Needing To Let Go

Conflicted Feelings

"Izz, give me and Kaleb your hand, and we'll pull you up." Ok, easier said than done, but I carefully gave my hand to Kaleb first then slowly reached over to give Jackson my other hand, but just as our fingertips reached the step I had previously held fell through scaring me and I slipped down. I heard Emily let out a terrified shriek, but thankfully Jackson reached down and pulled me up. Finally, they pulled me out of the dark abyss and back into the house.

Jackson and Kaleb helped me down the stairs rather quickly and let me catch my breath. I had just regained myself when Emily nearly knocked me down in a big bear hug. "Oh my god, I thought you were going to fall through and get hurt! Thank goodness you're alright!"

"Uh, Em, I'm fine, but i…kinda need to breathe.." I said in between gasps of air. She quickly let me go and blushed a deep shade of crimson. "Let's get out of here before someone else gets hurt." And just as Raven suggested the best thing all night, red and blue lights illuminated the frayed curtains.Well so much for a 'fun night on the town'.I was going to be in so much trouble. Raven, Emily, Kaleb, Jackson I and were caught.

"What do we do now?" Jackson asked nervously to no one in particular. I never really heard him nervous, I mean, yes, there were times when we cut class and we were afraid of getting caught, but I think we would all agree that this was so much worse than those time right now.

"Oh man, my mom's going to kill me!" Raven said. For the first time since I first met her I saw that she was legitimately scared. The expression was clear as day on her face. This was something that I thought I would never see from her.

"Ok you kids, come on out now!"

"He sounds awful mad Rae, maybe we should do what he says." I had to agree with Emily, going into an abandoned house was fun, but the police obviously thought otherwise.

Raven was about to respond to Emily's statement, but was cut off when the officer walked in through the front door, slamming the door open. This caused us to jump a bit.

"Ok kids, yall are gonna have to come down to the station with me." Of course we all groaned as the officer escorted us to the waiting patrol car. This wasn't looking good for any of us right now. Thankfully no one was out and about, I guess one of the few perks of living in a small town; everyone goes to bed early.

"Do you think they'll send us all to juvie Bells?" Emily voice shook as she asked the terrifyingly possible question. When I turned to face her, I saw that tears were trying to fall down her cheeks.

I shrugged. I didn't trust my voice to answer her question verbally, but that was because I was afraid of the same thing, and I think Emily knew it. She leaned over and gave me a hug. The officer closed the door rather hard. I looked around and saw that Raven, Emily and I were in a patrol car by ourselves, and the boys were in another.

After the officer got in it was a rather quick drive back to the police station. Maybe that was because the station was a mere three blocks away, so before I knew it we were being escorted from the car into the station and were told to walk inside.

The cranky officer waiting by the front door demanded that we enter the building single fine. We trudged inside and we even managed to walk in step.

The officer standing at the counter pointed to the benches in front of him in the middle of the room. The benches looked like they had some wear over the years, but then when there is nothing to in a small town, the only thing left is 'trouble', or in our case trespassing on private property. But in our defense there is nobody living there and nothing there worth stealing even if we wanted to.

The officer that was standing behind the counter and writing something down from a pad of paper he had near him. He looked like he was in his late 30's maybe early 40's. He must have started going bald early, because he reminded me of Mr. Clean from those Mr. Clean commercials. Mr. Clean was on the phone now and Wooly Mammoth, as Raven called him started doing some paperwork, probably having to do with bringing us in here.

"Hey, when can we go home?" Jackson asked. Neither Mr. Clean nor Wooly Mammoth answered him. Mr. Clean was on the phone ignoring him, and Wooly Mammoth had his headphones on listening to music. Jackson wasn't having any of this, so he decided to reach over and yank the ear buds out of Wooly Mammoth's ears.

Let's just say Wooly Mammoth was NOT pleased.

"I said, can we go home now?" Even though I was nervous, I couldn't help but join in the collective laughter.

