Everything Changes

The following hour, Sonic was sitting at the table, face in his hands sobbing. He was all alone. No mother. No friends. Just then, a knock on the front door was heard. The Hedgehog jumped off his seat to answer it. "Hi Sonic, wanna play dress-up?" It was Tails, Sonic's neighbor and best friend. He was four years old, still in diapers and carried a big box that contained some toys, and dress-up clothes. He also dragged a green blanket across the ground. Sonic sighed, wiping tears from his eyes. "Not now, Tails. I'm not in the mood." "What's wrong, Sonic? Why you crying?" Tails wondered. "My mom's gone, Tails." "Huh?! W-What do you mean "gone"?" Sonic let Tails in the door and shut it behind him. "She went to Heaven, Tails." Tails' eyes watered, as he hugged Sonic tightly. "I'm sorry, Sonic." "It's okay, Tails." Sonic cried. "No it's not." Tails replied. "You're right...She got dead because of a mean man named "Doctor Robotnik"." "G-Got dead?" Tails cried with him. "What are we gonna do?" "I...I don't know. My mom said that I was too little to fight him. I guess I'll avenge her when I'm old enough." "What does "avenge" mean?" Tails asked innocently. "He got her dead...I should get HIM dead." "B-But...How are you gonna do that?" "That's just it. I don't know." There was another knock at the door. "I think it's a stranger, Sonic!" Tails gasped. "Shhh," Sonic put his finger to Tails' mouth. "I'll see who it is." Sonic crawled on the ground and took a peek out the window. "It's a policeman." He then answered the door. "Hi, mister policeman. What do you want?" He asked in a friendly manor. The police officer showed the two his badge. "Good evening, boys. I'm Officer Drummond. Sonic, your mother was murdered by Doctor Robotnik. I'm sorry, son. You were probably already aware of that, but I was sent to tell you. Also, may I please speak with your father?" "Uhhh..." Sonic's eyes widened. "My mom said that he was captured by some...." He gasped. "What? What is it?" "Sonic? Are you okay?" Tails become worried, as he saw Sonic's facial expression. He was not. Flashbacks began to invade his mind, as he remembered being carried by his crying mother while he was a baby. She was singing a lullaby to him, and said not to worry about his father. "Daddy's been lifted away, Sonic. A mean man took him and made him into a robot." Her voice echoed inside Sonic's memories. "Sonic?" Tails called. Sonic ran to sit at the table and started taking deep breaths, crying and banging his fist on the table. "MY DAD'S GONE TOO!!!" Tails and Officer Drummond ran straight for him, trying to snap him out of it. "SONIC!" "IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!" Sonic balled his eyes out. "IT'S MY FAULT, IT'S MY FAULT, IT'S MY FAULT!!!" "No it's not!" Tails yelled back. "Your friend is right, Sonic." Officer Drummond agreed. "It's not your fault. It's Robotnik's. I will get my squad after him and bring him to justice." Sonic was silent, incapable of speech because he had lost his voice while crying tears of sorrow. "I will make him regret his actions, son. You don't have to worry. You can trust your local police force." "W-W...." "He's trying to say something!" Tails exclaimed excitedly. "What are you gonna do with my mom?" Sonic asked. "We're going to give her a nice burial spot where you can visit her everyday." Officer Drummond reassured. As the days went on from then on, Sonic had been visiting his mother's grave with Tails. They would each toss a white rose and lilac, Sonic's mother's favorite types of flowers. A new chapter of tragic lives has begun.

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