The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 14

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Bella POV:

Thank goodness Edward was ok. He scared me back there. Why did he wait until the last possible second to jump? Maybe he likes the thrill of it. But I love that I found Angela again. I thought that I would never see her again. I heard that she got adopted, but while I was out and walking through the local town I saw her sitting on the streets in rags that appeared to be her clothes...the same clothes she left the orphanage with. This confused me. She was fifteen and I was about ten years old at the time.


"Angela, is that really you? I thought that you got adopted? What are you doing here?"

I saw her quickly look around and then turned back to me and told me that I need to leave now and go find help for her.

"But...but why are you here Angie? I thought that you got adopted to a nice family that looked as if they really cared about you."

I saw her eyes start to water. There was something that she wasn't telling me. I knew that it was either important or something that I wouldn't understand.

"Bella. I need you to go away now! Go find someone and tell them to come here. I need someone who is an authority figure. Do you know what kind of person that is?"

"Ang I might be ten, but I'm not an idiot. Ok. I will go and find someone and tell them. But you know that you can tell me anything Angie."

Just then I was shoved out of the way and the next thing I knew I felt black enclose me.


I never knew what happened after that, because the next thing I knew I woke up back in the orphanage. I never saw Angie again after that, that is until now. I knew it was her. And she even remembered me too. And take into account that she was five years older than me and hadn't seen her for eight years. I am so happy that she found someone to spend the rest of her life with.

If only I could find that special someone too. I know that he is out there somewhere.

"Does anyone know how far away Lyon is? I don't know if I can walk all that way and not trip over myself."

This earned a chuckle from everyone and then Edward grabbed me by the wrist and told me to hang on tight. He didn't even give me time to say anything and he picked me up and started walking with me in his arms caused me to turn a shade of red. And earned me another chuckle from them, especially Edward. This for some reason made me feel awkward inside. I couldn't tell if it was his velvety laugh that made warm inside or the fact that he felt totally comfortable carrying me all the way to Lyon. How ever far away that is.

Then it came to me. I was fully and completely in love with Edward how would I tell him this? I mean I couldn't tell him, what if he didn't share my feelings. I knew what I had to do I had to keep my feelings to myself, no matter how hard that would be, even if that meant that I had to be rude to make sure of it.

"Edward put me down. I can walk just fine."

"Oh..uh..umm...ok Bella. It's just that I thought you were ok with me carrying you. I mean I was just trying to be nice."

"No Edward Anthony Masen, you didn't think. I am perfectly capable of walking on my own. I am a big girl you know."

I know that that was so mean and I hated to see what my words did to him, but I didn't want to give him the wrong message and him act weird around me. I hated being rude to him, but it needed to be done.

And to add to the hurt I stormed off ahead of everyone else. This caused Angela to jog up to me and walk with me and I could tell that she knew that I was lying about everything I said. She could always tell when I was lying, probably because I was so bad at it but I apparently looked convincing enough for Ben, Carlisle and Edward because I saw all of their jaws drop when I snapped at Edward.

"Are you going to tell me why you went off on Edward really? You know that I know when you're lying right Bella."

She had me. I had to tell her now.

"Yes, you always know when I'm lying, but I had to Angie."

"Let me guess it's because of Edward isn't it?"

"You know me well, yes, it's about Edward. I think I am falling in love with Edward Ang. What am I going to do? I mean I don't even know if he has the same feelings for me as I do for him. And yes I don't know unless I ask him, but it's to complicated right now."

Angela started to laugh. "I'm glad I am still able to amuse you Angela Catherine Weber."

"Sorry Bella, but you didn't even give me a chance to answer your question and besides, you managed to answer some of your questions in the process. You are so funny when you ramble on like that."

I blushed again and I thought back to how rude I was to Edward. I really need to find a better way of avoiding my feelings for Edward rather than being rude to him. If only I knew what he was thinking.

Edward POV:

I cannot believe that Bella let me carry her. I felt as if my life was complete. She felt like a feather instead of a normal girl. It felt as if I was carrying royalty. It was then that I knew that I was completely in love with Bella. I had to proceed with caution with this. If Bella didn't share the same feelings I would be left looking very stupid.

"Edward put me down. I can walk just fine."

This came out of no where. I thought that she was ok with me carrying her. I know that I wasn't complaining.

"Oh..uh..umm...ok Bella. It's just that I thought you were ok with me carrying you. I mean I was just trying to be nice."

This made me feel awkward. Had I just assumed that she wanted me to carry her? Or was it just my imagination.

"No Edward Anthony Masen, you didn't think. I am perfectly capable of walking on my own. I am a big girl you know."

She used my full name. I took this as a sign that she was in fact infuriated that I tried to do something nice for her and I get yelled at. Well I guess this proved a point. She didnt have any feelings for me so I would have to respect her feelings and not try and pursue mine.

I then felt a tug on my arm and I looked to see it was Ben. I didn't know Ben well, but I could tell that he wanted to tell me something so I let him take me to the side and he told me that Angela would get to the bottom of it. Only thing is that she probably wouldn't be able to tell you once she found out because of the pact that she and Bella made while in the orphanage. It wasn't a surprise to me to find out that it was Bella's idea.

"Edward, Ben, I think the girls are on the move. We better keep walking. The girls are already a good distance away from us right now."

I took this opportunity to see that they were in fact a great distance away so the three of us and we started walking again. Then I saw Bella turn to Angela and start laughing. I loved the way she laughed. It sounded as if there was an angel here with us and took over Bella's voice. Stop it Edward! She made it clear that she doesn't have feelings for you. So don't continue to show feelings for her. If she doesn't have feelings for you that means you're going to have to hide your feelings from her.

