The conclusion

The three flew for what seemed like an eternity, until they see a dark, malevolent-looking place. There were metallic buildings that were shaped to look like Robotnik's head, and the heads of various creations of the evil doctor. No Mobians, nor people. All that were populating, were Robotnik's creations. Either robotic slaves, or disgusting technological experiments on innocent animals such as rabbits, birds, bees and other species.
Tails got a nervous feeling, as he held on for dear life. "It's okay Tails, just don't look down."
"But I did, Sonic. It's not that pleasant. Y'know, I'm not the kinda guy that MINDS heights...But THIS...This is the highest I've been up in the air." Tails' face turned to a shade of green.
"That's enough out of you robots," Robotnik ordered. "You two are going to have a SPECIAL job."
"W-What's that?" Tails worried.
"I've started to build robots out of Sonic the Hedgehog's pesky little friends." Robotnik explained simply.
"WHAT?!" Sonic screamed, as Tails covered his mouth out of shock.
"I know, pretty EVIL, eh?" Robotnik seemed pleased with himself. "I'm glad you like my plan too; to turn his precious "superpower of teamwork" AGAINST him!" He let out another digustful laugh.
Sonic's eye twitched rapidly. 'Do it for mom, do it for mom, do it for mom...' He repeated inside his thoughts.
"Are you okay, Metal Sonic.EXE?" Tails asked in a fake robotic voice.
Sonic fought the urge to express anger in spite of Robotnik, and replied through his teeth. "Y-Yes, Tails.JPG. I am fine, just...living like the evil robot that I am...Hehehe.."
"Silence I said!" Robotnik bellowed, as they arrived to his destination. "My creation of Sonic's friend is in here."
He landed the hovercraft on what seemed to be a mountain in the shape of his own head.
'Talk about conceited.' Tails thought to himself, as him and Sonic followed the evil doctor.
Robotnik lead them to a large machine. It looked like a tank, with a metallic dark purple border. It had disturbing robotic arms had held knifes, scalpels, and even technological parts... "This is my greatest invention of them all; The Robotnikcizer!"
Sonic and Tails observed the machine with looks of confusion, and disgust.
"Next to it is a wimpy little machine called "The Roboticizer". It was invented by some elder Hedgehog that wanted to "help the living by letting them live forever as a robot". Bleh." Robotnik pretended to vomit. "I'll pass. You see, my invention is based off his, but mine shall be more effective! The Roboticizer would turn the living into robots painlessly. But as the scientist I am, I have designed THIS machine to not only PAINFULLY turn them into robots, but I get to see it all happen! Dissection by hand is a thing of the past."
"I think I'm gonna be sick. Where's the little robots' room?" Tails put a hand to his mouth.
"Over there actually." Robotnik pointed, as the fox ran for it. "Where the HELL did I get the idea of making robots that actually FEEL?" He wondered.
Sonic looked at Robotnik while he wasn't looking. His eyebrows furrowed, as he looked at the doctor with pure hatred. Rage boiled inside his very core, he slowly pulled Tails' box closer to him. "Hey Robotnik!"
Doctor Robotnik turned his head around to face Sonic. "What do you want, Metal Sonic?"
Sonic ripped the neckerchief off, and pulled the gun out. He loaded and cocked it. "Say goodbye, you scum!"
Robotnik looked shocked, trying to run. Sonic didn't care, he stuck his arm out and took the shot. The doctor fell over, with blood rushing out the back of his head, as Sonic began laughing psychotically.
Tails came out the bathroom, hearing the noise. "SONIC!"
Sonic noticed Tails, and stopped laughing, trying to hide the gun.
"What just happened?!"
Sonic fell to his knees, and began crying. "Tails...I....I'm sorry."
Tails ran up to Sonic, then saw Robotnik's bloody corpse. "Sonic...You..."
"No you didn't, Sonic."
"YES I DID!" Sonic's tears fell to onto Tails' shoulder, as he practically drowned in his own tears. "WHAT KIND OF HERO AM I?!"
"Sonic, it's-" Tails teared up as well. "It's okay."
"No, it's not!" Sonic's thoughts began to run. Tails tried to speak, but Sonic's thoughts spoke over him. 'I'm a murderer! It's all my fault!"
"Sonic!" Tails cried, shaking the Hedgehog by the shoulders.
'My mother's so disappointed in me! I bet she's crying tears because I couldn't resist revenge! I'm weak...And my best friend witnessed me killing someone. I'm no better than Robotnik!"
"Sonic, please answer me!!" Tails shook him harder. "Please, say something!"
'Tails....Tails is seeing me talking to myself. I'm...Insane.'
'I wish I could do something so Tails didn't have to see me as the monster I am. I'm a monster, I crave blood. I'm a murderer. I...I killed someone. There's no excuse, nor should there be.'
