Scene 4

[Cue grey pop-in]

Tony pulled up in front of Major Whitlock's house in a black town car. It was the type that NCIS uses when they're not using the NCIS 'bus to go to a crime scene.

"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?!" a female voice exclaimed from behind Anthony Dinozzo. He turned to see a woman, who was of small stature. The woman had a short "pixie" haircut with a black tint to it in the sunlight.

"My name's Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo. I'm with NCIS. It stands for Naval Criminal-"

"I know what it stands for Agent Dinozzo. What I want to know is why you're in front of my husband and my house."

Anthony took a labored sigh of frustration. It wasn't that he found the woman annoying; it was that everyone seemed to be so happy in love and he felt alone. Even after Jeanne left, and made him choose his job or her, and he chose his job he felt isolated. Tony often wondered if he made the right choice to not follow her to California.

"This is a crime scene now ma'am." Tony said as he popped open the trunk of the car and took out the kit that would help him take a casting of the boot print and get it back to Abby.

"What's that for?" the short-statured woman said while pointing to the kit Tony was using. He made a general description of that the kit would do and why he was doing it without having to go into too much detail about the case. It was a cardinal rule that you really weren't supposed to get 'potential suspects too involved in the case. That way they wouldn't know what was going on.

"By the way, my name's Alice, in case you were wondering."

"I wasn't." Tony all but snapped in response.

"Relax; I was only trying to break the tension." Alice said as she leaned against the black town car. There was a moment of awkward silence that neither one really knew how to break. "What was her name?" Alice point-blank asked hum. Tony stopped dead in his tracks and Alice could tell that she had hit a nerve. "Why do you girls think that if a guy doesn't instantly open up it has to do with another woman?!" Tony said obnoxiously.

"Uh, because you were moping around like a lost puppy."

Tony nodded in agreement, but then stiffened and went back to finishing the casting of the shoe print. Tony finally let out a labored breath and spilled his guts. "Her name was Jeanne. I loved her, at least I think I love her, but now we'll never know what will happen will we." He said as he snapped a picture of the casting next to the actual print.

'Let's hope Abby will be able to tell us what make the shoe is.' Tony said to himself as he loaded everything back in the car and drove off.

"…And he just walked to his car and drove away?" Rosalie said in shock from hearing Alice's story about the agent that stopped by the house. Rosalie thought that he sounded cute, but that was about it. She was happily married to Sergeant Emmett McCarty and had two children by him. AnnaSophia was nearly three years old, and Brice was getting ready to start second grade. Both her 'babies' were growing up so fast.

Rosalie was always good with children though, she was the babysitter that every parent tried to get, but only a few succeeded.

"Yea, he just left and didn't try to explain the situation he mentioned." Alice said as she was feeding Jocelyn, her nearly two year old baby girl. Her and Jasper had two children together, and two by marriage. See, Jasper was married to his high school sweetheart, Maria, for about five years. Even though they knew each other since middle school, Jasper and Alice never really thought about getting together. Alice and Jasper met each other again at a ten year class reunion. That's when everything clicked with them again.


The music starting playing and people slowly started making their way to the dance floor that was in the school gym. Alice was sitting at a table all alone. Her friends were off dancing with their husbands, and she was left alone.

As Alice looked around she saw a cheap way to decorate the gym. The doorway was trimmed with red and white balloons. Alice thought to herself that they looked like a cheap way to decorate the gym, but didn't say anything. She didn't want to cause a scene.

"Alice, Alice Brandon?"

Alice jumped in her seat a bit at the sudden voice from behind her. She turned and her first assumption was right, it was Jasper Whitlock. He still had his Texan accent. She thought that since he lived in forks since their first day of middle school, but he still had it.

"Jasper Whitlock?" Jasper nodded once and plopped down in the chair next to her.

"So how is Maria doing? How come she didn't come with you? I mean, you two were practically inseparable all throughout our junior and senior year of high school." Jasper's expression turned grim and let out a sigh of frustration. "Maria died two years ago. She was diagnosed with lung cancer, but the doctors recognized it too late, see she was in the final stage of the diseases and all they could really do was give her medicine that would keep her comfortable."

Jasper said as he started to tear up, but Jasper composed himself quickly, his father had raised him to be 'the man of the house' when he was on deployment, so Jasper tried to keep his emotions bottled up, but talking about Maria didn't help him one bit. Alice leaned over and took him in a hug, and gave him a friendly squeeze. "I'm so sorry Jasper, I had no idea. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked about it." Alice mumbled into Jasper's shoulder as she still gave him a hug. As Alice sat back up she kissed him on the cheek, and instantly felt a spark. Alice didn't know what to do. Yes, she had had a crush on Jasper since they started middle school together, but this wasn't the best time to act on those feelings. He had just lost his wife recently.

