The Devil Corona


This is my illusion experience, and i always wanna start with my favorite demons, 'werewolf'

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The Devil Corona

The Devil Corona

I am a scientist. I am Botanical Scientist. One day I got a package from the library that have been closed down. They sent me an old book. That old book quite interested me. I spent my time to read that book. Page 115th on that book has grab my attention. It writes about ‘The Devil Corona’ flower. A yellow flower, that has very unique petal. That flower founded in tropical high land. The Devil Corona is one of the scarce plants in the world. This scarce plant is such a predator plant. The granule on the petal can produce some liquid that can give long life effect for human but give other side effect for animal especially insect. To drag one piece of the petal with some liquid potion, it can give long life effect around 75 days. One flower is containing of 4 pieces of petal. Can you imagine?

The flower blooms once in a year, the single big flower.

I am very courious about it. I have decide to find that flower. Do some experiment about it and drink the magic potion. Maybe this potion will change me into immortal. It is because I feel getting old day by day. I find out many gray hairs on my head and some wrinkle around my eyes. Even though my friends said that I look handsome and mature but the fact is my wife leave me with the younger man. And ‘old’ becomes my phobia

I keep seeking the news about the ‘Devil Corona’ until I got letter from my partner, Robert Kudi.

He writes ‘I don’t really know about that flower, Al. That flower is one of scarce plant. I never do an experiment with that flower. Alfred Bassie, my friend, if you really want to know about that flower, maybe you can come to visit and ask to ‘Good Otto’. He is hunter who lives in the jungle near the dog husbandry village. Is that making a sense? He really knows about the scarce plant well. You have to ask him. But, Alfred Bassie my friend, I warn you…..please bring a silver bullet on your gun just for protecting yourself’

“Silver bullet? Is Robert kidding me? Huh, I never believe with superstition!

I decide to leave the next coming afternoon before the sun goes down, I have to find ‘Good Otto’. I hope Otto is the one who has that flower. And forget it about the silver bullet!

I start my journey, looking for ‘good Otto’. I enter the dark jungle next to the dog husbandry village.

This jungle is like the death island. No sound of singing bird or other creature sound. All i heard is my own heart beating. The green leaves, bush and hug trees standing like a giant monster sorround me. I see a snake snaidering on the big hidding root then gone inside the bush. I keep walking, sometimes slip and fall or maybe scratched by the twig or thorn. I should not do this crazy journey on my age.

I heard the howling wolf. The night has touched the earth.

It is late to realize that night has came and i havent find either Otto’s house or any save place to take a rest. I feel very tire. My sweat wash away my white and expensive shirt. Then I decide to take a rest. I sit on the big log for taking a deep breath. While i am sitting down gasping for breath to fill my lung, i see the beam of light is watching me behind the big bush. Suddenly, a big wolf, very big wolf come out from his hiding place. I am shocking, I dropped my body down to the ground. Vey big wolf is standing with his two legs right front of me.

That big wolf stare at me with the sharp canine, that are blinking by the refection of it is saliva. His claws come out and ready to attack me. The wolf jumps over me. Attack me with his huge body, sharp claws and killing canine. I try my best to fight it with the broken branch that I found near my feed. But the wolf is too strong for me. The wolf gets my body, ready to slaughtered me into many pieces.

In the same time when the wolf start to bite my neck, I hear the gun shot. Something silver passes near my head. Then I see that wolf drops down to the ground. I keep standing near that dropping wolf until someone grabs my hand and bring me far away from that place. I still shock. I let my self grabbing by that man. No more sound of howling wolf, that terrible sound was replaced by sound of suffering human but the man that grab me give no chance for me to look back.

He brings me to the small house. A beautiful small house. The wodden house with a big fire place. He asks me in and offers his sofa. I wipe my hand around my shirt to drop away the wolf fur. I need a few minute to sure my performance look ok then i sit on the brown sofa. This sofa is quite comfortable.

“Hi, why did you so stupid enough entering this jungle only with your expensive shirt?

“I bet that you are not a hunter” he continuously criticizes about me.

