The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 19

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Bella POV:

"Auntie Bella, I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you?"

It was so adorable that he wanted me to comfort him. I picked him up and he cuddled next to me and I started humming a song that helps me when I can't sleep or relaxes me. I was humming it, but that didn't seem to help him either, so I decided to sing the words. I still don't remember how I know this lullaby, but what I do know is that it can calm the nerves.


Dancing bears,

Painted wings,

Things I almost remember,

And The song, someone sings,

Once Upon A December.


Before I knew it Noel was asleep and snuggled in tight next to me. It felt good. Almost right to have a young child in my arms asleep. I was just about to fall back asleep when a velvety voice chimed in, "Has anyone ever told you that you are good with little kids?" I was a loss for words when I looked up to see that breathtaking crooked grin of his. I do not know why or even how I became speechless, but I guess it's because ever since I 'declared' my feelings for Edward I took more notice about the way he looked at me. I wondered to myself how long his piercing emerald eyes have been staring at me.

"I'm not sure, it's just a song that has stuck with me for as long as I could remember." This was true, for as long as I can remember I've always sang this song when I feel stressed or if I was in a happy mood. It had a calming effect when someone was scared. Noel was the example of how well it works. I felt somewhat special to know that Noel could be calmed with my lullaby. I reluctantly got up and gently picked up Noel and walked over to his bed and as I made my way over I lost my balance and saw the floor fastly approaching. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact, but it never came.

I felt two strong hands stand me up and steady me. I looked up and saw the two most beautiful emerald eyes. I was dumb-struck for a minute and I managed to form some kind of sentence that involved a 'thank you'. I made sure that Noel was still in fact asleep and to my luck he was, so I gently laid him in Edward's bed. Edward had offered his bed to Noel. Angela wanted Noel with her and Ben, but at the same time Noel wanted to sleep with his 'Auntie Bella'. Angela reluctantly agreed. So Noel was in my room, Ben and Angela shared a bed, Carlisle had the spare bed in their room and Edward had the couch. I wasn't happy that Edward had to sleep on the couch.

I told Edward that I would be out there in a minute. He nodded and walked back out to the sitting room. I laid Noel down onto his bed. He looked so peaceful lying there asleep. I made sure that he was in fact asleep before making my way out of the room. I nearly fell again tripping what looked to be one of many toys that Angela has bought for Noel. I would have to kill her later. I wanted to get back to Edward. I finally made it to the sitting room that Edward currently occupied after cleaning up the toys. He looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake him up.

"I take it that Noel is fast asleep now." I was take aback by Edward's sudden statement. I walked around to the other side of the couch and sat down next to him. I snuggled up against his side on the couch. Sitting with him felt right, it was as if he were my missing puzzle piece. He made me feel whole. I almost didn't want to go see the Duchess tomorrow, I wanted to stay cuddled up to Edward forever. I took the this opportunity to look outside, night was becoming day. I always did love watching the sun rise, but twilight was still my favorite time of day. It wasn't quite night, yet it wasn't quite day either.

"Love, maybe you should go to bed, you have a big day tomorrow."

"Don't you mean later today?" Wait a minute, did he just call me Love? I was oddly happy with this nickname he had for me, it showed that he did care for me. I blushed a bit at the thought of this but Edward didn't seem to notice. I looked up to look at him and saw that he had fallen asleep. I attempted to quietly get up, and was almost successful. That is, until I tripped over thin air and hit my head on the corner of the coffee table.

Luckily I didn't make to much noise to wake Edward or anyone else for that matter. Or so I thought.

"Bella! Are you alright? How many fingers am I holding up? Are you feeling faint or dizziness at all? Ar-"

"Carlisle, I'm fine. I just tripped over my own two feet and bumped my head on the coffee table. The worse thing I could have is a bump on my head the size of a goose egg."

I could tell that this calmed him some, but being a man of medicine he wanted to make sure. He helped me up and took me into the bathroom and had me sit on the toilet seat and proceeded to check how my pupils reacted to light, and made sure that I had no other injuries other than the already forming bruise on my head. I was Lucky enough to have a lot hair that I would be able to hide it somewhat.

After my 'examination' I told Carlisle that I was fine and that I needed to get some sleep if I was going to be meeting with the Duchess. I carefully and quietly made my way back to my bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I felt sleep instantly coming.

