The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 13

Edward POV:

All of this was still a lot to comprehend. I was sure of two things, one being that Carlisle isn't as perfect as I thought. The second being that I knew in the back of my mind that he wasn't. I mean, no one's perfect. I knew that for sure. We were almost to Lyon when all of a sudden our part of the train jerked. I looked around and the only people other than us in this part of the train was a young married couple.

The woman wore dark-rimmed glasses and had her shoulder-length black hair pulled back nicely in a bun. The man had short, but slicked back brown hair. I overheard them talking long enough to know that the woman's name was Angela and the man's was Benjamin. I could tell that they were newlyweds. I could just see it by the way that they looked at each other when they thought no one was looking.

"Edward, I want to let you know that that wasn't me, I didn't fall, at least not yet anyway."

I softly chuckled at this. Bella does have a point she can be a bit clumsy at times, but that's what makes her so special to me. Stop it Edward, get a hold of yourself. If this plan works she will be out of your life and you can stop thinking about her. I was starting to feel these odd emotions whenever I saw Bella, let alone thought about her.

(a/n to add to the mood start to listen to Requiem of A Dream by Clint Mansell..try YouTube)

Just then there was another jolt. What was going on with this train? I decided to figure out and went towards the front and was stopped by the conductor, the weird thing was that this man looked oddly familiar, but I just couldn't place it. He had long onyx hair that was pulled back. His skin had a 'sunk in' look to it. He told me to go back. I tried to get by his frail figure, but he was holding me back. I saw three glowing creature-like figures doing what looked like sawing off what connected the engine to the passenger cars.

What I saw made two things very clear. One being that we wouldn't get to Paris, and two being that we needed to get off this train as soon as possible.

I ran back to Carlisle and Bella to hurry and get them off the train. But then I remembered Benjamin and Angela. I couldn't just leave them here to die on this runaway train. I quickly went over to the couple and told them that we would have to make an emergency evacuation.

"Why do we need to exit the train? We aren't even to Paris yet. And plus I don't even know who you are…"

My name is Edward, and the man over there is Carlisle and the woman's name is-"

"Angela! Oh my goodness I thought I would never see you again! I felt so bad when I left you back in the orphanage, but I see that that didn't stop you from finding this gentleman. Hi, I am Bella and you are…."

"I'm Benjamin Cheney, but please call me Ben. It's so great to finally meet the woman my Angie didn't stop talking about. I applaud both you and Angela for surviving that hell-hole of an orphanage."

"Angela, I'm assuming that you of course got adopted right? You hadn't turned eighteen when I was no longer permitted to stay at the orphanage since I was of legal age. I always felt so bad for leaving you and the other younger kids there."

I was shocked. Bella had never mentioned Angela awake or asleep. But I was happy that she had found someone from her past even if it was from a horrible orphanage. Wait! We really need to get off this train before it was too late.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but we really need to get off this train."

"Why son, I don't see anything wrong."

"Carlisle, I saw some kind of glowy thing 'sawing' the hitch that connects the passenger train to the locomotive. If we do not get off of this train now we will crash with the next oncoming train."

didn't want to cause panic but I think now is an exception I didn't want anything to happen to Bella, Carlisle or Angela and Benjamin. I hastily grabbed Bella by her elbow and picked up my luggage as well as hers. I was then followed by Carlisle, Angela and Ben.

"Edward, once we get to the back of the train how are we going to get off?"

"Well, I was going to have Carlisle jump first then Angela, Bella then Ben and then me. "

I knew that Bella and Angela would be hard to persuade to jump from a moving train. I had to somehow either 'trick' or force them to jump. Maybe even have them close their eyes.

"Ok, we're past the bridge that was connecting to very high mountains and now we're where we can jump. Carlisle you have to jump first so you can catch Bella and Angela."

He nodded and proceeded to jump out of the open door that took 2 people to open. I told Bella to close her eyes and cover her ears. She of course obeyed and I tossed her out the door and watched as Carlisle Successfully caught her and now waited for Angela.

