Needing To Let Go

Good Things Come To Those Who Wants It

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Previously in Needing To Let Go:

had reached the door to his classroom and almost was too nervous to knock. I let out a long sigh and knocked on the door and opened it once I heard a muffled 'come in' from inside. There was a cool breeze of air that was caused from opening the door.

"Well Ms Swan, nice of you to finally join us. Take your seat in the empty desk in the back."

Bella POV:

S'pose that's what I get for coming to class almost ten minutes late.

I thought to myself as I quietly took my seat towards the back of the classroom. I liked sitting in the back, it brought less attention to myself, and it was good for doodling and not paying attention to the boring lecture that I knew Mr. Henry would continue anyway. I started to write down notes on what parts of the lecture I managed to pay attention to. I really didn't even need this history class, for me, this was an elective considering I had taken so many harder classes the last semester.

My mind started to drift to other things; like what I would say when I would go ask to see if the manager at Delilah's diner would hire me. Maybe they would feel sorry for me and give me a job out of pity, I wasn't beyond using sympathy to get a job, not when we were close to losing everything that I had grown up with.

"Bella…do you have a pen I can borrow?" Edward asked quietly while leaning over towards my desk. I couldn't help but feel all giddy inside.

You can borrow whatever you like!

I thought silently to myself as I sifted through my bag. I quickly found a green pen that had musical notes all over it. I leaned over and gave it to him. He gave me a crooked smile and mouthed a 'thank you' and I couldn't help but feel myself grin ear to ear. I quickly shook it off though, I didn't want to attract attention, and lord knows anything that anyone does in this school, let alone this town, gets around like wild fire.

Thankfully the bell rang to end this awkwardness that history caused me with Edward. I mean, I know I'm painfully around guys, mainly ones that are as hot as he is, but for some reason, being so close to Edward I couldn't even remember how to even breathe.

I quickly made it back to my locker and changed out some of my books. As I closed my locker door I saw Emily skipping up to me with the biggest grin I've ever seen on her. I mean, I know she's very perky and the most 'innocent' of us all, but this was a bit much even for her.

"Bells, you'll never guess what I just heard!"

"What, wait, why should I even ask? I mean, you're gonna tell me anyways." I said while I giggled. It was true, anytime that there was some good juicy gossip and she got wind of it Emily, couldn't help but tell anyone that would listen.

"Ok, don't be such a kill joy, but anyway, word's going around that the new boy, Edward Cullen and his sister, Alice, are practically loaded with cash; something to do with their dad being a highly paid doctor in New York or something." Wow, Edward didn't come off as a smug person, I mean usually all the people around here in town loved to flaunt that they had cash to spend, especially Heidi and her clones.

"Wow, Edward doesn't seem like the typical rich kid Emily, where did you hear that anyway?"

"His sister is in Raven's English class and was wearing the latest fashions. Wait! You already met Edward? Is he as dreamy as they say?" I couldn't help but laugh, mainly because Kaleb was behind Emily at the exact moment Emily called Edward 'dreamy'. Emily jumped when she turned to see what I was laughing at, and saw Kaleb frowning at her.

"Oh, babe don't think too much of it, you know I love you, and ONLY you." Emily said as she hugged Kaleb's arm and kissed him on the cheek.

"Good, you better love me babe." He said with a cheeky grin and went to go on about what was on ESPN. Thanks to Emmett constantly watching it at home, I actually had an idea of what he was talking about. Soon Raven came over and let out a sigh.

"Everything ok Rae? I mean you look even more depressed than usual." I said with a hint of humor to try and cheer her up, but it didn't work, There was only one thing that would depress her and keep her that way; Jackson wasn't in school today…again…

I secretly wondered if it had to do with his mom again. I knew that she had been so depressed that she drank nonstop and stayed in her room with the curtains closed and lights off. This made it to where Jackson would have to work two jobs, right after school, and another later in the evening until about two hours before he would have to get ready for school. Raven just sighed and slouched against the locker behind her. "Oh, is Jackson not here at school again?" Kaleb asked as he hugged Emily's side. Raven just nodded and didn't go into much more detail. "Is he home sick or something?" Emily asked with concern.

