The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 23

Alice POV:

I was looking forward to the wedding. I couldn't see how anyone couldn't be. A wedding was to show to everyone just how much you cared for them. That's why I plan on marrying Jasper Whitlock soon. He already proposed and everything. It was a diamond ring. An actual diamond ring set in platinum with an old european cut center diamond was about .65cts the ring was also decorated with three smaler diamonds on either side (link on profile).

Today Esme invited all of us to go dress shopping with her. I was glad that she was making the effort to include all of us in this, but she didn't have to tell me twice. I was obsessed with shopping. Well, that was according to Emmett. I just didn't see the point of wearing the sames clothes more than once. I wanted a variety.

"Thank you Esme for inviting me, but I'm not much for shopping. I know that whatever dress you pick out for me will be great." I could tell that this was Bella's way of getting out of shopping. I also knew that she apparently didn't 'do' shopping. This would have to change if we were going to be sisters.

"Please Bella? You know that it won't be any fun without you there. I promise that I will not drag you all over downtown Paris for" I whispered the last part. I was fortunate enough that she didn't hear that. I think this was working. I could tell because she was chewing on her bottom lip.

"Are you sure, that if I go dress shopping, you won't drag me all over town?"

"Yes, at least for today Bella. You know that Esme wants you to come with us. And I know that you want to as well. I know that we will all have a fun time." I knew that she would go now. Bella was still chewing on her lower lip, contimplating whether or not to agree or not.

She agreed to it, as long as Angela was allowed to bring Noel as well. I told her that he was already invited, Esme wanted him to get fitted for his tux for when he walked down the isle as the ring barrer. We still needed to find a flower girl to walk down with him. I vocally let this be known. Angela and Bella had the perfect idea. Apparently Noel had a little friend who he liked to play with, who happened to be a girl. Angela excused herself and went to make a phone call to Maureen and Julius.

"Good news, it looks like Jacqueline will be Esme's flower girl. Maureen said that we can pick her up from their home."

The planning for the wedding was going according to plan. Now we just have to let the men know that we would be gone for most of the day and that we would be taking Noel with us.

A Few Hours Filled with Shopping Later...

Esme picked out the most beautiful dress for the brides maids. They were a powder pink with matching pearl necklaces. They were beyond words to describe (Link on profile). Noel's tuxedo was so adorable on him. He picked it out himself. I was proud of him. He had good taste for a three year old (link on profile). Jacqueline's dress was adorable on her as well. Bella picked it out for her. She obviously missed her afternoon nap (link on profile). We were now going to drop off Jacqueline and Noel off with Maureen and Julius.

We now were off in search of Esme's dress.

After what was merely only two hours Esme found the perfect dress for herself. It was an off-white dress and embroidered with what seemed to be gold trim (link on profile). Esme said that this was 'her' dress and that no other dress could compare. I agreed entirely. This dress expressed Esme perfectly. Even though I barely know her, I feel as if we have a connection.

"So, did you girls have fun dress shopping?"

Emmett wanted to be the one to see the dresses, but we kept them a secret. Esme and I wanted to have all of the boys surprised for the wedding. I cannot believe that the wedding is already tomorrow. I know that traditional weddings take months to plan, but with the duchess as a close friend of Esme's planning was already done practically. All was left was to find a minister, and decide where to hold the reception.

"Sorry honey, but we can't disclose that information at this time." I rolled my eyes. Just because Rosalie was studying to become a lawyer didn't mean she had to confuse Emmett with 'lawyer jargon'. Emmett would be confused enough without that.

"That's fine, besides Jasper, Edward and I have decided to throw Carlisle a bachelor party of our own." I was glad that they were getting into the 'wedding spirit', but I just hoped that my brother wouldn't go overboard and embarrass Carlisle.

"Emmett Ryder Cullen, you will not embarrass your new father on his wedding night! Just don't do anything that he'll regret in the morning."

If I knew Emmett, and I did, I knew that he wanted to invite a 'flapper girl' to the party. Or even take him to a speakeasy. I just hoped that they wouldn't end up in jail. But it would be funny to see Emmett in jail behind bars. Jasper, not so much. I mean he can hold his own, but I wouldn't want to see what the other guy would look like afterwards.

"I don't care what you do Emmett, as long as you do not get thrown in jail. Do you hear me?!"

Emmett mocked saluted me and was off to what I assume was to tel the others. Talking with Emmett about the bachelor party gave me an idea for Esme's bachelorette party. It would have to be something fun and exciting, but nothing that would be too over the top, even for me.

