Final Scene

A/n: thank you to all who read and reviewed and I'm glad that you all enjoyed this story ;) sadly this will be the last chapter of this cross over. I had a blast writing an NCIS Twilight crossover…I liked it so much that I may even write one in the near future. Not sure what the plot will be, but it should be good. Now enough of my rambling; here is the final chapter of LOST! (the ** are the grey 'poofs' and ~~ are mini scene changes (that goes for the whole story so far))

[Cue grey pop in on McGee, Tony, and Ziva staring at something with a confused expression]

The elevator dinged as McGee came rushing in towards his desk.

"Has anyone seen boss anywhere?" McGee said while he started panting to catch his breath from running up the stairs. Even though McGee managed to lose some extra weight, he still needed to work on his cardio.

"Why the running probie-wan-kanobi?" Tony said in a teasing tone. Tony did always have a weak spot for teasing Tim whenever he got the chance. There were times when McGee would get annoyed, which would just egg DiNozzo on even more. "Tony, I have some important news that Gibbs would probably like to know, so if you wouldn't mind could you please tell me where Gi-"

"He's right here elf lord. What do you need?"

"I-er-I found some medical records of the kidnapper James Daggeredly. Turns out that he served in Afghanistan a few years before Edward Cullen and everyone was stationed here at Norfolk. When Daggeredly arrived back at Norfolk he was diagnosed with PTSD, and was put on some medication to help with his night terrors, but the psychologist he was told to report to informed me that he wasn't taking his meds, and his prognosis was rapidly deteriorating and he was due for a mental breakdown."

"Well, looks like the shrink was right, he broke down alright, broke all the way to kidnap his ex girlfriend." Dinozzo said, and then rambled off into some sort of similar movie reference. Of course his coworkers were groaning with annoyance.

"Get to the point DiNozzo, before I decide to knock it into you."

"Right boss, what I meant was we should try and think like the basket case. Where would he go to hide his ex girlfriend?"

Just then Gibbs' desk phone rings and he picks it up and answers in the same way he always does, "Yea, Gibbs..." and the look on his face changed immediately to that of concern. The look could be best described as that of a father being protective over his daughter, and Gibbs seemed that way over Ziva and Abby, so this was nothing really all that new.

"Grab your gear, Isabella Swan was ID'd at the hospital." This stunned everyone to the point that no one moved. It was somewhat obvious that they thought that Bella wouldn't be found alive. It was very rare that a person was found alive after three days, and it was going on day five.

"Grab. Your. Gear." Gibbs said as he enunciated every word. Tony, McGee, and Ziva didn't need to be told twice and they hurried to the elevator door. "So boss, who's driving?" McGee said with an eager look on his face, but that could be mistaken for worry as well, just depended on who ended up driving.

"I think the Senior Field Agent should have the privilege to drive the car."

"I think that the woman should drive the car Tony."

This arguing went on for a few more minutes, and then Gibbs just tossed the keys at Tim. "McGee, you're driving." Gibbs said as he had a small grin on his face.

Without a word the rest of the way down they rode the elevator all the way to the lobby and walked out to the parking lot.

Edward was in the same place he was yesterday night; the couch next to the fireplace.

He had been thinking about Bella nonstop and just wished that she was here so that he could cuddle with her and make sure that she was safe so that nothing would happen to her ever again. He ached to hold her, to touch her; he even missed her 'smell'. She smelled of strawberries and freesia. It was a body spray that Alice had bought for her.

"Edward you have to get up and do something, anything. You can't just sit here. Bella wouldn't like you acting this way." Alice said while she was trying to cheer up her friend. The six of them grew up together in Forks, well Edward moved there from Chicago when the rest started middle school, but they practically grew up together.

Edward lazily popped up in bed and slowly got up from where he sat. "Damn Eddie, you look like shit!"

"Gee Emmett thanks, that's just what someone wants to hear when they're feeling shitty." Edward said as he got up from the couch and started slowly walking to the bathroom. Edward hadn't really ever changed clothes as often as he should've, but that was understandable. I mean, the woman he loved was missing, possibly dead even. That would put a damper on anyone's day.

"Come on Edward; let's go see a movie or something. I hear that "The Bounty Hunter" is playing near here. Let's go see it; I also heard that it's supposed to be pretty good." Rosalie said to try and lighten the mood. It didn't really help. Edward still felt depressed, but hated making everyone else feels that way so he reluctantly agreed to go see it.

