The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 11

A/N it's finally here! No, they don't all find out the truth yet, but Edward, Carlisle and Bella are now going to get on the train. And the other half Alice has a "vision" let me know what you think of how I had her have one ;) I appreciate all the reviews and all the hits my story receives.

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Carlisle POV:


"Why Elizabeth? Why did you marry someone else?"

I looked at her with pain in my eyes. I saw the same in hers, but there was also some guilt mixed in there as well. I wanted to just walk away and never see her again. But I couldn't do that to my son and my twin daughters, they needed their father. I looked around and I saw only my son and one daughter. Where was Bellastasia? Did she pass away? Or was she just asleep.

"Where is Bellastasia Elizabeth? Where is my daughter?"

She bit her lip and looked away in both shame and guilt. Why would she need to feel guilty?

"Carlisle, I married Jacob because I thought that you had died. You didn't come back for over a year after the war was over. I thought you either found someone else while you were fighting or that you had in fact died in combat. I didn't know what to think. Jacob helped me through my grief. I will always love you Carlisle, but I can't just leave my husband now." This hurt so much, I knew that she was right, but why did the truth need to hurt?

"Ok, but that doesn't explain why I don't see Bella, where is Bellastasia?"

Again, she bit her lower lip.

"…Jacob only wanted a daughter and a son…I gave Bellastasia up for adoption."

I was taken aback by this. Why did she give up her own daughter. I could only fathom it was because she truly loved this man. But if she loved him then why did I father three lovely children with her. He shouldn't dictate to her what she should do or shouldn't do with OUR children.

"No, no you didn't give her up, this must be some bad joke…is it 'April Fools' already? You are truly convincing…"

I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that she gave our own daughter up for adoption.

"I made sure that she had a good home Carlisle…turns out the Tsar of Russia wanted Bellastasia. His wife could no longer carry children. After having a son and three daughters she would die if she would get pregnant. She has a loving family Carlisle."

"No…No…you are a monster..a monster…"


I was rolling around in my bed and woke up covered in sweat. I wondered why I was having those nightmares again. I had them when I first was getting over them. That dream unfortunately wasn't a dream. That really did happen.

My past love gave my own daughter up for adoption. All because some man that she claimed to love only wanted one son and one daughter. This just made me so mad.

I got out of bed and checked in on Bella and Edward. They were both still sleeping. I had packed the night before. We were leaving for Paris later today. I made my way to the kitchen to start making breakfast. I wanted something to take my mind off of my bad memories. I made three plates full of my famous plate. (a/n the 'typical English breakfast')

I decided to go ahead and wake Bella and Edward up. I knocked on Edward's door first and walked in and told him that breakfast was ready and that he should get dressed and start packing. He mumbled something that I couldn't quite catch but made sure that he was fully awake before I left to go wake up Bella.

I knocked on Bella's door and I heard an unexpected "Come in!" I was surprised, but I let myself in and saw that Bella was already up, dressed and packing her clothes. She didn't have much. Just the clothes that she came to us in and the clothes that she had purchased at the market.

"Hi Carlisle, I'm already up and dressed. Plus I just finished packing. Is there something you wanted?"

"Since when do you get up at the crack of dawn?"

She giggled softly and told me that she had always been used to getting up this early. It was living in that orphanage that helped her. If you didn't get up when the person in charge wanted you to you were in for trouble.

I remember that all too well. The person in charge of the orphanage that I was at was even worse than what Bella had told me about Ms. Hanniggan. She found this very shocking none the less. I still had this odd 'connection' to her, but I couldn't quite place it. I walked back to the kitchen and started nibbling at my food while I waited for Edward and Bella to come in and join me.

"Is there still some breakfast for this danger magnet?"

I chuckled to myself. She did have a point, she didn't have a knack for attracting danger. First the incident with Mikhail, then this strange man tries to kidnap her and almost succeeds. I can't even think about what would've happened to this woman if Edward or I weren't there to save her.

