The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire


A/N: Thank you to all who have loved this story from beginning to end, and thank you to those who have just now come to this story ;) thank you all. This is the epilogue and the FINAL chapter of Lost Daughter of Russia.

"Aunt Alice, tell us the story again."

"Well Violet, your mom and dad had known one another when they were both younger, but they didn't have any idea that when they met later on that they would fall in love."

I smiled at the sight of my sister, Alice, telling Violet and Vivian the story of how Edward and I met. I still had to remind myself that we were in fact married, and had three beautiful children.Willie was almost eighteen years old, Vivian was about seventeen years old and Violet had just turned sixteen old. I couldn't believe that they were growing up so fast. It seems as if it were only yesterday that I had given birth to Willie.

"Aw Aunt Alice, please tell us the whole story again."

"Now now, Aunt Alice needs to get to work on time today. We don't want a repeat of yesterday."

Violet pouted but reluctantly gave in, and went to play with Vivian, Johnnie, Peggy, Annie and Leo. They all belonged to Jasper and Alice. Our ront door rang and Edward offered to get it and whe he opened the door and Ruby, Robert, Dale, Martin, Hazel, Darlene, and trailing in behind them was the youngest, Lillie. The seven of them all belonged to Rosalie and Emmett. Rosalie did always want a big family, and she was able to get her wish.

"I see that Rosalie and Emmett are here, and they brought the kids with them."

I rolled my eyes at Edward, he could be such a goof. We knew once the stampede came running in that they were here. I just hope that Esme made enough food. I always did love this time of year. I loved how the snow covered the grass just enough so that the kids could make snowmen. I always did love it when they were outside, that way it was a little more quiet, but I must admit that I wouldn't change anything of how my life has gone so far. I was married to the man I loved and gave birth to three adorably sweet children.

The wedding night was when Willie was conceived. I didn't find out until about three months later when I went for a normal check up. I was shocked, not that I didn't want Willie, I was just shocked in general. I later told Edward, he gave me one the most passionate kisses I have ever gotten. He was more that excited, he was estatic. When I told the others the news Alice started jumping up and down wanting to be the one to throw me a baby shower, but I told her that it was too soon. Of course, being Alice, that didn't stop her. I ended up having over twenty-five guests come to my shower. I didn't think I knew this many people, but they were all very nice. I ended up getting a lot of nice useful baby gifts.

Luckily when both Alice and Rosalie started to have children I gave them some of my gifts. I kept a few of my shower gifts, like the blankets, and night lights. Just the non essesntial things that I knew they already had.

"Love, you better go to your doctor's appointment, you don't want to get caught in a freak snow storm." I mentally smacked myself, of course I had a doctor's appointment today. I haven't been feeling well lately. Edward's first thought was that I was pregnant again. I would love to bring another life into this world, but my last birth was a bit rough. Vivian came out just fine, but Violet was breeched. The doctors say that I most likely wouldn't be able to get pregnant again after my last birth.

I kissed Edward on the cheek and hurried to the car. Violet came running over to me. "Mommy, do you know if Noel is coming? Willie says that he'll be here, but we don't think so."

I laughed a bit, Noel was almost eighteen now. And according to Angela Noel and Jacqueline have been dating for about three weeks now. We weren't surprised when he finally asked her parents if he could start dating her. Maureen and Jullian weren't surprised either, in fact they were waiting for it to happen. Ever since they were little they were practically inseperable.

"Girls, Angela and Ben are coming, as well as both Noel and Jacqueline. Now you two better get inside, dinner is almost ready. Let Willie know as well." They both nooded and ran into the house.

I got into the car and drove off to the doctor's office.

When I got to the doctor's office there wasn't very many people in the waiting room. May be I wouldn't have to wait very long. "Mrs. Masen, Dr. Laurent will see you now."

I remembered that name, that was the name of the doctor that Alice and Emmett went to go see to learn more about me. But the last I'd heard he still had his office in Germany, he must've transferred.

I walked back with a nurse to an exam room, and was led into the first one.

I waited for only a few minutes when the door opened and in came the doctor.

"Hello Mrs. Masen, I hope your children are doing well."