"Rose, I was thinking, since the boys are throwing Carlisle a bachelor party, why don't we throw a bachelorette party for Esme?"

"That's a perfect idea. But where would we go?"

This was going to be rather hard to think of. Esme wasn't much for parties, but she was all for self-pampering. That gave me the best idea, we would have a home spa day. While the boys were out the girls would stay home and pamer ourselves.

I mentioned this to the others and they were all for it. ANgle and I would go and get the required items, and on the way home we would pick up Noel. I could tell that this was going to be a great night for all of us to bond and get to know one another better, but I couldn't help but feel that something would go wrong tonight.

Emmett POV:

Tonight is going to so much fun. Carlisle had no idea that we were going to take him to a speakeasy. Then again I didn't even really tell Jasper, Edward and Ben the truth. They wouldn't have approved and we would've been stuck at home doing nothing. Carlisle needed that traditional 'last night of freedom' that every man got when he was going to get married. We, we meaning I went and found the perfect speakeasy on the other side of Paris.

It had everything that I knew would make for a great bachelor Party. It had acohol, women who were 'liberated' or flappers as some people liked to call them, and then there was the fact that we could be caught in here at any minute. Which I think added to the fun level.

We arrived at the place. To people who didn't know what was behind these doors, it would just seem as if it were abandoned.

"Emmett, please tell that you didn't want to go rumaging through an abandoned building."

"Calm down Jazz, it's not an abandoned building. It's Le Trou Dans Le Mur."

It was hard to keep a straight face when I saw their expressions. Haven't these guys ever heard of a speakeasy? It was rather funny. I shook my head and turned around and I knocked on the door three times.

"Emmett, my french is very good, and le trou dans mur, translated into English means, 'The Hole In The Wall."

Then this man peered out through a rectangular opening.

"Mot de passe?"

I was confused. What was he talking about? The man that told me about this place told me they spoke English here as well.

"Emmett, the man wants some kind of password." I knew it was a smart thing bringing Benjamin along. Besides, I bet he needed a night away from the wife and kid. Just wouldn't tell him that's why, because I'm pretty word would get back to Rosie. She is not a person to mess with if she's angry.

"Oh, ok Joe sent me."

The man slammed the rectangular opening shut and there was a brief moment where I thought I had gotten the places mixed up. But I was redeemed when I saw the door slowly open, and we were instantly greeted with loud jazz music as well as a cloud of smoke close to the ceiling. We were then greeted by a group of women in rather short skirts, bobbed haircuts, and heavy makup. This was going to be a great bachelor party.

"Hi there fellas, my name's Sophia, but please call me Sophie." She was the one who had the reddish-brown hair. "This is Evelyn, Irene, Grace, and that is Ruby." Evelyn had blond hair, Irene had jet-black hair, it was very shiny as well. Grace had long brown hair that came to her shoulder blades, but she had it up in a bun. And finally, Ruby had fiery red hair and had lipstick to match.

"Can we get you boys anything?" I asked for a round for the five of us. The four others tagged along with Sophie.

"Emmett, why in god's name did you bring us to a speakeasy for Carlisle's bachelor party?"

"Geez Eddie, relax. I broght Carlisle here because I thought that he should have some fun before the big day."

"Ok, do not call me Eddie, my name is Edward. And what will Rosie say when she finds out where you took Carlisle for his bachelor party?!"

I was thinking about this, Rosie wouldn't mind, as long as I never hit on other woman. "She won't mind. Besides this is so all of us can kick back and relax some."

A Few Rounds Of Whiskey Later

Ruby was sitting on my lap, Carlisle had Evelyn and Sophie on his, Ben had Irene on his, and Grace was on Jasper's. Edward was being a spoiled sport. He didn't want to betray Bella, apparently he and her were dating. I would have to talk with Bella later about this. I didn't want my new little sister to get in over her head.

"So I hear that you big boy are getting married in the morning. She's a lucky woman." I chuckled. Sophie was making Carlisle uncomfortable, and that was the way she liked it apparently. I turned to see how Jasper and Benjamin were doing. Jasper was trying to control Grace. Apparently Grace was trying to kiss Jasper. Jasper kept telling her that he had a fiance at home, but Grace wouldn't budge, or maybe she didn't believe him.

"I don't see a 'handcuff' on your finger. She can't be that special."

"That's where you're wrong Grace, I love Alice, and she loves me. And we're getting married in the spring." I loved it when Jasper stood up for himself. He had a tendency to be somewhat of a wet blanket.

Ben was having a fun time. Apparently he told Irene that he was married, and she saw the ring so all she was doing was making herslef comfortable.

