The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 7

A/N: I would like to thank you all who reviewed and like this story. I would also like to take the time to congratulate 'reader131lovesbooks' for being the very first person to correctly figure out who the anonymous POV was. Which wasn't that hard to figure out anyway though :P which was my point. I am not going to announce who it is. But I am giving her kudos for figuring it out within minutes of me posting it. I also plan to add these in from time to time :P and maybe won't be related to the story :P (I am doing this to get more reviews but at the same time to add some humor to this story).

Rasputin POV:

I was having the best dream. I was the new Tsar of all Russia and no one could stand in my way. One of many, women, who worshiped me came up to me telling me how wonderful I am and how they love to worship me. All of a sudden the melodic voice turned into an annoying voice that sounded familiar.

The women were all saying, "Master wake up! Master wake up! I have good news, wake up!" I was already in a bad mood when I heard her voice change, but when I opened my eyes I was met with the vision of Bartok jumping up and down on my chest. I quickly grabbed him and squeezed him tightly asking what he wanted.

"Master! Master! I have great news…well I wouldn't call it great…more along the lines of terrible…I even remember where it is…"

"Where what is Bartok?"


"You told me you knew where the good news was."

"I didn't say there was good news did I?"

"Yes, Bartok you did."

No, I don't remember telling you that."

Ok now I wanted to strangle Bartok with all the fiber of my being, but I am trying to contain that anger. Bartok was now singing an annoying folk song. Ok, forget being nice. I grabbed Bartok and strangled him asking him to remember the terrible but great news. Finally, he choked out that Bellastasia was in fact alive. I squeezed him tighter as my anger escalated, but quickly let him go.

"How can that be great news! That's horrible. I thought that my curse would do the trick to the whole Romanov family."

"Maybe she's not a true Romanov?"

For once Bartok was right. Maybe my curse did work, but the drawback was that Bella was still alive. I couldn't let that go. I mean, yes, I did have feelings for her, but those feelings turned toward hatred and I even despised her. It was when she stood up to me at the Ball all those years ago. She proved to me that she really didn't have feelings for me. I wanted her dead along with her whole family, only thing wrong with that was, that she wasn't a true Romanov.

I went to my cabinet where all my potions, curses, and other dark magic things.

"Master, what are you l..loo…looking for?"

" I am looking for a way to kill Bellastasia and all those she holds dear."

"But master, she already lost everyone she held dear…"

"That may be true Bartok, but I plan to make her suffer even more."

I walked off thinking about my plan, leaving Bartok scratching his head in confusion. I really need to think about getting different friends/sidekicks.

Meanwhile, in Paris, France.

Esme POV:

I felt sorry for Madam. She lost her whole family. She and her granddaughter, Bellastasia were almost on the train when she was separated from her. I know how that feels. I also lost a child. He was the most wonderful baby I could've asked for. Unfortunately, he died. The cause of death is still unknown but he was sleeping in his crib and then he wasn't breathing and had no pulse. (a/n: this is called SIDS aka Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It's when the baby dies with no known reason. It's not very common now a days but it still can happen.)

I felt sorry for her. Not knowing if her granddaughter was in fact alive, or passed on. I felt guilty on my part. I mean, I had some closure with my child, but she may never find out. Now, with all these women coming around claiming that they are in fact Bellastasia. It got so out of hand that I had to start interviewing the women before they even got to meet with Renee. Some were smart and did some research on the Romanov line, but others were just very convincing.

"Esme, could you come in here please, I would like you to escort Miss Tanya…oops..I mean Bellastasia out of my house."

"But grandma ma, how could you kick out your own granddaughter?"

I rolled my eyes, this girl was the fakest I have seen yet. I could even see that brown was not her real hair color. I saw strawberry-blonde roots. And her eyes were blue and not the chestnut brown that Bella's were.

"Je suis désolée Mademoiselle, mais vous devez partir maintenant. Vous êtes bouleverser son." (I'm sorry miss but you have to leave now. You're upsetting her).