I told him that they were doing just fine, and that we were about to celebrate christmas eve with all of the family. He had a shocked expression on his face. He chuckled a bit and said, "Are you sure all of your family can fit in one house?" I knew that he was kidding of course and I would have to agree, there was Edward, the kids and I, then Alice ad Jasepr and their children, Emmett and Rosalie and their seven children, and finally that left Carlisle and Esme and their two children. I never did figure out how We managed all of us in one small place, but we did.

Dr. Laurent took a blood sample, and checked my vitals. He checked my breathing and my ears. Apparently everything checked out. He told me that I might just have some indigestion. I shrugged that off and signed the appropriate papers so that I could leave and get back home.

"Oh Mrs. Masen, I'll put a rush on the blood samples and will let you know as soon as they are ready."


Once I got home I was bombarded with questions and hugs. I looked around and saw that everyone had in fact made it. I made my way through the crowd and was able to find Edward, he was 'hiding' out in the kitchen and helping Esme prepare the main course.

"Hello love, how did the doctor's appointment go?"

I told him that the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with me, and that I must have indigestion. He crinkled his nose and didn't think that was a logical diagnoisis, but he let it slide. I told him that I would be find and that we should get the table ready.

I took some of the side dishes out and put them on the table. When I got to the dining room I about died from happiness, I had forgetten how gorgeous this room was. Especially since Esme was the one who designed it herself. I sat down a plate of each side dish on either end. I loved that Esme was able to have enough room for the 'kid table'. This way some of the older children could sit with us, but the younger kids could have their own fun. Plus there's just to many kids and not enough seats for all of the kids we all have.

I was walking back into the kitchen and all of a sudden I was feeling a bit dizzy. I was able to catch myself against the door jame and leaned up against it. I was able to conceal this from everyone. I didn't need anyone to worry about me. I grabed the last of the side dishes and put them on the table. Once everything was on the table Carlisle called everyone to the dinning room. We took our seats, and Lillie was about to eat some of her food, but Ruby slapped her hand.

Carlisle stood at the head of the table and asked us to bow our heads in prayer.

'Dear lord, we are thankful that you were able to bring us all together on the night of your son's birth. We thank you for the food you have provided for us. In your name we pray, Amen.'

We repeated Amen and raised our heads. I must've raised my head too fast, because when I raised my head, I got the same dizzy feeling. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hide it from Edward. I told him that I was fine and that he shouldn't have to worry about me.

"Here's the kid's translation, 'Good food, good grief, good god let's eat!"

This caused all the children to laugh at Emmett. Rosalie of course slapped him on the back of the head, but couldn't hide the fact that she was laughing as well.

I rolled my eyes, I swear. Emmett acts more like a child than his does a grown man.

As we passed around the plates of both turkey, and ham and the mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, stuffing, and green bean casserole the phone rang. Willie offered to get the phone. I had just eaten a piece of turkey and Willie came running in saying, "Mom, Dr. Laurent is on the phone. He says that he has some preliminary test results from the blood sample."

Right as he said that, everyone turned to look at me. I immdiately blushed and quickly got up and went to pick up the phone.

"Hello Mrs. Masen, I hope that I am not disturbing you at this late hour, but I got some preliminary test results from the blood sample you gave earlier today."

I started to panic, was I sick? Did I have some disease? Did I have something wrong with me?

"Mrs. Masen, I have some news, you are pregnant. Congratulations!"

I stopped breathing. I was excited for this, but then I quickly remembered what happened when I gave birth to Violet. I didn't want to have a miscarriage. I didn't want to harm my baby either.

"Mrs. Masen, did you hear me? I said that you're pregnant."

That's when I blacked out.


When I came to I was lying in my bed and was being looked at with two of the most gorgeous emerald eyes. "Love, are you alright? And by the way, I am thrilled to hear that we're having another child."

So he heard the doctor on the phone. I was both relieved and nervous. I was nerous because I didn't want anything to go wrong. "Bella, the doctor says that you're going to be just fine, and so is the baby."

I wanted to believe Edward so much, but I couldn't shake what happened with Violet. I almost lost Violet, I don't think I could handle actually losing a child.

