The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 8

A/N: I would like to take the time to give a special shout out to one of my reviewers. In chapter 8 I mentioned how Esme's baby had died with no reason, this reason we now know is when the infant stops breathing and sometimes starts again, but not always. This is known as SIDs, and it still happens. The reviewer is a SIDs survivor. Her mother was fortunate enough to save her in time by performing CPR. I am privileged to have her permission to tell her story in this shout-out. So with that said, I dedicate this chapter to 'ut aurum lautus per incendia ' :)

Bella POV:

We we're almost out the door when all of a sudden it started to rain. I detested the rain. I'm not sure why but I didn't not like it one bit. As Carlisle and Edward walked out they turned back to see if I was just lagging behind, come to see that I had not left the room. I had my arms crossed and my serious face on.

"Well, you coming or not Bella?"

"I think…not! I do not do rain." I wasn't lying. I never really did like rain. It made everything muddy, and then I would end up dirty and have to take a bath and then Ms. Hanniggan would make me wear a dress. Plus I saw some of the wardrobe…they expected me to wear one of those long extravagant dresses…that I knew I would surely trip over…they didn't know Bella Swan very well then.

"Bella, it will be pretty lonely here without anyone…plus I think Edward might get a bit lonely as well." Just what was Carlisle implying? Did he know that I had some small feelings for Edward? Or did he mean that Edward had them? Oh well..I ignored my thoughts and told him that I would go with them on one condition…and that was 'we wait until it stops raining'. I laughed at their annoyed but understanding faces, this whole pretending to royalty would be easier than I thought.

An hour later

The rain finally let up and I reluctantly followed Carlisle and Edward out the door and to their car. I let out an audible gasp that I thought was actually in my mind. It was a beautiful jade-colored 1909 Audi (link on profile).

"This car is so beautiful. Are you sure we're allowed to even drive it?"

"Silly Bella, this car is Carlisle's, of course we're allowed to."

As we drove off down the long drive, and after lots of rights and left we finally made it to the market. It was so 'urban' and rural all at the same time. There were hawkers (people who try and rip you off) and there were people selling things that they knew were hard to come by (links on profile). I looked around at all the different shops and stalls that were at this market.

I glanced at all the different odds and ends, ignoring and shaking my head no to people who tried to get my attention. Why did Edward and Carlisle have to come here and why did they need me with them?

I kept walking around the market until I came to a deserted part of the market. I must've wandered off. I had a tendency to do that. I would get so caught up in all the scenery and when I would come out of my thoughts I would've either been somewhere else, or I would've missed a full conversation.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I was tapped on the shoulder. I jumped, but relaxed thinking that it was Edward, but I saw a dish-water blonde haired man with a mischievous grin. I started to walk away but he reached out and grabbed me by the arm.

"Hello, my name is Mikhail and where are you going you pretty lady?"

I struggled to get out of his grasp, but his grip on my arm tightened making me wince. I started to get scared when his grin got even bigger when he saw that I was in pain.

"Now, now, there's no need to struggle…what is your name miss?"

I was struggling to think. I could give him my real name, but that would give hi some sort of advantage over me. I could give him a face name, but I am not a very good liar. I decided to give him my real name. "My name is I..Isa…Isabella, but I prefer Bella." Why did I tell Mikhail that? I always ramble when I'm nervous.

"Bella…I like that name. Well Bella, today is your lucky day. You got to meet the famous Mikhail Newton." (A/n: yes, that is the Russian version of Michael) I wanted so badly to run away, but he had a strong grip on my upper arm. Then out of no where he pulls me in and puts his nose in my hair and smells my strawberry-scented shampoo. I got the courage and shoved Mikhail away and started to run. I did not get very far, my clumsiness got the better of me and I tripped over an uneven part of ground.

I was then flipped over onto my back, and I looked around to try and find help. I was not that lucky. No one was around. I started to panic, I let out a blood-curdling scream, but it was cut short by Mikhail covering my mouth. I was squirming and fighting to get free.

I finally got a hand free and I reached up and clawed his face, catching him off guard he let out a loud groan. I sat up and was about to get up and run when he lunged at me and wrapped his hands around my neck. I slowly squeezed harder the longer he held onto me.