Just as they were gathering their things to leave, Edward's cell phone started ringing. Not knowing Edward didn't really want to answer it, but something told him that he should answer it anyway.


"Is this Private Edward Anthony Cullen?"

Edward was a bit weary of acknowledging the anonymous caller, but decided he might as well figure out who had called him. "Yes, this is him. Who is this?!"

"This is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I am your father's brother, Edward."

Edward's mother and father died in a car accident shortly after he joined the marines. They had died in a head on collision. Edward was told that they died instantly so they didn't suffer, but that didn't seem to make him feel any better.

"How do I know you're even really who you say you are." Edward said in a short tone. He wasn't in the mood for some prank phone call. "For all I know, this could be some sick joke."

"Edward, I am your father's brother. Our mother's maiden name was Mason. She married your grandfather, our father, Edward Anthony Cullen Sr."

This shocked Edward. His suspicions of the man being an imposter were proven false. He knew then that no one could really know that much detail and Edward even figured out whom he was named after. But that was still beside the point.

"That still doesn't explain how you found my number. "

"I called your C.O. and he gave me the number, I hope you don't mind. I'm calling to tell you that I think your fiancée, Isabella something… I think she said her name was Bella Swan."

This news caused Edward to freeze where he stood. He should say something, but hearing this caused him to believe everything this man had just said was true.

"A-Are you sure?"

"I am pretty positive Edward, my wife, and head nurse, Mrs. Esme Cullen both double checked when she mentioned your name. I already notified NCIS, and they are on their way down here to question her about what went on. What 'did' go on son?"

This somewhat angered Edward to the point that he about crushed his cell phone in his own hands, but he calmed himself. Notifying NCIS was the responsible thing and smart thing to do, especially if that meant that that son of a bitch, James, was caught sooner rather than later.

"I'll explain all of that once we get there. I will see you soon then…uncle." Adding the last word felt weird for Edward to say, but great at the same time. He had forgotten what it was like to have a living relative to care for him. His grandparents died when he was young, and then his parents dying shortly after he completed his PT training. A weird thing that popped into Edward's head was that his dad had never mentioned that he had a brother, so this was somewhat of a shock to Edward.

"Who was on the phone Ed?"

Alice had always been a bit nosy, but that was her charm Edward assumed. "Someone at the hospital, my uncle, said that Bella was admitted there!"

Everyone froze where they stood when Edward broke the amazing news to them. Like Edward they thought that they would never see or hear from or about Bella ever again, so hearing that she was alive and in the hospital was a bit of a culture shock for them.

"What?! Since when?!"

"Is she alright?"

"How did she get away from that son of a bitch James?"

"Bella's stronger than we thought."

"I wouldn't be surprised if all her clothes were ripped or torn, which could only mean one thing…A SHOPPING TRIP! When she's feeling better of course." Alice added to try to make amends, but no one could really be mad at Alice, but Alice was Alice. Even in the middle of a crisis she still thought about shopping and clothes. Nothing could distract Alice from shopping. I mean she went shopping even after her mother cut her credit card off. Apparently Alice had racked up a lot of store credit at different stores so she was good to go.

"Are we there yet? The speed limits forty-five through here." Edward said as he impatiently allowed Jasper to drive. "I don't think it would look good if a major were to get pulled over. Besides, Bella is safe and getting medical attention Edward, she'll be fine."

Edward knew this, but it didn't seem to calm his nerves any.

But before they knew it Edward, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett were at the hospital and rushed up to Bella Swan's room, but were stopped by doctor Cullen. "Ah, you must be Edward, I'm doctor Cullen, but you can call me Carlisle. Bella is doing as good as to be expected, she was a bit dehydrated, and we had to give her some medication to sedate her."

"That's all nice and dandy, but when can I go in and see her?"

"I have been told by my superiors that I am to allow no visitors until NCIS has come and questioned her. I'm sorry Edward; I wish I could be of more help."

Edward wanted to punch Carlisle, but he knew that it wasn't his fault. Edward knew what it was like to follow orders even when he didn't like what they were. Instead, Edward just nodded his head and went to take a seat in the waiting room.

After getting stuck in afternoon traffic, Gibbs and the team arrived at the hospital in record time even, but that was mainly because Gibbs was driving. "Nice timing boss, usually it would have taken us over an hour, but you saved us about thirty." Tony said as he got out of the back right side of the black town car and Ziva got out of the front passenger door. McGee was to stay and help Abby try and find something that would help Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva find where James Daggeredly was hiding. Ever since NCIS received the phone call that Isabella was found they were still stunned that Bella was found alive.