I asked Ben to calm Angela down, since he of course knew her far longer than I have. She shyly walked up to me and closed her eyes and covered ears. I tossed her out the door next and saw Carlisle also catch her. Now it was Ben's turn. He leaped out of the train and did a tuck and roll. Now all that was left was for me to jump out. Just as I was about to jump I heard an ear-shattering whistle and looked up to see a bright white light slowly but surely coming my way.

It was a train. I had to think fast and I gave myself enough space to take a running leap. And just as I leaped out of the passenger car it was crushed by the train. I had landed head first and did a roll and landed with my feet up against a tree and my top half on the snowy ground.

(end song)

"Edward! Are you alright? Any longer in that passenger car you would've died…Never do that to me again you hear me Edward Mason!"

Bella sure had a good right punch. Growing up in that orphanage she would've had to defend herself somehow. I had no idea that Bella cared for me so much. Quit it Edward, she doesn't care about you. At least not in the way that you hope she feels for you.

Why am I having these feelings for Bella all of a sudden? I care about her, but when did all of these other emotions start surfacing into my consciousness? It just to happen when I spaced out, not when I was aware and alert.

"Is everyone alright? Edward, are you alright? You landed awfully hard. Plus, you landed head first. Maybe I should check you out to make sure."

Carlisle was always looking for an excuse to use his medical bag, but come to think of it my head was starting to hurt and most of my limbs felt a tad sore. I knew that I would have to take it easy for awhile. I was just happy to know that everyone made it off the train in one piece.

"Edward, why did we even have to jump off the train? It was running just fine."

"Even if I told you, I don't think that you would believe me Carlisle."

"I highly doubt that, son. You know that you can trust me with anything."

I took Carlisle aside and explained what I saw on the train. And how that I knew that that had something to do with the jerks I had felt on the train. I couldn't tell what he was feeling, but He never really showed his emotions...but there was that one time where he opened up about how he lost his three children. I would never know how that felt. I lost the chance to ever meet my parents. I lost my mom and dad when I was about five years old and then spent a year in foster care, but then I was "adopted" by the Tsar of Russia. I wasn't a son, they made me the 'kitchen boy'. I would mop floors, help clean dishes, and sometimes i would get to sleep in a warm bed.

I still remember that night when Rasputin came and wanted revenge on the Romanov family. I was spying on Bellastasia and her grandmother. They were singing her lullaby that her grandmother would sing to her to help her sleep when she would visit Bellastasia. I loved it when Bellastasia's grandmother would visit, because then I would get to hear her angelic voice. I loved the way she sang. It was as if the angels came down from the heavens and blessed her with the heavenly voice.

"Where are we anyway? Are we even close to Lyon? I don't want to walk all the way to Paris."

"I woudn't either Bells, but I dont think we're going to e able to get to Paris today or even tomorrow. It's going to take at least a couple of days."

Sadly, I knew that Ben was right. It was going to take at least a few extra days more than planned. I got up from the ground and walked over to a clearing in the forest to sit and think. I had a lot to think about lately. They were about Bella. To be more specific they were about are my feelings for Bella more...were they feelings of love. No! I can't do that to her. I will not let her not follow her dreams of finding her family and finding happiness. She would have happiness with me too, but she still would never know who she really is. I can't be that selfish and take that all away from her. Stop this Edward! You cannot have feelings for this woman. She might be royalty for you know. And if she is she will never want you. And if she did she would never be able to, so just forget about her. I knew then what I had to do. I would stay away from Bella, at least emotionally and somewhat physically.

Ok, I was able to put what I had completed on here and I hope you all like it. The guy that is going to fix my laptop took it today. Only catch is that he wont be able to work on it this weekend because of the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis this weekend. But i should be getting it back sometime next week. Hopefully he is able to fix my Word. I also recieved my first 'flame' for this story. The reviewer said that I was 'unoriginal' and basically copied the movie Anastasia. But she only read the first chapter. Yes, the first couple chapters are kinda like the movie but as it goes on I put my own twist on it.

I want your opinion on if I am being unoriginal. And arent we all 'unoriginal"? I mean, we take the story twilight and try and take the plot of the book and make it our own. I am not annoyed with this review I am just confused on why this person would call me unoriginal when everyone is 'unoriginal' at one point in time and it's really no big deal

I also am still trying to find a good title for my Cop story i mentioned in the previous chapter (Author's Note).

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