As the years pass

Years had pasted by. Sonic was filled with rage and sorrow, infuriated with Robotnik taking his mother's life. He had already experienced DABDA, but he couldn't help but acknowledge that Doctor Robotnik was responsible for her demise. "Robotnik..." Sonic growled, as he balled his fist up. "I will hunt you down and avenge my mother." There was a knock at the door, and Sonic answered. "Hiya, Sonic." "Hey Tails," Sonic greeted coldly and let him in. Tails had grown a bit. He was now fifteen, and Sonic was sixteen. "Judging by how you're talking, we're ready to go arrest Robotnik, right?" Tails carried the box that was filled with dress-up clothes, and water bottles. "Uh, sure..."arrest"..." Sonic censored himself, as he didn't want Tails to know that he would be killing Doctor Robotnik. Sonic tried his best to teach Tails morals and values. He had taught him that killing is wrong, because if he did...He would be no better than the psychopath that killed his mother. "Do you think that we're...Old enough yet?" "No...But I cannot wait anymore. We've gotta find his lair." "How are we gonna do that?" "Simple, we just track him." Sonic explained simply, putting a hand to his ear. "What are you do-" "Shhh." Sonic silenced Tails. "I'm trying to hear." "Hear wha-" "Shhh...I always listen in the background, hoping Robotnik would be there. Didn't you ever notice him flying over this hou-" Sonic then heard a strange noise. It sounded like a fire crackling. "What the Hell is that noise?" A flaming board fell onto one of Tails' tails. "OH MY GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!" He struggled to remove the flaming wood. Sonic kicked it off with ease. "WE BETTER RUN, TAILS!" He grabbed his fox friend along with the box, and crashed through the wooden door. He gazed up to the sky to see that the twisted man had returned, piloting his hovercraft. Robotnik let out his disgusting laugh, as he watched the two run. "So Hedgehog, did you REALLY think I was going to let you LIVE? I figured that stalking your house as you aged, while planning to avenge your mother would be effective, more emotional before kill you. Thank you for proving my conjecture, boys...NOW PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DEMISE!!!" "RUN!" Tails screamed, dragging Sonic by the arm. "No, I'm TIRED of running, Tails. I had failed my mother, I am NOT going to stop until Robotnik's GONE!" "Sonic, are you insane?! He's got the hovercraft right there, let's go! We can avenge your mother later!" Just then, Sonic saw an hallucination. It looked exactly like his mother. He stared into the distance, trying to figure out if it was real or not. "M-Mom?" Robotnik pushed a button, summoning fire to burn the house to ashes. "SONIC!!!" Tails slapped the Hedgehog across the face. "Snap out of it!!" Sonic shook his head violently, as he looked into the distance. The image of his mother was gone. "Tails, did you see that?" "RUN!" Tails screeched, fearing for his life. Sonic grabbed Tails' hand and ran to the nearest gun store. "Why are we here?" Tails wondered. "You said we CAN'T kill him." Sonic took a minute to think. "...We can still crash his hovercraft, then beat the snort outta him." "How are we gonna do that?" "....." Sonic couldn't find another lie to tell, as a tear fell down his face. His mind was wholly on his mother. "You leave that to me." "Okay, brother. I trust you." Tails answered, as a tear formed in his eye as well. "If we don't make it out alive, at least you'll be back with your mom. I'll be with you guys too." Sonic began crying, as he hugged the fox tightly. No words were spoken by the Hedgehog. "Hey," Tails sniffed. "I still remember the song my mother used to sing to me before I went to sleep. Maybe it would help you." "Go ahead," Sonic stopped to look at him. Tails sniffled, losing his voice from crying. He began to sing softly. "Can you feel the sunshine? Does it brighten up your day? Don't you feel that sometimes, you just need to run away? Feel the sunshine, forget about the rain. Just think about the better days, and they will rid your pain." Sonic clapped softly. "That was...beautiful, Tails." Tails blushed in embarrassment. "Oh God that was embarrassing, better be glad that you're my FRIEND. Heh." Sonic had bought a model 17 Glock that included a ten round magazine in secrecy while Tails was singing. He put the safety on, and hid it in Tails' box of dress-up clothes. "Tails, I've got an idea." "What is it?" Tails didn't notice Sonic putting the gun inside his box. "Let's FOLLOW Robotnik, he's gotta have a secret lair, right?" "Why do you think that?" "Because of all the superhero shows we've watched of course. Remember when the villain from the movie, "X" had a secret hideout? What about from the action movie, "Boom"? "Lost Worlds", "Secret Rings" and "Generations" ring a bell?" "Oh yeah...." Tails let out a gasp. "So you're saying that Robotnik is the villain like a MOVIE, and nobody's probably gonna get those references?" "Yep." "Then it's settled; you're crazy." "Tails, he has a HOVERCRAFT. The man's oughta have a secret, evil hideout." "As much as I want to deny that...I think we should try anyway. What's the plan?" "We go through the dress-up clothes you brought and pretend that WE'RE robots Robotnik enslaved." "That might be crazy enough to work," Tails opened the box, and took out a black top hat. "Hey, is this a BB gun we used to play with?" Sweat formed on Sonic's head. "Y-Yeah...Let's just put it back and use it on Robotnik." "Why are you so jumpy about the gun?" Tails giggled, placing it back into the box, much to Sonic's relief. "Okay, so we're supposed to wear weird, random costumes?" "Yeah, I'll take that ridiculous brown neckerchief." Tails handed Sonic the mentioned item. "I guess I'll wear the black top hat and green scarf." "This is gonna work perfectly." "I feel weird being out in public like this." Tails blushed, as he pulled the scarf over his face. "Put that down! Shhh, Robotnik's coming." Sonic and Tails began doing the robot dance. The hovercraft came flying. "What the Hell are those things?" Robotnik scratched his head. "You must be my robots?" "Yes, it is I; The...uh....The Metal Sonic.EXE, master." "Metal Sonic.EXE?" Robtnik scratched his head. "Oh, you must be a target-practice robot, right?" Tails looked at Sonic nervously. "...Affirmative, master. And this is Tails.JPG. He's a super-computer from the base." "Oh? Hmm...Tails.JPG!" Robotnik called. "Y-Yes, master?" Tails nervously answered. "How many times does the human heart beat per day?" "One hundred thousand times, Doctor Robotnik." Tails answered easily. "Let's go back to the base, master. Please? There's something I've been wanting to show you for a LONG time there..." Sonic pleaded. His heavy emotions made him a bit pushy, as he begged. "Okay, robots. Let's go. I need a break after Hedgehog genocide anyway." Robotnik let Sonic and Tails hitch a ride, as they hung by either side of the hovercraft and they flew to the base. The spiraling sanity of a deceased mother's son.

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