"That's what he texted me this morning. It sucks, because when he's home sick, which usually means he's not here for a few days."

I sighed. Jackson was getting behind in his homework and tests, he would be lucky if the teachers felt sorry for him and passed him to Junior year. I mean I had no room to talk either, I was just now getting all caught up after skipping school all those months ago after mom and dad died.

"Poor Jackson, who's taking his homework home for him?" Emily asked to all of us as a group. I waited to see if Raven was going to, but she said she lived to far away and her mom had her on strict house arrest, so that's when I offered to take the homework. I mean I knew where he lived, plus it was on the way home. I mean the bus drops me off a good mile or two from my house.


We all sighed and scurried off to our next classes, and for me that was biology. We were going to be starting the dissection portion of the curriculum, and I had a thing when it came to blood; I hated it with a passion. Just the sight of it could make me queasy at the knees. I still remember when I was younger and there had been a blood drive here at the school as a fundraiser for student council, and just the pinprick they did on my finger to test my iron level made me nauseous. I kept quiet about my nausea; I guess that was where I went wrong, because just after the nurse stuck the needle in my arm I started to feel light headed and felt as if I were spinning 'round in circles. Thankfully the nurse caught on to my predicament and quickly removed the needle, put a piece of cotton ball over the spot and she had me lay back in the chair until my dizziness passed. The lady also gave me some gatorade to drink as well as two small cookies to help my dizziness pass.

Well since then I've managed to steer clear of blood drives and anything to do with blood. But today was a bit different, at least I would hope so. I came into class and took my seat at the desk and in front of me was a dead frog. It had been soaked in formaldehyde and smelled absolutely rancid and I couldn't help but gag; I think this smell would take priority over my queasiness of blood today. As the rest of the other kids trickled in I saw Edward slowly walk in. I felt my heart skip a beat and couldn't help but smile. He looked confused, not sure where to sit, so being unlike my normal self I waved Edward over to sit next to me.

Wait! Since when do I become so social and wave over the newest hot guy in the school over to sit with 'me'?

I thought to myself as he smiled and nodded his acknowledgement and walked over and dropped his backpack next to the table and sat down. I so wanted to ask him about how his other classes were and whether or not he would date a girl who was practically dirt poor, but I stopped myself and just decided to smile like a total idiot.

"So I take it that we're going to be dissecting this poor guy?" Edward said while gesturing to the slimy green frog. I sighed and nodded my head and muttered a reply. I also managed to tell him that there would be more tomorrow possibly.

"Well you're in luck, because I already did this class at my previous school. Actually a lot of these classes I've already taken, but it's good to be refreshed to make sure that you know what you learned."

I smiled big and giggled at him. He was definitely like me, in that he rambles when he's nervous too.

Wait, what would he have to be nervous about? I mean has he even looked in a flippin' mirror?

I was about to ask him, but just then the last bell rang and Mr. Brown came in the class room. He announced that we were going to be dissecting the frogs that were on our tables, and that the person sitting with you would be your partner. There were a few groans, but I sure as hell wasn't about to complain with this. I may be painfully shy, but I loved that I was partners with Edward.

"Ok class, I am passing out booklets that contain questions, as well as directions and steps on how to dissect your frog in the correct manner." He said as he plopped down booklets for us all on our desks. I skimmed through quickly to see what all was inside. Some of the questions seemed easy enough.

I sighed and I offered to get the supplies needed and I left. I heard whispers at how hot Edward was and that it was unfair that Brown didn't even allow 'us' to pick our partners. I decided to just ignore them and grabbed two sets of gloves, the dissection kit, and two sets of masks and goggles.

"Guess you're smarter than you look Swan, but don't get to comfortable, because after class I'm asking Edward out, so you can just forget all your little doodles and daydreams about him." Heidi all but sneered at me. I clenched my jaw and so badly wanted to claw her eyes out. At least that's what I think Izzy wanted, Bella on the other hand just wanted to avoid conflict no matter what.

