The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 2

A/N: Thank you to all who have either favorite my story or even added it to your alerts. You have no idea how happy that made me :P this chapter will mostly be in Rasputin's POV but I am going to try and slip some of Bella's and some other POV's

Rasputin POV:

Ok, here's my devious plan on bringing down Charlie and his disgusting little children. I plan on of course putting a curse on the Romanov family that will cause harm and hopefully death to the whole reign so that I in return will come to power since I was the Tsar's Confidant, but I was fired because the children's governess (a/n: a governess is a fancy name for nanny) accused me of being in the children's room while they were not decent to be seen. Yes, I was in there with them while they were, but I didn't see anything that I shouldn't nor would I want to see.

I'm digressing again. I always seem to do that when I try and explain that I am not really a horrible man, but that I am a caring man who just so happens wants the Russian throne. Is that so much to ask for? But I have done the impossible like I said before and I have become the master of both good and evil magic, plus I am the master of the elements thanks to my trusty companion, Bartok. He is my cute, but terribly annoying pet bat that keeps me company. He found me an ancient scroll that teaches you how to master all the elements.

I did this and combined this with my magic and I am to MOST powerful human being on this planet! That is why I should be Tsar. I can control everything. I mean if there's a famine I can make the weather with either a spell or even just using my power over water and make it rain and if it is to cold in Russia all I have to do is snap my fingers and I will use fire to warm it up, and if I burn things down in the process, who cares I am Tsar my word and action is law.

"Uhh sir, with all those people, how do you plan to get, past all those uhh scary big men guarding the palace with the muscles and the large hand that could crush a poor defenseless little bat like me?"

" Ahhh Bartok, could you not see that I was in the middle of my monologue?!"

"Uhhh yes sir, but again I raise a good point I don't think we should hurt the cute defenseless bat that everyone has come to love"

Bartok, he is they only "friend" that I have, after selling my soul I was forced to live in Limbo. Of course no one lives in Limbo and I am only here so I can scheme a master plan in peace but that idiot of a bat has made me lose my train of thought. Oh yes, of course. I plan on going to the palace.

A few hours later

I just got to the palace gates when I was stopped by infernal guard. All it took was a 'deep sleep' spell and I was off to the palace doors, those idiots have no idea the power I hold and that I'm capable of.

BANG! Ahhh, I love making a 'loud' entrance, it shows you who is really in charge. I push all those who stand in my way even those beautiful women who wouldn't give me the time of day now cower in fear as I walk up to that irritating Charlie.

"RASPUTIN! What are you doing here? Guards! ,seize this traitor immediately!!"

No guards came. It seems that my 'deep sleep' spell has had a drifting effect. Good to know for future reference. "So Charlie, so it seems that even your guards are against you and are pleased that I am here." I say with an evil grin. Little does he know that his guard is taking their beauty naps.

"What did you do to my father's army?!"

Oh little Bellastasia, she was my favorite of his four daughters. I loved her long brown curls that came down to her waist. Her hazelnut eyes are the kind of eyes you could drown in they were so beautiful.

"My little Bella, I didn't do anything to his army. It seems that your father's army agrees that it is time for you father to step down from power, voluntarily of course."

"My father would never step down, he has done nothing wrong!"

Bella was always the most stubborn of all the daughters, that is why I think that she would make a good queen, preferably my Queen. I know that that will never happen, but hey, can't blame a mystic for dreaming

"My dear Bellastasia, you need to see what is in front of you. There are no guards trying to stop me from coming in and just standing here. It's not like I can just snap my fingers and someone falls asleep."

Just as I snapped my fingers an innocent bystander collapsed and fell into a deep sleep. Damn, I really need to watch what I say when I snap my fingers. Of course everyone let out unison GASP! And some people backed away, but not Bella. She really was stubborn. As I walked toward her Charlie ran to his daughter's side and try to shield her from me, but with a wave of my hand he 'flew' across the room. Bella of course was shocked and I could tell that she wanted to go to he father, but she was taught to stand up for herself and what she believed in so she stayed in the same spot. I saw some people going to their 'king' Oh how I hated that I couldn't be king. I will show Charlie what happens when people ignore my threats.

"Well so it seems that Bellastasia is the only one brave enough to stand up to me, unlike the rest of you. I wonder what would happen if something were to happen to your precious Bellastasia?"

With that said I held out my hand and from my hand came these red little "beams" of light and reached poor little Bella, I didn't want to hurt her, but I had to teach these people what I am capable of. Once the "beams" reached Bellastasia she collapsed in pain, but she wouldn't scream out in pain. So I had to increase the voltage of my magic. This way she would know what I go through every time I think about 'how I am not Tsar'. Well, Bellastasia is a lot stronger than I gave her credit for. She was still in pain, but stood up to show that she will not be affected.

"Please! Leave my daughter alone, she has done nothing wrong!"