Gibbs just turned and gave his trademark stare at Tony which was code for him to go ahead and shut his mouth before he said something he would regret later. Tony was pretty good at doing that sometimes. If he was having a good day he even managed to do it more than once.

"Shutting up now boss."

"Uh huh."

Not very many words, but then again, Gibbs is a man of few words.

They got to the Intensive Care unit where Bella was being monitored closely. Even though she seemed to be in good health it was never a bad idea to keep someone in the ICU when they have been deprived of Water and nutrition.

"Excuse me, only family and close friends are allowed to visit with-"

Gibbs got out his credentials and flashed the NCIS logo, and his identification to prove who he was.

"Oh…right... this way, I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen."

"Any relation to Private Edward Cullen?"

"Yes, he's my nephew. His father and I were brothers. Until their car accident a few months after-"

"Private Cullen joined the marines, yea we know. Tell us about the girl doc."

"Well she seems to be doing very well considering how long she has been missing and deprived of proper nutrition, and I'm sad to say that she remembers all of it, every excruciating detail of what has happened to her the past few days. I'd advise only one of you go in there. Any more would add stress she seriously doesn't need right now."

Gibbs' expression was a mixture of annoyance and understanding. Something about Bella reminded him of Kelly.

Kelly was Gibbs' daughter that, along with his wife, were killed by a Mexican drug dealer on the last 'official' day of Operation Desert Storm. What not very many people knew though, was that that Gibbs was able to get payback by assassinating the bastard who took his wife and child away from him. And since then he has had at least three ex-wives, and a few 'flings' here and there.

"DiNozzo, get Bella Swan's statement and Ziva…" Gibbs said with a slight pause.

"Will observe for clues." Ziva finished. It had become a habitually for his team to finish his sentences, it was a way to keep them on their toes, to keep them guessing you could say.

Tony walked into the room where Bella was sleeping. Once Tony was inside he cleared his throat to announce that he was in the room. Bella's eyes shot open and she looked around the room fearfully. Ziva noticed her heart rate increasing while she looked around.

"Wh-who are you?"

"My name is Tony DiNozzo, I'm with NCIS, and I'm here to ask you a few questions."

"I don't know anything." Bella looked down and to the left, and from Ziva's numerous interrogations she learned that if a suspect looked down and to the left, they were more than likely lying, and if they were looking down and to the right they were recalling a memory.

"That maybe true, but I'll be the judge of that Miss Swan."

Bella sighed, and turned her head away from Tony, he assumed it was an attempt to avoid any questions.

"Do you know the name of the man that kidnapped you?"

Bella's heart beat quickened, but she will herself to calm down, and not trusting her own voice she just nodded her head in acknowledgement.

"H-his name is James…James Daggeredly. He was the man that took me, but he didn't kidnap me."

"He didn't kidnap you." Tony said with a slight question in his voice. Bella nodded her head. "I wanted to go with him." Ziva could tell she was lying, something in the way she was telling Tony this story seemed a bit rehearsed. "But you were seen running down the street and into oncoming traffic, and one person said they saw a man trailing after you, but stopping just short of the intersection."

Bella started tearing up and sniffling, but even Ziva could tell she was determined to keep what happened a secret.

"Why won't you believe that I went willingly? I went with James of my own free will."

Tony wasn't buying any of this. "There is security camera footage of you being chased by an unnamed man down a dark street, and then he grabbed you and shoved you into a van. Well, when you think about it he's not unnamed anymore really, seeing as our forensic scientist was able to clean up the footage enough to identify the man, and the identification software was ninety-nine percent positive that the man who attacked and kidnapped you was James Daggeredly. Am I right Miss Swan?"

By now Bella was in tears and her heart rate was all over the place. It got so bad that Carlisle and Esme had to come in and the doctor had to give her a sedative to calm her.

"I told you not to bring anymore stress on her Agent DiNozzo."

"We apologize doctor. Tony, we have what we need now, yes?" Tony nodded his head to Ziva and the walked away and back down to their car.

(back in Abby's lab)

McGee and Abby are down in her lab working on a way to try and locate where James is hiding, but they're having no such luck.

"Abby, I still don't see why me drinking five of your Caf-Pows have to do with why you aren't talking to me." McGee said to a silent Abby. Abby was never silent, not unless there was a very good reason for it. "The reason I'm ignoring you right now Tim is because I am trying to find the psycho who kidnapped a defenseless woman, and you're just sitting there drinking my Caf-Pows from MY stash. Lucky for you though rule number ten comes in handy."

