Scene 2

A/N: Thank you to all who reviewed And I apologize for making you all wait. I just had severe writer's block (this is my first non-POV story) Now, don't worry I will try and update this story more regularly now :D *writer's block is gone*

[Cue grey pop-in]


Agent Gibbs walks out of the elevator with his coffee in his right hand and heads to his desk. "What do we got?"

DiNozzo, Ziva, and McGee hurriedly started sifting through their information that they had gotten, and searched through their computers.

"The missing girl's name is Isabella Swan, she moved to Norfolk with her coporal boyfriend, Edward Cullen. Her parents are divorced. Mom lives in Jacksonville with her new husband. Dad lives in Forks, Washington.

"Anything useful, DiNozzo?" Gibbs said with a sarcastic tone. "Not yet, boss."

Gibbs gave his trademark glare to DiNozzo, letting him know that he wanted him to figure it out.\

"I was getting to that boss. Apparently Isabella's daddy is the Chief of Police in Forks."

"Maybe someone in this Forks was angry at the Chief, and took it out on the daughter, yes?" Ziva turned to Gibbs and Tony and gave a confused look. "What? I know what I'm talking about. At Mossad we use to-"

"For the last time Probie, you're a NCIS agent now, not a Mossad Liason Officer."

Ziva rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest. She hated it when Tony was right. She had in fact emailed her resignation to her father over weeks ago. She could no longer trust her father, or the people at Mossad either. Her own father even ordered her to kill her half brother, Ari, to gain Gibbs' trust. But in the long run it actually made her unable to trust anyone.

At least aside from Gibbs. Over the years, he started to become the closest thing she knew as a father figure.

"Tell me we have more than just her living situation DiNozzo."

"Right boss, well according to police records in the little 'ol town of Forks. Our little 'southern bella' filed a restraining order against naughty little man named James Daggardly." Tony said while using the clicker mouse to put the files up on the plasma screen. "Mr. Not So Nice Guy has a 'few' things against him."

As Tony says this a picture of James pops onto the screen. The mug shot even makes Ziva cringe a bit, but that may be because he is covered in mud, and dirt.

"Oh yea, he was arrested for assaulting a female mud wrestler. That reminds me of a movie where this guy-" Just then Tony is thumped on the back of the head by Gibbs. That had become Gibbs' trademark move to let the person know that they were either not paying attention, or like in Tony's regular situation, start to digress.

"Tell me about James Daggardly, DiNozzo." Gibbs said as he pointed to the plasma screen. "Daggardly, doesn't that sound like a soap opera star's stage name?" Just as Gibbs was about to slap Tony's head, Tony went ahead and slapped his own head. "Daggardly was also arrested for attempted murder, reckless homocide, involuntary manslaughter, and to round out the top five; aggrivated assault with a deadly weapon."

"Wow, he reminds me of a case I was in charge of back in Mossad."

Everyone looked at Ziva, waiting for her to finish her story. "What? I am not going to finish my story and get smacked on the back of the head. I am that smart, yes?"

Gibbs couldn't help but give a small smirk. McGee was busy looking through things on his computer. "What? She gets off subject and doesn't get slapped? I find that that is-"

Tony stopped mid-sentence and looked at Gibbs who gave his signature stare. "Shutting up boss." Tony continued to look through all the background detail concerning the case.

Then all of a sudden Gibbs' cell phone started to ring. "Yea, Gibbs." He paused for a moment then closed the phone. "Ziva, you're with me."

"Where are we going?" she said with confusion in her voice.

"Abby's lab, she's got something for us."

Meanwhile back in Norfolk Edward was being comforted by his friends slash superiors.

"Everything's going to be alright Eddie, I mean it's not like Bella just met some random guy that turns out to be better than you."

Emmett meant well, but that wasn't the best thing to say to Edward Cullen at this time. His girlfriend was missing, and had no idea where she went, or where she was taken for that matter. But then he started to think, could Emmett actually be right? Could his girlfriend of five years really just leave him, and not even say a proper goodbye?

'No, Bella wasn't like that' Edward thought to himself. Bella was caring and loving, and wasn't like his high school girlfriend. Tanya Daggardly. She had an odler brother who creeped him and all his friends out. He even had a sick fixation with the new girl in school, Bella Swan.

"Emmett, for the last time do not call me Eddie. I hated that nickname in middle school and I hate it now."

It was true. Edward hated that nickname Emmett McCarty gave him when they first met in homeroom in middle school. Emmett needed a way to differenciate between Edward Cullen, and his cousin, Edward Masen. [btw, in this story, they are two different people ;)] They even looked somewhat alike too. Which is why Emmett decided to give Edward Cullen the nickname Eddie, which stuck all throughout high school and basic training.

"You two need to get a grip. Cullen, your girl will be alright. NCIS knows what they're doing. They will get whoever did this. And I do mean who Sergeant McCarty." Jasper Whitlock always knew how to calm his friends. That was one of the reasons he was promoted to Major. He could calm his troops with only a few words. Which was very much needed when soilders would get fatigued, and anxious. All Jasper had to do was tell them was that "Everything is going to be OK." and they would instantly feel better about the situation they were in.

"Thanks Major, you live up to your reputation." said Edward Cullen.

"Which is...?" Jasper said with confusion

"Uh, nevermind." Edward said nervously to Major Whitlock.

Just then there was a knock at Major Whitlock's door.

"Who could that be at this time of night?" Jasper said as he walked to the door. When he opened it however, no one was there. He looked around and saw nothing, but heard tires screeching off into the night. Jasper was about to close the door, when he saw a manilla envelope labelled 'For Corporal Cullen's Eyes Only'. "Uh, Edward, you're going to want to see this."

"What?" Edward said as he walked to the front door. He was starting to get a bit nervous as he made his way towards Jasper. He took the envelope from him. "Who dropped this off?" Jasper shook his head no. "I don't know, it was just left on the doorstep."

"Ooo maybe it has to do something with a secret mission that will take you on a wild adventure. To lands unknown. Hey, do you think you'd you get your own sports car?" Both Edward and Jasper stared at Emmett dumbfoundedly. Emmett was known to go off on a tangent and not realize that he was off subject. "What? It could happen?" Emmett said matter-of-factly. Jasper and Edward just shook their heads and started to chuckle.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Jasper got up quickly and went to the door. When he opened it however, there was no one around. But in the distance there was the sound of tires screeching away. That was odd, Jasper checked his watch and saw that it was two 'o' clock in the morning. Everyone should be asleep. As he went to close the door there was a rather large manilla envelope. On it was labelled, 'For Corporal Cullen' in red permenant marker. "Uh, Edward, you're gonna want to see this." Jasper said as he handed him the envelope.

Edward opened the envelope and the look on his face looked as if he had all the color drained from him. "Edward? Edward are you alright? Say something!"

He struggled to try and form a sentence. The pictures were too horrifying for words. "C-call....NCIS! Now!!"

[cue grey pop-out]


A/N: What did you think? Sorry it too me forever to update this story, I had severe writer's block, and now that that's over I will be able to update more often. :D

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