"huh?" I had a feeling that she didn't know French. Bellastasia knew 4 different languages including French.. I inwardly laughed to myself when I saw the dumbfounded look on her face.

"You have to leave, you are upsetting Madam Renee."

"Fine, but you both are making a BIG mistake."

Renee rolled her eyes while I tried to hide a small chuckle. She apparently did not know her roots were showing. I walked back over to her trying to console her. All of these women claiming to be her long-lost granddaughter both frustrated and exhausted her. I envy her, not because she is rich, but that she has someone to care for that also loves her. I have someone that loves me, but he lives in Russia, he had a troubled past. Growing up on the streets after escaping that horrible orphanage it made him a more street smart person, but it also made him more 'lonely'.

I walked back up to my room and sat on my bed. I picked up the old picture frame my mother had bought for me. Inside this frame was a picture I held dear to my heart. It was a picture of me and my love as children. We grew up on the same street. That is until he was sent to the orphanage. Oh how I miss Carlisle. I use to write to him every day, but suddenly the letters stopped coming. I then knew that he had escaped from that horrible orphanage. I was pleased to hear that, but I was also sad that I could not talk to him anymore.

"Esme, someone else pretending to be Bellastasia is at the door."

"On my way Madam."

I am getting so worn-out with all these women coming in and annoying Renee. I wonder, if Bellastasia was alive what would she be up to right this very moment.

Bella POV:

I still cannot believe that I agreed to be given 'lessons' on how to act like royalty. I mean I knew how to act when you had company, how hard would it be to act nice around royalty. I have this weird feeling that I in fact know how to behave when you are having royalty as guests. But the lessons went ok.

I'm still washing the strawberries and whip cream out of my hair. I shouldn't have let Edward's comment get to me, but he just made me so mad, why does he make me so mad so easily. I can remember last night as if it were yesterday. Wait, it was just yesterday, anyway I grabbed a handful of mashed potatoes and threw them at him. This caused a massive food fight among the three of us. Carlisle was ore devious than I gave him credit for. He had this whole throw and then duck thing working for him, but Edward and I conspired to get Carlisle.

We stopped for a few minutes and Carlisle got up from his hiding spot and looked around, little did he know that we snuck around to him on the floor and when we got close enough he jumped up and slammed mashed potatoes in his face, not too hard though. We all were laughing and Carlisle caught us off guard by flinging strawberries in our faces. Once we were sure everything was a mess we decided to get all cleaned up.

"Bella? It's Edward, Carlisle wanted me to tell you that we leave for Paris in a week. So you better make sure you remember all we taught you."

"What, that flinging food around is a good way to make a laugh?" I could tell that Edward was rolling his eyes thinking that I was actually serious. "I'm just kidding Edward, trust me I will remember how to act when we go to Paris to meet the Duchess."

I was not prepared for what happened next, Edward just walked into my room, and he didn't even ask if I was 'decent' so that he could come in. I was just wearing a towel, I let out a loud shriek of surprise and embarrassment. I yelled for him to get out. All the yelling caused Carlisle to come running in as well and I blushed even more. Thank goodness for Carlisle, he pulled an awe-struck Edward out of my room. I slammed my door and went back to my bed and sat down. Why didn't he leave when I screamed? Why didn't I try to push him out? This was very confusing for me. Was I developing feelings for him? No, I couldn't, he was just my ticket to get to Paris and try and find what I subconsciously felt was my family.

I keep thinking about that dream I keep having. The one where this elderly woman and I were saved by this young boy. He looked a little older than me, but too much older. After that, I wake up. Every night have that same dream. I have no idea what it means, but maybe it has to do with the boy who helps me escape, or maybe even the elderly woman who I escape with.

"Bella, Carlisle and I are going to the market. Would you like to join us?"

"Yes, that would be nice. I could see what interesting and fascinating things the market has to offer."

"Why are we going in the first place? I mean no that I don't want to…"

"Do you always ramble?"

"Only when I get nervous." I felt myself blushing and cursed myself for blushing so easily.