"Always have a knife?!"

"Always keep a spare." Abby said as she walked to her freezer and pulled out a hidden Caf-Pow. Abby took a sip and went back to work. They were to first get a more detailed background for Gibbs, and in the meantime to try and get a location to where he was staying.

"Well all I've gotten so for was that James had a crappy childhood and that he and his sister had a druggie for a mother, and an alcoholic for a father." Abby said as she went through his records.

"How did you manage to find that? This guy is practically invisible."

"Timmy, he went to school didn't he?" McGee nodded his head yes. "Well they have his permanent records, and I went from there. His mother, Janine Daggeredly got into the big stuff, got arrested for dealing cocaine, and possessing heroin. Janine, or as her 'friends' called her, Jane, died when James was in middle school from a drug overdose, doctors pronounced her DOA."

"That's great Abby."

"It's great if you got something on where he might be hiding out at." Gibbs said from behind them, causing McGee and Abby to jump a bit in their seats. Gibbs had a knack for coming in without anyone knowing until he finally said something. Abby says it has to do with the fact that he was a marine sniper and he had to be quiet.

"Hold on 'Oh Great One'. You have to let me give you the wind up before the pitch. His father, Alec, is in prison for aggravated assault and grand theft auto, all while under the influence. He has three more years before he's released. Finally there's his twin sister Victoria. Growing up they had to rely on each other for support. My guess is if you find Victoria you'll find James, Gibbs….Gibbs?"

Abby turned around and there was no Gibbs in sight. "I hate it when he does that."

Tony and Ziva come out of the elevator and go to their respectful desks. Gibbs stared a hole through DiNozzo and David. "Bella Swan Identified her kidnapper Gibbs, but the doctor ended up giving her a sedative."


"Sorry boss, I didn't need to be an experienced interrogator to tell that she was lying."

"Yea, I can see that DiNozzo, what I don't see is you on the phone calling and see where Victoria Daggeredly lives."

"Who?" Tony said as he put the phone to his ear. "The dirt bag's sister!" Gibbs said in an annoyed tone. Gibbs always was a bit impatient when he was in a hurry and wanted things done right away.

"McGee, got an address?"

"Uh, almost got it boss. I am running the name through a database I made up consisting of all the possible candidates and the suspects name and I should find it…now." McGee said as his computer dinged with a match. "Put it up on the plasma." McGee hit a few keys on the keyboard and the search result popped up on the screen.

"Victoria Daggeredly. Has one brother, our suspect. Mother is deceased and father is in prison. No known criminal history…oh wait boss, looks like she has an alias, she's also known as Tori Bentley. "

"Does Tori Bentley have any priors McGoo?" Tony said as he was eating a granny smith apple in McGee's ear practically.

"Just small crimes mostly. Worse thing she's done it seems is aggravated assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon."

"Does it say where she lives McGee?"

Tim started sifting through all the information in Victoria's file, and finally found what they had been looking for.

"Got it boss. She lives near Lambert's Point."

"Good job McGee."

"I have to go save her Vicky, she's in trouble."

"No you're the one's who's going to be in trouble James. Where did you get the bright idea to kidnap Bella? Her fiancé's in the fucking Navy!?"

Victoria said as she started pacing the room. Her brother was in deep trouble, she didn't need to be smart to know that. Ever since their mother died their lives went to hell in a hand basket. Even if their mom was a drug addict, she still was a loving and caring mother when she wasn't high. She wasn't your typical druggie either. She kept a decent job; she was a receptionist at a doctor's office. The job paid well and she had amazing benefits.

There dad was a completely different story. He was a construction worker and once he lost his job he took up drinking. First it started out with a drink or two at the bar, then it turned into spending the whole night at the bar, then it got to the point where he spent all day at the bar and would come home all liquored up.

He didn't get abusive, at least not to Victoria and James. Their mom loved her husband so much that she didn't want him to leave so she would just take the punches. What Victoria and James didn't know was that Their mom, Jane, could've left their dad at any time and still be able to take care of them. She just loved Alec so much that she didn't want to ruin it.

"But Vicky, she needs to be saved. The aliens are coming to get her."

Hearing her brother talk like this broke Victoria's heart. Ever since their mother died his mental health went downhill, and when he got into the Navy, Victoria thought that maybe he would get better. Well that was true for a little while.

When James came back he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and was ordered to go to regular meetings, but one day Victoria got a call one day asking where James was because he had missed the past three meetings.

