Scene 5

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[Cue grey pop-in on ambulance lights]

Agent McGee is typing on his computer as Agents DiNozzo and David came walking out of the elevator.

"I told you to let me drive."

"If you drove we'd be in a mangled car wreck on the side of the highway."

Ziva rolled her eyes and walked toward her desk. She always did have a 'special way' of driving. The best way to describe her driving was best expressed as "I think she was an eastern European cab driver in her past life." which was described by former director Jenny Sheppard.

"My driving has gotten better, right McGee?"

This caught McGee off guard and tried to form a reasonable answer that would satisfy the both of them.

"I-uh-your driving has improved some..."

"Ha!" Ziva directed towards Tony.

"…but it could be better."

"Ha!" Tony shot back at Ziva. It was like dealing with hormonal teenagers at times for Gibbs, but they are 'damn good agents' as Gibbs would say.

"DiNozzo, David, McGee, please tell me that you have something that leads us to finding Isabella Swan and her kidnapper."

There was silence. "Where. Is Isabella Swan. And Her Kidnapper!?" Gibbs said as he enunciated every word while speaking in a raised tone. Gibbs said as he walked to his desk with his normal coffee in hand. "Nothing on the B.O.L.O yet boss, seems like the guy is staying low." McGee said as he checked the file.

"Not low enough, a buddy of mine for Metro P.D. He found some video footage that has a girl matching Isabella's description." Tony said as he took a bite of cold pizza that was sitting on his desk. He always did have a thing for pizza. It was one of his many weaknesses. Tony picked up the plasma screen remote and clicked it a few times to bring up the video feed. As they reviewed the footage the caught a glimpse of the man that more than likely kidnapped her.

"Send this down to Abby, and have her clean up the video. David, DiNozzo, bring in the boyfriend and see if he can I.D. her from the video." Gibbs said as his team reacted to his orders. "And Mcgee, go help Abby and grab a Caf-Pow on your way down.

McGee made his way down to Abby's lab and was a little shocked at what he saw, because what he saw was Abby in the back room putting her black t shirt on, and of course he was mesmerized by her. McGee did always get dumbfounded when he was around her, and at times she would play that to her advantage.

"Like what you see McGee?" Abby said with a wink. "I-uh-I don't know what you're talking about." McGee you're lying."

"I am not!" McGee said with his voice cracking a bit. "You are too! Your ears are red." Abby said with a big grin on her face; knowing that she caught him. McGee was never really good at lying., not even if it meant keeping an important secret. There was one time when he was younger when he was suppose to keep a certain secret, but he was unable to do so. It involved his little sister, Sarah McGee.

Flash Back:

McGee was sitting at the kitchen table eating his cereal. He was about ten years old and Sarah was about five or six at the time.

"Now Timmy, you can't tell Sarah that we plan to throw her a surprise party at her favorite place, Hen-Re's. McGee nodded his head yes and his mom went ahead and left for work. McGee and Sarah would need to take the bus to school.

One thing that McGee hadn't had thought of was that Sarah planned to ask him what mom wanted to tell him that their mom didn't want her hearing. Knowing that Tim would crack under pressure , especially if the person asking was a close to him, or if they were really intimidating, like his little sister.

"Timmy, what did mommy have to say?!"

"None of your business, mom told me not to tell."

"Well, mom don't have to know." Sarah said with an adorable smile. This was her first line of attack. She would make you feel all warm and fuzzy then go in for the kill and get the information she wanted.

"Mom said not to tell." McGee repeated as he went to leave the room. "Ok, then I bet you don't want this." Sarah said as she held out one of his collectable toys his mom had gotten for him as a gift for Christmas.

"Sarah, leave that alone! Mom told you to stop messing with my things." Sarah wasn't having any of this. She started acting like she was going to break it in half. "Sarah! If you break that then I'll tell mom and you won't get your surprise birthday party at Hen-Re's!!" As soon as McGee said that he realized what he had said and smacked his forehead.

End Flash Back:

"McGee, are you even paying attention to me?" Abby said to a zoned out 'computer geek'. "Y-yea, I'm listening to you. How's the video coming?"

"Almost…done! The tape was fairly new, but was used so many times which was why the quality of the video was so fuzzy. That reminds me of a concert I went to with a friend and a few guys were in these fuzzy costumes and wearing weird masks, but then again, a lot of people were wearing masks, not that I don't like masks, because I do, but it creeps me out when someone wears a mask. It can be trying, am I trying you McGee?" Abby said with an almost sincere face.