Mr. Clean, whose name was Captain McGeorge according to the name plate on his desk, walked over and decided to separate us, Raven and Emily were moved closer to the Captain's desk, and Jackson was moved to the corner near the door, and Kaleb and I were left sitting near Wooly Mammoth, who, come to find out, was the infamous Sergeant Rike, the officer that was known to be thrown out of the nearby bar for being unruly and harassing the female bartender as well as other women who tried to be civil and be nice to him.

And if god wasn't punishing me enough I was the one that was closer to Sergeant Rike than Kaleb was.

"Hello there little lady," The drunk officer slurred. Sergeant Rike leaned over his desk and grinned at me. "How about you come closer and we can have some fun of our own." Sergeant Rike slurred and winked at me. I couldn't help but feel very uncomfortable and the blood in my body turn cold.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Kaleb shouted as he quickly shot up where he was previously sitting. I could sense that he wanted to leap over the desk and strangle the officer, but Kaleb stayed there.

I was kind of shocked that none of the officers, even Captain McGeorge, didn't come over to correct the uncomfortable situation. Sergeant Rike decided to lean back in chair. He stood up and walked around his desk and plopped down between Kaleb and I. The tension in the air was so thick that you could cut a knife through it. Neither of us knew what he was going to try to do.

Sergeant Rike started rambling about nonsense, and about halfway through his tangent I felt something loving up my thigh; this is when I regretted picking out a skirt to wear tonight. I should've moved his hand, or moved myself away from him, but I was too stunned and terrified to do anything about it.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to wish it all away; wishing that the officer would leave, wishing that his hand would move away, and wishing that I hadn't bailed out on my brother and stayed home with him. I could feel tears slowly starting to roll down my cheeks.

Everything that happened next happened so fast. I was jerked away from my attempted molester's grasp. My eyes opened quickly to see Kaleb and Jackson standing protectively in front of me. I peeked around them and saw the Captain handcuffing Sergeant Rike.

"Bella, are you ok? Bella? Bella, can you hear me?" I could hear Jackson saying my name as he looked me in the eyes, but I was just too stunned to respond to him. I managed to nod my head, but I still could not form any words, they stayed stuck in my throat.

Emily was next to me and was hugging me. I could feel her tears dampen my shirt, but I still just sat there stunned. I never thought that anything like that would happen to me, but it did. "Bella, why didn't you do anything? I mean he tried to feel you up!" I couldn't figure out why I didn't do anything. "Because she was shocked the pervert did it Rae why else!" Emily shouted at Raven as she hugged me.

"Margret Cassidy Jones, do you mind explaining why I got a call to pick you up from the police station at eleven o' clock at night?" Emily and I couldn't help but snicker at the realization of Raven's real name. I could see why she would want to go by a different name.

"Mom, Uh…what are you doing here? I mean, you obviously know why since you're here, but we didn't do anything wrong honest." I was semi shocked, as well as the others, we always saw Raven be the strong, bull headed person she is around us, and so seeing her stumble for words around her mom was a little odd.

"Yes, you didn't do anything wrong, you and your friends just decided to hang out in the police station for the hell of it? Now Margret, you better tell me the truth RIGHT now!" her mom said as she gave Raven a glare that was most common with most annoyed mothers. Emily and I were nervous, and not just for Raven, but for ourselves as well, because we knew that if Raven's mom found out, that would mean that all of our parents, or brothers in my case, was alerted of what had just happened a few hours ago.


"It was my idea to go into that house Mrs. Kensington, not Margret's." I wasn't quite sure why I was taking the blame; I suppose I just hated seeing her getting blamed for the entire thing when in fact it was technically all of our faults.