Oh yes her dear mother, Elizabeth, that was that beggar's name. I never really liked her. Things came easy for her. She didn't have to have a master plan to become royalty. All she had to do was just marry into royalty. I loved how she started to shed tears while watching her youngest daughter in pain, but yet she did nothing to try and stop me. Some mother she was. Just as I was about to up the voltage I had on poor Bella, something light, but hard hit me on the side of the head making me lose my concentration.

"Who dares to pelt The Rasputin?"

Everyone cowered in fear and backed away. Then out of the shadows I saw a young servant boy with bronze-colored hair and piercing emerald eyes. This servant boy was the only one, besides Bellastasia to stand up to me. I would have to personally congratulate him, and maybe he would even join me in my royal guard when I took over as Tsar.

"Well my boy it seems that aside from little Bella here you are the only one to stand up to me. Come over her my boy so I can shake your hand."

"I will never shake the hand of some man who hurts young children, let alone girls."

"I see, well how would you feel about this then?"

With that I snapped my fingers again and Bella let out a blood-curdling scream of pain, and fell to her knees and sobbed, until finally she was begging for it to end. If only both Bella and this mysterious boy knew how much I wanted to be Tsar they would understand that this had to be done. I wonder what the servant boy is thinking right now.

Servant Boy POVa little before Rasputin arrives)

I can't believe I have to work in this dumb old palace anyway. It's not like I will always be here, but working in the palace had its perks. I got a nice warm place to sleep, got fed fairly well, got to stay alive and I even got paid a ruble or two. I was saving up all my rubles for when I go off to Paris and become a musician. I love music. I am even allowed to use the royal family's piano. I owe that to the beautiful Bellastasia herself. She had caught me playing on the piano without anyone's permission. She thought that I sounded very good and that I should be able to continue to play my wonderful talent.

"Dimitri! Get in here! You need to come and sweep up the mess the chef made from cooking all the food needed for the big ball tonight!"

Yes, I am the servant boy. I have to tend to everyone I even have to do some of the maids' jobs that they can't do because they are busy tending after the 4 daughter of Tsar Charlie II. As I was sweeping I heard the most beautiful voice singing with a much older but just as good voice.

(Once Upon a December)

Dancing Bears, Painted Wings,

Things I almost remember,

And the song someone sings,

Once upon a December.

Oh how I loved that voice I followed the beautiful-angelic voice to where it came from, come to find out it came from the youngest and most beautiful Romanov daughter herself, Bellastasia. What can I say about Bellastasia? I loved her dark, wavy brown hair. I could swim in her beautiful hazelnut eyes they were so beautiful, but she would never love me back, I was just the lowly servant boy that no one really paid attention to. As I was peeking at the Grand Duchess and Bellastasia I was grabbed from behind and taken back into the kitchen, servant boys aren't allowed to be out with the royalty or those even close to it.

I was washing dishes when a royal guard member came into the kitchen and told us to stay in here and not leave this kitchen. I of course, being curious didn't listen and went back to where the Grand Duchess and my angel were sitting only to see my Bellastasia. Wait! I do not own that beautiful angel, no one should put claim on something as beautiful as that. I saw Charlie standing in front of this old, wrinkly scary man with a mangy, scruffy beard that came down to his chest. I then heard the most dreaded words of all and that came from the Grand Duchess herself. "Rasputin!" I had no idea that he really existed. I thought that he was just someone the kitchen staff and other servants made up to scare me. Next to Charlie I saw the gorgeous Bellastasia. She was telling Rasputin that she doesn't believe that the guards would turn against her father and that he was making it up. Well, this made him angry and with a wave of his hand Charlie went flying across the room and crashed into a table and chairs.

Everyone of course gasped even me. I couldn't go out there and help them. I mean I am just a lowly servant boy what use could I be?. With that I saw my precious angel fall to the ground in agony. She would not let out the screams I knew she was keeping inside. She would not give Rasputin the satisfaction of showing that she was in pain. I grabbed to closest thing I could find, which was a week-old biscuit that I found in my secret stash and threw it at him. It didn't knock him down, but it did manage to stop him from harming Bella any more. "Who dared to throw that at me?" I of course walked out of the shadows. Everyone gasped as they could tell that I was just a lowly servant boy and that I should be in the kitchen, but at the same time I could tell that they were impressed with my bravery. "Well my boy it seems that aside from little Bella here you are the only one to stand up to me. Come over her my boy so I can shake your hand."

"I will never shake the hand of a man who finds it amusing to harm children, let alone a young girl."

"We'll see what you think about that."

He then snapped his fingers and Bella fell to the floor in pain and screamed. She was in tears the pain was so bad. She was begging and crying for it to stop. I guess Rasputin felt pity for Bellastasia. I felt horrible but I knew that she would've done the same thing if I were in her place and she was in mine. If only I could read Bella's mind right now. I wonder what she is thinking right now.

*A/N: well what did you think? I was going to continue and do Bella's POV but I will save that for chapter 2. I hope I did a good job. And thank you to reader13lovesbooks for adding me to your story alerts. And a thank you goes to Maryanna Clarisse Darci for adding me to you favorites :)

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I have developed a knack for writing fan fiction so am going to try and come up with some other stories.

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