The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 10

A/N thank you to all who reviewed. And I appreciate all of your guys' reviews and some of your criticism. In this chapter James is going to attempt kidnap Bella. And Alice and Emmett are going to go meet the person in charge at the hospital. And they're going to find out that Jacob isn't their real dad, but they still aren't going to find out that Carlisle is their dad until later…so they're getting closer to finding out. Bella though, she is still in the dark. So without further adieu her is chapter 11.

James POV:

"James, your mission is…if you choose to accept it...and you better. I brought you into this world, and I can take you out (lol who's mom's said this to them before :P)…is to kidnap a woman that looks like this." He then showed me an old photograph of a little girl with long wavy brown hair with brown eyes to match. I studied the photo and was confused, he told me that I was kidnapping a woman, not some little girl.

"I thought you said that I was suppose to kidnap some woman, but you just showed me a photograph of a little girl." I was annoyed and it showed on my face.

"She is in Russia, she's eighteen now and is traveling with two men that go by the names Edward Mason and Carlisle Cullen. Once they are out of the way you kidnap her and bring her back to me."

I couldn't stand this man. Why was I even after this girl? She didn't mean anything to me. If I did bring her back, what would I get out of it. Would he continue to have me do what he wanted of me? Would I be free? I really didn't think I had a choice, but something inside of me was telling me that I did in fact have a choice.

I stormed off out into the world above (a/n I don't know where limbo is actually located, but in this story you have to go up to get to the living world). When I came into the living world I was shocked. It seemed so different than what Him had described to me. It seemed more 'home like' than some 'strange' rude place. As I walked through the market Him told me about I saw the most beautiful woman ever. She had long fire-red curly hair. I fell in love with her hair as well as her ice blue eyes.

"Hello, my name is James."

"Hello James, my name is Victoria."

Oh she even had a wonderful name to match her beautiful features. I still have no idea what this feeling is that I am feeling. I really like her. But this feeling that I'm having is so much more than that. This feeling made me want to get to know her even more, but I had a mission to do. But this woman mesmerized me to the point I almost forgot why I came here in the first place.

I walked the any aisles looking for the woman. Just as I passed the third aisle I saw Victoria again. I was starting to follow her, but I had to mentally stop myself from following her.

I continued my search for her. I would not let my interest in a woman detour me from my goal. I would kidnap the woman I was suppose to and hand her over to that rude insensible man. Then come back and find out more about that lovely woman named Victoria. There was something about Victoria that drew me to her.

I have to stop thinking about her right now I need to think of a way to kidnap the long lost princess. I could drug her, hit her over the head, I could just grab her, or I could seduce her into coming with me.

I decided to go with the just grabbing her and go theory. I didn't know where to get the right meds to put her out, I didn't want to take the chance of killing her by hitting her on the head, and I didn't want to take the chance of Victoria seeing me seducing another woman and lose interest in me.

I stalked her as if I was a wild animal and she was my prey. I got closer to her. I got within earshot to hear the man with the bronze colored hair say that he would go check on the man they called Carlisle and that he would be right back and for her not to move an inch until they both came back.

She mocked saluted him as he rolled his eyes as we turned around to go find him. This was my chance, it was now or never…I chose now!

As I made my way towards her I grabbed a potato bag (a/n like the ones they use in those potato sack races) and at the next stall I swiped some rope. It wasn't to thick to where it wouldn't tie tightly but not to small I couldn't untie her if need be.

I felt like I was in an old fairy tale story I had heard a mother tell her child as I walked through the market…something about a blonde haired girl who wanders through the forest and comes upon a hose that has three beds, three bowls, and three chairs. And the house belonged to three bears. And mother, father, and a baby bear. Ironically enough this story was called 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.

I started to get excited as I inched closer behind her. She had no clue that I was about to kidnap her and take her to be killed. Part of me felt sorry for her, but the other half wanted to get her back to Him and come back and court Victoria properly.

I was finally behind her and I immediately covered her head with the potato bag and took one piece of rope and tied it around her neck. I had put an air hole in the bag. I may be a minion but I am not heartless…do I even really have a heart? Ok, I'm starting to ramble. I then tied her wrists together and connected the remaining rope to the roped tied around her neck.