Carlisle POV:


[takes place at the Duchess's home]

I was in the main room with Esme and the Duchess. Bella was preparing herself to be able meet with her. Edward was with her, which I was feeling rather protective of her being alone with a man. But I had to remember that she is an adult and that she doesn't even know that I am her estranged father. She didn't even know that she had a brother and a twin sister out there too. I was holding Esme's hand trying to calm myself when I see Bella walking in with the most beautiful gown on (link on profile) It was black and when the sun shined on it it glittered to an almost silver.

"Hello Bella, it's nice to see you. I've heard a lot about you, all good of course. And who might this gentlemen be?"

"Hello Madam, this is Edward. He's my gentlemen caller." (idk what they called their boyfriends and girlfriends in the 1920's but this is good enough ;))

"Well It's nice to meet you both. Bella Why should I believe that you are in fact my long-lost granddaughter?" I had thought that Madam would be somewhat nicer to Bella, but I could also understand why she had to be so strict and 'cold'.

"I don't think I have a good enough response to your question, but you do look oddly familiar to me."

Bella turned and stared at a photograph that was hanging on the wall. I couldn't quite understand her fascination with the picture. To me it looked like a hippopotamus. But the more I looked at it, the more it started to look like a person. A little girl to be more precise.

"Love, are you alright? you were spacing out. Does it have to do with that drawing on the wall?"

"That picture on the wall over there looks like something I vaguely remember drawing. I remember giving it to someone that resembled you. Then we sang a song that sounds a lot like my lullaby I sing to myself."

"What lullaby would that be?"

Just then Bella started humming the strange melody that I heard when Edward and I first came across her.

Dancing Bears, Painted Wings,

Things, I almost remember

And the song, someone sings

Once upon a December

That had to be the most beautiful song I have ever come across. I was taken aback by this. Then Emmett and Alice came bursting through into the living room and Emmett started in on Bella by giving her a bear hug. This completely freaked her out.

"Um I'm sorry, but do I know you two?"

"Bella, darling these are your brother and twin sister. Carlisle is your biological father."

I was rather shocked that Madam had told her up front. Bella couldn't believe it either. Because the next thing we all knew Bella was running out the door and out of our lives.


I woke up from that nightmare. It felt so real I could feel the sadness coming off of Bella. I could almost feel her pain and betrayl. I had to remind myself a couple of times that it was in fact just a dream. I had just heard a loud THUD! I quickly got up out of bed and rushed to the sitting room to see Bella on the floor rubbing her head. My medical instincts kicked in and I grabbed my medical bag and assessed the damage. Nothing looked broken, no bruises other than the one on her head.

"Bella! Are you alright? How many fingers am I holding up? Are you feeling faint or dizziness at all? Ar-"

"Carlisle, I'm fine. I just tripped over my own two feet and bumped my head on the coffee table. The worse thing I could have is a bump on my head the size of a goose egg."

I quickly took her to the bathroom and sat her down on the toilet seat. I flashed my flashlight across her eyes, checking to make sure her pupils reacted normally. I wanted to rule out a concussion. I was right, she didn't have a concussion, but she would have a pretty nasty bruise above her right eye. I reluctantly let her go back to sleep. I would also have to get some sleep as well.

Later That Morning

It was around 11:00 and we were eating an early lunch so when we arrived to Madam's we wouldn't be too famished and look unkempt. Edward and I had fried chicken and egg salad. Bella had a ceasar salad with two deviled eggs. Ben had a baked ham with Parker House rolls. Angela also had a ceasar salad, but instead had three bread sticks. Bella got stuck with making sure that Noel ate his fruit cocktail and his pickle slices. Bella did look very motherly when she was with Noel, but Noel isn't hers to take of forever. Angela and Ben plan on adopting Noel in the coming days.

"So once we are all done eating should we go ahead and head over to the Duchess's townhouse?" I nodded a 'yes' and proceeded to get my things together. I didn't even hear somone walkin and put their hand on my shoulder. I turned and I saw that Bella looked as if she had a question to ask me.

"Carlisle, what if I'm really not this Bellastasia that this elderly woman lost? I don't want to put her through all of this just to be disappointed, heck, I don't want to be disappointed." Bella was always the caring type. She could be so selfless. But to a fault. She was so selfless that she didn't even care what would happen to her in the process. In the back of my head I knew that she was my daughter that Renee was persueded to give up for adoption. I had all the proof I needed for when the time comes.