I keep staring at that young man in front of me who just interrogated me. A handsome young man. He has a crystal eyes, light tan skin, and black long hair touch his shoulder.

“I am scientist. My name is Alfred Bassie. Gosh! What is the hell going on over here? What kind of creature that I have seen there?” I rub my own face while I put my back tight to the sofa.

“Hi’ Al. Nice to meet you. What did you saw just a big wolf”

“My name is Otto” he smiles at me.

I stand and shake Otto’s hand.

“Thank God. I finally find you. I want to ask you about something. This is about……………”

“Pst! You must be very hungry and tired. How if you take your diner, then you can take a rest. Tomorrow I will tell you everything that what Robert Kudi said to me. I think you’ll pleasant to stay here a night”

Yes. He is absolutely right. I am very tired and hungry.

He serves me with a big portion of grill meat on the big plate, minced potato and a cup of orange squash.

I eat my dinner. I left some slice of meat. I drink of my orange squash.

It makes me fullfill, I falls a sleeps in the sofa next to the fire place. Around 20 minute latter, I wake up.

I can’t find Otto everywhere around this house.

This house is quite small with one part of room as the livingroom plus dinning room, one other room fill of one small neat bed. The kitchen is in the small and long corridor. I have no found any mirror or picture frame in this house.

The left of the grill meat on the plate makes me hungry for twice. I took a knife to cut off my left meat. Suddenly my knife hitting of hard and small thing inside the meat. That small hard thing drop out and pill out from the plate to the table.

I see a silver bullet drop from the plate. Silver bullet!

It makes me nausea.

It must something wrong!

I need time to make me calm down.

“Gosh! Why did this damn silver bullet can be inside this grill meat? I deeply think about it

Otto should answer me for this.

But Otto is not around. I worried if something happen with him? Otto is my last chance to find out the Devil Corona.

I have to find out Otto! But this jungle quite freak me out.

I need a weapon to protect myself.

I saw some riffle hanging above the fire place. I take one of them and check it out. Empty! The bullet must be somewhere. Then I find some bullet boxes inside the drawer right across to the sofa. I take some and fill to the riffle while my eyes see some different bullet inside the gray box. The silver bullet.

….. I warn you. Please bring silver bullet just for protecting yourself………….’ Robert Kudi’s word keeps running on my head.

I take one silver bullet, and put on my pocket. I still unbelieve with all that kind of shit superstition.

I step on my feed to the dark jungle. The jungle seem has big party of the howling wolf sound.

The light of the moon can’t go through this jungle. The trees are too huge and cover up the sky. I walk through the dark, i put on trust to my instinct.

I am looking for Otto. I haven’t find even his shadow in this jungle. I hold tight the riffle. I wish i step to the right way, i don’t want to get lost in this freak jungle. I do keep walking and walking.

I stop at a momment to look up to the sky. The full moonlight gives a bit light to that place where I stand right row. The rest wrapped by the dark.

My instinct asks me to move to the south. The full moonlight still flares on me.

For a couple of steps, I see big thing freeze on the ground. My cuririousity rise up event my blood spread down leave my head. With my might I try to walk closer to find out.

“For God shake………”

My heart almost stop to beat when i saw the naked dead body is lying down to the ground.

A man. The gun shots victim.

I could not just stay there stare of to the death body. I have to move on!

I keep walking with holding tight my riffle. I have no choices either go on or go back.

Along the way i have seen three naked death bodies.

I feel my leg start to move in tremblin. My heart beat faster than what i wish for. I am gasping for breath.

Finally I see the light in the north. I push my legs to run to the north. The light is come from the small building. It is seem like cafe.

Café in the jungle?

I slam the bar door and go in. The people over there stare at me with their unfriendly sight. I come to the bartender for asking a glass of wine.

“I don’t have any place for you, stranger!” the bartender said to me.

“Excuse me, I am a scientist, I get lost here. I am looking for my friend. He has not come back yet from this jungle. Maybe you do see him”

“This is wild jungle man! If your friend has not come back yet, he will become memory. You should forget him forever”

“Uh huh, Why?

“I don’t want to tell you why. Better you leave us soon, before something happen to you!