I then threw her over my shoulder and hurriedly ran through the market narrowly missing obstacles in my way. As I got closer to the exit of the market I started to hear screaming both feminine and masculine. I then realized that this woman on my shoulder started screaming for help and the masculine voices I was hearing were the two men Him had told me about.

I tried to outrun them, but they were too fast even for me. I was hit in the back and I fell forward, launching the woman into the air. I attempted to go after her but I was hit over the head and knocked unconscious, but before I gave into the darkness I saw the bronze haired man catch the woman. She was safe. Maybe now I could go back to Victoria and get to know her better. All these thoughts slowly turned muddy as I gave into the coming darkness.

Bella POV:

I loved coming back to the market. I actually found some pretty interesting things and I only spent about ten Rubles. Who would've thought that I would make such a good bargain hunter.

As Edward and I walked up and down the long walkways of the market I got the strange sensation that I was in fact being watched. I had the feeling that I had to keep looking over my shoulder.

"Are you alright Bella?"

I nodded yes."Yes, I'm fine. Don't you get the feeling that someone is watching your every move?"

"No, I don't Bella. I don't have any strange feelings, other than the ones of annoyance you're giving me by keep having to look around." I blushed at this. I didn't know that I was annoying him. He annoys me sometimes too, but you don't see me just blurting it out.

"Bella, I am going to go check on Carlisle and see what's taking him so long. Do not move from this spot. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Do you hear me Bella?"

"Yes, Edward. I will not move from this spot." I rolled my eyes once he turned away. He always treats me like a child. Now Bella, he's just trying to keep you safe. But I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone quickly putting a woven potato bag over my head then tying a rope around my neck then tying my wrists together and with the extra rope to the rope around my neck. This man then decided to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. I tried to scream out for help but I didn't think my voice could be heard. Where are Edward and Carlisle? Am I just a danger magnet? Am I going to die? What is this man going to do to me?

I assumed it was a man. His shoulder felt very muscular and broad. I wanted so badly to be let go that I started to cry. I was starting to lose hope that someone would come save me. Just as I was thought all hope was lost I was launched into the air and I was then caught by another set of strong arms. I started to scream and squirm to get out, not knowing who had me.

"Bella? Bella, it's me Edward. It's ok you're safe now." I was so relieved to hear this. I started sobbing with relief. I wanted so badly to get this bag off of me. I was curious as to why Edward did not untie me or get the bag off of me yet.

"Ok, you can get you untie me and get this bag off of my head now please."

"Oh, sorry about that Bella…"

I felt my hands being freed and I ripped the bag off of my head. I looked around to see that I was no longer in the market. I was on some empty street.

"Edward if you caught me where's Carlisle?"

I didn't wait for Edward to respond. I looked around until I saw with my own eyes that Carlisle had stopped the man who attempted to kidnap me by tackling him and forcing him down and had his arm behind his back so he couldn't get away. I was very glad that they were both there. I got up, with Edward's help of course to go and see who tried to kidnap me.

I was expecting it to be Mikhail, but then I remembered what Carlisle said about him not coming near me unless he wanted to go to prison.

This man had long reddish-blonde hair that was tied back. He looks as if he was trying to grow a goatee. He was surprisingly handsome. Quit that Bella, this man tried to kidnap you. Lord knows what he would've done to you if he would've gotten you alone.

Edward POV:

I left Bella by herself. As I left, I was still wondering if it was a smart idea to. I roamed the market in search of Carlisle. As I walked away from Bella I was almost knocked over by a mysteriously looking man wearing a brown leather jacket with some stone-washed looking pants. He didn't have any shoes, which I thought was weird. His reddish blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail. He looked very peculiar, but I shrugged it off.

I kept walking and I came to find Carlisle bargaining with a butcher on the price on a leg of lamb hat I assumed he was going to prepare tonight. I had to chuckle at this, Carlisle never really raises his voice, and now I see why. He's not very good at arguing and getting his way. I walked over to him as he paid the man 25 Rubles.

"I see that bargaining didn't go as planned then."

