By Megan Rawlins


Opening Scene

[A girl is seen walking down a dark sparsely-lit sidewalk. She's shivering as it's a cold November night. She thinks she hears someone walking a few paces behind her. She looks over her shoulder. Sees nothing, so decides to walk a bit faster. As she's walking she thinks she hears laughter. It's a sinister kind of laugh and breaks out into a jog. The laughing gets closer and closer, causing her to start sprinting. All of a sudden she trips over a crack in the sidewalk and is sent sliding down the wet pavement. She get to her knees and is met with an ungodly sight. "Miss me?!"]

[Cue NCIS Theme Music]

[Scene opens with McGee and Ziva sitting at their desk doing desk work at their computers.]

"Good morning probies! I see you are turning into a geek like McNerd over there Zee-vah."

"For the last time Tony, I've told you not to call me this 'probie', yes?"

Of course Tony knew this. That was why he made the effort to even bring it up. Tony did always have a way of pushing people's buttons. That's what some people liked and hated about him. Which why Tony was able to be framed not once, but twice. Both times he was sent to jail, but thanks to Abby the charges were all dropped, both times.

"You see Ziva, with Tony, you have to get use the fact that once he has a nickname it will most likely stick. I've been his 'probie' for over six years, and he won't ever let it go."

"That's because McObvious, it's to remind you that I am and will always be Senior Field Agent."

"Not for long DiNozzo. Gear up, missing marine's girlfriend on a Navy base in Norfolk."

"Are you sure boss? I mean for all we know maybe the girlfriend just got tired of the marine life and skipped town."

"If it was that easy, then why did someone see the girlfriend being hauled away in a red Silverado DiNozzo?"

This caused DiNozzo to shut his mouth.

I didn't hear that part boss."

"Well yea DiNozzo, I just told ya."

Gibbs always seemed one step ahead of everyone else. It was his way to keep his team on their toes. Being a veteran marine made him able to do this.

"McGee, call down to autopsy and tell Ducky that we don't need him on this one. There's a missing girl, no dead bodies."

Mcgee nodded his head and walked back to his desk and sat down. He picked up the phone and dialed the extension to Ducky's number. "Uh...boss, no one's answering in autopsy."

"Then go down there and tell Ducky in person McGee."

"Right boss."

"What are the details to this case Gibbs?"

He just gave his normal stare that let his team know that they would soon find out. Gibbs did always have a way with words, even if he hardly said anything at all.

"So you're telling me....Corporal Cullen, that you and your girlfriend had a fight last night and that she just walked away, and you didn't even try and go after her?"

"I was due back to the barracks by midnight, otherwise I would've drove her home. Are you saying the reason Bella is disappeared is because of me? Well, you're wrong! Dead wrong."

Corporal Cullen was annoyed with Agent DiNozzo, he didn't even know him and he was already judging him. He had enough of that back in Forks,

Washington, that's why He and Bella Swan left forks for Virginia. His buddy, Sergent McCarty came over to make sure everything was alright. Looking over both their shoulders Tony saw a blond bombshell and a rather short looking black haired girl with short spiky hair.

"Is there any trouble going on here gentlemen?"

"No, none here Major, my name is Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS, we were just following up on a report of Corporal Cullen's girlfriend going missing. Can you account for Cullen's whereabouts when his girlfriend was 'kidnapped'?"

"Yes, he and Segerent McCarty were in my quarters playing a round of Texas Hold 'Em. Now if I'm not mistaken, that's not a crime is it?"

Tony shook his head no and let them all know that he would be in touch soon with more questions.

"Get anything useful Tony, other than an eyeful of the girls at the picnic table?"

"Shut it probie. Where's Gibbs?"

Ziva stiffened a bit, and cleared her throat. A clear sign that Gibbs was right behind him.

"He's right behind me, isn't he?"

Tony turned around and right behind him was Gibbs.

"Come on, we gotta go check out the crime scene for clues."

"Agent Gibbs, you will find those responsible for this won't you? Bella Swan is like a sister to me and Rosalie. See, the six of us used to live in Forks,

Washington, and we all left after our parents died in a freak plane crash on the way back from a business meeting. Our parents all worked together, this was the only way we knew to get away from everything that reminded us of home. Now with Bella missing it's starting bring back bad memories."

"Alice, I don't think Agent Gibbs wants to hear about our life story, besides our three-day leave ends tonight."

Major Whitlock had a point, Alice, Rosalie and Bella all lived together off the base, and visited their respected boyfriends, or fiances when they had the chance, but with Bella missing nothing felt right.

"Agent David, get the friends' statements, and meet us over at the crime scene."

[Close in on Ziva and friends and pop to grey]

A/N: Ok, so this is my first crossover...and I know it's not my best work...it's not going to be a very long story, but it will be a few chapters long. This is just something that popped into my head when I was watchingt NCIS and working on the next chapter for God Blessed Texas.

Please let me know what you think....I would greatly appreciate it!

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