"Yes, there's a plate ready for you over on the counter."

"Oh, you didn't have to make all of this Carlisle…Mmmmm…this is so good. What is this anyway?"

"This is the meal that I vaguely remember my mother made for me when I was younger. It's just eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms."

"Well, it's still very delicious. I had no idea that you could cook."

"Neither did I when I first met him."

The sudden sentence made Bella jump, I had the advantage of seeing him walk in. he did have a way of walking into a room without anyone knowing until he said something.

"Edward, your plate is over on the counter. You know where the utensils are so I don't need to tell you."

We all sat around the table like a family. Even though these two children aren't really my family, but I still feel a connection to Bella.

"If you will excuse me I'm going to go lie down now. I want to save some energy for the trip." So I left Edward and Bella alone to talk and eat. Once I got into the room I laid down on my soft comfortable bed and I let sleep consume me. As I fell into a deeper sleep another flashback/dream overcame me…


I was reading a newspaper while I roamed the streets of Russia. I still couldn't stand the fact that Elizabeth had in fact gave her…OUR own daughter up for adoption.

As I read the front page. I saw a picture of the Tsar and his wife along with their son and daughters. His wife was holding an infant that looked like My Bellastasia.

I looked closer at the photograph and realized that in fact that it was my Bellastasia. Elizabeth had told the truth. That disgusting man convinced her to give up one of her own daughters. Did she even have the heart to tell my Emmett? Alice would've been to young to even understand. She was only a year old. And Emmett would've been 4 years old.

"Sorry sir, but you're going to have to leave…these tables are only for paying customers." I looked around and saw that people were eating food from the restaurant and sipping their coffees as well. I reluctantly got up from my seat and walked down the street.

I had lost my love, my daughters, and my son. I had nothing to live for. Why should I go on living? Just as I walked into the road I was shoved back out of the street. A young teenage boy with bronze colored hair had pushed me out of the way of a speeding car. I then realized that this boy had saved my life. And for that I was grateful.

"Thank you boy, you saved me back there. What is your name? My name is Carlisle Cullen."

He fidgeted a bit before he spoke.

"My name is Edward Masen. It was no problem Mr. Cullen, that car should've stopped."

"Well, Edward, you did save my life. And I thank you for that. And please call me Carlisle. Where are your parents?"

"I don't have any sir…err…I mean Carlisle. I was put in an orphanage when I was eight years old."

"Well, I would be more than happy to adopt you. You like someone who needs someone else to be with."

He gave me a small smile that let me know that he liked the idea of someone actually caring for him….


Bella POV:

"So are you excited that we are finally going to Paris?"

"Yes, I have always had this feeling that I had family in Paris, but I never had a way of getting there. And now you and Carlisle have given me that chance and for that I am grateful."

Edward blushed at this…wait!..did I just see Edward blush for the very first time? Maybe I'm just imagining it.

"So are you packed and ready Edward? I got up extra early and got dressed and packed up all of my things." I grinned as I said this, causing Edward to try and stifle a chuckle. I playfully slapped his forearm.

"No, I'm not packed yet. I slept in as long as I could so I could have enough energy to protect you from the eminent danger that is sure to follow you." I scoffed at this playfully and I then decided to get up and take mine and Edward's plate and start doing the dishes. This would give Edward no excuse for not packing.

I thought to myself about what am I going to say the Duchess once we get there? What if I'm not the long lost princess Bellastasia? What if I will never find out who I really am? I started to feel tears well up in my eyes. But I made myself not cry. I couldn't think like that. I would find out who I am and who's my real family is and I wouldn't give up.

I had finished doing the dishes and I decided to relax in an empty guest room. In this guest room there was a bed so I decided to lay down. I felt uncomfortable so I got up and decided to look around the room. I came across a weird crack in the wall. I ran my hand across this crack and when I applied pressure the door opened a smidge. I gasped at this sudden movement and then a weird flashback came to me. I saw a little girl and older woman running away from a mob of angry people and this young boy told us to go through here. After that everything went black.