"So you ramble a lot don't you." Damn him and that gorgeous crooked smile. I got up and walked over to him and told him that I needed a few minutes to get ready. I went to my closest and when I opened it up something round fell off the top shelf. I bent down to pick it up and when I touched it I felt a tiny spark of electricity run through my fingers.

I looked at it and it looked so familiar but I had no clue what it was. I inspected every side of this thing and saw what looked like a keyhole. The keyhole looked about the same size as the charm on my necklace. I put the charm into the hole and turned the key and the lid opened to present this royal looking dancing couple twirling around to a familiar tune. Then it hit me. It was my lullaby that I use to sing to the younger kids in the orphanage.

How could my lullaby that I had made up be the same tune as the song in this jewelry box? I quickly shut the box and shoved it back on the shelf. It had to be just another coincidence.

"Bella, are you coming with us or not?"

I looked back at the closet and bit my lip but turned around and started to head towards the door, but I tripped over my own two feet. I closed my eyes and braced myself for a hard fall, but when I opened my eyes I saw those piercing emerald green eyes, then I realized that Edward had managed to get over to me just in time. He was so fast, almost like a vampire. (a/n: sorry I couldn't resist putting that in there :P)

"Are you ok Bella?"

"I'm fine. Thank you for catching me. I am so clumsy sometimes. I remember my grandmother tried giving my ballet lessons, but that didn't help me any." That was totally random. It was true, but I don't really remember my grandmother very well.

Edward started walking, but I'm assuming he forgot he was carrying me, because when we got to Carlisle he gave us a weird look and asked if I was alright. Edward looked confused and I was trying to hide a laugh.

"I'm fine Carlisle, I just tripped over myself and Edward here forgot he was still holding me. You can let me down now Edward"

"Oh, sorry about that." Did I just see Edward blush? I didn't know he could. The rose color looked adorable on him. Now that I was safely back on the ground we headed out the door and off to the market.

A/N: I know that that is a weird place to stop but I want to leave the trip to the market for the chapter also from now on since I have more than one character with the same letter that starts their names I will be writing out their whole name. I am still so excited. Just 6 days until the Twilight DvD is released. And in case you all didn't already know shooting will begin tomorrow for New Moon. I found this out at .com they keep you up to date with almost everything and anything twilight :D also I get my DvD either Monday or Tuesday of that weekend. I went ahead and pre-ordered my copy of the DvD. I also heard that some video rental places already have the DvD ready to put out on the shelves. And as I promised below is an anonymous POV. Ok, now I will give the first 3 people who correctly name this POV



I still cannot believe we got so much stuff for just 500 ₣ [francs] (that's about $98 in the US). On our way home from our shopping we stopped by this quaint little coffee shop. I ordered a double shot of Espresso with extra foam and some nuts sprinkled over the whole thing. Alice reluctantly ordered a Chi Tea Latte. Alice did not need any caffeine. The last time she had caffeine she was bouncing off the walls for at least 2 days. Alice thought she was able to get caffeine with out me knowing, but in fact she ordered tea with steamed milk. I giggled to myself. Sometimes Alice thinks she smarter than everyone else, but I've know her since we were little, I can figure out her 'evil' plans, well most of them, not always.

"Here are your separate bills Mademoiselle Hale"

"And here is your bill Mademoiselle Swan."

"Thank you sir." I said as I handed my payment and tip as did Alice.

"I don't see why you won't let me pay for you Alice. I mean we are in fact friends and you invited me shopping it's the least I could do for a friend."

"No, you know how I like to feel independent. Besides, Emmett is the one you should be saving you money for. If we go out to eat tonight he's going to want to eat the whole place out of business." Alice did have a point. My Emmie did love to eat, but he's so into sports that he stays in shape.

Once we were done drinking our drinks we left a generous tip on the table and walked down the street to catch a taxi.

A/N: ok, so now that you've seen this POV leave a review saying who this is. I know, I tried to make it semi hard, but there are some obvious clues in this. Also I would like to hear from you all to see what you think of this story so far. I mean is there anything you want to see? What should happen when they go to the market? I am going to try and put up a poll on my profile so you all should go and vote for what you think should happen at the market

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