The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 3

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This chapter is going to start off with Bella's POV as I promised. Please review.

Bellastasia POV:

I just got finished singing with my grandma ma. I love our lullaby. When she pulled out the key and told me to keep it. Then that's when I heard a loud BANG! I turned to see my old friend. I couldn't remember his name until I heard grandma ma whispered his name I horror, "Rasputin!" Of course, why didn't I remember that? That's when it hit me


"Oh Bellastasia, where are you? You can't hide forever."

I was hiding behind my secret door from Rasputin. He always scared me I never really got to like him, but Maria thought that he was this 'sweet-old man'. I never figured out why.

But finally I thought he had left and I left my safe haven and started to peek at the door when from behind me I he grabbed me and tried to do these weird things' that I somehow knew was wrong and I went to scream, but he covered my mouth.

"Now, now my Bella you better be a good little girl. We wouldn't want you to get into trouble for making a scene when all I am doing is showing how much I love you."

I moved my leg back and swung it forward to kick him in the shin and I made a run for it. As I was running I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into my father. I told him what Rasputin had done to me he then proceeded to yell,

"GUARDS! seize Rasputin Immediately and escort him off the property!"

"Oh father! he was trying to find me, since I was hiding. I never really liked him. And I thought that he had left and went to the door to see if he really had left when he grabbed me from behind and started to touch me in awkward ways….oh father…he…h..he wanted me to kiss him…." By the time I finished telling him I was sobbing uncontrollably….


I stood next to my grandmother rigidly while I saw him getting closer and closer to my father. My grandmother was holding my hand, knowing that I wanted to run to my father's side and help him. When my grandma ma let go just for a second I made run for it and skidded to a stop next to my father's side.

I couldn't believe what Rasputin was saying, was it really true that the guards would turn against my father. He had done nothing wrong and Russia loved the Romanov family. I had told him this and he of course chuckled and asked me where are the guard then. I told him that that he probably did something to them. When he responded he waved his hand in front of Charlie and he 'flew' across the room I gasped in shock and wanted to run to my father to make sure he was ok, but I knew that I had to stand up to Rasputin and tell him that he is a coward. Why attack Charlie when I was the one accusing him.

"Well, Bellastasia why didn't you say so, all you had to do was ask"

I looked at him with confusion on my face and he of course chuckled then waved his hand in front of me but I didn't fly across the room like my father did, no, I felt this intense pain all over my body which made me collapse and I would not give Rasputin the satisfaction that I was in so much intense pain. I gritted my teeth and try to muffle my moans and screams.

I then heard a small thud I looked up and saw that someone had thrown a biscuit of some kind and he lost his concentration, making the pain stop immediately. He then asked who dared to throw this bread at him. I looked around and saw this breath-takingly beautiful bronze-colored hair boy a little taller than I am. I was trying to place his face when I was again in awe when I saw his piercing emerald eyes. I went to stand back up and was helped by the bronze-haired boy. When it hit me, this was the servant boy that played the piano; his playing was like listening to the bird's sing it was as if he was singing to me through the piano. I have secretly watched him from time to time. I think it was either me or Maria that convinced out father to let the servant boy use our piano. We both could not play the piano very well so all it did was sit and collect dust.

I was about to say something to him when Rasputin cut me off.

"Well my boy, it seems that you could do very well as my right-hand man. I would also like to shake your hand."

"I will not shake the hand of someone who is amused by hurting innocent girls"

Girl? He thinks I am a girl?! I am almost practically 9 I am not a girl but I do like that he is standing up for me. Under different circumstances this would be frowned upon but I think my father would be understanding. I looked over to see one of my uncles helping him up. I would've done that but was struck down with another wave of pain, but this was so much worse than the last one and I let out a loud blood-curdling scream and collapsed and was sobbing and begging for the pain to go away. When I started to feel my eye lids get heavy and wanting to close. I finally gave into the blackness that was encasing me and shut my eyes, but before I did I heard a loud scream.

Servant Boy POV:

Can't believe this man would harm my angel, my angel! I was staring him down when I heard my Bella scream in pain. I turned to see her hunched over so much that she had to fall to the ground. I could not take it, seeing her in so much pain that she was begging for mercy, and he wouldn't give it to her After she collapsed I ran into Rasputin and knocked him down! causing him to stop inflicting pain and he let out a loud howl of pain when I pulled my arm back and thrusted it forward.

