The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 25

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Esme POV:

I'm getting married today.

Oh my god, I'm getting married today! I was both nervous and excited all at the same time.

I had nothing to be nervous about. Alice and the girls have helped me so much, I don't know how to repay them. I'm grateful that both Alice and Bella have come to accept me as their new mother. Especially Alice, because she was raised by her birth mother. She was the first one actually that welcomed me with open arms.

Bella was a bit tougher, she'd grown up in a completely different environment, first in the lap of luxuary, but then to be thrown into an orphanage at the age of nine. By the time she became of age she had forgotten her entire past.

As an infant Bella was given away. I was furious at the thought of someone just giving up one of their own children because the other spouse wanted them to. But I was being bias, I had lost my son at a young age, so I couldn't really say.

I got out of bed. The bed felt empty, I looked over and saw that Carlisle was no where to be seen. But then it clicked that he must have been taken away so I couldn't see or speak to him until we said our 'i do's'. In my book this was so mean and unfair, but I did say that I wanted a traditional wedding. And as tradition the bride was not allowed to speak to or see the groom until then. Whoever thought up that rule, apparently wasn't completely and truly in love with the other person.

I needed to see my soon-to-be husband. I only saw him for a few minutes on the way home from the jail. I wasn't angry with Emmett for taking him to the speakeasy, because I knew Carlisle wouldn't ever go back again. Not after the incident involving Big Sid.

"Esme, I need you to come downstairs so I can get started on your make up if you want to get to get married today."

I chuckled, if I didn't know any better I would say that Alice had a slight obsession with fashion and make up.

I trudged downstairs and into the parlor and what I saw once I got there was somewhat disturbing, but more funny than anything. Alice was putting some last minute touches on my dress and had Emmett modeling it for her. Not wanting to stretch the dress, she didn't have him zip it up.

"And I thought I was the one getting married today."

Emmett about jumped out of his skin when he heard my voice.

", it's not what it looks like, it was Alice's idea."

Alice gave Emmett a glare. He seemed unphased by it, apparently she's glared at him too many times.

"It's quite all right honey, I thought I was only going to have two daughters, but three is quite nice." I couldn't hold my straight face for very long before I was overcome with laughter. Emmett looked both relieved and annoyed, but he really didn't mean it. At least I hoped not.

"yea, no wonder mom always used to call you Emmie. Everything makes sense now."

I covered my mouth as I laughed. Alice was doing an awful good job of poking fun at Emmett, because soon Emmett was chasing Alice around the room. After a while it started getting a bit old. I was trying to calm them down.

"Oh, who's winning?" I looked down and saw that Noel was now standing next to me laughing at Emmett chasing Alice around the room.

I was trying to settle them down, when Alice faked Emmett out and hopped over the couch. Emmett of course followed then I heard a sound I didn't want to hear on my wedding day.


I shut my eyes, afraid to look and see what had happened.

I reluctantly peeked through my hands and my fears were confirmed. Emmett had ripped my dress almost completely.

Let's just say that I was speechless.

But Noel wasn't, "Uh oh." That pretty much summed up how I felt. I wasn't mad at either one of them. I just wish my dress didn't have to pay the price. "I-I-um....I'm sorry about that Esme. It was a complete accident. I didn't mea-"

"Emmett, it's fine. I just have to either try and sew this one back together, or just go out and buy a brand new dress. I do not blame you hon." I took the tattered dress from him and walked away with it and went upstairs to get my sewing kit.

I attempted to sew it back together, but it was too far gone. I sighed and got up and went downstairs to give everyone the bad news. Alice on the other hand saw it as an excuse to go shopping again. She dragged Bella, Angela and Rosalie with her. I told her what I wanted, I knew that ALice would respect what I wanted.

I walked into the kitchen to start breakfast when I felt a tug on my skirt. I looked down and saw that Noel was standing next to me. "Ezme, I'm hungry. My tummy's talking to me." I asked him how waffles sounded to him and his face brightened. I knew I had found his favorite food.

While I was fixing breakfast I found out that Ben and Jasper were keeping Carlisle occupied until the wedding. I was semi disappointed. I wanted to try and sneak a visit in, but it looked that wasn't going to happen. I finished up the waffles and I sat Noel down on a chair, that of course had a booster seat. But all it really was was a stack of books that no one read anymore. As I sat down to eat my stack of waffles Edward walked in.

I don't know Edward all that well, but I do know that he is courting Bella and I for one couldn't be more pleased that they found each other. It was very obvious that when they were around one another they were happier. It was as if they each had found their missing half.

"Esme, I would like to talk to you about Bella. I love her, and I realize that you already know that. I haven't been courting Bella for a long, but I know that she is the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Would it be to forward of me to ask for your permission to marry your soon-to-be daughter?"

I was literally jumping up and down in my mind. But I would have to remain collected. I didn't want Edward to know this until he spoke to Carlisle. I didn't want to get him excited, and have Carlisle potentially shut him down. Not that he would, but I just don't know what he would do since he just reconnected with his family again.

"Edward, I could tell when I first met both you and Bella that you love her. But shouldn't you be asking me this. You should be asking Carlisle."

"This is true, but I wanted to make sure that it was ok with you too."

