The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 24

A/N: Ok, so I think after this chapter the wedding for Carlisle and Esme will be in the next. Then there will be a whole chapter dedicated to edward finally proposing to Bella ;)

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Bella POV:

I can't believe I had to lie to my friends and my future mother. Emmett better have a god explanation as to why he got all of them in jail.

"Who was that on the phone Bella?"

I lied and told them that it was someone wanting the number for the police department, but I told them that they had the wrong extension. I hated lying, but what made it worse was that they actualy believed me. I made an excuse to leave the house. I told them that I wanted something to snack on and said that I would be back in a little bit.

After a long cab ride down to the station I was told that I would have to wait for the arresting officer to escort me to the jail cell.

After what felt forever, the officer finally showed up and told me that they were in the last holding cell on the left. I thought that I would be escorted to the cell itself, but I was just told where they were. I could've done that by myself, I didn't need to wait over thirty minutes. I walked down and as I walked down I started getting cat calls directed at me. I can't believe Emmett even guilted me into this.

"Hey, leave the lady alone, she's here to see the stiffs in the last cell." I internally thanked the older man in the first cell. Even if he still creeped me out.

"Bella, is that you? Oh thank goodness you're here alone, I don't want Rosalie to see me like this."

"Oh don't worry Em, I didn't let any of the girls know. Besides, if I did tell them, do you think I'd be here alone."

"That's true, at least my Rosie won't be here to see this. She would kill me."

"Oh you never know Emmett Swan! I might do something worse wishing you were dead."

I jumped. I turned around and at the door I saw Alice, Esme, Rosalie, and Angela. I was so sure that I had been secret enough, that none of them would follow me. I guess I was wrong. I asked them how they knew where I was.

"Oh Bella, did you really think we believed your story of wanting to go for a snack. Please. We weren't born yesterday."

I sighed. Alice had a point, I was never really good at lying.

"Emmett, please explain why my future husband is here in this jail cell on the night before his wedding?"

"Funny story Esme, you see we decided-"

"You mean you decided to take us all to a speakeasy. Then you decided to pick a fight with Big Sid."


"He's talking about me miss. The name's Sidney actually. It was my grandfather's name."

We all turned our attention to the man in the cell to the let of the guys. "I apologize for causing the fight, but the man you call Emmett insulted my mother. I was just protecting the family name."

Rosalie's expression turned from annoyance to that of rage. Family means a lot to her. And to add fuel to the fire Emmett knew that as well. I offered to go post the boys' bail and when I came back with an officer Rosalie had Emmett by his hair and was forcing him to apologize to Sidney. I giggled at this sight. It was so funny.

"I see who wears the pants in the relationship."

"No...well maybe sometimes. That's her way of making Emmett apologizing when he doesn't want to apparently."

The officer didn't really understand Rosalie's intentions. Sometimes you needd to be blunt and forceful with Emmett apparently. I haven't known him long enough to know for sure, but with what I saw in front of me showed different.

"Well, here comes the officer, Esme we better get you home, it's bad luck to see the groom before the wedding."

Esme tried to protest, but Alice was already pulling her away. Rosalie gave Emmett a quick kiss and quickly helped Alice with Esme. I standing there. I would most likely have to supervise the four of them, but mainly Emmett.

"Bella, I just want to say thank you for bailing us out of jail. And I also-"

I shushed him with a finger to his lips. And I gave him a passionate, but short kiss. In the kiss felt as if I was electrocuted, but in a good way. There was so much chemestry and passion in that one kiss. I pulled back and we were both in shock.


"I'll take that as a thank you, and you're welcome Edward." I blushed a few shades of red when behind me I could heard Emmett teasing us. I had forgotten that we were still in the police station. That seemed to be a reoccuring thing with us. Every time we were around each other it was as if nothing else mattered.

That's when I knew that I was falling deeply in love with Edward Anthony Masen.

A/N: Ok, so thank you so much for reading and yes I know it's a lil short, but I will make the next chapter longer, especially since it will be the wedding day for Carlisle and Esme. Please give me suggestions on how YOU think Edward should propose to Bella. ;) I have a few ideas, but I want to hear your thoughts as well.

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