"Heidi, why do you have to be so rude? I mean we used to be best friends…"

"Keyword Swan, USED to be, I out grew you and your childish ways, I'm into more 'mature' things and Edward is one of them so you better just BACK off if you know what's good for you." And with that Heidi stomped off to her table and I slinked back to mine without a peep. I laid out the supplies and quietly asked what the next step was.

Edward offered to make the first incision in our frog, I didn't bother offering, and I began to drift off thinking about what Heidi said. I didn't act childish, hell, we were both still technically 'children' and she had no right to go there. Then it hit me, she was trying to get in my head as usual and make me second guess myself so I would be the same ol' Bella that would give up before even trying.

I glanced over at Edward, who didn't see me, because he was very focused on making sure he followed the directions properly. I couldn't help but notice in his hair that it wasn't just bronze, it had different shades of copper, like brown, chestnut, auburn, and a few others. I chewed my bottom lip as I started to gaze stupidly.

"Bella, uh, Bella, would you like to make the third incision? It says we have to both at least make two incisions to get the points." Edward said while trying to snap me out of my daydream state. I nodded and put the gloves on and got all situated to start dissecting

"Ok, so where do I make the next incision?" I asked, and he pointed and made an imaginary line where I was to cut. I glanced back at the booklet and saw how deep I was to make the incision. As I started making the incision I glanced back at the page while cutting and all of a sudden I felt a slight pinch on one of my fingers. I looked back and saw that I had cut myself, and BAD. I mean blood was practically gushing and I immediately dropped the scalpel and ran to grab some paper towels. I winced when I applied pressure to it. I jumped a bit when I heard Edward softly ask if I was ok.

"I don't know, I haven't looked at it yet. I don't really like the sight of blood…" I muttered as I prepared myself to peek at my fingers.

"Is everything alright Miss Swan?" Mr. Brown asked from his desk at the back of the class. I was about to respond, but Edward beat me to it.

"Sir, she cut her finger with the scalpel accidentally."

"Oh, well come rinse it off in one of the sinks and then go to the clinic Miss Swan to get it checked out." I just nodded and I sighed and threw away the paper towel. I grimaced when I saw all the blood stained on my skin; from what I could tell I had sliced my middle finger pretty good.

"Do you want me to come with you to the clinic Bella? I honestly don't mind." I decided to look up at him and almost forgot how to breathe. Those emerald eyes of his were so gorgeous that I almost forgot how to even speak.

"Uh, no…I think I can manage, but thanks for the offer." I said as I quickly wrapped up my hand again to stop the bleeding that had started again even though I rinsed off my hand and cleaned it with soap. I didn't wait for Edward to argue and I quickly walked out of class and down towards the clinic. Just as I got to the doorway I saw Jackson trying to sneak into school. He must have gotten off of work early. That's what I thought, that is until I saw that he had a black eye and a split lip.

"Honey, everything ok? What do you need?" The nurse said as she got up from her desk. I snapped out of it and looked to the woman sitting behind an old rickety white desk. She had light brown hair and had a strange obsession with Elvis Presley. She had an Elvis Presley Clock, different pictures of him, some records hanging up on the wall, she even had Elvis Presley tissues!

"I sliced my finger pretty deep in biology, we're dissecting frogs today, and I wasn't paying attention."

"Obviously." The nurse muttered to herself, I scowled at him behind her back. She obviously wasn't aware that I had in fact heard what she said. I just sighed and she came over and looked at my hand. I winced and turned my head away. I didn't want to take the chance of seeing blood and getting dizzy.

She whistled and told me that I had indeed down a 'nice' job at it and told me that I would need stitches for it.

"Is there anyone who can take you to ER sweetie?"

Oh NOW it's 'sweetie'

"No, my brothers are both working. Won't a band aid just work for now?" I didn't want to bother Jasper or Emmett. They didn't need to bother with taking me to the ER to get a couple stitches. We needed money, and them being away from work wasn't going to happen, at least if I could help it.

