The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 6

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Edward POV:

Carlisle and I were finishing up our delicious breakfast when out of no where we heard what sounded like an angel was sent down from heaven to bless our ears with its music. We looked at each other then got up and slowly made our way to the main ballroom. Once we came to the ballroom I peeked around the corner to see none other than my angel. She was swaying to the song she was humming. I was at a loss for words when it came to her. I mean, she looked good enough to eat (a/n: I couldn't help myself). I was brought back into reality by Carlisle elbowing me in the back to gain my attention.

"Who are you are you and how did you get in here?"

I said that with a bit more anger than I intended and this was confirmed when I saw the angel cringe at my question. I wanted to go apologize to her, but I made myself stay where I was. Carlisle was the first to make introductions.



"Bella..why are you here? Oh, by the way I am Carlisle and this young gentleman behind me is Edward. Some people call us con artists, but I like to think of us as 'criminally inclined'."

As Carlisle said that I let out a small chuckle and I looked up to see Bella cover her mouth to hide her laughter, but she did that so poorly. Seeing that just made me chuckle even more. I was elbowed in the stomach this time by Carlisle I looked up to curse him but I when I did I saw that she was blushing a bright shade of scarlet and she was biting her bottom lip. And doing so made her look even more endearing.

"So can you two help me and Sassy here or not?"

"Sassy?" I said as I looked around for the invisible person and was met by being tackled by a beagle puppy.

"That would be Sassy."

Carlisle and Bella were both laughing as Sassy was licking my face. I finally picked her up and sat her on the floor next to me and lifted myself back up. I then went into the kitchen to grab a piece of sausage that I hadn't had a chance to finish and I brought it back out. I was met with confused looks from both, Carlisle and Bella that is until I squatted down to Sassy's level and gave her the sausage.

"So why are you here anyway?" I asked her as I stood back up.

"I'm here because I heard that you two can help me get to Paris, with artificial documents that can get me there."

"And how do you know that we do that?"

"Now, Edward there is no need to be rude to our guest. Yes Bella, we can in fact help you get to Paris." Carlisle said as he winked at me. This was our signal to each other lately if we think any woman we find looks enough like the long lost princess, Bellastasia. I took this as my cue and started to work my charm.

"Bella, has anyone ever told you that you look like the princess Bellastasia herself?"

"…no" she said as she started to blush again. Good lord her blush made my stomach fill with butterflies. What is wrong with me?

"Well you in fact look like her. So much like her in fact that with the right make up…the right posture..and correct mannerisms you could pass as her..but there is a lot of work."

This was our way of making the women think that they could do it and that they don't need all the extra things. This was also our way of figuring out who might be the real Bellastasia. I saw her thinking this over and biting her lip while she was thinking. All of a sudden I was hit with a feeling that she was in fact the real Bellastasia. I could just feel it in my gut. They way she bit her bottom lip looked exactly the way the princess used to too. I gave Carlisle a nudge and told her that we would give her some time to think and go into the kitchen and with that we walked away.

Bella POV:

I cannot believe that man thought I needed makeup advice..from him!! I mean I have perfect manners. I know how to behave; lord knows you had to know how to behave when you were with Miss Hanniggan. If you misbehaved when she was around you would get a severe beating and you missed the rest of the day's meal, so you hoped you didn't misbehave before breakfast otherwise you would be starving by dinner time.

I learned that lesson the hard way. I somehow became a smart mouth while I stayed with her. I can remember some of my life before I was sent to the orphanage. I lived on the streets. I got what I needed by pilfering the carts in the market. You had to make sure that your timing was just right, otherwise you were either chased by men with legs of lamb or even men with metal at the blacksmiths if there was a woman not able to chase you.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I saw that Sassy had made her way over to the stairs and I was taken by surprise by the large portrait of what looked like, a royal family. There were 4 girls and an older boy and then there was, what looked like the mother and father of the 5 children. The youngest looking girl looked different from the rest of the family entirely. That made me wonder if she was, in fact, adopted, or maybe she just inherited some recessive genes that were not present in the others. That had to be it. I mean, what the poor girl must've went through if she ever found out that she wasn't really who she thought she was (a/n yes I know I am being ironic but I have to add some humor I mean it cant be all drama :P)

"She's beautiful isn't she."