"James, no one needs saved, everyone is fine."

Just then Victoria heard a car coming up the road and pulling in front of the house. She peeked out the window and saw a black town car and a three people walking up to the front door.

"James, it's time to go upstairs and take a short nap." James didn't want to, but he was in such a bad condition that he obeyed his sister and walked upstairs.

What Victoria and James didn't know was that Gibbs had Tony go around back and cut off the back exit and Ziva and Gibbs would go to the front door.

Ding Dong

Victoria opened the door and answered as if nothing was wrong at all.


"Hello, we're NCIS, I'm Special Agent Gibbs. We came to ask you a few questions."

"About what?" Victoria said trying to sound calm and as if nothing were wrong.

"Your brother, James Daggeredly was involved in a kidnapping a few days ago, and we were wondering if you heard anything from him."

"If you're wondering if I'm going to help you turn in my brother then you are dead wrong." Victoria said with a lot of conviction. Gibbs and Ziva could tell that she was hiding something so Gibbs decided to push some more. "When was the last time you talked to him?" Gibbs said as he nonchalantly looked around the house. Ziva did the same and saw a male jacket laying on the kitchen table.

"It was maybe about a month ago, he was in his support group and he told me how well he was doing there." If Gibbs didn't know any better he would've almost believed her, except for the coat on the table, but then she could lie and say that it was a boyfriend's and they'd be none the wiser. But Gibbs was smarter than the average person.

"Then who's jacket is that on the table Miss Daggeredly?" Ziva said while pointing to the black male jacket. "It, uh, belongs to Mike, my boyfriend." Ziva could tell that she had made that up on the spot. Her body language gave it all away.

"Then why does it have Daggeredly on the tag in the jacket?"

Victoria's head jerked to the jacket and saw that Ziva was in fact right; James had written his name on the tag of the jacket. She sunk her head in defeat. "James is very sick Agent Gibbs, he needs help. He didn't realize what he was doing was wrong."

"Where is he at?"

He was met with silence and Victoria on the edge of tears.

"HEY! Where is he at?!"

"H-he's upstairs in his room. He's been staying with me since yesterday. He was scared that he would be gunned down like a common criminal."

"And you weren't afraid of the consequences of hiding him from the federal authorities, Tori Bentley?" Tony said as he walked through the kitchen, which of course was located in the back of the house. Victoria jumped at the sudden new voice and turned to see Tony eating a sandwich. "Oh, by the way, you're out of mayo."

Tony said as he took another bite out of the lunchmeat sandwich that he helped himself to.

"DiNozzo, stay here. David, you're with me." Gibbs said as they walked over to the stairs. "Please, don't hurt him; he's been through enough Agent Gibbs." Victoria said with pleading eyes and a single tear starting to fall down her cheek. Gibbs tore his gaze from the redhead and proceeded to hurry quietly upstairs.

When they got closer to James' room they heard quiet chattering. The chatter sounded something along the line of constant muttering that she wasn't safe, and that something would happen to her. Ziva and Gibbs got on either side of the door and counted silently to three and slowly opened the door to his room and was stunned at what they saw.

The walls in his room were plastered with pictures of Isabella Swan, and almost creepy looking drawings and different random words scribbled in black ink pen.

Gibbs and Ziva were right behind James when he said, "Bella's in trouble. They told me what was going to happen. I have to stop it."

"What will happen James?" Gibbs and Ziva quickly turned to the doorway where Victoria was standing and seconds later DiNozzo popped up next to her.

"Something bad Vicky, something bad."

"What James? What will happen?"

"They will hear us and hurry up and kill her if I tell you."

Gibbs slowly walked over to James and slowly grabbed him by his right wrist and cuffed his right wrist, and was about to reach for his left, but James started struggling, and Ziva had to help and finally he was cuffed, and was forced to stand up and slowly walk out of the room and down the stairs.


"Yeah, boss?"

"Head back to the hospital and keep an eye on Bella Swan."

"You think what James said could be true?" Gibbs just glanced at Tony to let him know that it was obvious that he did want Tony to go check it out.

Tony drove quickly back to the hospital to follow up with what James had told Gibbs and everyone back at his sister's house and see if it actually was legit or not.

When Tony got back up to Isabella's room Private Cullen was sitting by her bedside talking with Bella, and Tony couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of what they had. Then as he inched closer and closer DiNozzo saw that all her friends were with her as well. They were laughing and joking about something unbeknownst to him.