"I can take her if it's ok. I have my own car Ms…."

"Mrs. Johnson, and it's not school policy to allow students to take other students out of school." She had a point, even if she didn't word it right.

"Well, Mrs. Johnson, my dad is the new doctor in town. I'm sure that it would be ok just this one time." He flashed this crooked grin, and this crotchety and cranky nurse was practically putty in his hands. She nodded and gave Edward and I a note that the doctor in the ER would have to sign to show that we in fact made it to the ER and didn't just skip school all together.

"Thank you very much Mrs. Johnson." Edward said as he nodded once and ushered me out of the clinic and he picked up both his, and my bag. I was speechless, but followed Edward out of the clinic and down the hall. We were about to go out the front doors when I just all of a sudden stopped in my tracks; he must've caught on because he only took a few more steps and heard I wasn't following him anymore because he turned and faced me.

"Why'd you stop Bella, you need to have that cleaned and stitched up." Edward said with concern laced in his tone. I just sighed and stared him directly in the eyes.

"Why are you doing this? I mean you don't even hardly know me, and you already offered to drive me to the hospital because I'm so clumsy that I sliced my own finger." I managed to spit out without stuttering or sounding harsh, because for some reason I was annoyed that he thought I was so helpless that I apparently needed help getting to the dr. I quickly stopped myself and took a deep breath.

"I'm just trying to help you out, I mean the nurse even said that you'd need stitches and I don't think that it can wait til after school. I mean if you want to lose your finger then be my guest and just take your backpack and go back to class." Edward said in, what I assumed was a playfully sarcastic tone. I sighed and shook my head 'no' and started to walk with him to his car.

"Smart choice, I knew you didn't want to lose your finger to infection." Edward said with that same damn crooked smile that he used on the nurse and I about went weak at the knees. I just rolled my eyes and decided to avoid making any more conversation about it. Once we got to his car I literally felt my jaw drop. He had the most expensive-looking car in the student parking lot.

"This, this is your car?" I asked while trying to keep my composure. I mean I know people own expensive cars, but why would they own one and drive one here to a small town filled with 'hicks' and 'rednecks' who all drive cars or trucks with tires good enough for 'muddin'.

"Yes, this is my car. I got it on my sixteenth birthday. It's pretty much my baby." I couldn't help but chuckle at that last part. I mean I know must guys love working on cars and love cars in general, but never really heard any of them refer to them as their 'babies'. I just sighed and resisted laughing, even though it was quite hard to do so. He went on to say that it was a sweet sixteen present and his eighteenth birthday present, and something to do with if he wrecked this car the next one would be from an old used car lot. I felt slightly annoyed that he felt 'threatened' by having to get a 'used' car, but decided to bite my tongue and take all my patience not to blow up on him. I mean he seemed like a nice guy, but when it came to personal possession he was such a freakin' prick. Thankfully, after a few minutes later we got there and before I could even unlock my door and open it, Edward was at my door and opened it for me. I just sighed and got out and winced a bit when I used my injured hand to steady myself getting out of the car.

Oddly enough, since Edward's dad was the new doctor, plus no one was in the ER waiting for something life threatening or anything. Edward and I walked up to the desk and before I could get a word out Edward went on to say that I had sliced my finger pretty good and the nurse thought I may need stitches. He asked if he could take me back to see his dad, and once again he flashed his signature crooked grin and that nurse was like putty in his hands.

"Of course you can, just follow that hallway and turn to your right he should be back there, and it was nice meeting you Edward." The woman, who looked like she could be his mother for pity sake, and she had completely ignored me, I mean I was the one with the injury. I just sighed and quickened my pace to keep up with Edward.

"Edward, what are you doing here, I thought school wasn't out until two-thirty?" A man, who I assumed was Edward's dad. I could see the family resemblance, he had his dad's hair, but that looked to be the only thing similar between them. Edward's dad's eyes were a deep blue that they were almost sapphire.