"No Mrs. Kensington, it was my fault." I heard Jackson pipe up and say as he walked back over to stand next to Kaleb, who was about to say something when, lo and behold, both of my brothers, Emmett and Jasper, came barging in and looked both relieved and angry that I was here. To make matters worse I saw that Emmett was still on his date, and I knew this because I saw Sally Mae hurrying in behind Emmett. I envied her, and not just because she was beautiful, but because she could run in high heels and not end up being helped up off the floor from falling. But then that's because I am a natural-born klutz. Emmett and Jasper say I get it from mom, but I really think I got it from my grandmother.

"Bella Marie Swan, do you mind telling us why you and your friends were hauled in like a bunch of common criminals?" Jasper said. I was even more saddened when I saw that Jasper was not only mad, but he was also hurt. But who could blame him, I mean I went and told him I'd spend the evening with him and I turn around and get caught sneaking into an abandoned house with my friends from school.

"I'll tell you why they're all here! They're all here because they thought it would be funny to sneak into an abandoned old house, and 'look around'!" Mrs. Kensington said. She grabbed Raven by her elbow and practically dragged her out of the station and took her home. Emmett and Jasper took me aside and gave me 'a talking to' as mom would put it, and started to take me to the truck. I jerked out of their grasps. "I want to wait until my friends' parents come to get them." I knew that I was in no position to be calling the shots, but I wanted to make sure that they were all taken home, especially Jackson. Now not to say that his mom didn't care about him, it was just that his mom would spend most of her time lying in bed. It started after his dad left them a few months ago and ran off with the local town's doctor's now ex-wife.

I could tell that my brothers didn't want to give him, but they could sense that I was doing it for more than just friendship, so we all waited around. An hour later Emily's mom came to get her, then Kaleb's dad came to get him, but Jackson was left still waiting.

"Jazz, can we give Jackson a ride home? I don't think his mom got the message to pick him up." I whispered only so my brothers would hear. I could tell that they really didn't want to, but quickly gave in to my request. I got up from my place on the cold metal bench, and walked over to Jackson.

"If you want, my brothers and I could give you a ride back to your house." I said in the most cheerful tone I could muster. Jackson gave me a half smile and nodded in agreement. "Sure, I suppose my mom just didn't hear the phone ring." I smiled and nodded, but felt bad that he had to lie about it. I knew that what he meant was that his mom drank herself to sleep. I wasn't about to let the sad thought ruin the thoughtful offer and we all walked out to my Emmett's old truck and headed towards Jackson's house.

"You know I could've just walked home. I mean, I'm glad you and your brothers are driving me home. I still can't believe that Sergeant Rike did what he did to you. I mean, I can, but I never thought it would be one of my close friends." Jackson whispered to me. Luckily he and I were sitting in the back seat of the truck.

"Me neither, I just hope that they finally fire him and do the whole town a favor, but maybe now they will since he did it in plain sight of the other officers." I whispered back. I couldn't but tell that Jackson's concern was meant more than what he was actually telling me.

Snap out of it Bella, you can't have feelings for him, he's your best friend's boyfriend for pete's sake!

But I couldn't help but think that. I suppose I would just have to keep this to myself, even if that meant I would be unhappy. I just didn't want my friends mad at me or hate me.

Jackson looked out the window and said, "Here's my stop." He said as he got out of the truck. I decided at the last minute to unbuckle my seatbelt then hurry out of the truck. I ran around and gave him a hug, and in this hug was a thank you for 'saving' me, and a 'hope you stay safe' in it as well. He released me from his grasp and slowly made his way in the house.

Before he went inside the house he turned to face me again, over his shoulder, "See you tomorrow at school Bella." Then Jackson smiled as he opened the door and shut it behind him. I couldn't help but feel sad, and yet feel giddy that he actually called my Bella, and not 'Izzy'. This raced through my mind as I got back in the truck. Jasper started the engine again and we headed back to the place I call home. I gazed out the window and I couldn't help but feel happy. After all this time I was actually and sincerely happy. But the catch was that the source of my happiness was already happy with someone else. This filled my mind as we drove back home.

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