Hope. (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

By HalizaTomran

Romance / Drama


They were both broken. Their beautiful souls were shattered to thousands of pieces. They were sinking in the deep oceans of their own troubled minds. Everyone thought that they couldn't be saved now, not after what they have gone through. But, but there was one option. What if their broken parts fit together with each other to become a beautiful whole? But what if they didn't? They could either fix themselves and come out as a brand new life or they could end up breaking more than they already were. Find more in 'Hope'.... Warning: Contains mentions of rape, depression and self-harm. Do not read if you are not comfortable with the usage of swear words. Enjoy. :) *(Book one of the 'Intertwined Love's series)


In Doncaster

She rushed to her bedroom with tears spilling from her eyes. She grabbed a pair of scissors and went to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked beautiful and that really really angered her. With trembling hands, she chopped off her gorgeous long curls. After she’d done the deed properly, she looked back at the mirror. Seeing her new pixie cut satisfied her a lot. She gave herself a crooked smile. But the job was not yet over. She went outside and opened her large wardrobe. She pulled out all her frocks and one-piece short dresses. She tore them to shreds. Then were here high heels. She took them and flung them out of the window. She finally felt a bit more contended. After a few minutes of tears, the door opened to reveal her brother who looked as if he was in great agony. “What the hell Hazel?!! That high-heel struck me on my head! What are you even trying to do?!” he cried rubbing his forehead but when he saw the mess of a room and the teary faced pixie-cut clad Hazel, his expression immediately softened. He went and sat beside her on the bed and hugged her. She immediately burst into tears. He rubbed her back lovingly till she calmed down and fell asleep. She is certainly not over it yet, he thought but then he couldn’t expect her to get over it so early. His sister, Hazel Amelia Tomlinson had been raped just a mere ten days ago. He sighed as he saw his beautiful sister sleep peacefully on the bed.

Louis could remember how he had got to know about all this. He remembered that dreaded night when Hazel had gone to a wild house party with her friend in the middle of nowhere. That night, Hazel had decided to walk home rather than calling Louis to pick her up because he had been sick. Louis wished that she hadn’t taken that descision. On the way home, Hazel took a short-cut through a dark alleyway. She got kidnapped by a group of three men. She was gang-raped. The next day when Hazel had still not returned home, Louis had got worried and called the police. They went to search for her and found her sobbing on the sidewalk. She told them what had happened though she wasn’t quite in the condition to do so. Its been ten days since the incident and Hazel had spent every single of these ten days crying and disgusting herself. She didn’t want any boy to get attracted to her ever after. Louis shed some tears subconciously. He couldn’t see his sister like this anymore. He had to do something, but what he didn’t know...

In Cheshire at the same time

“Mom, I’ll do anything but that. Why don’t you understand, I simply cannot forgive him!” Harry shouted. His face softened when he saw the hurt expression on his mother’s face. “I-I’m not hungry. I’m going to bed.” he murmured and went of to his room. He crouched by his bed and hugged his knees. He finally broke down. No one seemed to understand him at all. His mother had been telling him to meet his dad and talk to him. Maybe forgive him too. But Harry couldn’t do that after what he had done to him. Harry squeezed his eyes shut as it all came back to him.

It had happened a month ago. A month ago, Harry had a loving girlfriend, Lucy. She had been his everything. His sunshine, his love, the reason of his happiness. Everyone had loved the couple. They were so much in love. Everyone thought that they would be forever. Everyone except Harry’s father. Due to an old feud between Harry’s dad and Lucy’s dad, Desmond Styles hated Lucy to the core. That fateful night when Harry and Lucy were returning from a date hand-in-hand looking at the moon, Des had come in front of them out of nowhere and with a gun in his hand had shot Lucy right in the head. As a shocked Harry saw his beautiful girlfriend fall to the ground, Des just laughed and walked away. Harry crouched beside Lucy. Her eyes were open. They were the same beautiful deep blue eyes which had made Harry fall in love with her just that there was no light in them. Lucy was dead. Harry let the tears fall shamelessly and blamed him for everything. He kissed Lucy one last time and called the police.

Harry opened his eyes as air wheezed in and out of his lungs heavlily. “Harry....” he heard a familiar voice whisper and his head shot up. It was the person he had wanted to see so badly for the past one month.


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