"Sorry dad, my friend cut her finger pretty bad in biology lab today and the nurse said she may need stitches. I thought maybe you could take a look at it, if you don't mind." Edward said stiffly. I guessed that maybe Edward didn't normally skip school to take random strangers to meet his parents.

His dad cleared his throat again while eyeing Edward. This startled him and he quickly stood straighter and introduced me to his dad. "Bella, this is my father, Carlisle Cullen, dad this is Bella." Edward said a in a slight monotone. His dad eyed Edward for a split second but then took a step towards me and examined my finger under a nearby overhead light. I flinched a bit when he gently squeezed my finger and softly muttered 'ouch' when he moved my finger around.

"Well, your school nurse was right you'll need stitches, but I think that liquid sutures should do the trick. Just have it covered for a few days, and then it should heal all on its own. I'll be right back with the kit, just sit still." With that Carlisle quickly got up and left to find whatever it was that he needed.

Wait, Edward's last name is Masen, yet his dad's last name is Cullen.

What did that mean? Was Edward adopted? Was his dad his step dad?

All these thoughts started racing through my head, and I had no clue what the right answer was, but I couldn't very well come out and ask him. I mean I may have gotten a bit more social, but I still couldn't ask every single little question that was on my mind like Raven and Kaleb could.

"If you're wondering about what I think you are Bella, yes, I'm adopted, and so is my sister Alice." Edward said matter-of-factly. I just sat there dumbfounded. I wasn't sure what I could say. I mean do I say, "Oh sorry to hear that, what happened?" or do I ask "are you and Alice brother and sister by blood or are u both adoptive separately."

"Um, well not sure exactly what I'm thinking, I mean you pretty much covered the main thing that crossed my mind" I said as I stumbled for words. "I guess I'm wondering if you are Alice's biological brother or adoptive brother." I asked and instantly wished I hadn't, I mean I was wanting to know, but this is just something that you don't normally ask someone you barely know. "…er…I mean you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, unless you want to." I quickly shut my mouth and started to blush. I hated when I got embarrassed, first I ramble and then I end up blushing redder than an apple.

"Relax Bella," Edward said while he chuckled. I turned even redder. "Alice is my adoptive sister, we just happened to be the same age, and as for the rumors that we're twins, that's just a rumor." Edward said somewhat smugly. He leaned against the wall and just smiled.

"Ok, so I have the liquid suture right here now Bella I'm going to have you hold out your hand and it's going to feel a bit cold, lack for a better word." Carlisle said as he started to apply it to my hand. I flinched a bit when the liquid touched my skin. It wasn't cold and it didn't sting, it just felt weird; just like Carlisle said it would.

"There, all finished. Make sure you pay better attention next time in class Bella." Carlisle said with a wink and I just rolled my eyes and nodded. "Duly noted Doctor Cullen."

"Carlisle, please, feel free to call me Carlisle, Bella." I just nodded and gathered my stuff and walked back to Edward's shiny car. Just then I remembered that I had to get over to Delilah's diner and ask if they were hiring, and if so if I could possibly get an interview.

"So, Bella, where do I need to take you? Do I need to take you home, a friend's house maybe?" Edward said as he started the car and headed out of the parking lot.

"Do you know how to get to Delilah's diner?" Edward just stared at me as if I had the word stupid written on my forehead. "Oh boy, ok, take a left at the next street and then go two more streets then it should be on your right side." I said as I gestured where for him to make his left turn.

"If you don't mind me asking, isn't it a bit early for you to be eating dinner? I mean school just let out and everything." I so wanted to snap at him, but held my tongue and took a breath. I told him that I was seeing if they were hiring and also that my friends hang out there. He just nodded and kept driving. I expected him to question me more, but instead I was met with more silence

I was so thankful when we finally got there I was about to go insane. I mean I know Edward was only being nice, but I couldn't help but start to feel a bit antsy. I guess part of me was nervous to find out if they were hiring at the diner. I mean, if I didn't get a job, it would be a long tough road to keep up with the bills for the farm. I wasn't about to lose Rainbow, she was my favorite horse.