"What in the hell are you doing to my girl you lousy piece of trash?!"

We all jumped and I turned to see that a man, who was taller than I was. He was even more built than I was. He pulled the girls off of Carlisle's lap and threw them behind him, as if he were laying claim on them.

"Sir, we're only here for a bachelor party, we don't want an-"

And out of no where a man came up and punched Carlisle. He fell backwards over the chair and onto the ground. Edward helped him up. Carlisle was rubbing his jaw, thank goodness it wasn't broken.

"I don't care what you were or what you weren't doing, you leave my girl and her friend alone. You don't want to mes with Sidney."

I laughed to myself, and was able to hide it, or so I thought.

"You find my name funny do you now? Well, my mother gave it to me. It was my grandfather's name. You got a problem with that?"

I shook my head no. I was trying to so hard not to laugh, and I looked out of the corner of my eye and Ben was trying hard as well not to laugh. Edward was busy making sure Carlisle was ok, and Jasper was busy trying to stay calm.

"I don't have a problem with it, I just never knew a sane person would name their son Sidney."

Edward smacked his forehead. I just then realized what I had said.

"You calling my mother crazy? You know who you're talking to?"

"No, not really. Should I know?"

I guess it was this guy's turn to laugh.

"Does Big Sid, ring a bell?"

I didn't know any Big Sid, Hell, I didn't know anyone that went by that name. But it was Jasper's time to talk. "You're that gangster that got tagged for grand theft auto, as well as robbing a few banks. How did you manage to not get caught?"

That's when it clicked. He was in all the newspaper recently. No one knew where he disappeared to, after a few months the plice gave up search, but there was still a reward out for his whereabouts.

"Yes, you would correct, but now that you know who I am and what I've done it seems that I'm going to have to get rid of you five."

We weren't going down without a fight. And apparently neither was Sidney. What started as an exchange of words turned into an all out brawl. Girls were screaming and begging for everything to stop.

Just then the doors to the speakeasy were slammed open and a mob of police officers were instantly inside and putting a stop the the fight. They obviously didn't care who started the brawl. We were being escorted to Jail. I wondered who would have to make that call to home to let the girls know so they could come down and bail us all out.

Meanwhile, Back At the Manor

Bella POV:

We moved onto manicures and pedicures while we waited on the facials. Noel had passed out on the couch next to me. Just then the phone rang in the other room. I offered to grab the phone. I was going to put Noel to sleep anyways. I carefully carefully picked up Noel so that he stayed asleep as I quickly walked over to the phone.


"Yes, hello is this the residence of Madam Romanov."

"Yes, may I ask who is asking." This was very odd, who would be calling madam so late at night?

"You have an incoming call from the local Police station. It's a young Mr. Masen calling for you, will you accept?"

"Yes, I'll accept."

"Ok, I'm connecting you now."

I heard a click and instantly heard what sounded like a fight going on on the other side of the phone line.

"Bella?! Is that you?" The voice belonged to Edward. Why was my Edward calling from the police station?

"Yes, it's me, why am I getting a phone call from the police station?"

There was silence for a second. As if he were trying to find a way of telling me so that I wouldn't be upset, or was it angry.

"We were out celebrating Carlisle's bachelor party, and well..."

More silence.

"Edward Anthony Masen, you better tell what's going on right now!"

"Bells, we're in jail, would you please come bail us out? Please come alone. We don't want the girls to know what happened."

"And why's that Emmett? Were you doing something that you shouldn't have?" I was met with more silence. They were keeping something from me, and I wanted to know exactly what that was. I was going to get it out of them no matter what.

"Bells, we were at a speakeasy, and well got into a fight with a ganster, who goes by the name Big Sid."

"Who in god's name is Big Sid."

I obviously didn't know I was yelling at this point. I found this out when Noel woke up and started to fuss, I hushed him and he laid his head back down and went to sleep. Apparently my voice traveled into the other room because I was met with four mud-covered faces and were all asking at once 'Who's Big Sid', 'Why did they run into him?', 'Is he as cute in person as he is in pictures?', and 'What's going on?'.

I had to tell them. But I wouldn't let the boys know.

"Edward, I'll come and bail you all out. Just sit tight and I'll be there soon."

And with that I hung up the phone and I was greeted with four annoyed women wanting a response. This was going to be harder than I thought.

"Ok, the guys are in jail. They're fine, they got into a fight with Big Sid in a speakeasy and they want me to come down and bail them out...alone."

I was met with stunned silence. This wasn't going to be pretty when the guys came home.

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