"No, they didn't. Jeez..Where's Bella when you need her. She could've gotten us a good deal on some meats."

Carlisle did have a point. Bella did seem to have a way with people. That could be another quality we could pass as her being the Bellastasia. As I mentioned this to Carlisle we heard an all to familiar scream come from the other side of the market. We stopped in horror and looked at each other, hoping that once we got there we didn't see Bella.

We both ran with what seemed like inhuman speed. Something in Carlisle snapped and he shoved the man, causing him to fall forward and launch Bella off of him. I ran to catch her and the force of her hitting me caused me to fall back onto my bottom. I sighed as I saw that she was alright, but then she started flinging her arms every which way trying to get away. I assumed she thought I was the man who had tried to kidnap her and had thrown her down on the floor.

"Bella? Bella, it's me Edward. It's ok you're safe now." I said with full meaning of it.

"Ok, you can get you untie me and get this bag off of my head now please."

"Oh, sorry about that Bella…" I proceeded to untie her hands first. Then I untied the rope around her neck and she ripped the bag off of her head. I saw those beautiful eyes again and it took all I had not to kiss her.

"Edward, if you caught me, where's Carlisle?" I chuckled at this and I looked over to where Carlisle was sitting on the unconscious man making sure that if he woke up he couldn't get away. I have never seen him act this way before. It was as if he was protecting his own child, but then again he thought of me as a son and Bella as a daughter, so it was only natural for him I guess.

"Do you need my help Carlisle?"

"No Edward, I have this under control, go on and take Bella back home." I stood up and then held out my hands to help Bella up and we start on home to start to pack for the trip that was now just two days away.

Carlisle POV:

"I…want…three one-pound…pieces of steak…" I was getting frustrated. I knew enough Russian to get what I wanted, but who would've known that I didn't count this butcher.

"Я сожалею, сэр, но я понятия не имею, что вы говорите." (I'm sorry sir, but I have no idea what you're saying.)

This I understood. I was about to give another attempt when he came back with three different sizes of lamb. I've never cooked lamb before, but I decided to give in and try it.

"Это будет тридцать пять рублей, пожалуйста." (that will be thirty-five Rubles please.)

This I also understood and was about to protest when I saw Edward laughing to himself. I reluctantly paid the man his thirty-five Rubles and I walked over to him. I handed him the bag that had the three pieces of lamb in it.

We were walking back to where Edward said he had left Bella. Just as we rounded a corner we both heard a scream. That scream sounded all to familiar. We both ran very fast towards the screaming to see Bella with a bag over her head and a rope around her neck and her wrists. This wasn't happening. Bella being kidnapped by some strange man with a pony tail.

Something in my must've snapped because I just lost it and I tackled this man. As a result this sent Bella flying into the air. Luckily, Edward was there to catch her. I wanted to so badly punch this man until he was unconscious, but all it took was one hit to the back of the head and he was out.

"Do you need my help Carlisle?"

I appreciated his offer but I had to decline. I wanted both Edward and Bella to be safe. I wanted to question this man alone and get some answers from him.

"No Edward, I have this under control, go on and take Bella home now." I was mad. Why did he try and Kidnap Bella? She didn't do anything. I heard from witnesses that she stood in the place Edward had told her.

I waited until this vile excuse of a man woke up and started questioning him.

"What is your name and why did you try and kidnap Bella?"

"Oh so that's her name."

"What do you mean? Are you saying that you kidnapped Bella for the heck of it?"

"No, I'm not saying that. I was only doing what I was told to do." This had me confused. So he didn't really kidnap Bella for his own personal gain, but for someone else.

"Who told you to kidnap her?"

He didn't say a word. I didn't want to resort to violence, but I had no other option if I wanted to get the vital information I needed from him, so I pulled my arm back and I connected with his nose. After it connected I saw blood start to just pour out of his nose. Now, being a military corpsman I felt the need to patch him up so I did. I mean I didn't want him to suffer, even if he did try to kidnap Bella for someone else.

"Do you even know this person's name?"

"No, I do know that he has an obsession with someone woman that looked a great deal like your Bella."

I felt that he was in fact telling the truth. I decided to let him go.