But apparently Jasper was thinking the same thing, because their eyes met and they held each other's gaze. As they continued to stare they inched closer and closer until they were so close they could practically tell what the other had for breakfast.

Alice was about to speak, but Jasper spoke for her by leaning in and roughly kissing her. All Alice could do was just give into her feelings and let them take over.

End FlashBack:

"Alice? Alice, are you still with us?" Rosalie said as she snapped her fingers in front of Alice's face. Alice snapped out of the flash back and was brought back down to planet earth. Jocelyn had finished drinking from her sippy cup and had slid off of her lap and was off in the living room playing with AnnaSophia and 'trying' to share the toys, and was barely succeeding.

"Sorry Rose, I was just reliving memory lane." Rosalie knew what Alice meant by that. She and Bella were the ones she talked to about her feelings for Jasper. Bella. Alice and Rosalie couldn't stop wondering about what could've happened to her. Bella was super cautious about whom she talked to or went with, and to go missing wasn't like her at all.

"Mommy, can I hang out at Brittany's house for a little bit?" Maria, Alice and Jasper's first daughter that was a little older than Brice. It was Alice's idea to name their first daughter after their best friend, and wife. Jasper loved the idea and was all for it.

"Yes, but only if Brittany's mom says it's ok. I'll drop you off on my way to the store." Maria rolled her eyes and walked out of the kitchen. For a third grader she was getting such an attitude lately.

"…now I'm speechless, over the edge, and just breathless. I never thought that I'd catch this. Love bug again."

That was Alice's ringtone for whenever Jasper called her. She flipped open her hot pink Motorola Razr and heard her husband's angelic gravelly voice.

"Alice, I just got a text message from Jason and Austin. They're on their way home from the varsity basketball game. They won the game by ten points. I'm going to meet them at the high school, and then we'll all be home."

Jason and Austin were fraternal twins that were Jasper and Maria's. They were sophomores in high school. They weren't too keen on Alice becoming their new mother right at first, but they grew to love her fairly fast, but who wouldn't love Alice Whitlock?

Bella had lost consciousness for a few minutes, and when she woke up she could no longer see any light from the outside. She didn't even know what day it was.

"Hello?! Is anyone there?" Bella yelled with a raspy tone. From lack of a lot of water, her voice had became strained. As she waited to hear for some sort of response she heard footsteps and faint voices above her. As Bella tried to move around she found that she could only go so far. Her leg was shackled to a spot on the wall.

Bella's memory was still a bit fuzzy as to how she got here.


Bella had just gotten done with her ballet class and was walking down the studio stairs. "Bella, do you need a ride?" Tyler asked her. Tyler was a good friend of hers that she had made when her and her friends moved here from Forks.

Bella just shook her head no and told him that she wanted to walk home. To her, it wasn't that far.

The farther she walked the more she felt as if she were being watched, no scratch that, stalked. Bella thought she heard someone walking a few paces behind her. She looked over her shoulder. She saw nothing, so Bella decided to walk a bit faster. As she's kept on walking she thought she heard what sounded like laughter. It was a sinister kind of laugh that made Bella break out into a jog. The laughing got closer and closer, causing her to start sprinting. All of a sudden though, she wasn't looking where she was going and tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and went sliding down the wet pavement. Bella started to get up on her knees and was met with an ungodly sight.

"Miss me?!"

It was James, the same man that had a sick fixation on her. Even though he was about three years older than her, he would always try to get close to her, thankfully either Edward or one of her friends would come and talk to her. That way, he would go away and leave her alone.

"W-what are you doing here?" Bella stumbled for words. She was in pure shock to see his face again. He was suppose to be in Forks Prison. My dad, the chief of police in Forks, made sure that he would stay there for a very long time.

"I've come to save you of course." James said with a cheesy grin. Bella didn't know what he was talking about. "J-James, save me from what? I'm safe and healthy." Bella said with more control than she felt at the moment."Save you from that asshole Edward Cullen." James picked up Bella by her arm and started dragging her to his black beat up van that was down the street.

"James, James, I'm fine. Edward isn't going to hurt me, 'you're the one who's hurting me." Bella said as she ripped away from James grip.

This confused James, he put his hands on his head in confusion and frustration and started to mumble to himself. Bella thought this was an opportune time to try and sneak away, but James snatched her by her hair and started dragging her back towards the car. "I need to save you Bella. I need to save you." He kept on chanting.

End FlashBack:

Now she was saved. Yea, saved right into her own personal hell hole on earth. Bella started to pace as far as the shackle would allow. She had to think of something. She had to get out of here.

She had to get out of here no matter what it would take.

A/N: thank you for reading, and let me know how I did? I know that I brought back the whole Jeanne thing, but I think Tony still isn't fully over it. At least that's that I think. Please let me know what you think.

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