I swung the door open just as he pulled into a parking space and all but sprinted to the building and jogged in and leaned against the counter and asked a waitress about who I could talk to about possibly getting a job here.

"Hang on I'll go find Maude. She's the manager and in charge of who's hired or fired." The woman, who looked close to having the baby in her belly right there where she stood, walked no waddled, back to an office and softly muttered something to the person in the office. The woman had stringy blonde hair that was pulled back into, what I assumed was a bun and had a pale complexion. She looked run down and the more I looked at her, the more I realized that she was actually very beautiful. If I didn't know any better I'd assume that she once cared about her looks, but no one would be able to see that the way she was dressed. I had no room to talk when it came to complexion though. I lived in a sunny town, yet all I could do was burn, then peel and go back to being my pale self. I stopped my staring long enough to see that an elderly woman with graying hair, and about average build walk towards me with the pregnant waitress walk behind her.

"So Rosalie here tells me that you're interested in a job here; tell me, you any good at waitressing tables? Rosalie's getting closer to her due date and she was told by that fancy new doctor that she should limit her 'exercise'." The old woman spat at me. I now saw what Raven was talking about, why they keep hiring and firing people here. This woman was very cranky and very crotchety.

"Oh Maude, I'm a few months away from my due date, it's not like I'm going to 'pop' as you so crudely put it. Besides once I have baby tanner here," Rosalie said as she rubbed her belly. "I'll have a few weeks off for maternity leave, so we'll need to hire her to help pick up the slack around here." She said as she gave me a wink. I couldn't help but get a little excited thinking that I may get this job.

"Fine, you're right Rose, if you think that this little high school kid is up to the task of waitressing here, then while following your fancy schmancy doctor's orders, you're in charge of training Miss…."

"Bella Swan..." I added for her. I held back a squeal, but did manage to grin ear to ear.

"Yeah, yeah, you're in charge of training Miss Swan here and she better know exactly what she's in for. I ain't up to dealing with the new waitresses while you're gone."

Maude walked off muttering something about how 'back in her day women had babies and were back at work in a few days, not weeks'. I just brushed it off and couldn't help but squeal. This caused Rosalie to softly giggle as well.

"Well, I think you've officially got yourself a job. I'll talk to Maude about working out a schedule for you. What days are good for you? Also, you're going to have to give me a reliable number for me to contact you at in case you need to cover for someone or if you fail to show up."

"Um, any day after school works GREAT for me, and as for a number, I'll write it down for you." I said while I managed to keep my cool.

"Ok, so until Maude works out a schedule for you, go ahead and show up after school on Monday and bring comfortable shoes, you'll be on your feet a lot in this job. I have a feeling though that you're going to fit in well here." Rosalie said with a smile.

I agreed and said my goodbyes and skipped back to Edward and was all smiles.

"So I take it that you got the job you wanted?" I just nodded eagerly. "Well let me be the first to congratulate you Bella. You got your first job." Edward smiled. I almost detected a hint of sarcasm, but then that's what I was prone to doing, over thinking what everyone has to say. I just smiled and thanked him.

"So, do you need me to take you home, or do you want to stay longer." I thought about it for a minute and decided that I wanted to go home. I wanted to share the good news with Jasper and Emmett, I could tell my friends later on IM, and I wanted to talk to them today. I felt like I hadn't talked to them, and really talked to them.

"I think I want to go ahead and go home. Thank you for driving me around today." I said with a smile and grabbed my bag. I was just happy to go home. It felt as if it was the longest day of my life.

As we neared my house, as I gave Edward directions on what roads to turn on, I couldn't help but think about how helpful Edward had been today. I mean, yea he offered to take me to the hospital, and he even offered to drive me to the diner for a possible job.

When we reached the driveway I told him that where he stopped was close enough and I got out of the car with my things and started walking to the house.

"See you in school tomorrow Bella." Edward shouted after me. I just nodded and waved to him as he backed down the driveway and drove off the way he came. I just sighed and continued in. I knew Jasper and Emmett were against me getting a job, but I knew that they would still be happy for me.

At least I hoped they would be…

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