My fist made contact with his face and I continued to pummel him until I was pulled off of him and I turned to see that it was both Charlie and Bellastasia's older brother that join the Russian Navy, Nicholi.

I finally released him and went to check on Bellastasia, but even after defending my angel I was forced back away from the kitchen. But not before hearing Rasputin scream out

"I curse your entire family Charlie Romanov, you will have nothing but hurt and heartache, and I promise that you will regret ever refusing my offer! And you servant boy, you will regret turning me down as well!"

I was then congratulated by Tsar himself then was ordered to go back into the kitchen as if nothing had ever happened. Before I left I asked the Tsar if I could visit Bellastasia to make sure she was ok, but was told no. I slowly walked back to continue working as if nothing had happened without knowing if my Bella will be ok.

(two days later)

Bellastasia POV:

I had the most grueling headache when I woke up. I tried to open my eyes, but there was no use, but I did hear some voices whispering in the hall outside my room that sounded like the maids' gossip.

"Do you think what Mr. Rasputin said was true?"

"Do you really think that the guards are turning against him?"

"Hush you two, do you want poor miss Bellastasia to hear you and report you to her father?"

I can't believe that the maids would gossip like that about my father. I mean yes, it was odd that the guards did not show up when Charlie called for them, but then how do you explain how when Rasputin snapped his fingers someone collapsed and fell into a deep sleep. And that pain I felt! I don't see any marks me. It just felt like I was burning from the inside out. I finally opened my eyes to see my three sisters, my mother, father and Nicholi. He was my big overprotective brother that I loved to death. I guess he was on leave a little bit early. I was then searching for my savior. Where was the boy who stopped the most pain I have ever felt my entire existence? I went to sit up and was met with pain in all my muscles and joints.

"Father, mother, where is the servant boy who saved me? I wish to thank him properly."

"He is in the kitchen, he is just a servant boy." My mother, Elizabeth told me.

"I do not care! I wish to meet this boy personally!"

"I apologize Bella, but I will not let you mingle with the 'help', your father thanked him for you."

I can't believe that they won't let me talk to the boy who saved me. I wanted to thank him so much. Oh how I longed to see those piercing emerald eyes again. Just looking into those eyes I felt as if I were complete. Then what happened two days ago came rushing back to me and I started to sob all over again, but was comforted by Nicholi and turned to sob into his shirt and I finally pulled back and asked how long was I asleep?

"You were asleep for two days my dear Bella, you need to relax."

Then a wave of fear hit me, where was grandma ma? Did Rasputin kidnap her? Was she injured sometime after I collapsed?

"Where is grandma ma? Is she ok? How come she isn't here?!"

"Your grandmother is fine. She was with you all of yesterday but had to leave to go back to Paris, but I told her that you would send her a letter letting her know that you are indeed ok."

I quickly got up and put on my robe and walked over to my oak desk that Charlie had made just for me. I pulled out my personal stationary and started the letter to my grandma ma.

Dear Grandma ma,

I am writing you to tell you that I am in fact alright and awake. I write to you sitting my my personal desk that you helped Char….father pick out for me. I am doing very well and I wish I was allowed to thank that mysterious boy who was by my side while Rasputin was trying to scare me. I know that the guards were asleep, I mean how else do you explain that not one of the them came to stop him. I heard the maids gossiping in the hall outside my room. Should I be worried that even they question him? I wish I was awake to tell you goodbye, but of course I was unconscious.

I hope that we can meet again in Paris like you told me. I still have the music box you gave me and will play it tonight pretending that you are in fact singing to me. I miss you already but I hope that you are doing well and that Rasputin did not injure you.

Your forever,


A/N: so what do you think so far? I am starting to get writer's block but I still the same concept in my head so it will probably take me longer in between chapters, unless you were to some how oh I don't know REVIEW this story so far. Lol… I would like to point out once again that this is in fact my FIRST fan fiction and I hope to do more…but not until I finish with this story and take a break for a bit. Again I am hoping for at least reviews…I already have 1.

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