"The young one, the one holding her father's hand, that's her, that's Bellastasia. Doesn't she look a lot like you?"

"Yea, she does doesn't she." Carlisle said agreeing with Edward.

I looked back at the portrait and stared at the little girl. She did look a lot like me. But my hair is so much darker. My hair is more auburn, and this girl's hair is more a dark chocolate color. Maybe, maybe this could work. I bit my bottom lip while thinking about it. I mean, this was probably my only shot to get to Paris. I took the necklace that I wear around my neck and looked at it. I wanted answers and the answers are in Paris so with that I said.

"I'm in. I am yours to teach."

I looked back at Edward and Carlisle and I saw the high-fiving each other. I wonder if they knew that I was going to say yes. I mean it's like they were banking on me saying yes. As if I was being conned. I shook that thought out of my head. If I wanted to go to Paris I wouldn't question them. Even if I had an unpleasant feeling that something bad would happen on my way to Paris.

Bartok POV:

I was snoozing against the glowy cylinder when all of a sudden this green mist started to ooze out of the dragon-shaped opening. That could only mean one thing. There was a Romanov family member near. I got up and started to walk around, but I tripped over the chain that attached to the cylinder. I was so clumsy. My momma always told me that I was too clumsy for my own good. I guess I just proved her right. I can remember when all my brothers and sister would laugh and tease me when I would fall over myself. Later, I met Rasputin. He took me in and promised he would never tease me. Well, he did just that, but he didn't promise that he would yell, throw things at me, or even choke me.

But I am getting sidetracked. I looked around the open ballroom and saw 3 figures over by the grand staircase and next to a feminine looking figure was a, what looked like, a Beagle puppy. I drug the cylinder with me to get a better look. And when I got a closer to the girl more green-colored mist oozed out. I knew that this meant that the youngest Romanov was in fact alive! How did this happen? Should I tell Rasputin? What should I have for dinner, steak or chicken? Mmmm…chicken sounds very good right now.

Curse me and my short-term memory. I need to go back and inform Rasputin that Bellastasia is in fact, alive.

Now to end this chapter, I am going to skip over to an anonymous POV either pm me or tell who you think it is and who else the person is talking to in the beginning in a review ;)(this is in Paris. The first person to guess who this person right gets a shout-out from me in the next chapter)


"Emmett get up now!!" He still didn't get up. "Emmett! Get your sluggish bum up now!"

"Man, you're gonna miss breakfast."

That did it. I could always count on my man to get the job, which was getting Emmett up, done. I walked over to him and gave him a deep and passionate-filled kiss.

"Eww…come on guys spare me the public display of affection."

Emmett was one to talk. He always displayed his affection of Rosalie in front of every one, not caring who would see. This made Rose feel special, not that she didn't already feel that way. See my boyfriend and her were twins. They both had blonde hair, but my guy had a darker shade of blonde, while Rose had a more light-colored tint to hers. As Rosalie walked in I ran over to her, and took her to show her some ads for a sale in a local boutique. We loved to shop. It wasn't like we were addicted. We could stop whenever we wanted. We just didn't feel like it.

"Rosie, do you have to go shopping with her? Can't you just stay home and relax with me."

I softly chuckled when I saw my boyfriend shudder at what would happen if I just went shopping and leaving Rose and Em alone with him.

"Come on Rose, the boutiques are waiting for us."

With that we walked down our very occupied street and off to the many boutiques here in Paris.

A/N: well that was chapter 7. What did you guys think? I apologize for not updating sooner. I just got sidetracked with homework. What with Biology homework, English papers, and math homework. And now that I am on Spring Break next week I can hopefully update more often and more chapters out there. I still don't know how many chapters I plan to make this story. I guess whenever I feel that I am done this story will have to come to an end *tear* but do not worry. I plan to write more stories. But as I am with this one I plan to do one at a time. Doing more than one at a time seems too stressful. And to me I wouldn't know how to keep the stories separate. But I do appreciate all the hits my story has gotten and as of today (3-12-09) this story has 179 hits. :D thank you all who view this :)

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