The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 21

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Carlisle POV:

I can't belive Bella ran out. But I was more shocked at why she ran out. It happened almost exactly in my dream. Minus her finding out that I was in fact her father. I wanted to be the one to tell her that it wasn't my decision to give her up for adoption. I came back from the world war and her mother had already given her up for adoption, being influenced by Jacob didn't win him many points for 'father of the year' either. I blame myself. I never took the initiative to go and find her. Any by the time I did I was too late, the Romanov family had passed away. It was quite tragic. To have the oldest son die from hemophilia, which was later found out at the autopsy. He had gotten into a fight while defending his father's name. He had bruises and they didn't clot correctly and he ended up bleeding to death.

Later on the Romanov estate was ambushed by an angry mob. They wanted Charlie Romanov out of power and they thought that his was they only way. I later found out that the grandmother and granddaughter were able to get out alive, but no one has seen the graddaughter. That is until now. I found out from a doctor in Germany that my daughter in fact was alive and was adopted by the Romanovs. That's when I decided to go to Russia. While in Russia I came across Edward wandering the streets. I took him in and took care of him like a son. A few years went by and we found Bella. Or I should say Bella found us. I couldn't help but feel connected to her somehow. Only to find out much later that she was in fact my daughter that I had lost. As well as my other son and daughter, Emmett and Alice.

"Carlisle, I mean dad, who is this girl and why is she passed out?"

I looked at the woman and saw that it was in fact Bellastasia, my daughter. She must have fainted due to too much information at one time. I assume from the overload of information must've been too much for her.

"Emmett, this is Bella. She is here with me and Edward Masen. She is here to speak with the Duchess. She just found out that she was royalty, and that she was adopted. Wouldn't you agree that all that information in one sitting would be a bit of an overload?"

"Yes, and if she found out that she's royalty, and that she was adopted, that makes her....No!"



'Yes, Alice."

"And does she-"

"Not yet."

"When are you-?"


"Do you think-"

"Not sure."

"Would someone please clue in Emmett here!? Because I am lost."

"It doesn't take much Emmett. Did you not catch that this woman found out that she was royalty, and that she was adopted. That could only mean that that woman on the bench over there is in fact our sister! Our sister that mom and Jacob gave away to Charlie Romanov of Russia. And that father here is going to tell her. Which means when he does we're going to have to go inside and chat with Esme, who I hear is smitten with you dad."

I chuckled as the light bulb in Emmett's head clicked on. I blushed a bit when I heard Alice mention that Esme liked me. I would have to ask her about that herself. I often wondered what it would have been like to see Emmett growing up. I bet I would have had a few good laughs. I hated that I was not apart of their lives growing up, I was even more ashamed that I let my Bellastasia be whisked off and adopted. I often wondered if I were ever going to see her again, but here I was with her and my other daughter and son. I don't know if they will ever understand how much I regret ever leaving. I should've fought for them. I was just to depressed I guess. But that stil doesn't excuse what I did.

"Carlisle, I mean dad, do not think that we blame you for not being there when we were growing up, we didn't even know that you exisited until I came across a photograph in the hall closet. You do not deserve to hold onto that guilt any longer."

"How did you-"

"Do you even have to ask that question dad?"

I grinned. That made since, I mean she was my daughter after all. This meant that she had those weird dreams as well. I thought that is was just me losing my mind due to guilt. This made me feel somewhat better. I still felt somewhat guilty.

Just then I heard a soft moan from behind Alice and I and I saw that Bella was starting to come around. Alice and Emmett excused themselves into the house. Leaving me to tend to Bella. As she was regaining consciousness I checked to make sure that she did not hit her head. Other than her bruise, which might I add wasn't as big as I had anticipated. She looked to be fine, just faint from the information overload.

"Bella, do you remember what happened?"

"Unfortunatly. I remember being told that I was royalty. I was actually happy that I had found out who I am, but then to find out that I was adopted. Yes Carlisle, I'm just peachy. What could make this day any worse?!"

I had to tell her, she had been in the dark about this long enough. I just had to delicatly tell her that I was her father, and explain that it wasn't my idea to give her up for adoption. Then after I gauge her reaction I would tell her about Alice and Emmett. I new that she wanted to learn more about her parents who 'gave her up' for adoption and would want to learn why.

"Bella, do you remember when Madam mentioned that you were adopted? Well I also knew about that."

"You knew?! And you didn't even bother to mention this to me? I thought that we were friends Carlisle."

"We were- I mean ARE friends Bella. I didn't tell you because I thought that you wouldn't believe me. Or worse, hate me for knowing and not telling you."