"Edward, of course you have my permission. I see the way you look at her. And I know that you two will be happy together."

I wish he would just accept that Bella will in fact return the love.

He accepted this and was out the door and off to see Carlisle. If only I was able to do the same, but I was being held prisoner.

This was starting to get rather tedious to just stay here and do nothing besides look after Noel, but I wasn't complaining there. When I looked at Noel I saw my newborn son that died. I get upset and start to cry, but then I remember that I have a new family that loves me.


"Esme, we're back and you're going to love your dress."

I slowly walked into the foyer and stopped in awe of what I saw. It was as if the wedding dress from my dreams came to life and was now here in the present. Now, I liked the dress that Alice and I decided on, but that looked to modern for my taste. This dress was more of a classic style. The vail was a bit long, but it made the dress even better, but I will have to try and talk Alice into shortening the vail some.

I mean, I don't want anyone tripping over the vail, or having it rip. (Btw, the link is on the profile if you want to see it)

I took the dress from and went to go try it on. A few minutes later I came back out and was met with a jaw-dropped audience. "Is the dress that bad? Come on everyone, I get married in a few hours and you staring at me isn't helping any."

"It's just....the looks so much better than it did in the store. Esme, you're the most drop dead gorgeous bride of all time in that dress."

Rosalie's comment made me smile, they were just trying to be nice. But when I looked in the full-length mirror to look for myself I was shocked with what I saw. I looked breath-taking. It looked as if it cost them so much money. I couldn't wear this, but looking back in the mirror I decided that I could wear it.

"Oh my goodness, you only have a couple of hours til the ceremony. We need to do your make up and hair. Everyone go get ready, we need to get to the church in an hour."

I smiled, Alice of course loved planning weddings, I'm pretty sure that she could make a career out of this. I could tell that doing this always made her quite content. I would have to talk to Peirre and see if he needed any new wedding planners.

I know Peirre from before I worked for Madam. I was working in Interior Designing, but when I was asked to work for the Grand Duchess I had to give Peirre my resignation. But he told me that if I ever needed a favor, never hesitate to ask. When I had a free moment I would have to call and ask him.

"Ok Esme, you're done. We now need to make sure that the others are ready to leave."

I checked myself in the mirror and saw that I looke like a totally different person. But as I looked closer I saw myself. I guess I was so used to my natural hair, that something new surprised me. But the more I looked at my hair, the more I loved it.


After a short ride to the church we got to a room off the sanctuary doors without being spotted by the guys. Emmett wasn't allowed to see the new dress so when Alice went shopping he went and joined the others.

I started getting nervous. Maybe we were getting married to fast. I mean we've only just reconnected a few days ago. That's not a lot of time to get to know someone enough to want to marry them. But then we've known each other when we were kids. I loved him then...just like I love him now. That calmed my nerves some. I just had to remind myself that we loved each other since we were little.

I was starting to calm somewhat down, that is, until Angela came running in and started panicking. "Ok, I can't find Jacqueline anywhere. I just picked her up from Maureen's and brought her here. She was playing with Noel when I last checked."

I walked over to Angela, and told her that everything was going to be ok. Bella offered to go look for her, as did Rosalie. Alice and I were in charge of calming Angela down. We finally had her all calmed down, when Rosalie came rushing back in and said that she couldn't find Jacqueline. This of course set Angela off again. We finally got her all calmed down, and Bella came walking in with an annoyed looking Jacqueline. "She was sitting next to Ben, and Ben didn't even notice until I went and picked her up."

Angela sighed with relief. and took Jacqueline from Bella and sat her back down with Noel. Noel didn't even notice that she had left.

"Ladies, the ceremony is about to start take your places."

Angela took Noel and Jacqueline to get ready. She explained to them that they were suppose to walk behind Bella and Edward and stay in front of me. Noel nodded yes, but Jacqueline wanted to stand next to Ben. Angela told her that after Carlisle and I both say 'I do' she could stand next to him. She looked up and smiled big and nodded yes. I helped Noel into his tuxedo jacket and gave him the pillow where the rings would be, but he didn't know that they were really in Emmett's pocket.

We got in line. Rosalie and Emmett walked towards each other then walked arm in arm down the isle. About half way down Alice and Jasper met and walked down. Then it was Angela and Ben, finally came Bella and Edward; they walked down the isle and about half way I came into the doorway. Noel and Jacqueline were walking down and Noel tried to hold Jacqueline's hand but she stopped and turned to him and said 'No' awfully loud. This caused everyone to stop and laugh.

Canon in D started playing, which was my cue to start to slowly walk down the isle. I was the center of attention, and today I loved every minute of it.

I looked around at the gorgeous layout of the church and all the decorations that I assume were all Alice. I looked at Carlisle. The smile on his face reminded me of the little boy who I used to play tag with. Looking at him now made me realize just how much in love I am with him.

I was in a trance of love that the minister had to say 'Do you Esme Platt, take Carlisle Cullen, as your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, til death do you part?' twice. I snapped out of it and grinned at Carlisle and said, "I do."

The room erupted in applause and cheers, but I was lost in the kiss. The kiss that sealed the fact that I was now and will forever be Esme Cullen.

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