The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 20

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So here is chapter 20.

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Previously: Madam walked in and sat down and started sipping her tea as if nothing has happened. "So Bella, is it. Please tell me about you self."

Bella POV:

I was inroduced to Esme, Madam's maid and practically a best friend. I would have to convince her as well that I was Bellastasia, but how could I if I wasn't sure of that. told her about how I don't remember much. But that I do remember growing up in an orphanage until I was eighteen years old. I was about eight or nine when I was put there. The Mistress in charge there was a horrible vile woman that I detested. I didn't go into detail. I didn't want to horrify Madam or miss Esme with the horrific going ons at that orphanage. I told her that one good thing came out of it. I had made a friend. Her name is Angela Weber, now Angela Cheney. I explained that we met again after all these years.

I told her that she had escaped from the orphanage, but only to be sold into slavery. Ben later came across her and offered to 'buy' her. He took her into his home and bandaged her up and cleaned her wounds and allowed her privacy to clean her more private areas. I basically told her how Ben and Angela fell in love. I then mentioned how Noel 'found' us. She was confused by my wording. I told her the story about how Noel was left alone on the train. His mom told him that she would be back, but she never came back.

"How awful. Speaking of Noel, where is Ben, Angela and Noel?"

"They're down at city hall to adopt Noel, and become his legal guardians/parents."

"Comment merveilleux. C'est une merveilleuse nouvelle!" (How wonderful. That is wonderful news!)

I was happy that Madam and Esme were just as excited Edward and I were for Angela and Ben.

I looked around the room. I hadn't taken the time to actually take in her townhouse. everything looked absolutely facinating. She had a lot of victorian era paintings and furniture. I excused myself and took this opportunity to look around. I looked at al the paintings on the wall and stopped in front a picture that looked to have been hand-drawn. I felt oddly drawn to it. I couldn't put my finger on it. I just had this feeling.

"Love, why are you staring at the picture of a hippopotamos?"

"It's not a hippo it's a picture of a girl sitting on a bench."

"How do you see that Love? I don't see it."

"Don't be rude. I drew that when I was a little girl."

WAIT! Why did I just say that? I don't remember ever drawing something like that. I was never real fond of drawing, then again that might be because Miss Hanniggan never let us draw much. And When we were allowed to we were giving used paper and old crayons and pencils. But this picture felt so familiar.

"Bella, did you say you drew this? That can't be true, because this was drawn by my granddaughter, Bellastasia."

"But, I distinctly remember this picture."



"My darling Bellastasia here is the gift that I have brought for you." I took the beautiful gold oval box and was in awe of how extraordinary it was. "Grandma ma, I love this jewelry box." "My dear Bellastasia, this is not jewelry box, here let me show you." My grandma ma took the beautiful box from me and took out a necklace with a small key-like pennant dangling from it. She then proceeded to put the key into a small slot on the side of the box and then the top of the box popped up and started playing the most wonderful tune, then it hit me, "OH grandma ma, it's our lullaby!"

(Once Upon A December)

Dancing bears,Painted wings,Things I almost remember,And the song someone sings,once upon a December.

I quickly hugged my grandma ma after we finished singing our lullaby. "Oh grandma ma, I love it so much!" "Then you will love this even more my Bellastasia." She took the necklace that had the key and told me to read what the key had written on it. "Together in Paris".



'Togeher in Paris'. I Started to rub my necklace subconsciously. I had no idea why. Then I started humming my lullaby again. I swayed with the music. My lullaby had such a soothing feel to it. I finished and opened my eyes to see everyone just standing there and looking at me as if I had a second head.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"I had no idea that you had such a wonderful voice Bella, it was purely magic."

"Oui, Bella, qui était vraiment magnifique!" (Yes, Bella, that was truly splendid!)

"Love, you truly have the voice of an angel."

I thanked Edward, Carlisle and Esme for their compliments and turned to see the Duchess looking at me in both confusion and awe.

"That is the same song I used to sing to my Bellastasia when I went to visit her. I made that song up. How did you come across it?"

"I'm not sure. It has always stuck with me for as long as I can remember." I started rubbing my necklace between my thumb and index finger constantly. I read the inscription that I felt and it said, 'Together In Paris'. I was the girl in that flashback I had to be Bellastasia. I wasn't sure how I would be able to tell Madam this, but I knew I would have to.

