointed? Do they know that we're close to losing the house?

"Excuse me; you might not remember me, but my name's Charlie, Charlie Swan. I'm your father's brother." I was snapped out of my thoughts and sat up straight. This man came out of nowhere, and I looked around and saw him get up from the front porch swing behind me.

He was my uncle?!

If this was true, how come I hadn't heard anything about him before now?

"That can't be, my dad never mentioned he had any brothers or sisters."

The man who called himself Charlie just chuckled. The more I looked at him the more I realized that he did look a lot like my dad. Charlie had my dad's dark brown hair, but my dad didn't have a moustache like Charlie did. I couldn't be 100%, but there was a possibility that this Charlie guy could be my dad's brother.

"Your father's name is Trevor right? Well, he and I haven't really talked much after our parents got divorced. See, we were both already moved out of the house and starting our own lives. I should say that I was trying to start a family, but Trevor, well, he wanted to go off and 'find himself' and that meant he wend and moved out of Forks; he never did like the quietness of the town."

That last part really didn't make sense to me, why would dad go from one small quiet town to another? But then Myersville wasn't all that far away Dodge City either. So I guess I could see why dad decided to come here. I also remember him telling me that he always wanted to work on a farm and 'live off the land'.

"That doesn't sound like my dad at all; he and my mom have. So the quietness maybe true, but he never mentioned that to me." I made sure to not sound like a snob whatsoever, that was one of the few things I remember my mom teaching me growing up; 'do unto others as you would want done unto you'. "That's sounds like Trevor." Charlie said with a chuckle. "He always spent a lot of time down at the La Push Reservation with the 'Rez kids' when we were growing up." I just nodded my head, pretending I knew exactly what he was talking about. Thankfully Charlie elaborated and explained that 'Rez kids' was a term used up there in Forks for the kids living on the Indian reservation nearby.

"Hey! Who are you, and why are you talking to our little sister?!" I jumped a bit where I was sitting and turned my head towards the driveway to see Emmett and Jasper standing on either side of the pickup truck. I swear, Emmett and Jasper were too protective for their own good. "Em, Jazz, relax, the guy isn't going to hurt me. Apparently, dad has a brother. Charlie, these are my brothers Emmett and Jasper, guys, this is Charlie."

"Wait a minute, you three are related? I mean, you don't really look all that related to each other…"

We tried our best to explain to him about how we were related. Jasper even went on to tell them how he and Emmett left college to try and help out with raising me. I was nearly sixteen; I really didn't need all that help, and hearing Jasper say that made me feel ever the more responsible. After hearing us explain to Charlie how we were related I couldn't help but laugh to myself; we sounded like an episode from one of those sappy soap operas or something.

Charlie expressed his condolences and that he hadn't heard until recently that his brother, my dad, and my mom had passed away. I could tell that he was still coming to grips with the news himself.

"Do you want to come in and relax a bit? I'm sure you're tired from the flight from Forks. Where is Forks anyway?" Apparently Forks is all the way up in Washington State. I ushered Charlie pass Emmett and Jasper and into the house, and just as he and walked inside our mailman walked up the dirt road with a handful of mail. "Here ya go fellas, hope it's good news this time."

This time you mean that Kaleb's mother right?! They were behind on their payments?

"What did he mean guys, what did he mean by 'this time'?" I wanted the truth, and I wasn't going to let up until they tell me everything. I clenched my jaw when I saw them trying to scramble for some sort of explanation. I was relieved when Jasper finally spoke up, "We…well we're…a little behind in the bills." He said while blushing. Jasper only blushed when he was in trouble; mom always said that that's how she could tell when he was lying.

"How much is a little Jazz." I said in an annoyed tone. I was growing tired of this little game. "We may be behind…a few months." Jasper said as he took cover behind Emmett. I was stunned. This has been going on longer than I had originally thought we would have to do something.

"When were you guys going to tell me about this? Were you going to wait until we were living on the streets; or maybe when they came and kicked us out of our home?!"

"Bells, calm down; we'll fix this we promise."

I hoped to god that Jasper and Emmett fixed this problem, because I don't think that we would want to live on the street.

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