The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 17

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Bella POV:

I was so happy that we were finally in Paris! After all of the struggles we encountered. I still remember when I was attacked by Mikhail all because I wouldn't go with him to have some 'fun'. And then there was the whole kidnapping by James. We saw him around The market before we left for the first train with a woman with firey-red hair on his arm. They looked like they were in love with each other. I was happy for him. Yes, I know that he tried to kidnap me, but I overheard him tell Carlisle that he was ordered to do it, but didn't really want to. I oddly held no anger towards him. Edward on the other hand, he was still rather mad even at the mention of his name. I was flattered that Edward was so protective of me lately, but it did feel a bit sufficating.

As we were walking down the streets of Paris Angela and I came across a quaint little store for young children. We told the boys that we were going to go shopping for clothes for Noel. I mean we had nothing for this little guy. He was three, abandoned on a train, and had nothing that we could try and identify his parents or guardians. I think Noel also liked this idea because we passed a toy store he got very antsy and wiggled out of Ang's arms and into the store. We ran in to try and catch him and we bumped into another couple who was also trying to catch their daughter. Turns out her name is Jacqueline. She had blonde hair that curled into little ringlets. She had the most beautiful blue eyes. I could tell that her and Noel liked playing with one another rather well.

"Il semble que nos enfants aiment jouer avec l'un l'autre. Mon nom est Maureen et c'est mon mari Julius."(It seems that our children like playing with one another. My name is Maureen and this is my husband Julius.)

Bonjour, mon nom est Angela, et c'est mon ami, Bella. Ce garçon est nommé Noel. Nous avons trouvé abandonné sur le train. Mon mari et moi-même de décider ou non de l'adopter." (Hello, my name is Angela, and this is my friend Bella. This boy here is named Noel. We found him abandoned on our train. My husband and I are deciding on whether or not to adopt him.)

"I see that your french is rather good Angela, but if it is easier talking in English we wouldn't be offended."

I chuckled to myself. Julius was a very sweet and caring man. He reminded me alot of Edward, speaking of Edward. Where did they run off to? They probably went to find temporary hotel rooms for all of us. Once we left the toy store we went shopping for clothes. After that Noel was getting sleepy and cranky so we decided to go back to the hotel. Angela let me put Noel to sleep.

I got to mine and Edward's room and laid Noel down on a bed and as I turned around I found Carlisle. He looked like he wanted to tell me something that was very important.

"Bella, I have been thinking about alot of things lately and I would like to tell you something that you probably didn't know about me."

I was confused. What did he mean by that? Carlisle was a man that I could trust, was there something that would break that. I took a seat next to Noel and waited for Carlilse to shut the door and then he took a seat on the bed across from me.

"Bella, I of course had a family. I had a fiance that I planned on marrying. But I was called to serve as corpsman in the military. I spent a year there then it took at least another year to get back. By that time my fiance, Renee, had married another man. Before I left I had a son, his name was Emmett. Also the day I left she gave birth to twins. One was Alice, and the other was-"

"Carlisle, Bella, we ordered food for all of us and something for Noel when he wakes up."

I was confused. Why was he telling me this now? It came out of no where. But I could tell that Carlisle really wanted to tell me, but he shook that feeling and got up from the bed and followed me out to the sitting room. Oh, did I forget to mention that Edward and Ben managed to ge a suite for little money. They wouldn't tell us how they managed it, but Carlisle whispered in my ear telling me that they promised to act as waiters for this evening's dinner, and to do all the dishes. I giggled to myself and imagined Edward and Ben in hairnets doing the dishes.

We were getting to dessert, when I heard Noel start crying. I offered to go check on him, but then remembered that he understood French better so Angela went to go check on him. I wish I had a little one to take care of that was mine.

Then Angela came running back in with Noel in her arms and him shouting, "Maman! Maman!" It didn't take much to realize that Noel thought Angela as a mom to him. Noel then turned to Ben and shouted, "Papa! Papa!" My heart swelled at that adorable picture. Now all Ang and Ben had to do now would be to adopt him.

"Aww, Benny, can we keep him? He already thinks of us as his parents, we can't just leave him with someone else." I snuggled into Edward's shoulder to hide my laughter. Angela was acting as if this little boy were a lost puppy. I knew that Ben would eventually cave in and agree. I knew Angela she could be the sweetest person, but if she wants something bad enough she will stop at nothing to get it.

"Give me time to think about it Angie, I mean yes, I love the boy dearly, but taking care of a boy is a lot of work." Oh boy I could sense a fight coming and I advised Edward and Carlisle quietly that we should leave the room. I told Angela that we were leaving and we were going to take Noel with us. She shrugged us off and handed me his diaper bag (idk if they had diaper bags in the 1920's but oh well).

I decided I would shop for more baby oriented things while I was out and would drag Edward and Carlilse along to help.

