The Lost Daughter of the Russian Empire

Chapter 9

A/N: Hey everyone thanks to all of you who reviewed and I have over 828 hits so far (that's including visitor hits). I am still in shock…in a good way of course. I mean this is my first fan fiction and I am getting so many hits. I've read some fan fictions where they were new and they didn't seem very popular. Also just FYI I am totally making this up as I go. That is why I am so giddy when I get a review and/or I get a story alert. I am just happy that you all love it so much. This chapter will continue where Bella and Carlisle left off. Also something came to me to add another twist ;) see if you can catch it when you read Carlisle's POV ;)


"Bella, it seems that you are going to just fine. But if I were you I wouldn't go out in the market for awhile. Plus, Mikhail was here, but it was only because we wanted to know why he attacked you. So do not think that he broke in to see you or harm you in any way."

I was thankful to have such a good friend like Carlisle. He seems more like a father figure more than anything to me. I don't know why that is, he just seems to have that 'feeling' about him whenever I am near him. He wants to protect, but not to the point of over-protection. That would be Edward. I know he means well, but it feels like he treats me like a child. I can take perfectly good care of myself. Ok, that incident with Mikhail wasn't my fault. He appeared out of no where.

"Thank you again Carlisle. I feel this weird connection to you. I look at you as a father-figure. I hope that that doesn't frighten you too much." I blushed once I finished what I said. I just gushed to this man that I barely know. I felt, oddly enough, very comfortable around him.

"I am not frightened. I get that a lot with people. Edward even considers me his father. So you are more than welcome to consider me your father."

I blushed but I got up and leaned over to hug him. Hugging him felt so right. I mean I am not attracted to him, but I do feel some sort of connection. I was thinking that we should go back to the market since I really didn't get to see it. I knew that Mikhail wouldn't hurt me if I was with Edward and Carlisle. Especially since he promised Carlisle, and I had a feeling that he did not want to cross him. I finally got the courage to ask Carlisle if we could go to the market.

"I thought that since I feel somewhat better we could go back to the market."

"Absolutely not!"

I turned to see that Edward had woken up and was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. He looked very handsome standing there. Even his bed head looked gorgeous…quit it Bella…you are only here with them so you can get to Paris…He looked pained about something, but I had no clue what.

"Why not Edward? I am perfectly fine now. And Carlisle told me that Mikhail promised to stay as far away from me as possible and would not harm me."

"I still don't think that you are well enough to go out again. For god sakes, you were attacked and strangled a few hours ago, and now you want to go back to the place where it happened? Bella I thought you were smarter than that."

Did he just imply that I was ignorant? I am not ignorant. I just don't see the point sitting at home worrying about something that I am pretty sure wont happen again.

"Edward, I'm fine, yes Mikhail almost killed me, but almost! He didn't. Yes, I know he could've, but he didn't. Would you consider it if I stuck with you guys and not wonder off?"

I saw Edward contemplating this. The gears were turning in his head. I bit my lip waiting for his response. I thought my deal was very reasonable.

"Alright, we can go back, but you have to promise not to wonder off from me and Carlisle again."

I mocked saluted him and skipped off to find some suitable clothes to change into that were not dirty or ripped.

Once I was changed into a suitable wardrobe I came back to the kitchen, but stopped short because I heard Carlisle and Edward arguing about me going back to the market.

"I still don't think that this is a good idea Carlisle, I mean yes, you told Mikhail that if he came anywhere near Bella he would be turned over to the authorities, but how do we know that he won't turn us in?"

"We don't son, we have to trust that he will keep his word, if we do see him all we have to do is go in another direction, and it is as simple as that. Plus, I can tell that Bella is stubborn, she will want to go and will not let this go until she gets her way. This is one thing you both seem to have in common."

I let out a muffled laugh. Carlisle did have a point. I loved getting my way and if I thought that I was right I would not let that go. I did notice that Edward seemed to be that way too. I only gave up if I got bored with arguing. I walked in and announced that I was ready to go back to the market.

I grabbed the keys from Edward on my way out and was chased by him.

"Where do you think you're going? You can't drive."

"I know that Edward, I was going to wait for you guys when I got to the car."

I continued to walk and Edward and Carlisle followed. I then slipped in between Edward and Carlisle in the green Audi. I started to wonder if we would ever get to know where I came from and if I had a family that loves me. As I thought about this I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Carlisle POV:

I still can't believe that I did not tell Bella that I am in fact her biological father. Yes, I am her father. I can feel it in my heart. She looks so much like the little girl I remember. I can still remember all of what happened as if it were yesterday.


