The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 4

A/N: well here's another chapter to Bellastasia. Thiswill start out with Bella reading a letter from her grandma ma. And I will go from there. I am basically making this up as I go. I really wish that I would have more reviews but I need to get this story out and onto the web because it is going to stay in my head and drive me insane. After this chapter I am going to take a much needed break. I mean I know I haven't put to many chapters up but I have put at least 4 chapters up as of Feb. 15. Talk about a lot of work. But do not worry I do plan to continue this story.

Bellastasia POV:

October 28, 1912

My dearest Bella,

I am so happy that you are ok and that servant boy was kind of handsome wasn't he? I bet you can't stop thinking about him, am I right? I bet I am. But I am writing to also tell you that I plan to come back and stay for as long as I am able, since what happened I do not want to take the chance of Rasputin getting you and doing harm to my Bellastasia. I will arrive about the time you read this letter. I also hope that you still have 'our' music box and I plan to show Charlie just how wonderful a singer you are.

I am also enclosing something that I am sure that you are going to love. It is a picture of the Eiffel Tower. When the time comes I plan to take you to Paris with me for a year. I already talked to your father and he is ok with it, so do not worry. Again with the boy, do you talk to him? I bet your mother and father do not allow that. My Bellastasia, it is time for me to say my goodbyes but do not worry I will be there by the time you all sit down to dinner.

Your grandma ma,


I can't believe it! My grandmother is coming to stay with me! I don't have to say goodbye. I can't sing with her every night now. I can even hear my lullaby now (link on profile for song). I can feel the depression leaving me already. I hope that she can really stay as long as she says. I heard a car driving up the long driveway and went to my window to see none other than my grandma ma's car pull up. I of course got out of bed, put on my shoes and my robe then ran down to meet my grandmother and give her a long-needed hug. When I got down the stairs I nearly tripped over my own two feet I was in such a hurry but luckily caught myself on the banister. Once I got to her car I was met by her driver, Phillip. He was like a second father to me & he kept my grandmother company. I swear when I saw my grandmother and him together I felt as if I were looking at a husband and wife and not my grandmother and her driver.

Now I know what you are thinking, and no, Phillip isn't young, but he is a good deal younger than my grandmother, but I do not care. He makes her happy and I am ok with that. I secretly hope that they either get married or at least stay together even after it comes time for Phillip to retire.

"Grandma ma! I have missed you so much! How is Paris? Is it warmer there than it is here?" see growing up in Russia and having a grandmother to visit in Paris you can quickly tell the difference in the change of temperature. "Yes, my darling, the weather in Paris is slightly warmer than it is here, but that will not change my mind to stay with you and help you conquer your clumsiness by teaching you what my mother taught me."

"What grandma ma? What is it that you are going to teach me?"

I said jumping up and down. I hope that it is something that I can use when I get older.

"My Bella, I am going to help you learn how to do ballet." "Oh, well that is good too, thought that you would've brought or found someone to help me defend myself."

"Oh my, Bella, dear no. a young woman such as yourself shouldn't have to defend yourself. That's what a man is for. Ballet will teach you to be less clumsy and more precise in your movements, I thought that you've been happy."

"Oh grandma ma, I am happy, I just thought that I was going to learn how to fight." See I've always been kind of a tomboy compared to my "girly" sisters. I guess I got my wanting to fight from Nicholi.

"My dear Bella, I see that Nicholi has rubbed off on you too much, I see that I came just in time, if I would've come any later I would be taken by surprise with you wearing pants instead of a dress like a 'normal' girl"

Now, I know what you all are thinking, well Bella why don't you just wear what you want to wear, but you all have to remember that it is only 1912 and wearing pants if you are a girl is completely forbidden, I mean yes, there were women in the 1800's who wore pants, but did they ever get married. I'm not sure why, but I don't like dresses, but I wear them because I want to make my grandmother, father, and mother happy. I would hate it if they were 'disappointed' in me.

I wonder if that servant boy would be unhappy with too. Now what a minute, why would I care what that boy thought? I guess it's because when I look at him, I feel as if I am complete, and every flaw that I have doesn't exist. I wonder what he's doing now.

Servant Boy POV:

I can't stop thinking about Bellastasia. I mean when I close my eyes and go to sleep she plagues my dreams, now I wouldn't call them nightmares, more like dreams that feel so real, but then they turn into some form of what happened just a few weeks ago. I can still see my angel in pain and I couldn't do anything to stop him. It was as if my feet were glued to the floor and I could not move. I hated it that I could not move. I bet she blames me for the pain. I wouldn't blame her if she did. I would blame myself too. As I work I still hear the maids and the kitchen staff whispering and gossiping about how maybe Rasputin was right and that Charlie did not deserve to be Tsar, but most of all they were worried that the curse he talked about would affect them too. I think Rasputin was trying to scare Charlie into contacting him and forfeiting the throne.