We stopped at a local diner and as we walked in we ran into a group of people who were exiting. One looked very similar to me, but at the same time she didn't. I could tell that the blonde hair resembled Carlisle some. Then I remembered what Carlisle was trying to tell me back at the hotel. He had a son named Emmett, and he also had blonde hair. I shook off the thought though, I mean it must just be a coensidence. There a lot of blonde hair men in the world, and am I just suppose to assume that the first one I see is Carlisle's son.

"Bella, do you really think Noel, here needs anymore clothes."

"No, but I do know that I didn't want to stay in that hotel suite and have to listen to Angela and Ben argue, and plus I don't think Noel would want to hear his potential parents already arguing."

Edward nodded in agreement and we continued our walk around the busy part of Paris we were at. After a while we decided that we gave Angela and Ben enough time to vent and make up so we deicded to go back and relax. Carlisle said that he wanted to walk around some more and look around. We accepted his wanting to be alone and the three of us headed into the hotel, but I couldn't shake the idea that he was hiding something that would change the way I looked at him.

Carlisle POV:

I wanted to tell her that I might be her father. I cannot believe that I was cut off by Edward saying that they had ordered food. I was somewhat relieved, but at the same time I was upset. I was about to tell her the whole story. I just thought to myself that maybe it just wasn't the right way for her to find out right now. We were relaxing in the sitting room when all of a sudden Noel started crying. Angela and Bella decided that Angela should be the one who sees what he needs since she understands French better.

Turns out that Noel was just very lonely. I started thinking about my childhood crush/best friend. Esme Platt. I still remember when...


We were in her front yard and we decided that we were going to play hide and go seek. Esme would count to twenty and I was going to go hide. I had decided that I would hide underneath the front porch. I thought that she wouldn't be able to find me there.

"...18...19....20. Ready or not Carlisle Cullen here I come."

She ran straight for my hiding spot. I was a bit mad. How did she know where I was so fast? Then it occurred to me that she must've peeked.

"You peeked Esme Platt! You are a cheater."

"And you are a sore loser Carlisle Cullen." She then stuck her tongue out at me and I decided to run after her. Which caused her to squeal.


I was brought out of my flashback by Angela and Ben arguing over what to do with Noel. I was all for him being adopted. I knew that that boy would not like living in an orphanage. There were three people here who knew that. But I also understood Ben's situation. They just got married, and hadn't had a chance to settle down. But I knew that they were capable of taking care of the little boy.

Next thing I knew Bella picked up Noel and told Angela and Ben that she was leaving to take Noel out for some fun. I knew that she really didn't want the little boy around the arguing, and I couldn't blame her. I was about to leave myself. She told them that the four of us were going. Angela shrugged us off and we were out the door.

We walked for what felt like hours. We didn't even go into baby stores.

"Bella, do you really think Noel here, needs anymore clothes?"

No, Edward, but I do know that I didn't want to stay in that hotel suite and have to listen to Angela and Ben argue, plus I don't think Noel would want to hear his potential parents already arguing."

Bella did have a point. We walked into a diner, come to find out that the place was completely full and on our way out we bumped into a group of four yougn kids. Two of them looked oddly familar. I couldn't quite place it though. The pixie-like girl and the burly blonde boy reminded me of one of my daughters and my son. I shook the idea out of my head.

Bella and Edward wanted to head back to the hotel suite. I on the other hand had a little task of my own to try out. I had to go and talk to the duchess. I needed to know if she had found Bellastasia. That would mean that my daughter was ok.

I took a trolly all the way to her townhouse and started walking up towards the door. I knocked and I was shocked at who answered the door.

"Is that really you Carlisle? I mean I haven't seen you for what seems like forever!" It was Esme Platt! I couldn't believe it! I thought that I would never see her again after I moved.

"Yes Esme, it's me. I cannot believe that this is you! The last time I saw you, you weren't very tall."

"Well, I was a child last time we saw each other. You look very handsome Carlisle."

"And you look very beautiful Esme. But if I may ask what are you doing here at the Duchess's townhouse?"

Esme explained that she worked for Madam, because when she was about sixteen her mother and father had passed away from the flu. Madam was visiting and she was looking for someone who could be her maid/butler. Basically her right-hand woman. The duchess knew that I was rather young for what she wanted, but She also felt sorry for Esme because of her parents' sudden death. So that's how Esme, my childhood friend, my childhood sweetheart, my amour. I never stopped thinking about her. After Renee had married I went to look for her, but I had no luck. That is why I moved to St. Petersburg.

"Carlilse, would you like to come in and have a seat? Also, if you don't minde my asking, but why are you here in Paris?"

I explained the entire story to her. How we found this girl that resembles Bellastasia. Her hair is the same. Her voice is the same. Her name is close to hers as well. I also told her about how my fiance turned around and got married while I was in the military. And had the never to give up one of her daughters for adoption.