I remember Elizabeth giving birth to our twin girls. My three year old son was impatiently waiting for his younger sisters.

"Daddy, when are my sisters gonna be here?"

"They will be here before you know it son."

His expression was priceless. We were sitting in the waiting room for the 'ok' to come in and see my daughters, his sisters.

"Emmett, I would like you to meet your two sisters. This is Alice. And this shy little girl is Bellastasia"

"Hi Awice! Hi Bellasta..Bellastas…Bella"

My love and I giggled at this. We decided to shorten it for Emmett. That way he could pronounce it.

"Bella, I like that name. Don't you Carlisle?"


"Carlisle? Carlisle, we're here."

I was shaken out of my dream/ flashback. I then opened my eyes and tried to adjust to the sudden exposure to the sunlight. I looked around and we were in fact back at the market. I got out of the passenger seat and stretched. We then decided to get some food and supplies we needed. We first stopped at the breads stall.

"Простите меня сэр. Хотели бы вы купить некоторые из наших вкусный хлеб?" (Excuse me sir. Would you like to buy some of our delicious breads? 'Russian')

"Да, пожалуйста. Я хотел 3 хлебов некоторых свежего хлеба." (Yes, please. I would like 3 loaves of fresh bread)

Bella sure knew her Russian. I had to think about what he said. I knew some Russian. Edward knew some too. But who would've known Bella could be such a haggler.

"You boys should thank me. I just got 3 loaves of bread for thirty-five Rubles."

"Bella, that's not even one Euro! How did you manage that?"

"She's a woman. And so I gave her something I was wearing."

Edward and I looked her up and down to see that she had given the woman her own shoes. We were both astonished. We didn't know that Bella would be so compassionate.

"Don't worry about it I will just buy some new ones while I'm here."

"Спасибо. Спасибо пропустить, вот, пожалуйста, ваши деньги обратно."(Thank you. Thank you miss, please take your money back)"Вы уверены? Я действительно не нужно." (Are you sure? I really don't need it)

"Я уверен, что пропускают. Просьба принять его." (I'm sure miss. Please take it)

"What did that woman say Bella?"

"She wanted me to take my money with me. She'd always wanted some new shoes. And she didn't feel right taking my money as well."

"Edward, Bella, I will be back soon. I have this feeling that we're going to need something. Something that will help us on our trip that we leave for in 5 days.

Meanwhile somewhere in Limbo

Rasputin POV:

I had a very good plan to kidnap Bellastasia and kill her myself. I wouldn't let anyone touch her. I wanted to handle it personally. I couldn't take the chance of someone else screwing it up. Plus, if I did screw it up I could just blame Bartok. He's an easy target.

"Bartok, fetch me the bottle that says 'Eye of Newt'.

"Eww..master..why would you want the eye of a newt for? They are such nasty looking creatures. They have those big bug eyes, those long sticky tongues, and those long tails. Hey did you know that if a newt loses it's tail that it can grow back."

"I think you're mistaken. It's the chameleon that can grow it's tail back…WAIT! Why are we talking about chameleons…get me that darn bottle."

"Yes, master. I was just trying to make small conversation. Jeez, you try and have an honest conversation and you go and ruin it I can remember my cousin…"

I wanted to strangle this annoying little rodent but I knew that I couldn't otherwise I would go mad and just talking to myself.

"Ok, now all we have to do is wait for the potion to 'explode' then it would be all set for me to pour into the human mold." Then once that set I would say some sort of magic spell from my spell book. Then that would turn into my minion. He would do whatever I needed and what I needed was to kidnap Bella.

Once that was done I sat down in the closest chair and waited for the mold to set. I heard a loud BANG! And went to go see what had caused that noise.

I got to the 'kitchen' and saw a tall muscular man with long reddish blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail. He was completely nude. I grabbed a towel and threw it to him. Bartok covered his eyes. We were always a bit squeamish.

"there are some clothes over in the other room. Pick whatever you want."

I waited for him to come back. He came back in a brown leather jacket and acid-wash jeans. He had forgotten shoes. I had tossed him some boots and his outfit was set.

"Ok, I have a mission for you. Your mission is to kidnap a girl named Bella, she has long brown hair with chocolate-colored eyes. She will be traveling with two men one goes by the name 'Carlisle' and the other's name is called 'Edward'. Do you understand what you have to do?"