"Abby, is the video ready to show to Gibbs? I don't want to go back up there with nothing to show. I don't feel like getting an earful from Gibbs."

"Is that so Special Agent McGee." Gibbs said as he walked into Abby's lab. He always did have a habit of walking in undetected and scaring both Abby and other agents as well. It might have something to do with the fact that he was a marine and a sniper at that too.

"What ya got Abby?"

"Well my darling, I have the video in higher quality and if I had to guess, I'd say that the woman in the video, is our missing girl.

Agent DiNozzo came back into the squad room followed closely by Private Edward Cullen and his 'friends'.

"Probie, put the video on the plasma." Tony ordered. Instantly the video popped up and they watched as Bella was seen running down the street and tripping over herself then being grabbed by who was obviously the kidnapper.

"Y-yes, that's Bella. I'd know my fiancé anywhere." Everyone nodded and agreed simultaneously. "Can you I.D. the man that kidnapped Miss Swan?" Edward leaned forward towards the screen and watched it over and over and finally came to a conclusion. "Yes, that's James, James Daggeredly. I'd recognize that damn son of a bitch anywhere." Edward said as he clenched his fists in agony and anger.

"We are close to finding him Private, you have nothing to worry about."

Bella kept on pacing the room. It had been a few days since James had last come down here. She was starting to wonder if she was left here to die while James was 'protecting' her.

The past couple of days she had been tugging on the shackles so much that the origin of the where she was shackled to was starting to become loose. This caused Bella to think that there might be hope for her. She kept tugging and pulling on her shackle.

After a few good minutes of tugging and pulling, she was able to get free. The shackles snapped and was left with just the cufflinks. She stayed where she stood for a little longer than she wanted. She was just so stunned that she was finally able to be freed.

She ran up the basement stairs, tripping all the way up, she had become more lightheaded than she had originally realized.

"I have to get out of here." Bella murmured to herself. Once she made it to the door she had imagined that it was locked and she would still be stuck here, but it was the exact opposite. The door was unlocked she slammed it opened and made a break for it. She ran for the nearest exit. She looked both ways for help, but there was no one in sight.

"Bella? What are you doing up here?!" She froze where she stood. She recognized that voice, and was too afraid to turn her head around, but she did anyway and saw that it was James with a bag of groceries.

Bella did the only thing that came naturally to her in this type of situation. She made a run for it, and James let her get a good head start before he dropped his bag to chase after her. Bella just kept on running, even though her body was telling her that she needed to stop. She occasionally looked over her shoulder and didn't see James behind her. The farther she got the slower she ran. After awhile she started to slowly but quickly continue to walk. Then she heard her named yelled and turned to see James running towards her.

Bella picked up the pace again and started running. What she didn't know was that she was running into afternoon traffic . She was able to dodge a few cars, but the last one she was unable to. She was hit from the side and rolled up onto the hood and rolled down onto the ground. She was groaning in pain. As she laid there moaning, out of the corner of her eyes she saw James standing on the sidewalk looking on in worry, but instead of running towards her, he ran in the opposite direction down the street. Bella was relieved and slowly slipped into a blissful sleep.


Bella slowly started coming to consciousness. She had a throbbing headache, and opened her eyes and saw a blinding white light. As her eyes adjusted, she saw that she was in a hospital room, and the beeping was the heart monitor.

That's when it came back to her that she was hit by a car while running away from James.

"Hello, my name is Doctor Cullen, but you can call me Carlisle. You have a nasty bump on your head, but there seems to be no broken bones. Do you remembered what happened?"

Bella nodded her head yes, and looked around and saw a woman with brown hair with a carmel tint, standing by her bed. "This is nurse Platt, she'll be your RN while you recover. Do you remember your name? Bella nodded, but found it hard to find her voice. "M-my name is Bella Swan."

"Well Bella, why did you run into a heavy intersection?" Bella debated whether or not to tell them what had happened to her for the last few days, but thought that it'd be best to do so. "I was kidnapped by a man and kept in a basement for the past few days. Where is Edward? Where's my fiancé?"

"Where does your fiancé work Isabella?"

"It's Bella, and he's a marine. I want Edward. I want my fiancé." That was the last thing Bella said before falling into a medicine-induced sleep.

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