I was puzzled. Why had I just seen this. I do not remember this at all I assumed it was me no having enough rest so I went back to the bed and decided to take a short nap.

Edward POV:

I left Bella to do the dishes while I went to go pack my clothes and other knick knacks that I would want to entertain myself with. I snuck into Bella's room to look for the jewelry box that I stuffed on the top shelf of the closet. I felt around for it when I finally felt a small round box that I knew in my heart belonged to the Duchess and would prove that Bella was in fact Bellastasia.

I snuck back to my room and stuffed it in my bag and when I felt that I was done packing I went to go wake up Carlisle and told him that I was done packing and Bella was just finishing up the dishes.

I asked if he was alright and he nodded yes, but I wasn't convinced. Lately he looks like he hasn't gotten much sleep. I hear him talk in his sleep sometimes. Which is odd enough, but even Bella talks in her sleep sometimes. I swear they act so much alike that they are related. Even though Bella looks nothing like Carlisle, so that shoots my theory out the window.

"So Edward, are you and Bella ready to finally get on the train that will take us to Paris?"

"Yes Carlisle, I finally get to find out if I do in fact have family in Paris."

I chuckled at this. Ever since we've gotten to know Bella all she talks about is 'going to Paris' 'I need to know if I have family in Paris' she talks about Paris so much it's as if she lived there or something.

"Well, if we're going to make it to the train station in time we better leave now."

"Edward's right we should get going. Let's go, you first Bella."

Carlisle was always the gentlemen. He was raised to let 'women first'. I was the last one to leave the house but I almost forgot one thing.

"Come here Sassy! We don't want to leave you behind now."

Sassy came running across the foyer and out to the car and jumped into Bella's lap. I laughed as I made my way to the car. That dog was permanently attached to Bella at the hip it felt like.


A few minutes later…


"Now boarding the train to Paris, Now boarding the train to Paris. Please would all passengers make their way to the train to board for Paris."

"Come on you two we're going to miss our train. We got to hurry."

"Since when are you in any hurry to get anywhere Edward?" Carlisle tried to hide his amusement at Bella's statement.

"I don't want to miss our train and then have to take a round about way of getting there."

Bella nodded her head in agreement. Just as we were about to board our train with our luggage a stray cat scurried by and Sassy unfortunately saw it and started chasing after it. This caused Bella to chase after Sassy and we had to chase after the two of them because we couldn't just go to Paris and go up to the Duchess herself and say 'We found the real Bellastasia' and her not be there with us. I mean you could, but you would not have any proof.

"Bella, get back here! We're going to miss our train!"

She was out of earshot to hear my yells. Carlisle and I looked at each other and decided to chase after her. Just as we passed the second platform we saw Bella jogging back with Sassy in her arms.

"Bella, is it really necessary to bring 'sassy' with you? I mean we almost missed our…train…"

Just as I finished my sentence we saw our train pull out of the station. I was seriously miffed with this. All because Bella had to go chase her stray dog, we miss our train. I pinched the bridge of my nose trying to calm myself and not have an outburst and make Bella upset and have Carlisle 'disappointed' in me.

"Edward, I'm sorry but Sassy is the cutest Beagle and I just couldn't leave her. Besides we can always catch another train. I'm sure that there are other trains that can take us to France."

"That may be true Bella, but our train was a one-way ticket. Now we have to take the long way to our destination. Which means we would have to make frequent stops. Which will slow us down." I said that with so much more anger than I intended to, but I did have a point, the sooner we got to France, the sooner I could try and forget about Bella, and let her live her own life, that is if she really is the real Bellastasia.

"Well Edward, I'm sorry that I have been such a burden and I can see that you want to get rid of me, excuse me for caring about other people other than just myself."

She then stormed off and sat on a bench that was far away.

"Son, did you really have to be harsh with her? She has so much compassion for living things, so it's only natural that she would not want to lose her puppy. Now yes, I agree that we missed our one-way train ride, but Bella does a have point. We can catch the next train to France."