The man nodded his head yes. This is when it occurred to me that he did not have a name. I would have to come up with a name for him. "What name should you have? How about Peter…or John…Simon…Brandon…"

"How about James master?"

"I know a good name for you why don't we call you James."

"Hey that's what I just said sir.."

"Oh Bartok, green isn't a very good color on you."

"What?! I was the one who suggested the name! It was my idea."

I then proceeded to thump him on the back of the head, causing him to fall forward and land head first into some dirt.

"Love the idea sir. James is a very good name…"

He then passed out and fell face first back into the mud. I had a good feeling about James.


I really needed to work on my evil laugh.

A/N: so what do you think about me fitting James into this story? ;) now this isn't the end of the chapter. I just wanted to mention that the idea for Carlisle to be the father popped into my head yesterday so I had to quickly put it in before I forgot it. That's why I put it in as a flash back. Now here is Alice and Emmett's storyline…I promise I will eventually have them meet so that way I will stop having to do this…not that I don't like it. :P

Meanwhile somewhere in Paris, France

Alice POV:

I had been to about a dozen hospitals and no one has any memory of seeing our mother. I was about to sit down, but Jasper came storming in with an annoyed look on his face.

"Your brother is not very bright sometimes…I love him like he was my own brother but this is's just too stupid."

"What are you rambling about Jasper?"

He pulled out the piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it to show a 'Lost Sister. Last seen about 15 years ago. She looks just like my sister. There is a reward if she is found.' On a white piece of paper. I rolled my eyes. Emmett means well, but you just have to shake your head at some of the things he comes up with.

As if on cue Emmett had walked in with Rosalie at his side and the sat down on the loveseat across from us. I then gave Rosalie the 'poster' Emmett had tried to put up. She tried, but failed to hide her laughter. Emmett showed a confused expression so Rose showed him what we were all shaking our heads and laughing at and Emmett looked proud, yet kind of embarrassed at this.

"What? I spent a lot of time working on that poster. You never know someone might see this and know where she's at."

"Yes, but Em you didn't put what her name was and you didn't even put a picture of her on it. How are they going to know?"

My Jasper had a point. Even though Emmett did mean well his idea wasn't completely thought through. As all of our laughter started to die down there was a knock at the door. I got up and went to see who was there. A man holding a telegram was standing at the door and I gave him a tip then took the telegram and shut the door.

"Who was at the door Alice?"

"It was a man with a telegram. Here Jazz you open it."

"Why me?"

"Because I like to hear you read." I said as I batted my eyelashes. He could never say no to me.

"Alright fine. 'Dear Ms. Alice Swan. We got word from a hospital that you were looking for information about your mother and your long lost sister. Our head doctor was on duty when you and your sister were born and he remembers what happened. If you would like to meet with hi please respond to this telegram to set up a meeting.


The Twilight Memorial Hospital' "

(a/n lol you know you love the name ;))

"Oh my goodness! Emmett did you hear that?! The hospital I went to contacted the hospital that remembers our mother and us. We have to respond to this telegram right away. We have to set up a meeting! Oh goodness…what am I going to wear?"

"Alice dear, you have to calm down. first we have to respond to the telegram and see when we can meet. Then you can worry about what to wear."

"Yea, Jasper is right Alice. So what are you going to tell them?"

"I am going to tell them that Emmett and I do want to know what happened to our sister. And why mom and dad never mentioned it to us."

I just realized that too. Mom and dad had lied to us for nearly twenty-one years.(a/n Alice is 18 and Emmett is 21 now). I sat down at the desk and proceeded to write our response.

'Dear Twilight Memorial,

I am eternally grateful that we found out where our mother gave birth to me and my sister. We would be happy to come and visit so that we can find out more about our sister and what happened to her. By any chance do you know if she's alive or did she pass away young? We are able to meet whenever is best for you. We hope to be able to meet soon.


Ms. Alice Swan'

As I finished and then signed my letter I put it in the envelope and appropriately addressed it and had Emmett go and take it to the mail office to be mailed. I plopped down next to Jasper and let out an exhausted sigh of both boredom and anticipation. Hopefully we receive a response very soon.

A/N: I know that this is a weird place to end but I want to save some for chapter 11. And I promise that they will meet up soon. Reviews are welcome. I am still giddy over the fact that so many people like this story, yet I am making this up as I go. Also I want to get your guys' opinion on Emmett's sign and how I made Carlisle Bella, Alice, and Emmett's dad. I look forward to reading all of your reviews ;)

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