The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 15

Edward POV:

We finally made it to Lyon and now all we needed was one more train to get to Paris. Angela and Ben were excited to go as well. This would be like the honeymoon they always wanted. As I found out from Ben. Bella still wasn't talking to me.

We walked through the town and got to the train station and Carlisle asked how much five tickets would cost and come to find out we only had enough for two. Bella came up with the idea of having Angela and Ben take the train tickets, but Angela was having none of that, she just found Bella again and she wasn't going to leave her now.

We would have to sneak onto the train. Hopefully they wouldn't want to check our tickets. This of course was Bella and Angela's idea. This earned a rolling of the eyes from Ben and I.

A Long Train Ride Later

I could not believe that we got on the wrong train! I blame myself. I should've been the one who went and checked which train we got on. I then started thinking to myself. Don't blame yourself or Bella Edward, this could've happened to anyone....but it didn't Edward, it happened to us!

"How in the world did we end up in Germany? I thought we were suppose to end up in Paris! This cannot be happening. I need to go and think about all of this."

I chuckled to myself. Bella could overreact and stay calm all at the same time. This woman was gifted. I saw as she sat down on a bench away from us.

I wanted so badly to go over and comfort her, but then I remembered that she wanted nothing to do with me and I stayed where I stood. Instead Angela went to talk to her. We decided to take the time and grovel for five very cheap train tickets to Paris.

"Please sir, we have been all over everywhere and all we have been trying to do is to try to get to Paris."

I looked at the man and I knew that he wasn't going to budge, so I came up with a plausible lie.

"Sir, please, you need to give us tickets. See, my friend and his wife, as well as me and my fiancé are trying to go to Paris for our honeymoon. We had money, but we were robbed by some men in black."

I did a pretty good job of twisting the truth. Ben and Angela were married, I just added a little white lie, I even almost believed it. I could tell that the man was buying our story. His eyes held sympathy for us and offered our five tickets for free. I was surprised about this. Ben said that he didn't have to do that. But the man insisted. He thought that every marriage needs a romantic honeymoon. Ben and I looked at each other and we both decided to take the tickets. Otherwise we would be stuck in Germany.

I was about to go tell Bella and Angela the news, but I stopped just short. I knew that she wanted nothing to do with me, but I wanted to tell her so bad. I wonder why she overreacted.

Bella POV:

I cannot believe that we ended up in Germany, GERMANY! I thought that this train would take us to Paris. I guess I was wrong. I just wanted to be alone for a few minutes. I needed to get control over my emotions before I had another our burst like that again. I felt bad that I had yelled at Edward back in the forest.

"I thought you might want someone to talk to..."

I recognized that voice. It was my best friend. Angela did have a way of making me feel better. I was thankful I had found her again. If not, I would have to go through my feelings alone.

"Bella, I've known you for awhile now, and I can tell when you love someone and that someone is Edward isn't it?"

"Am I really that predictable Ang? Yes, I am completely in love with Edward Masen. But I can't tell him, how do I know if he even has the same feelings for me."

"Well, that's just it Bells. Love is all about taking risks. How will you know if Edward has the same feelings unless you ask him. Yes, you might get hurt, but you have to take the chance. And if you want take on the situation I think Edward loves you too."

I had considered that Edward loved me, but I had always been a bit nervous about it. It would be awkward to continue to travel with Edward and Carlisle.

"So what you're saying is that I need to 'confess my love' for Edward. But I don't know if I could handle the rejection. I-"

"Bella, honey, you need to stop over thinking things and just take a leap of faith."

Just then I saw Edward walking over, with Ben and Carlisle close behind. I saw some pieces of paper in his right hand.

"Bella, Angela, we were able to get five free tickets to Paris. The train should arrive shortly. We should get all of our things together and wait."

I was excited, we were going to be able to go to Paris. And I was able to detain the talk with Edward a bit longer. Or so I thought. I felt a nudge on my side. I saw Angela and she was signaling for me to talk with Edward. I let out a sigh and decided I might as well take him aside and talk to him.

"Edward, may I have a word with you...somewhere 'private'."

"Edward, please let me finish before you say anything. I have had certain feelings concerning you for awhile now and just realized what they meant. Edward," I looked up at him his eyes showed no emotion, "I think I am in love with you."

I looked up at him for some kind of response and then his eyes turned bright and happy. I was hopeful that he felt the same way. Then he looked like he was going to say something. Maybe he was going to tell me that he felt the same way. He looked away for a brief moment and turned around to say.

"Thank goodness the train arrived. Come on Bella, let's get on the train."

Meanwhile at the Duchess's Paris home

Alice POV:

We spent hours upon hours talking with the Duchess and found out that our so called father convinced our mother to give up one of her children because he only wanted one boy and one girl. That much we already knew. We found out that Bellastasia did in fact go to live with the Tsar of Russia. She even told us every little thing that she did when she was growing up.

We found out that she had a tendency to be a bit of a klutz and loved to sing when she thought no one was listening. She also looked a lot like me, but I had darker hair than she did. And hers came down to her waist and mine was a bob cut. We of course are twins, but we don't look 'identical'.

The Duchess also mentioned that what happened on that fateful day. An angry mob stormed the estate and she was with Bella, and they escaped with the help from a kitchen boy with bronze hair.

"Why was their estate ambushed?"

"Ten years ago a horrible man came and interrupted our annual ball and used his 'mystic' powers on her when she tried to protect everyone who attended. I remember that kitchen boy trying to protect her. The mystic's name was Rasputin. He put a curse on all of the Romanov family, that they would all die. He wouldn't say how or when, but he promised that it would happen."

"That must've been terrifying for you both. You have our deepest sympathies."

"Thank you all very much. It seems as if it is time for me to rest. Esme will show you out to the door. Oh and Rosalie, "Votre français est très bonne. Continuer à apprendre et à utiliser, et de prendre sur vous pour apprendre à vos amis." (Your French is very good. Continue to learn and use it, and take it upon yourself to teach your friends.) Whatever the Duchess said made Rosalie blush and giggle. And I thought that only Emmett could do that on certain occasions.

"So now what do we do Aly? We found out more about our sister, but how are we going to find her?"

"That's easy, we stay in the city and wait. Have any of you read the newspapers here. The Duchess is heading a search for her granddaughter, Rosalie you go back and ask Esme if the Duchess will keep us in touch if they find our sister/ her granddaughter."

We knew and the Duchess knew that she wasn't really her granddaughter, but Bella was all she had and we weren't going to take that away from her.

"So what did Esme say Rose?"

"Oui, elle nous permettra de savoir si elle a trouvé sa." (Yes, she will let us know if she finds her)

Everything was set. We would find either an apartment, or a hotel. We would stay here as long as it takes.


thank you to all who've reviewed this story so I am dedicating this to all of my reviewers, and even the people who read this story but don't review. I still have no laptop and I am going through some family issues (step dad is slowly dying) right now. I will be able to update when I am able to.

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