My vision started to blur and I was fighting to stay conscious. I was then able to breathe again when a figure came out of no where and shoved Mikhail off of me. He then proceeded to pummel him. Then as I was still struggling to breathe a second figure appeared, but this one attended to me, making sure that I was alright. As I was gasping for air, the air came to me, but not soon enough. I started to feel my eyes get heavy and fought to keep them open. I finally gave into the coming darkness and let it consume me.

Edward POV (before the encounter):

Carlisle and I were walking through the market and looking at all the good deals we could have, but we were looking for something specific. Carlisle and I, we had this talent for finding exactly what we needed without even knowing what we wanted in the first place. I turned around to check on Bella, but she was no where to be seen. I was a little worried, but I shrugged the thought off. Maybe she was just taking a look around the market. I mean this place is rather big and easy to get lost in but she would be fine.

"Edward, I think we found what we're looking for." Carlisle is the master at finding the 'tools' we need for our 'plans'. I gave the vendor the appropriate amount of Rubles (that's the Russian currency) and we were off to see if anything else caught our eyes. I asked Carlisle to show what he found for us. It was the actual jewelry box that Bellastasia had. I can still hear that angelic voice sing with her grandmother. I was brought out of my trance by Carlisle explaining that it was actually the box that Bellastasia had. This would help us 'prove' that Bella was actually Bellstasia.

We kept walking, nothing caught our eyes. We were getting to the abandoned part of the market. We were almost out of that part of the market when we heard a loud scream. Carlisle and I looked at each other and decided to see what was going on.

We arrived where we heard the scream coming from to see the most horrible sight I have ever seen. Bella was being assaulted by this 'dirty'-blonde haired Neanderthal of a man. He was on top of her and strangling her. Something inside me just clicked. I had to stop this man before he killed her.

I ran towards the man with all the speed I could and shoved him off of her. She was gasping for air. I turned back to go help her, but Carlisle was already there and on the scene. I almost forgot that he was a corpsman in the world war for the British. I knew that Bella would be in good hands.

I continued to punch him and when he was down on the ground I started to kick him in the stomach. I thought that I was getting the best of him that is until he swept his foot around to knock me on my back. I was about to get up when he tackled me and started to punch me back. I had one final trick up my sleeve. I pretended to be knocked out. He started laughing to himself and started to get up when I reached up and grabbed him and rolled on top of him and gave one final punch. Apparently this punch was hard enough to knock him out.

I stood up and dragged him over to an empty stall and propped him against the wall. I hurriedly jogged back over to Bella and Carlisle. I whispered to Carlisle if she was ok. He told me that she is fine, but she passed out from the lack of oxygen. She still had a pulse and was breathing. I so thankful for Carlisle being there because if not, Bella would've most likely died. Then I would've never gotten the chance to tell her that I am in love with her..err..I mean I wouldn't get the chance to try to convince the Duchess that Bella was the 'real' Bellastasia.

Carlisle carried Bella in his arms while I went and grabbed that disgusting man and took him with us to figure out why he attacked Bella. Once we got home Carlisle laid her on her bed. I wanted to be with her when she woke up but Carlisle insisted that I help interrogate this slime ball.

"Ok, what is your name and why did you attack Bella?"

"I do not need to tell you anything."

I wanted to wring this man's neck so bad and I would have, lucky for him Carlisle out his hand on my shoulder holding me back.

"I think it would be best if you in and checked on Bella now son."

I nodded and walked out of the main room and into Bella's room. She was still unconscious, but I didn't care. I needed to be with her and make sure she was ok. With my left hand I gently stroked her cheek. I was sitting up in bed, but I gradually became 'encased' with fatigue. I slowly let my eyes get heavy until I was consumed with sleep.

Carlisle POV:

I had to get Edward out of the room before he did something that he would regret. I am normally not one fore violence. I do not condone it, but this Neanderthal pushed one two many buttons. He is a sad excuse for a man, strangling Bella to the point of almost killing her.

"I will ask you again, what is your name?"

"My name is Mikhail Newton."

"Ok and why were you on top of Bella?"

"I was just 'having fun' with her, but she didn't want anything to with me. I had to teach her a lesson."