"You know that I would never hate you Carlisle, even if you were my father, the one who gave me up for adoption. I mean they must've had an excellent reason for giving me up. Maybe they couldn't afford me and wanted to give me to a family that could take care of me."

I was slightly happy that she wouldn't mind me being her father. This was my chance to tell her the truth.

"Bella, I know who your real parents are. I know this because well, I'm your father."

"You're my father?! Are you just trying to make me feel better Carlisle, because it's not working."

"No, Bella, I am your father. It wasn't my choice to give you up for adoption though. That was your mother's doing. Or should I say her new husband's idea. What I mean is that I was in the world war and when I came home to you and your brother and sister your mother had already married someone else, because she thought that I had died. I should've fought for you Bella, or should I say Bellastasia."

I waited what felt like hours, but were merely minutes to hear Bella's response. I was afraid of what she would say, would she hate me or would she not like she said before. Before, she didn't know that I really was her father."

"So you are my father. Why didn't you fight for me? Didn't you love me?"

"I did-do love you Bella, I was to upset to find out from your mother where she gave you to. I didn't find out that you were alive again until just recently. I have been going over how to tell you in my mind. I didn't want to NOT tell you, I just never found the right time. That is, until yesterday. Remember I wanted to tell you something, but we got interrupted by Edward. I did want to tell you believe me."

"I believe you Carlisle, or should I be calling you dad now." She was smiling, this was not the reaction I was expecting, but I would glading take this rather than the other. "I am just happy to find out who I really am. To tell you the truth I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of becoming royalty. Wait! Did you say that I have a brother and sister?!"

"Yes, you have a twin sister named Alice, and an older brother named Emmett. Emmett was the one who caught you and stopped you from hitting your head. They are here, so when ever you feel fit we can go inside and meet them and we can tell the others the great news."

I was happy for this. She was as well. I could understand why, she had been lost for so long and to find out that she did in fact have someone that cared about her, and to top it all off she had her family back. I wonder how Madam would take it though. I explained that both Alice and Emmett wanted to meet her and that if she didn't feel up to it that was totally fine. She told that that she wanted to meet them and get to know them. They were her brother and sister after all. I wish I knew what was going on inside my daughter's head.

Bella POV:

I can't believe that all in one day I find out that I am royalty, then find out that I was adopted into it and then finding my birth father all in one day. I woke up and looked at my surroundings. I was lying down on a bench and I saw Carlisle talking to a rather big, burly looking man and a pixie-like woman. When they saw that I was in fact awake they hurried off inside. I still can't get over the fact that all this time I was with my family the entire time. I felt fooish, but relieved all at once. I followed Carlisle into the house and I was greeted by three familiar faces, and two new ones. The burly man and the pixie woman were here. These must be my brother and sister. I was starting to tear up, but I was able to push them back. I walked up to my siblings and was stunned at how beautiful they were. Was Carlisle sure that they were my siblings? I paled in comparision to them.

"Hello, you must be Bella, my name is Alice and this is my brother, I mean our brother Emmett. I assume that Carlisle, I mean our father explained that you are our sister. And that just like you we both didn't know that we had another sister or that you were given up for adoption. But I can tell that we are going to be like best friends."

She was so energetic, you couldn't help, but be excited when you were around her. I was then taken into a bear hug by who I assumed to be Emmett.

"Emmett, let's not squish our sister now that we have her back."

"Oh, sorry Bells. Is it alright that I call you Bells?"

"Yes, Bells is fine. My friend Angela calls me that, but as long as you let me call you Teddy."

"Why Teddy?"

"Cause you remind me of a teddy bear."

"That's sweet, but my fiance, Rosalie calls me that, how about Em?"

"Em...I like that." I said with a grin. I was getting along great with them.

I looked around and Edward was no where to be seen. I excused myself and went to go find him. I came to the ball room door and heard what sounded like my lullaby. But what Edward was playing sounded so much better. I quietly walked in and sat beside him. I thought that I would have startled him, but he just turned and smiled his crooked smile at me. I all but melted at his gaze.

"Is that my lullaby you're playing?"

"Yes it is. Do you not like the way I've interpreted it, because I can change-" I put a finger to his lips to quiet him. He had no idea that I loved the way he put my lullaby to music other than by voice. I loved it, and I loved him.

"Edward, I love it! I couldn't ask for anything else. I love it and I love you."

"You do?"

"Yes Edward, I love you, I've always loved you, I thought you knew that."

He chuckled and gave me a crooked smile. "I know that you love me, I just like hearing it out loud." I playfuly shoved him and he pretended to look hurt. He then grabbed me and took me into a hug. I looked up at him from this hug into his eyes and I was caught. His eyes had a hold on me. We inched closer and closer til our lips met. Once our lips met I felt a spark of electricity, I assume that he did as well because he jerked a bit, but didn't move to stop this kiss.

