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Final Moments Decision

By James Kennedy


Short Story

ear the end of the Silver Millennium, the planet Pluto, the first line defense of against the Dark Kingdom, was set on fire. The once silent planet had became a bright star of warning that the Dark Kingdom had began its march of destruction. Princess Setsuna could only feel helpless against the dark forces. She watched from the balcony of her palace as her defenses were breached and her people laid dying until the form of lost hope presented itself as Sailor Saturn appeared before her.

“Are you really here or are you the Princess of Saturn” said Princess Setsuna with a saddened tone of voice.

“I think you know the answer to that question” Replied Sailor Saturn.

“This was not how I wanted to leave this place before returning to the Gates of Time.”

“But this is how it has to be.”

Princess Setsuna lowered her head in depression while she heard the sounds of the Dark Kingdom's forces breaking down the walls of her palace.

“They will be here soon.... I couldn't protect one small kingdom so what faith do I have that I can protect the Gates of Time.” said Princess Setsuna.

“That is why what I am about to ask will be so difficult.” replied Sailor Saturn.

“What is it that you ask?” asked Princess Setsuna with hopeless interest.

“When you leave this universe, you must leave Princess Setsuna behind and become Sailor Pluto once and for all.”

“How can you ask?” Princess Setsuna replied angrily.

“Your human side will betray you in the moment that you will need it not to. Our roles in the universe do not leave room for us to be human.” said Sailor Saturn.

Too many emotions ran through Princess Setsuna's mind for her to think clearly. She was depressed that her kingdom was falling. Afraid of becoming something else than human and Burdened with the task that was given to her without her permission. Sailor Saturn was the very opposite of her with her calmness in the face of disaster. Almost emotionless with performing her task without question of ethics. However underneath Sailor Saturn's solitude, the same sense of loneliness and burden could be felt that also resided in Princess Setsuna's heart. It was almost like the meeting of two kindred spirits that were never meant to meet again.

“Will it hurt” Princess Setsuna asked nervously.

“You need not worry; there will be no pain and I will show you how.” Replied Sailor Saturn

“Did you have to do this too?” Asked Princess Setsuna.

Sailor Saturn remained only silent as behind closed doors, a brilliant flash shot to the sky with the speed of light. A light that did not go unnoticed as the armies of the Dark Kingdom burst through the walls. The general himself, intruded into Princess Setsuna's chambers but all he found was Sailor Saturn overshadowing the light that came from the window.

“What are you doing here? You can only be awaken when the three are assemble.” Demanded the general.

“How so little your mind works; I am always present in the moment of death.” Be it an army or even a planet.” Replied Sailor Saturn.

Without hesitation, Sailor Saturn turned her glaive to the ground and allowed it to touch as the general froze in his place with the look of terror shredding into his eyes. The planet flashed in brilliant light as the ground and the sky tore itself apart. Destroying anything in its path including the palace and the armies that sought to take it however before it all disappeared, there was a small shadow in the Palace garden. The shadow of a brave princess who served the greater good but never to be remembered for the choice that she had to make.

Here lies the planet Pluto; reduced to a cold dead rock yet its warning of the Dark Kingdom's march will almost be bright as the sun. Planet Pluto; the silent guardian that will forever watch into the frontiers of the universe as a reminder of the difficult choices that we all make.  

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