Force of a Youngling

Chapter 2

“Oh, G-d, I really hate doing this,” groaned a Stormtrooper, as his quote unquote buddies pushed him to the front of the pack. He lit his lightsaber and prepared for a battle. Facing him, holding her father’s lightsaber was Renodri, and right behind her was Kylo Ren, hand out ready to stop the Stormtrooper if he got too into the battle. Standing behind both of them stood Odra Ren. Watching the battle.

“Kylo, she’s a lady, ladies don’t need to fight,” sneered Odra.

“Maybe on your planet they don’t, but she needs to defend herself,” said Kylo. He watched his daughter’s black pony tail bob and weave in the pre-fight dance his daughter always did. “You know that much. Let our daughter know the much.”

“Kylo, I don’t mind women knowing how to battle, or defend themselves, but she could get hurt,” said Odra.

Kylo Ren motioned to his hand. “She has the Force protecting her.”

The area of the ship they were in had lifeless, musty air. Dust particles had mushroomed up into the air and danced in the blue overhead lights when Odra and Kylo had set it up for Renodri. Adanes put her time warped hand upon Odra’s shoulder. “Kylo wouldn’t let anything harm his precious daughter,” she said. Odra nodded; she was right. “If he does, he’ll have to answer to me!”

Odra stifled a chuckle. While Adanes had simply been her nanny, Adanes had raised Odra far more than her mother or father had. Adanes was almost like her grandmother.

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