Once we pulled away we were both in awe at how passionate that one kiss was. It left us both breathless.

"Bella, I-"

"Bella! You didn't tell me you have a dog, what's its name?"

"Oh her name is Sassy. She's a Beagle mix. Alice, I would like you to meet my gentlemen caller, Edward. Edward, this is my sister Alice."

"I didn't know that you would find your real parents or not that fast, but I'm being rude. My name is Edward, nice to meet you Alice."

Instead of taking his hand and shaking it Alice ran up to him and gave him a hug. I couldn't help but laugh. Alice had evedentally taken Edward by surprise. I excused myself from them, I had to go talk to Carlisle, I mean my father. This whole 'calling Carlisle father' was going to be a bit hard. Not that I didn't want him to be my father, it's just I've been without one for so long it just feels weird to say, but at the same time it felt right. I walked into the sitting room and just as I got to the doorway I saw Carlisle sitting with who I remembered as Esme. I hid myself from their veiw and decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Esme, you haven't changed a bit since I last saw you, but then again we were just children when I moved away. It's been a long time hasn't it."

"Yes, Carlisle, it has. I still remember that rousing game of hide and seek. You cheated by hiding under the house, and your mother about whipped your bottom for getting your good clothes very dirty."

Carlisle chuckled at the memory. I had to hide my laughter. I didn't want them to know that I was listening.

"Yes, mother looked as if she wanted to strangle me. I also remember having been very smitten with you Esme Platt."

I let out a gasp and quickly covered my mouth and got out of their line of sight. I peeked around the corner and they were looking around, but went back to their conversation. It wasn't that I didn't want them together, it was just that Carlisle had been a bit more forward than I thought he would be. I thought that it was adorable how they still had romantic feelings for each other even after not seeing one another for years.

"Oh Carlisle, you still know how to make a girl blush. I have to admit that I still have feelings for you too Carlisle. I always have, and always will."

I wanted to cry it was so romantic that father has finally found his love again. Even though he loved my birth mother, Esme was his first love. I looked back around and I saw them leaning in for a kiss. It was so sweet. I hope Carlisle and Esme get married. They deserve each other.

"You know, it's not very nice to spy on other people."

I jumped about a foot in the air and had to cover my mouth to hide my scream. I turned to see that Emmett was behind me. I playfully smacked him. Big mistake, instead of him being 'hurt' I was hurt. I shook my hand trying to get rid of the pain and rub it.

"Emmett, it's not very nice to sneak up on someone who's spying."

"Well, it's not nice to spy. Oh what am I saying, who are we spying on anyway?"

He leaned over me and saw Carlisle and Esme snuggled up on the couch in front of the fireplace.

"Well this isn't any fun, they aren't even doing anything fun."

"Em, do you not see that father and Esme are in love. And if things keep going the way things are now we will have..."

"A new baby brother and sister?!"

"No Emmett, we will have a new mother, Esme to be precise."

I laughed at the light bulb clicking on in his head. Emmett could be pretty smart when he wanted. But apparently today he didn't feel like it I guess. I left Carlisle and Esme alone and dragged Emmett with me. We were walking through the foyer when the door slammed open and in came a excited Noel and walking in after him was a smiling Angela and Ben.

"Auntie Bella, Angela et Ben sont maintenant ma nouvelle maman et papa!" (Auntie Bella, Angela and Ben are now my new mommy and daddy!)

"That's wonderful news Noel. Noel I would like you to meet my older brother Emmett. Emmett his is my 'nephew' Noel."

"Hey Noel, want to go see if the cook has anything ready to eat?"

Noel of course nodded yes and scurried off to the kitchen. I greeted Ben and Angela and asked how it went. It went faster than they expected.

"They were in such a hurry to close for the day they didn't linger on any detail. But don't worry all the correct papers have been signed. Noel is offically our son!"

"That is such wonderful news Angela! I am so happy for you both. Oh and I would like you two to know that that burly man that ran off with Noel is my older brother Emmett." And just then Alice and Edward came into the foyer. "And this is my twin sister, Alice. Alice I would ike you to meet my friend Angela and her husband, Ben. They just adopted Noel. The boy we found abandoned on the train."

"He was abandoned on the train?! How horrible."

"Alice, didn't I tell you?"

"Yes, but it's still horrible that someone would leave their child on the train and to top it off tell them that they would be back.

I chuckled to myself. Everything was beginning to look good for me and my family. I just had to colaborate with Alice on how to get Carlisle and Esme together. Just then Esme came running in and Carlisle was running in behind her.

"Carlisle just asked me to marry him!!"

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