After a while we came to a fork in the road. We didn't know which way we should go because there were no signs. The one on the left looked dark and weary, but there was a light towards the end of the way, but the one on the right looked nice and bright, but the complete opposite was at the end, dark and no sign of light.

"Which way should we go? Should we take the sunny way or the dark way?"

I was just as confused as anyone. I had no idea which way we should go. I had to think about this some more, so I went and sat on a nearby tree stump. If we took the dark way we could get to the lighted path, but if we took the lighter path it would turn dark. then it hit me. what if we went one way it would take us in one huge circle. But then again I have never been here so I have no clue.

"Ben, I think I've been here before. It was back when I was 'adopted'. The path that leads us out of here is this way."

Angela was pointing towards the darkened path. I didn't know if I should or shouldn't trust her. But it seems as if everyone else believed her. So I guess that meant that I should too.

Meanwhile back in Paris

Alice POV:

We finally made it back home. I was a comfort to know that our sister might still be alive. She was royalty by adoption. But royalty none the less. I officially was jealous of her now, and I didn't even know her yet. Rosalie even was jealous. That really means something. She can be the sweetest, meanest, and even the vainest person and that is all in one hour. It was time to go to visit the grandmother of the late Tsar of Russia. This meant that Rosalie and I would have to go shopping again. We had to look our best if we were going to meet with royalty.

"Rosalie, do you want to go shopping with me? We have to get a whole new set of clothes if we are going to meet with the Grand Duchess. I will go grab Jasper, and you 'bribe' my brother please."

"Sure thing."

Rosalie went bouncing off to find my brother. When I say bribe I mean that if Emmett didn't go shopping with us he wouldn't have "relations" for a month. She has been known to do this so it was rather funny to see Emmett try NOT be affected by this. As always Emmett would always cave in.

"Well, Emmett agreed to come with us. I didn't even have to blackmail him. He was actually excited to go. I guess this whole 'having a long-lost sister' thing is making him willing to do anything if it means that he can meet her again.

A Few Hours Filled With Shopping Later

I loved the outfits we decided on. (a/n outfits on profile..towards the bottom of the list) Jasper's suit made me feel like 'cashing' on him. (this is actual 1920's lingo i looked it means a kiss) We already had the train tickets. Our train left in about two hours. This gave me time to spend with my man.


"Come on Em, we're going to miss our train. You to Rose."

Once again Jazz and I had to be the 'adults' of the group and round up.

"Come on Ally, you can't blame me for wanting to take advantage of my girl when she's all dolled up. I am a man. I have needs."

This caused me to roll my eyes and i saw Jasper do the same. This earned Emmett a slap on the back of the head from Rosalie.

"Now Boarding Train to Paris. Attention everyone. The train to Paris is now boarding."

Well now we are off to visit the Duchess and finally figure out this whole mess once and for all.


A Few Boring Hours Later


Well we finally got here. It was a rather short train ride. We walked down the busiest street in the city and was amazed how beautiful the Eiffel tower was. (link on profile)

"Well, here it is. We are finally here. Who wants to knock on the door first?"

I was about to go knock on the door, but was pushed back into Jasper by Emmett. He was always such a child when it came to this stuff. Sometimes I wonder if he's really the older sibling. Or am I the older one?

Emmett POV:

I wanted to be the one that knocked on the door. So I walked up to the door and pounded rather hard on the door and was greeted by a friendly motherly-type woman with shoulder-length brown hair.

"Oui? how may I 'elp you?"

I was kind of confused with what she said but before I could answer Alice pushed me out of the way. "Hello, my name is Alice Swan, and this is my brother Emmett Swan. The other gentleman over there is my fiance Jasper Whitlock and the lovely woman next to him is Rosalie Hale, she is my brother's fiance as well."

I was perfectly capable of telling this woman all of that, but I do have to agree that Alice does 'talk' a lot better with strangers than I do. I have a tendency to come off rather like a 'brute' or a rough tough man.

" 'ello Alice, je m'appelle Esme (my name is Esme). Mai-je demander pourquoi vous êtes ici?(May I ask why you are here?)

I was completely lost. I had no clue what she was saying and neither did Alice or Jasper.

"Oui, nous sommes ici parce que nous avons une importante question à poser à la Grande-Duchesse." (Yes, we are here because we have an important question to ask the Grand Duchess.)

The three of us were all in shock. None of knew that Rosalie could speak French, and very fluently I might add. The three of us decided to have Rosalie talk to Esme since she is more capable than us. Plus, it seems Esme is more comfortable talking in French.

"Je suis désolé, mais la duchesse ne veut voir personne maintenant."(I am sorry, but the Duchess does not want to see anyone right now.)

"Mais c'est sur Alice et la soeur de Emmett. Elle a été adoptée par son fils Charlie Romanov."(But it's about Alice and Emmett's sister. She was adopted by her son Charlie Romanov.)

"Je suis désolé, mais madame n'est pas d'accepter-"(I am sorry but madam is not accepting-)

"Esme, who are these people? Are these Men trying to say that one of these girls is my Bellastasia?"

So Laurent was right. the Duchess was in fact Bellastasia's grandmother. We had to quickly figure out what happened to our sister.

"Madam, my name is Alice Swan and this is my brother Emmett. We came here from a hospital in Germany and found out that we had a sister. She would be my age. She is in fact my twin sister. Her name was Bellastasia. and We found out about the adoption. Would you please tell us what happened and why are you looking for her."

I have never seen Alice so serious in my entire life. I know that we are trying to find our sister, but Wow, I have to remember never to get Alice angry.

"I see, Esme, would you please escort Alice and her friends to the parlor room. We will also need some tea. It is going to take a while I hope you four have no prior committments."


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