I let Carlisle's words sink in and I had to agree, maybe I did in fact overreact a bit. Bella was our priority. We need to take care of her and so what if we missed our train, with no stops and peace and quiet. But we would have to make due with our frequent-stop train ride.

Meanwhile in the country-side of France

Jasper POV:

I was happy for Alice, she and Emmett would finally find out who the mystery baby is that was in that photograph Alice stumbled across. She had a rough time growing up. Rosalie and I had the fortunate pleasure of having a mother and a father. There were no secrets between our parents and us. They were such bad liars anyway. Only thing Rosalie and I hid from them was that we were engaging in relations before marriage. But we never got that far anyway. We wanted to wait till Alice was officially Mrs. Whitlock and Rose was officially Mrs. McCarty.

"Jazzy, could you please come here and help Rosie and I take our luggage to the car." Alice is the only woman I ever met that when she did the 'puppy-dog pout' I would melt and give into whatever she wanted.

I volunteered Emmett to help me as well. Alice and Rosalie packed two suitcases of clothes and then each one suitcase of shoes alone. I definitely needed Em to help me take the suitcases full of shoes. We made it out the door and out pass our cars and out to the canary yellow taxi waiting for us out in the drive. (link on profile) Emmett and I had finally gotten all of the girls' luggage into the back of the taxi and we were finally on our way to the train station.

Once we arrived at the train station Emmett and I once again had to take all of our luggage and take them on board the train.

"Hey Ally, where is this Twilight Memorial Hospital anyway?"

"The return address said that it was somewhere in Germany. This should be interesting to see how you react to the people there Emmy." My love said with a pixie-like giggle. With that statement we boarded the train and proceeded to find our seats. As soon as we sat down Alice and Rose fell asleep right away. I softly chuckled at this because they almost always overdo it when something important requires clothes for more than one night. As I watched my Alice fall asleep I slowly started to fall asleep as well.

Alice POV:


I saw this girl about the same age as Rose, Jazz, Em and I. she looked kind of like me, but her hair came down almost to her waist. We both had the same color hair, we both had the same features as well.

I was still on the train, but this girl exiting the train with two other men. One with bronze-colored hair and the other had hair that looked similar to Emmett's hair color, but his was more profound.

I went to get up and greet her, but they just left the train and Rose grabbed my arm to stop me from leaving the train, and getting separated from them.

I had no idea why, but with this girl I felt some sort of connection with her. She looked so much like me, and that man with the blonde hair kind of reminded me of Emmett.


I awoke from my dream. It felt as if it were really real (a/n this has happened to me. I've had a dream that something was going to happen like I dreamt about getting a certain grade on a test, and I got that grade.) I didn't want to wake the guys up so I snuck around Jasper and decided to roam the train. As I walked up the corridor I bumped into this girl.

She had the same kind of hair as the girl in my dream. She even was accompanied by the boy with bronze-colored hair and the man that had the same color hair as Emmett. It then occurred to me that I wasn't dreaming again and that these people were in fact getting off the train. I chased after them , but as I got back to the guys Rosalie grabbed me by the arm and stopped me from chasing them further.

I was then freaking out by now. I had a dream that was very similar to what just happened. I shrugged it off as just a coincidence. And went and sat back down next to my Jasper and went back to sleep.

A/N: I finally got to finish the chapter :D the Microsoft word 2007 I ordered came today. I was doing my little happy dance because 1. I wanted to be able to finish the story, and 2. I didn't want you all to think that I just dropped the story. I am so happy that I have this now. I had nothing to do. But with this I had some time to think about how I should get them to meet. And do you all like the way I had Alice have a vision, but not really? ;) this has really happened to me before. Now, I am not psychic or anything, but it has happened. And before I go I just want to let you all know again that I am not dropping this story, I am finishing it. And for the first time since chapter 1 I am going to ask you all to please review this chapter. Since this my chapter after my mini crisis ;)

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