Scene 3

[Cue Grey Pop-In]

The elevator door dinged as it opened its metal doors, and out walked Special Agent Gibbs with his usual black coffee. He drank that coffee no matter what the weather was like outside, it could be one hundred and one degrees outside and Gibbs would still drink the warm coffee.

As he walked towards his desk, that was the second group of desks, he saw Probational Special Agent Ziva David on the phone talking in a hushed tone to someone, and McGee and DiNozzo huddled around the big plasma screen.

"Gibbs, Corporal Cullen called metro and reported that some strange car drove off past Major Whitlock's house around oh two hundred, when the Corporal and Major headed back inside they found a rather large vanilla envelope-"

"I think you meant manila envelope." Tony said with a smirk on his face. He knew that correcting Ziva's English annoyed her to no end, which was probably why he always did it.

"Whatever-The enveloped contained these." Ziva got up from her desk and walked over to the plasma television. When she got there she ripped the remote from McGee's hand.

"Hey, I was using that." McGee said angrily. "But I need it now. I need to show Gibbs the photos." This went on for a few more minutes and then Gibbs head-smacked the both of them on the back of the head. "Now, will someone please show me what caused Corporal Cullen to call metro police in the middle of the night." Ziva ripped it back from McGee's grasp and clicked it a few times and all the photos appeared on the screen.

"It seems that the woman in the photographs is that of Isabella Swan's clothing. The photographs are just of her clothing, and they're covered in blood. None of the photos have her in them, Gibbs." Gibbs turned away and started walking down the hallway. "Where is he going?" Ziva asked Tony as the three of them looked in Gibbs direction. "Probably getting Abby's Caf-Pow ready for her." Tony said to Ziva.

It was tradition, that if you wanted information from Abby concerning a case, you better have a Caf-Pow ready. Now she wasn't the kind of person that would stop what she's doing until she gets what she wants. She was too sweet for that. Even with all the gothic makeup and gothic hairstyles Abby was one of the warmest, hyper, and loveable people that anyone has ever met.

Abby was busy doing what she does best; finding anything that would help locate the missing girl.

Gibbs walked out of the elevator and into Abby's lab, which Abby sometimes called 'Labby' . It was her named meshed together with the word 'lab'. As usual, she had her music cranked up full blast. With the Café-Pow in hand Gibbs walked in and passed her radio and cringed at how loud it was. "Ah, god dammit Abby, turn your music down." He said as he slammed his hand down on the radio.

"I think your stereos broken." Gibbs said after he turned it off. "Aw Gibbs, that was the best part." Abby said in a sad voice. "Ok, correction, your ears are broken!" (that is was one of my favorite lines throughout the whole series so far)

"What do you have for me Abbs?" Gibbs said he walked to stand beside her at her desk that had all of Abby's computers. "Well 'O Great One', I have a 'whoop-pee', and I have a 'But'. "

"Abby, just get on with it." Gibbs said with an annoyed tone. He didn't always like it when Abby would drawl everything out longer than it really needed to be. He was more of a 'straight to the point' kind of person. "Of course kind sir, I was analyzing the photos Ziva sent to me, and I can honestly say that this picture might be my new one to go up on the wall." See, Abby loved off the wall stuff like crime scene photos of random things, but to the untrained eye they just looked like blobs of red and green and stuff like that.

"Abby…" Gibbs said in an annoyed tone. "The photos show that these are that Isabella chick's clothes, and that's blood, but from the way everything is laid out in the photos, I'd say that the photos are staged, but I can't be sure that that's not her blood Gibbs." Abby said. As she took a sip of her Caf-Pow. "Could've told me over the phone Abby."

"I'm not done, my silver haired fox." Gibbs just raised an eyebrow at her. "Sorry, too much?" he nodded once in agreement. "Anyway, I couldn't find any fingerprints on the envelope or glove residue, they were careful to not leave any forensic evidence, or so they thought." Abby said with a wide grin. She went back over to her computer and clicked the mouse a few times and up popped a muddy imprint in the mud around Major Whitlock's front step. "A shoeprint? Nice work Abby." Gibbs said as he kissed her on the cheek. "Tell Dinozzo that he's gonna have to go over to the Major's house and scan for other evidence in the bushes." Abby said to Gibbs as he walked back to the elevator.

"I love my job, Bert." Abby said to her stuffed hippo, that when squeezed made a farting noise.

"You're gonna have to leave the house sooner or later Edward, might as well be tonight. The girls planned a girl's night out, so it's just the three of us. I say we go out and spend a night out on the town." Emmett said to Edward in an effort to cheer him up, but Edward was beyond cheering up. He still hated that they had not found who took Bella.

Why would someone want to hurt Bella, Edward thought. She was the most beautiful, loving, and kindest person to have ever walked the planet.

"You and Jasper can go, I just want to be alone." Edward said as he looked out the window. He knew that he should try and be happy, but while his Bella was missing, he thought that he shouldn't be happy either.

"Are you sure? We can stay home and chill together Eddie-err- Edward. It's no big deal." Jasper said to Edward. Jasper had always been rather good at trying to diffuse a bad situation that was one of the reasons he had the opportunity to be promoted to Major so quickly.

"No, you two go have fun, I'll be ok here." Edward said as he shooed them out of the house. He was so thankful that Jasper had allowed him to stay in his home, seeing as he was a part of an investigation concerning his girlfriend, who was his soon-to-be fiancé.

"If you're sure, we'll be back pretty late if Emmett has anything to do about it." Jasper said as he playfully patted him on the back.

Edward just nodded his head. Once he heard the sound of the front door close and lock shut, and once he knew that he was alone, Edward pulled out his wallet. He opened the wallet inside was a recent picture of his girlfriend, Bella. She hated being called Isabella, it was too formal for her.

"I will find you Bella, I promise on my own life that I will do whatever it takes to make you safe again."

"It's been days my sweet Bella, and your Edward hasn't come to find you. I think he has forgotten all about you my darling."

The unknown voice scared Bella even more. She knew that this man must be lying. She knew that Edward loved her, and would do anything to try and save her.

"Tell me, who are you and what do you want with me? I have not done anything to provoke you whatsoever." Bella said to the man standing in the shadows.

"You know who I am, my sweet Bella. I am hurt that you do not remember your one true love." The man said as he stepped out of the shadows. Which caused Bella to gasp in horror. She thought that she would never see that face again. Her father had made sure of that.

It was James, a guy that would not take 'No' as an answer. He bothered Bella so much that she had her father, the chief of Police of Forks, Washington. He wouldn't leave her alone. She thought the restraining order had worked, but it obvious that he had not.

I do hope that Edward would not risk his own life for that of hers. She thought her life wasn't as important, she was selfless like that.

She just hoped that Edward would stay safe. She didn't want to risk his life just to try and save her own.

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