“Thank you for your attention to me. But, I better stay here for a while. Hey, did I order a glass of wine?

“There is no wine for you. The only thing I have is black coffee. If you want that damn black coffee, I will make it for you. Then you can leave this place soon!

“What is going on here? I see many death bodies outside and you order me to go back to that damn jungle? Can you tell me something?

A man who sit on my opposite, come and grabs my collar.

“What did you said? Death bodies?

“Yeah. They are 3 death bodies outside. Hey, release your hand from me!” I struggle with all my might to released from him.

They are mumbling almost in the same time.

“The courageous Otto!

The man who grabs my collar, try to throw me out.

I fell down.

The bartender kicks away my body out from the door.

“You better go right now, if you still want to be alive!

“Beware in this full moonlight, don’t ever you walk above the grass!

I still don’t know what does he mean with that word. But I run and run. Exactly I escape as soon as possible from that place.

While I running away, i saw a shadow move fast to that building. I hear some violence’s in that café, sound of howling wolf and big fighting.

I keep running away and lucky that finally find Otto’s house.

I feel relief.

The door is open, and Otto is right standing there with his big smile. His handsome faces change into scary face.

“Are you looking for me, Al?

“You are crazy! Did you kill them? Are you one of them? Why do you do that? You are damn insane!

I still see his big smile and sharp eyes.

“I am really strong. I am courageous Otto! I tell you something, Al. There is my only goal to posse the devil corona flower by myself!

I shock!

“Excuse me? The devil corona is with you? Please…please show it to me. I will barter even with my yacht” I am begging him.

Otto’s eyes spark like an hungry creature.

“I am sorry for lying to Robert Kudi. Frankly I don’t want to share the devil corona even with you. I am the one who own that flower. And that is becoming my reason to kill my entire rival. Wellcome to my trap! I really hungry. And I have bored ate my rival flesh. And your flesh could be very delicious!

I move backward. He scare me out.

He lets me see him change himself into a big wolf.

I saw his leg strecth into hug and long hairy leg. His mandible pulled out, and the sharp canine come out, change his handsome face into scary. The black thick and rough fur grows fast all over.

A Warewolf. The big wolf that standing with two legs.

My body frezze up like a stone.

“It’s too late, Al! I heard my own voice in my mind

Otto tries to attack me. I try to shot him many times with my riffle, but there is no effect at all. Otto starts to scratch and bite me. This is hurting me!

I wish i die at this momment, but I am still alive with all this pain. My blood is all over my bodies.

Alfred Bassie my friend, i warn you to bring silver bullet just for protecting yourself…………. ‘Yes you are right Robert. Now I need that damn silver bullet!

I try to reach the silver bullet on my pocket. I run from that beast once i get the chance. I wish i get enough time to fill my riffle with the silver bullet. The last bullet I have from my pocket.

The wolf’s attack me from behind. Scratch my flesh. I feel out his claws deep inside my bone. I scream out! Cry and mock in the same time.

The wolf is slaughtering me.

With my last breath, I try to shoot that wolf.

“Oh God help me! Maybe this is my last pray

I hope that the bullet will shoot to the right direction or all gone.

The silver bullet hits right on the wolf’s chest. The bullet runs in second from my riffle seem like in the games I always plays on my computer. The bullet make a big wound. Something broken! The blood spread over.

The wolf is dropping down right next to my feet. His eyes keep staring at me.

On that time I saw that wolf change him self into Otto’s body. No cloth on his body.

Otto’s is dying. He lays his hand to me, he tries to reach my hand. I move backward. Than he tries to say something to me. I can’t catch what he said. Then I move forward, i push my self to bow down and put my ear close to his mouth and wish he will not attack me again.

“The Devil Corona is in the garden behind my house. Please keep that plant for me”


Now the ‘Devil Corona’ grows rapidly in Alfred Bassie’s garden. The flower is blooming. There is such a nice yellow flower. No one dare to stole the devil corona even though they are never seen Alfred Bassie around. But the people always see a big wolf standing with two legs around that house without hurting anyone.

Writen by. Ricka Sebastian (June 2005)

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