"I couldn't help but over hear that your daughter was given up for adoption, did she happen to look like this?" The elderly woman held up an old photograph of my baby girl!

"How did you find this photograph ma'am?" She sat down in a nearby chair and offered for me to do the same. "Yes, how did you get this? Why do you have it?"

"I have it to remind me of my Bellastasia. But it seems that she is also your daughter. I also remember a group of young people coming here and saying that they were looking for their sister. There was a short yougn woman with short brown hair that reminded me of Bellastasia, and her older brother. Her brother had blonde hair. About the same color as yours now that I think about it."

It couldn't be!? They sounded so much like my Alice and Emmett. They are alive and well that is so good to hear! "Were you by any chance able to catch their names?"

"I remember them saying that their names were Alice and Emmett Swan. They had a family photograph with them. The woman mentioned that she was only just born, and Emmett was about three years old."

Then that wasn't them. But then I remembered that Alice and Emmett never really got to know me, and Renee and I never got to get married. Jacob's last name was Black, so Renee must've kept their lasts names her own since Alice and Emmett weren't really Jacob's children. This made my heart swell. This meant that they were here in Paris. This also meant that I would hopefully be able to see them.

"Esme, did they say where they would be staying before they left?"

"No, but I can go and track them down, they said that they were going to find a place nearby. There was an empty apartment down the ways. I will be back shortyly."

I was thankful for Esme. That was another reason I loved her. She was so selfless. That was one of the many qualities that made her the perfect woman for me. Stop thinking like that Carlisle! She probably moved on after you left all those years ago. But I still couldn't help but hope that she still loves me like I love her. I mean when I first laid eyes on her after all these years, all of my childhood feelings came rushing back to me. I hope that she could convince the group to come here and we could settle this all once and for all.

Esme POV:

I was shocked when I opened the door. I was not expecting Carlisle Cullen to be at the front door. I felt as if I would melt right then and there just looking at him. I was just speechless. I offered to go and find the group of children I knew now resembled Carlisle. Especially the tall burly fellow. He had Carlisle's smile, I confirmed that in my head when I saw Carlisle on the front step. I shook those thoughts from my head. I was fastly approaching their apartment and hoped that they in fact were there. I wanted them to find their 'biological' father and have a 'family' once again. I just hope they are willing to put the past behind them.

I knocked on the door a couple of times. No one answered. I felt sad by this. I mean, Carlisle would be a sad. I shouldn't be feeling sad, I barely knew them, but I did know Carlisle and I do know that it would make him happy to find his family once again.

"Esme? What are you doing here?"

I turned to see Emmett standing in the doorway leaning against the frame.

"I came here to tell you and Alice that there is a man at Madam's and he looks a lot like the man in your old photograph."

"What! You mean there's a man over there that is our father! What are we still standing here for let's go!"

Alice was very excited, and she had every right to be. I mean she was going to meet her father. But in the back of my mind I was a little worried, I mean what if something goes wrong and they get upset and hate Carlisle. I know that I am not their mother, but I see them as my own. I hope that would be ok with Carlisle. I don't know what to think anymore lately. I thought I no longer had feelings for Carlisle, at least romantically. But seeing him again made those feelings come back. I wasn't complaining, but I wasn't expecting this.

Before I knew it we were back at the duchess's townhouse and walked in. I was met by Carlisle and he started walking over to me and suddenly stopped when he saw Alice and Emmett behind me. I could tell that he was shocked.

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Carlisle Cullen. I knew your mother. I was going to marry her, but was called off to war. I came back to marry Renee, but she had already married someone else-"


"Yes, I wanted to fight for you, but when I found out that your mother gave one of you up for adoption I was hurt, and confused. I am so sorry for not coming and finding you later, then I heard that Renee and Jacob died from flu I assumed that you died as well. I moved to Russia to try and find my other daughter, Bellastasia. I hope you both can forgive me."

I walked over to Carlisle and comforted him. It must've taken a lot of courage to come out with the truth.

"Are you really our father? I mean I always felt that Jacob wasn't really our dad. I mean we didn't resemble him in the slightest. When I look at you I see Emmett. But how do we know you really are our father?"

Just then Carlisle pulled out a family photograph. It resembled the one that Alice had shown us just days ago. Alice gasped and covered her mouth. Emmett's mouth was just hanging open. I giggled a bit, but covered my mouth to try and stop it.

"Daddy?!..." That broke my heart, Carlisle was almost in tears and slowly walked over to Alice and took her in his arms in a hug. Emmett walked over to him as well and hugged him. I was so grateful that he was able to be reunited with his family. He had missed almost twenty-one years of their lives. And all because Renee wanted Jacob to be happy. I could almost relate. I mean I would do almost anything to keep Carlisle happy, but to give up one of my children, I don't think I would've been able to give up my own children. Just thinking about that made my heart ache for my little Brayden.

I left the room as did Madam. We wanted the reunited family to have some time alone to reconnect.

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