I went to get up from the bed, but Edward made me lie back down. I was apparently suppose to stay in bed for awhile, or at least until I was feeling better. I wasn't too happy, but I would apparently have to endure it.

"Auntie Bella, Peggy, Johnnie, and Annie won't let me play with them. What should I do?"

"Well Leo, why don't you go and play with some of the other kids. I'm sure that they will get jealous and want you to play with him."

Leo smiled scampered off.

I thought back to Violet and Vivian and how I almost lost them both. Then that reminded me that thier seventeenth birthday party is coming up soon. I would have to consult Alice on the party arrangements, but right now, I would have to get back to that later, right now I needed to get back downstairs and with the rest of my family. I walked down the stairs and made it about halfway before I was stopped by both Rosalie and Alice.

"Are you sure you should be up and moving around? I mean we don't want you to pass out and hurt yourself, or our new niece or nephew."

I rolled my eyes and told them that I was completely fine and that I was feeling so much better. I could tell that the didn't fully believe me, but they let me pass, and go downstairs. Edward met me at the stairs. He didn't look happy, but he didn't look furious. More like he was worried, but I couldn't blame him. I mean I did pass out in the kitchen. But I think that was from the shock of finding out that I was pregnant again. And I guess the dizziness was from the pregnancy.

I explained this to Edward and he walked with me to the living room and when we got there everyone was gathered around the grand piano that Edward had gotten as a generous wedding present from Madam. He played practically everyday. I loved waking up to the sound of his playing. I especially loved his version of my lullaby that he composed himself. It's that lullaby that helps my girls fall asleep. Wilie fell asleep on his own, he didn't need a lullaby. I suppose that's a trait in Masen women. We love being serenaded to sleep.

Everyone was waiting for Edward and I so that we could start singing christmas carols. After a while we called it quits and we started to do our own little thing. Alice, Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett went and turned on 'Check And Double Check'. Amos and Andy were a hoot. I love listening to them on the radio. They even had a christmas special every year.

I had just finished cleaning up the dishes when Noel came in and said, "Aunt Bella, I need your opinion on something, but you can't tell my mother about this."

I knew something was up. I took at seat at the dinning table and Noel took a seat next to me and turned to me and said, "Bella, I don't know how to go about telling my mom and dad this, but I want to join the army. I've been listening to all the radio news, as well as reading the newspapers. I know that there's a war coming, and I want to protect my country. I just don't know how they will react to this news."

"Well Noel, have you thought about telling them what you've told me? Im sure if you tell them what you've told me just now, that they'll understand. They might not like it, but they'll understand it. Now I have to ask, have you talked to Jacqueline about this yet? I assume you plan to tell her either once you'e told your mother and father, or tell the three of them together."

"I haven't told her yet, I haven't decided if I should tell her seperately or just wait and tell her when I tell my parents."

"I think it doesn't matter when you tell her, as long as you tell her."

Noel nodded his head in agreement and decided that he would tell Angela and Ben first, then take Jacqueline aside and tell her. I felt both sorrow and I felt proud. He has come such a long way. I still remember when we found him on the train all alone, because his birth mother had abandoned him. He grew up so fast. It took me by surprise that he wanted to go into the army.

But I knew that he would have a ton of life experiences while he would be there. I just hope that he would come home safely.

A/N: Ok, so this is the FINAL chapter, what did you think? I know it's a bit a of a cliffy, but this will help me lead into the sequel, that I won't be posting this week, probably late next week if that. I also want you to check out my other stories while you're waiting for the sequel ;) and FYI the summary to the sequel is on my profile :D

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Also to clear up the age questions:

Angela and Ben's kid (s):

Noel Cheney - 18


Maureen and Jullian's kid (s):

Jacqueline - 17


Bella and Edward's children:

Willie - 18

Vivian - 17

Violet - 16


ALice and Jasper's Children:

Johnnie - 13

Peggy - 14

Annie - 11

Leo - 8


Emmett and Rosalie's Children:

Ruby - 12

Robert - 10

Dale - 15

Martin - 8

*Hazel - 6

*Darlene - 6

Lillie - 3

*Hazel and Darlene are Fraternal Twins.


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