Tony leaned up against the wall facing the doorway to Bella's ICU room and started to stare off into space. Then Tony saw something off in the distance. Something slowly moving towards Bella's window, and the longer he stared out the window the faster the object started to move closer to the window.

Tony ran towards the room. "Everyone get down now!" He said as he ran in and motioned for everyone to get on the ground. There was a bit of confusion, but when they all looked out the window everyone, including Bella, with the help of Sergeant McCarty and Private Cullen, who was helped to the floor and covered with protection.

Just as they were able to get her to the ground a huge remote control plane came crashing through the window and landed on the same hospital bed Bella had been laying in just moments before.

"What the hell was that?! What the fuck is going on!!" The blond haired woman said as she slowly got up from the floor. "Well I don't care what that was, I'm just glad we're all safe." Major Whitlock said trying to calm the situation

"Screw safety that would've hit Bella if Eddie and I didn't get to her in time." Sergeant McCarty said as Bella was helped up and propped against Private Cullen.

"What's all the noise-What the hell is that?!"

"That, doctor, was attempted murder on Miss Swan over here." Tony said as he got his cell phone out to call Gibbs. Just as Tony was about to dial a nurse came running in almost out of breath as if she ran all the way to the room. When she reached the room she waited til she caught her breath and began to say, "Is everyone alright? I was on my lunch break, and a little boy and his father were flying a model airplane when the little boy lost control of the airplane and watched as it crashed into the window. So I ran up here because I knew that there were patients' rooms up on that floor."

Well this changed things, since it was just reckless endangerment, instead of attempted murder, most the father and son would receive is probably a fine for damages and if Bella felt like it she could even sue for her pain and suffering but seeing as how she had been through enough it would be highly unlikely that Bella would want to go through more frustration, besides she probably wants to just go home and plan for her upcoming wedding.

Just then Tony's cell phone rang and the caller ID said Gibbs. "Yea, boss?"

"DiNozzo! You called then you hung up what do you need?"

Tony proceeded to explain the entire incident in prefect detail to Gibbs. "Well I'll be a monkey's butt. James Daggeredly was right, yes?" Gibbs must've put Tony on speaker phone. Then Tony mentally rolled his eyes, ZIva's use of the American idioms were getting better, but still needed some work. "Donkey…donkey's butt." Tony said in an annoyed tone. "Is that not what I just said?" Ziva said in a short tone. "Both of you shut it. DiNozzo, so Bella and everyone is fine?" Gibbs said to Tony. "Yea, boss, everyone is fine. Where's Daggeredly?"

(Bethesda Mental Facility)

"But please, you have to believe me Bella Swan is in trouble. Someone's going to hurt her!" James Daggeredly said as men in white scrubs were pulling him along encouraging him to follow them to his new cell where he would stay and get the treatment he desperately needed.

"Bella is safe now." One of the men said

"You stopped them?"

"Stopped who?"

"They told me that Bella was in danger and needed my help. Are you sure that she's safe?"

One of the men in white scrubs nodded his head once in confirmation. James sighed and slowly walked into his room and then the other man, who had no hair shut the padded door and locked it from the outside, then the men stood outside the door to make sure that James wouldn't try anything to try and escape.

"Oh, that should help; let's just hope he doesn't turn into another Corporal Worth." Tony said jokingly. "Yea, that's all I need right now, a broken dislocated arm, but lord knows you probably deserved a broken nose DiNozzo." McGee said teasingly. "Honestly you two, can you both not talk about Worth for more than a few days?"

"Is someone embarrassed to hear about their boyfriend?"

"Worth is not my boyfriend, Tony. He is just a friend."

"Oh really, well then you won't mind if I-"

Tony was cut off when the elevator dinged and out walked a woman with red hair and sunglasses, it wasn't Victoria Daggeredly, and it was the same mysterious redhead that Gibbs had dated awhile back.

"Is that-"


"I think it is."

Gibbs smiled and laughed as he and the redhead were talking quietly and walked back into the elevator down stairs leaving McGee, Ziva, and Tony in the squad room, at their desks stunned into silence.

[Cue grey poof then fade to credits]

A/N: so what did you think of the final chapter? Yes, it was rather long, but I think that it needed to be long, because well it's the final chapter :P I had a blast writing this, and I plan to do another NCIS crossover soon, but first I need to take a breather from this genre and in the meantime you can send me ideas for another plot for the next crossover.

I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope to hear your thoughts and views on this story in general in your reviews :) so until then, I bid you all farewell for now. :)

-Megan aka flutetenorsaxplayer2008

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