And that proof was the statement from madam saying that she was adopted, the doctor in Germany that Alice and Emmett went to visit. And the photograph that both Alice and I have that I've kept with and that she had found in her hall closet. I hope that with all of the proof that I have collected she will not run out like she did in my dream. I would NOT let that happen. I would not let my dream become a reality.

"Well Angela and I have an annoucement." There was a slight pause. I assume to add suspense and effect. "Angela and I have decided that we are going to adopt Noel today. So I apologize to you Bella, we are not going to be able to go with you, Edward and Carlisle to meet with the duchess."

"Oh Ben that's teriffic news though! I know that you and Ang will be wonderful parents. And it's no big deal if you are there or not. I know that Noel is lucky to have you as parents."

I was rather shocked at Bella's response to Ben's news. I would have thought that she would have wanted everyone she cared about there. But I also had to remember that she was a very selfless person. And wanted to have everyone happy no matter how everyone else feels. We said our goodbyes to Ben and Angela and promised to meet up later for coffee and Bella had promised that she would give Angela every detail that went on while they were gone.

We got changed and Edward was wearing a grey suit that had very faint pinstripes. I on the other hand with a black suit with faint pinstripes.(both suits on profile) I was stunned into silence when I saw Bella walk out of her room wearing the exact dress like what was in my dream. I started to get a little panicked. Would the same thing happen like in my dream? No, I was wearing a completely suit and so was Eward than in my dream.

"Carlisle are you alright? I'm ready to go when you both are."

"Love, you lovely. That silver dress looks stunning on you. You will impress her I know it." I had to contain my emotions when he got romantic with my daughter. Neither of them new that I was in fact her father. So I had to keep my emotions in check.

We walked down the street trying to catch the trolly and were finally able to once we practically ran down the trolly. Edward held onto Bella's hand and every once in a while looking back to make sure that Bella was still standing up right. I was glad that he hadn't noticed her giant goose-egg of a bruise yet. Edward, like I do, had a tendency to overreact when it came to Bella's injuries.

After a semi-short trolly ride we finally made it to Madam's front door and I knocked on it three times and was greeted by my own angel, Esme Platt. I became tongue-tied when I laid eyes on her. It was as if I was a young boy again.

"Carlisle, aren't you going to introduce me to this handsome man and lovely woman standing behind you?"

"Oh, y-yes, Esme I would like you to meet Edward and Bella."

"Lovely to meet you both. Come on in. Carlisle you should have told me that you were bringing two more people. I would have let the cook know. But no worries. As luck would have it he hasn't started brunch yet anyway."

I looked back and saw that both Edward and Bella to become stunned into silence at how glamorous everything looked in this house. Esme led us all to the conservatory and sat us down near the window so we could watch the birds flutter around. Just then we heard a commotion come from upstairs.

"Qu'est-ce que le nom de Dieu que tu fais dans ma chambre! Sortez de là! Sean Paul s'il vous plaît escorte Miss Denali de ma maison." (What in heavens name are you doing in my room! Get out of here now! Sean Paul please escort Miss Denali out of my house.)

We were all shocked to see Tanya being carried out by what looked to be Madam's body guard. I pitied the girl. She had to give up on the idea of becoming Bellastasia. She wasn't her and I knew that for a fact. After everything settled down Madam walked in and sat down and started sipping her tea as if nothing has happened.

"So Bella, is it. Please tell me about you self."

Ok so what did you all think of this chapter? I apologize a thousands time for keeping you all waiting. I just felt uninspired to update since I barely got any reviews so I took my time writing this. so this is a rather long chapter. I do have an idea for a sequel and I am in the process of planning it out. I have a title and I have a summary which I will show you all now. :)

Title: Saying Goodbye Is Never An Easy Thing To Do (might be shortened to Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy)

Summary: 17 years later Noel is now 19 and decided that he wants to protect his country by enlisting in the French Army. He leaves behind his mother and father, Angela and Ben. His 'Aunt' and 'Uncle', Bella and Edward. Before he leaves for war Noel visits his childhood sweetheart, Jacqueline. What will Jacqueline do when Noel has so say goodbye? One thing for sure is, Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy.

this is a rough summary. I plan on having it more detailed when I post this again in the final chapter. Which is coming up soon. Please leave your thoughts of this chapter and your thoughts of the Sequel title and rough Summary.


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