"You have my word that I will not harm another hair on Bella. I didn't even really want to do it in the first place."

I was taken aback by this. This was the first time I met a kidnapper that actually had a conscience. I believed his story and he took off down the empty street we had chased him down.

Rasputin POV:

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How could he turn on me Bartok? Why I tell you..WHY?!"

My creation had the perfect opportunity to kidnap Bellastasia and he did that, but he could've killed both Edward and Carlisle easily. My plan was ruined. I had no back up plan. Now how am I suppose to get Bellastasia and kill her myself?

"Bartok, bring my spell book, I have an idea."

I finally gave up the idea of killing Bella with my own hands, I decided I would try to kill her with some 'bad luck'.

"Uh…master? Why do you need the spell book? Aren't you just going to kill her anyway?"

Oh how I wanted to strangle this annoying bat. He talked to much and he had a bad habit of rambling, but he did make decent company.

I came up with the plan to just kill Bella with her own bad luck.

"Mwhaahahahahahaha…" my evil laughter is getting slightly better now.

A/N: ok, so what do you all think? I am going to try and stretch out the story as much as I can so it's a fairly long story and I know how a lot of people love to read long fanfiction…and now here is the other half of this chapter.

Emmett POV:

"Alice, have we gotten a reply letter from that Twilight Memorial hospital yet? I'm getting soo bored here just waiting for a reply."

"Don't worry baby, the reply should be in the mail today. It's been well over the amount of time they stated in the letter. And besides. You don't want to leave me do you."

Oh how I loved my Rosie. She had to most beautiful blonde hair and the most wonderful curves I guy could ask for. I kissed her with all my might when there was a sudden knock on the door.

"Jazz, could you get that? I'm kind of busy changing into a proper dress for the trip."

"But Ally, we don't even know if the reply with the tickets will come today. For all we know they-"

"Think again Emmett, Alice you were right, this telegram has the four tickets for us to go to the Twilight Hospital."

"How did you know that Ally?"

"I guess you can call me psychic."

"More like psychotic to me." I cracked up laughing when she said that. Man I loved Rosalie. She had a mean but funny sense of humor when she wanted to.

Alice always was 'special' it was like she could see he future sometimes. I learned to get used to it but it still annoyed me sometimes. It didn't always happen, at least the way she thought. She thought Rosie and I were going to tie the knot soon. Well, we did, but not the way we assumed. The string on the stack of newspapers came undone and it took Rosie and I to tie a knot. We were going to tie 'the knot' but not the one we thought.

This made Rosalie kind of unhappy. Luckily not at me, she wouldn't speak to Alice for at least 3 days. Alice of course understood why she was mad, but still decided to keep talking to her as if she wasn't mad at her.

"Jazz, what does the actual telegram say? What does it say? What does it say? What does it say?"

"Calm down Emmett." As if on cue I started to feel calm. This was weird.

"It says, 'Thank you for your reply Ms. Swan, we are looking forward to your visit and enclosed are the 4 train tickets you will need to get here. We hope to see you soon.'"

I was kind of leery about going to this hospital. Why did Alice need to find out the truth anyway? We had a loving mother and father. Why should we go and ruin that? But on the other hand I can see why Alice would want to know. I mean in her baby photo there's another baby with her and it looked very much like Alice. Maybe Alice was onto something.

I had another baby sister out there somewhere. I was suddenly excited. Where did this emotion come from. Maybe it was because I had another sister that I could 'protect', play with and even play some pranks on. I was giggling like a little kid when I saw Jasper walk in and start to read a book. I glanced at the title and just groaned.

He always read the most boring books I have ever heard of. Why would he read 'War & Peace'. I guess it's an interesting book, but it was just so long. I felt tired all of a sudden. I decided to go take a nap for a few minutes. I got to my room and I let my eyes get heavy with sleep and I let the warm darkness consume me.

A/N: ok, so one, Alice IS NOT psychic, she just is very well attuned to her senses ;) and Jasper doesn't have control over other peoples' emotions. I just felt like putting that in there. I hope you like this chapter. And do not worry. I will have them all end up meeting….maybe in the next chapter even ;)

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