Force of a Youngling


This will begin to make things better for you,” she said sweetly. The little girl inhaled deeply, letting in the aroma of the liquid enter her nose. “Your daddy has traveled far to Jakku.” Adanes had begun to stitch once more, the branches of a swamp oak spread under her needle, growing swiftly in threads

Scifi / Romance
Ruth Paradis
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Chapter 1

She awoke with a startle from a horrible nightmare, nothing to real tell, it was fading into colors, but the fear had yet to fade. To add to the fear, her room was pitch black. To add a sense of alarm, the ship, her home away from home, didn’t seem to be moving. She threw back her blankets and the light turned on. Over the bed, stars were projected from the lamp, they danced and wavered on the bedroom’s high gray ceiling.

Her nanny Adanes sat by her bedside. Adanes was a very old woman, with white hair kept tightly wound in a bun covering her neck. She handed her a glass of a warm, white liquid. “This will begin to make things better for you,” she said sweetly. The little girl inhaled deeply, letting in the aroma of the liquid enter her nose.

It was warm milk and she started to wonder if warm milk had always helped mommy or if that were her aunt. She didn’t take the glass, only gave a troubling glance to the doorway. They kept the door open a crack for light, and now, she could see white blurs running in front of her door. “Your daddy has traveled far to Jakku.”

Adanes had begun to stitch once more, the branches of a swamp oak spread under her needle, growing swiftly in threads of green and red and brown. Her face screwed up and tiny fists spun around near her eyes as tears spilled forth, as if cranking a faucet for the tears. “Daddy!” she bawled. Daddy was the nightmare catcher. “I want daddy!”

Adanes wrapped her aged arms around the child. “You remind me very much of your mother. She was a daddy’s girl when she was your age,” the nanny said. She began to stroke the child’s wavy black hair, just like her father’s. “I’m sure your mother and father will be back very soon.”

“Daddy! I want my daddy!” screamed the child who got out of bed and toddled towards the door. She was still too little to reach the door handle. “Daddy!”

“When daddy comes back on the ship, I’ll make sure he reads to you, tucks you in and sings you a song, okay?” Adanes looked at the door and saw the child had slipped out, somehow. “Renodri!”

Renodri was a toddler, but everyone could tell that she was going to grow up gorgeous. She already sported luscious black waves like her father and had very creamy skin like her mother. Renodri of the First Order, the daughter of Kylo Ren ran through the ship with tear red eyes, screaming for him, using the sleeve of her gray nightgown to wipe her nose. “Daddy!” she screamed, her voice becoming raw. “Daddy!!! Where are you, daddy!?”

The ship seemed void of the many Stormtroopers that accompanied her to the play room that Kylo Ren had designated for her back on base. She could hear the sounds of lasers firing and shouts, both Stormtroopers and villagers of this alien land known as Jakku. She finally found the open door, two Stormtroopers, her mother, two more Stormtroopers and then daddy. Two other Stormtroopers brought forth an old man, pushing him in front of Kylo.

“Look how old you’ve become,” said Kylo Ren.


The wind on Jakku had chilled quickly despite the fires. “Renodri!” called out Odra, making a grab for her arm, missing her just by a few inches. She watched as her daughter ran onto Jakku, towards her father. Odra’s fists balled in rage, how dare that old bag let her daughter slip from the room?

“You know what I’ve come for,” said Kylo.

Odra sighed, this old bastard was being he worst kind of disrespectful. “The map to Skywalker! We know you found it!” She was at the end of her rope and this old man better start giving her husband what he was after.

“And now you’re going to give it to the First Order!” growled Kylo.

Renodri ran up to the man dressed in all black and wrapped her little arms around his legs. “Daddy!!! I couldn’t find you!!! I was so scawed!” she sobbed into the backs of his knees. “I had a nightware! And you weren’t there!”

The old man smiled as a few of the Stormtroopers chuckled, but only Odra seemed to notice Renodri. Kylo knew she was there, but he had no time to be her nightware chaser. “The First Order rose from the Dark Side, your father did not,” said the old man, talking to Renodri.

“I’ll show you the Dark Side!” growled Kylo.

“How can you keep her away from them? From where you once came from?” asked the old man, watching Renodri hug Kylo’s legs, bawling into the backs of his knees, not letting go. His cold as left over coffee brown eyes, warmed and softened. “Before you called yourself Kylo Ren.” The old man braved, though still quivering like a vast pile of jelly, and grabbed Renodri, Kylo’s hand going for his lightsaber. “Such a beautiful little girl."

“Enough!” Kylo lit his light saber and thrusted it into the air and swung it down at the old man. A laser came hurling towards Kylo and Renodri, but a simple hand in the air, kept daddy and daughter safe. Odra collected Renodri and a few of the Stormtroopers and headed back for the ship. A battle was no place for a wife and mother, and certainly not for a daughter.

“Who found it funny that my daughter had a nightmare? Who found it funny that she wanted her father? Who found that so hilarious!?” screamed Odra. Adanes took Renodri to her room, as she knew this was not gonna end well for the Stormtroopers who were back on the ship.

The Stormtroopers shoved one Trooper towards Odra. “You gotta understand, Master Ren is supposed to be intimidating and it’s real hard to have that look when you have a toddler crying at your legs.”

She ignited her lightsaber, a horrendously dangerous looking red beam of light became erect, and Odra thrusted the sword through the very armor that was supposed to protect the Troopers. The other Stormtroopers took a step back as the Stormtrooper fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood, so much, it was a pool of black. They were mesmerized by the amount of anger such a short woman could hold. “…sorry.”

“Mistress Ren, would you like us to go back out and help Master Ren fight?”

“I sense Master Ren will be coming on board shortly, you may stay here.”

Two other Stormtroopers came aboard, each on each side of a darker skinned man. “No! Please, no!” he screamed, looking behind them.

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