"Bella, that necklace you have around your neck, I have the same, see." She pulled out the necklace and showed it to me. It looked just like mine. "If you have the same pennant as I do, that could only mean that you are, in fact, my Bellastasia, my granddaughter."

It all made since then. I knew her lullaby that she sang to her granddaughter. We had the same necklace that said the exact same thing. But the thing that stopped me from believing just that was that we looked nothing alike. I mean doesn't family resemble one another at least a bit? I looked nothing like her.

"Excuse me for saying this Madam, but I don't know if you are my grandmother. I mean, we look nothing alike. I've seen photographs around your home and I look nothing like you."

"That would be because you are my granddaughter, but not by blood. See, you were adopted by my son and his wife when you were just a baby. My son raised you from infancy. You ended up in that orphange, because of Rasputin. He cursed the Romanov family. Mainly my Charlie and his entire family. You and I were able to escape through a door in the wall. If it weren't for that servant boy we wouldn't have gotten away."

I was stunned. I was 'The Lost Bellastasia'. I was the one that people are dying to be. I am the Bellastasia?! But then I also just found out that I was adopted. My father that I thought I had, wasn't even my real father. This is just too much information to take in at one time.

"Madam, if it makes you feel better, I was that servant boy who helped you and Bellastasia escape."

And to add more information, the man I loved was that servant boy, and he knew who I was and didn't even tell me!

"Ok, let me get this straight. I am Bellastasia, the princess of Russia. I was adopted into royalty, I was saved by a servant who turns out to be the man that I love. Edward, if you knew about this, why didn't you tell me?! I had a right to know."

"Bella, I-"

"Save it Edward. I need to go and think things through."

I stormed off and out the door. I heard the sound of Esme's shoes following. I didn't want to talk, but I knew that I would need someone to set things straight. Why am I just finding out that I wasn't even really technically royalty, but I was adopted. Didn't my parents want me? I stopped outside the door and I started feeling rather weird. My mind is swirling and my vision is becoming blurry. I trip over my feet and expect to feel the cold hard pavement, but instead I feel two big strong arms catch me and then I let the darkness consume me.

A/N: ok what did you all think? ;) i'm trying to stretch this story out a little longer. I think that this story might have 1 or 2 more chapters then I will be starting on the sequel. By the way Bella fainted. She had too much information and her mind couldn't take it all and she fainted. I don't know if that can happen in real life, but in this story for Bella it does.

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(and here is the OFFICIAL SUMMARY TO THE SEQUEL :D) Saying


Goodbye Is Never Easy

It has been over seventeen years since Noel has been adopted by Angela and Bem Cheney. He has loved his mother and father and wants to keep them safe. That's why he has enlisted in the French Army. It is 1938 and war against the Axis powers has began. Angela is sad to give her son up to the army, but happy that he has found something that he is passionate about; Keeping people he love safe. When he's waiting for his train at the station everyone is there to say their goodybyes. This includes both Edward & Bella, and their children, Willie and Violet and Vivian. He says his goodbyes and is about to get on when he hears a voice call out to him. He turns to see that the voice belongs to Jacqueline, his childhood sweetheart. She still wants Noel to take the job that Jacqueline's father has linef up for him at the bank he owns. He tells Jacqueline that he wants to serve his country and keep the ones he loves safe. With this said he gives her a quick kiss and gets on the train. Months pass by and Noel still sends letters home. He goes to the make-shift post office and sees Willie working the counter. He finds out that he has inspired Willie, as well as Violet and Vivian to join the cause and protect their loved ones. Violet and Vivian are trained nurses at the infirmary. He is shocked to see almost all of his childhood friends here in the line of fire. He thinks that this is his parents and theirs way of making sure that he is alright, but comes to terms with the idea that they just want to do what he wants to do as well.

More months pass and they get word that Germany has repeatedly bombed France, including where they lived. They have no way of getting news if anyone survived, who died, or who was wounded. Long months of not knowing pass and they learn that they have received extended leave and they go home to find their town in ruins. But they get a telegram informing that their parents are in fact alive and well and were evacuated to England. But their happiness is short lived, because when they arrive at the shelter their parents are staying at they learn that someone close to them is severely wounded and will probably not live through the night. They have to do the hardest thing that anyone with a dying loved one has to do. They have to say goodbye, and as everyone knows 'saying goodbye is never easy'.

(i know that the bombing of France was first in the WWII timeline, but for this story I made it last. its A/H

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