I was at a loss for words when he blatantly told me that he knew that he was strangling Bella and that he was killing her and that he did not care in the slightest. I just nodded my head absent-mindedly. I was taken out of my thoughts by him trying to get up. I slammed him back down in his seat and told him that we were not done yet.

"You still need to give me a reason why I shouldn't turn you in to the authorities right now."

"You really didn't think I wouldn't have something up my sleeve did you." He said with an evil grin. "I can now tell the local authorities that I know where the elusive 'Edward Mason and Carlisle Cullen are do you."

He had a very good point. We couldn't afford to be caught and go to the local penitentiary for a few years for fraud and evading arrest.

"I see your point Mikhail. Edward and I cannot afford to go to prison, but if I let you go how will I know that you will not harm Bella again?"

"I have a deal for you. You will not turn me in and I will not turn you in…and I promise not to 'harm' Bella again."

I had a bad feeling about this man but I had to trust that he would keep his word and leave us alone, so we could go to Paris without any trouble.

I then untied Mikhail's arms and let him walk out of the abandoned Palace with his own free will. I had a feeling that Mikhail would, in fact, keep his word. I then proceeded to check in on Bella and see if she was ok. Once I got to her doorway I saw that Edward was asleep next to her. I wish I had something that would help me remember this moment.

"Carlisle? Is that you?"

"Shh…you'll wake Edward…Bella? Oh I am so glad that you are ok. I mean I knew that you were ok, but I am so glad that you are able to talk. That Mikhail fellow pressed down on your bronchial airway and your larynx. Hold on minute Bella I will be right back."

I had to go get my medical bag that I carry with me wherever I go. All those years in the service made me very weary and I always thought that I would have to help someone and it turned out that me having my bag saved Bella's life.

Bella POV:

I had the biggest headache I have ever had. I had no idea how I got this headache. Then it started to all come back to me. I was attacked by some man named Mikhail. He was trying to catch my attention, but I tried to ignore him and he decided to 'teach me a lesson' as he called it. I remember trying to get away after he had a hold on my arm and I of course tripped over uneven ground and he got on top of me and started to strangle me.

My throat was painfully sore and when I tried to talk my voice was a bit shaky. I decided I better walk in and meet Carlisle so I would not wake Edward. I was at the kitchen door when I tripped over the leg of a chair nearby.

"Oh Bella, you didn't have to come in here I was just about to come back and check and see how you were doing."

"its fine Carlisle, I just didn't want to wake Edward. Wait! Why was Edward sleeping in my bed anyway?"

Carlisle proceeded to try and muffle his laughter.

"He wanted to make sure you were ok. And he was sitting by your side when I made him leave the room while I interrogated Mikhail."

I gasped at this. Why had they brought my attacker back here with them? Were they going to work with him? Was that the reason they needed to go the market so badly? No, they were so caring and protective over me they would never do that to me. I'm sure Carlisle and Edward had a good reason for have Mikhail in this Palace.

"Do not worry Bella, we only wanted to know why he attacked you. Once we made sure that he would never hurt you or even come close to you I escorted him out. Edward was in your room because he was close to pummeling him again."

Oh, I had no clue that Edward saved me. I just vaguely remember Carlisle at my side trying to care for me. I do remember Mikhail strangling me to the point where I almost passed out, but I passed out anyway because he squeezed my larynx to the point where I was like a fish out of water.

Carlisle proceeded to rummage through his brown leather medical bag (link on profile). I was in awe of Carlisle. I had no idea that he was a doctor. I knew there was a reason I was drawn to Carlisle. Now whenever I get hurt due to my clumsiness I will have a doctor nearby.

A/N:I know that that's a weird place to stop her POV but I wanted to switch gears so this other half of the chapter will be where Alice and Emmett find out that they had a sister…Bella and Alice are Twins ;) this way the story progresses somewhat faster so they have a reason later for meeting. at the end of this chapter there won't be an anonymous POV because of the extended POV.

Paris, France 1922


Rose and I finally came home from our shopping extravaganza to our men. I skipped over to Jasper and dropped the bags next to the couch and proceeded to jump onto his lap and look into his icy blue eyes. I could just stare at them all day. I have actually done that once before.