"Servant boy, what ever your name is…get over here and mop up this mess 'cause you missed a spot. The head butler told me, James, I could not stand that man, he was the most conniving person I have ever met, I watched what I said to him or talked about when he was around because usually he would tell the person above him then they would tell Charlie and you were usually docked so much money or you lost you pay for the day. Which isn't too bad when I have my angel secretly helping me.

I hope that one day that we can be together, because I feel this strong connection when I am around her, I mean the hairs on my neck and arms stand on end there is so much 'electricity' between us.

(a/n: I apologize for cutting his POV short but I find it slightly difficult to write in his POV right now, but I promise to fit him in sometimes..)

Grandma Ma POV:

I still cannot believe that my Bellastasia wanted to learn how to fight. I think that since Nicholi has rubbed off on her a little too much. But I will not say anything since I know that my Bella has always been a little different, but Nicholi being home has magnified that by like ten. Today I plan to teach Bella the basics of ballet. I hope that she gets the hang of it and goes off to join the Russian Ballet, but I know that that is jumping to conclusions, and will not force Bella to continue Ballet If she does not wish to.

"Ok Bella are you ready to learn the basics of ballet?"

Yes, grandma ma. I am very ready to start this lesson"

"Ok Bella, start in first position, put your heels together and your toes pointed out. Make your arms in an 'O' shape by your side. Next position, second position, with your heels and toes in the same position, but spread out a little."

As I called out third position there was a door slam which made both me and Bella to jump and run to see what is going on. I saw my daughter-in-law on the floor sobbing and my son trying to comfort her. I knew something was wrong because he ordered Bella and her sisters to go to their rooms. I slowly made my way over to my son and asked him what has happened. The response I got was terrible. My grandson, my only grandson has died. He was a hemophilic, which means that when he bleeds or gets a bruise there's a chance for internal bleeding or when he bleeds the blood does not clot as fast as it should.

As it turns out my daughter-in-law got a telegram stating that Nicholi had gotten into a fight with a fellow navy man and was badly bruised and injured, they thought that he was going to make it but, he died from internal bleeding around his stomach and other vital organs. I of course sobbed quietly only to be shocked to hear a scream from the top of the stairs. I turned to see Bella standing at the top of the stairs. Tears rolling down her face. I tried to go to her but she yelled at me to stay away from her. I put my hand over my mouth and quietly sobbed. Bella always wanted me to comfort her. I wonder what made her not want to now?

Bellastasia POV:

I can't believe I was told to go to my room. I mean I am old enough to understand what is going on. I am not a child. I know more than most people give me credit for. I may be clumsy but I am not stupid. So with that thought I went and snuck out of my room and listened to what my Parents and grandmother were trying to hide from us. I watched as my mother read what the telegram said aloud:

" ' I am sad to inform you that your son, Nicholi Ronald Romanov, was badly injured in an altercation with another navy man. A witness to this stated that the fight broke out of defending the Tsar himself. When words were not enough the navy man was the first to throw a punch. Your son was taught well when it came to fighting, he got a few good punches in, but some of the navy man's comrades ganged up on him and severely injured him.

We thought that once we tended to his wounds that he would be ok, just a little sore for a couple of days. The next day he was up and about and joking with friends when all of a sudden he fell to the ground and was dead before he hit the ground. The local M.E. then found out that your son was a hemophiliac. That is when a woman, is a carrier of the disease, and when the woman gives birth to a son that son becomes hemophilic. The girls are just carriers.

Again we are deeply sorry for this sudden news, and you have all of our condolences.


U.S.S.R. Navy ' "

Oh my goodness, my big brother, he was dead. And for what? He was just defending our father. As I was thinking this over I heard the worse news ever, besides the fact that my big brother was no longer here.

"My daughters, they…they have this disease, but they can pass it to their sons…this means that we can't have any more children?"

"Now, now Elizabeth, you forgot one daughter, Bellastasia, she isn't technically our daughter. She can still give us a grandson and all the children she wants without having to worry about this disease"

What?! I wasn't their real daughter? My brother wasn't my real brother?! I couldn't process this all at once I finally let out a loud scream and stood to see my grandmother, my mother and father staring up at me. If I wasn't their daughter then who am I then? Am I really Bellastasia, the princess of Imperial Russia. Or am I just some commoner? I saw my grandmother..well someone's grandmother walk towards me but I ran into my room and hid under the covers and started to sob uncontrollably. First I am sad that I lost my big brother, but now top that with finding out that I am not really their daughter. Who am I then?

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