"So Ally what did you buy that you really didn't need this time?"

"Oh Emmy I just got some necessities for the house. I got some new clothes for me, Rosie, Jazz, and you."

See, we used to live in our parents' old summer home in France. They passed away when they contracted the Spanish Flu when they visited family in the States. Lucky for me and Emmett we were in our home in England. Sadly though we were forced into an Orphanage. Emmett and I were there for years. Once Emmett turned 18 and I was 15 he left the Orphanage, but promised me that he would be back for me. A couple of months had passed and Emmett had kept to his word. He came and 'adopted' me.

We snuck onto a train headed to Paris. We had no family or friends but we promised ourselves that that would all change. I got a job at a local retail boutique. I know that's ironic isn't it, and Emmett got a job at a local butcher shop.

We had saved enough Francs to buy a house and oddly enough it was our parents', Elizabeth and Jacob Swan, old summer home we use to go to every summer.

I was brought out of my memories by Emmett yelling at me.

"Alice, we don't need new clothes every twenty minutes. We're not one of those fashion models we see in the newspapers. We only need new clothes when they get too old. Or when they get too dirty that even our washing can't fix."

"Oh how you're soooo wrong Emmett Swan. We always have to look our best. And we can't look our best if we're wearing clothes we've worn too many times before. Now, is there room in the hall closet or not?"

I did not wait for a response and I walked over to the hall closet. I saw all of our old clothes from when we were younger. I guess we forgot to clean this closet out when we moved in. As I took out all the clothes an old dusty box fell off the top shelf and hit me on the head and fell open.

I put the clothes that were in the bag in the closet then bent down to pick up all of the old pictures from when we were younger it looked like. I saw the picture that Dad had taken when Emmett was born. I then saw the picture of me…and another baby..wait! another baby?!

"EMMETT! Come quick!!"

"What? What is it? Did you run out of room in the closet?"

"No, they all managed to fit. I found this old shoebox of pictures and here's the one of you when you were born, and here's one when I was born. See anything strange?"

"Yea, you were an ugly baby." Emmett said with a laugh. I then smacked him on the back of the head and proceeded to show him the other baby in the picture.

"Oh, maybe it was a mistake. Maybe mom grabbed someone else's' picture when they took it at the hospital."

"No Emmett, because look who is hold me and that baby, see, its mom. Mom had a set of twin girls."

"If she had twins Alice then why isn't she here living with us in this house right now?"

"I don't know Emmett, but I plan on finding out."

I was determined more than ever now to figure out of I did in fact have a twin sister. I went back into the living room and showed the picture to Jazz and Rose and they were just as stunned as I was. Emmett was still a bit confused, but isn't he always.

"Hun, I had no idea you had a twin sister. Where should we start looking for answers?"

"Yea, I'm with Jasper on this one Ally. We should start trying to find clues."

"HEY ALLY! I think I found a clue." I rushed back over to the closet with Rosalie and Jazz right behind me. "See the emblem of the hospital on your guys' blankets? All we have to do now is look up all the Hospitals around this town to see what matches. Or we go to the closest Hospital and hope they recognize the emblem."

"Wow Emm, I'm impressed. You actually made sense this time."

"I know..hey wait! I'm not that dense. I can make sense whenever I want." I chuckled at this. Emmett was three years older than me, but he sometimes acted as if he were younger.

I pranced back out to the living room and grabbed the keys to my Austen Seven (link on profile). And Emmett walked over to grab his keys to his Mercedes 6/40/65 Targa Florio (link on profile). We were going to find out about my sister if it took all night.

A/N: ok, so what do you all think? I apologize for taking so long to update. See, I was on spring break last week and got to lazy. I thought I would have enough time to update last week but things came up where I could only write in spurts. So I ended up writing longer than I usually do. It's over 3,000 words. Almost 4,000 as I write this A/N and I plan to start chapter 10 during my biology class ;) shh…you didn't hear that from me :P so you know that I like reviews so please do. And I need help deciding on how to have Alice, Emmett and all of them to meet. So out your suggestions in the review and I will consider every one of them :) thanks again for reading.

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