"Sonic, let me help you through this! Just talk to me!" Tails grabbed Sonic's gun, in hopes of helping his friend.
"Tails! Let go!" Sonic tried yank the gun from Tails' grasp, only to accidentally pull the trigger.
Tails' eyes widened, as he took his last breath. He collapsed, as Sonic accidentally shot his heart.
"TAILS!" Sonic screamed. "NOOO!" He grabbed Tails' shoulders. "TAILS, GET UP!"
Tails couldn't respond, as the life drained from his eyes. Blood was pumping out his gun-wound.
A great silence was present, as all Sonic could do was witness the death of his own best friend. It seemed like eternity, until Sonic finally spoke. "I love you, brother." He used his fingers to close his fox friend's eyes.
Game Over. When it came to vengeance...Nobody had won.

Sonic mourned over the death of his best friend, sobbing over his corpse.
"I'm sorry, Tails!" Sonic lightly banged his fist on Tails' chest repeatedly. "I'm sorry."
Just then, behind the Hedgehog, a small, two small red lights illuminated in the shadows.
"I WISH ROBOTNIK WAS NEVER BORN!" Sonic yelled, not noticing the enigma behind him.
"Sonic?" A voice came from the unidentified thing.
"What the?!" Sonic turned around, as he watched the shadows. Metal clanked, as it walked.
"Sonic! It's you!" It was the Robotnikcized Knuckles the Echidna. He seemed happy to see the Hedgehog, yet he was in much pain, as he spoke softly. "I saw everything. Thank you. Thank you for setting me free."
"Knuckles!" Sonic was a bit happy to see the Echidna.
"Did you know that Tails isn't really dead?"
"W-What do you mean?" Sonic wondered, sniffing.
"If you put him through a painless machine called "The Doll Maker 9000". It's located downstairs, it can heal him. The soul will naturally inhabit the new body because of his traumatizing, untimely death." Knuckles explained. "But if you-"
"I CAN SAVE MY BEST FRIEND?!" Sonic exclaimed excitedly.
"Yes, but be careful. Robotnik had set lethal booby-traps. Especially if you don't have any rings with you." Knuckles warned. "Hey, did you see Rouge try to steal the Master Emerald? Well, now that I've painfully turned into Metal Knuckles...I can stop her."
Sonic chuckled weakly, lifting Tails' body. The fox's body was still pumping out blood, as his carcass was slowly preparing itself to rot. "Don't worry, buddy. I'll fix you."
The Hedgehog began to ran at top speeds, searching for the machine that Knuckles had spoke of. Many saw blades swung, and fire spawned in random areas. "Haha, Robotnik's got nothing on me."
Sonic ran more, dodge every trap with ease. He yawned, as boredom struck. "I guess Robotnik was getting too old for death-machines, because this Hedgehog's an all-speed racer! Heck, with all this technology, I could be a "Sonic all-star racer TRANSFORMED"!" He giggled, still looking for The Doll Maker 9000...
His search kept on, until he finally saw a machine that was illuminated in orange light that resembled 3D printer. Written in big lettering on the machine, was the phrase "The Doll Maker 9000". Also, there was a visible label on it that read "To be destroyed later".
"There it is!" Sonic called, running straight towards it. An alarm was sounded. "Shoot, I'd better hurry! Who KNOWS what ELSE Robotnik put in here? No worries, Tails. I'll save you."
Just then, out of nowhere, metallic stalagmites popped up from underground and stabbed through Sonic's back. The stalagmites pierced through Sonic's whole body. Blood ran out the holes, spikes through Sonic's eyes, throat and everywhere else. Blood gushing out his veins, saliva from Sonic's mouth slowly ran down. Blood and viscera sprayed onto the floor, and the wall. Tails' corpse went flying into the machine from the jerk of Sonic being stabbed.
The machine began running, as smoke spawned from out the machine, covering it entirely. The stalagmites went back down, letting Sonic's corpse fall the rest of the way down to the floor. The Doll Maker 9000 went off with a "DING!" Tails flew out the machine, but what's this? His entire body was changed to look that of a doll version of himself. His mouth was now a bear trap, he was now able to fly without his tails, as there was now a propeller inserted into his back. He wore a doll version of his top hat, and his eyes were changes to look that of a robotic snake. He also had a new antenna with a red diamond-shaped gem on top.
White subtitles appeared. The text read "Game over?".
(We're brought back into the real world, as employee Jackson takes the helmet off.)
"Wow, Murphy...Just wow." Jackson was shocked, handing the EXE to its creator, Murphy.
"So, what do you think? It's a nifty little invention, right?" Murphy proudly took his invention back. "So...Can we release it for Sonic's anniversary?"
"Yes!" The boss applauded the EXE creator. "It's perfect! Everybody, give Murphy a hand!"
All the other employees joined their boss in clapping, whistling and such.
"We're going to profit SO MUCH from the EXE! Murphy, you're a genius!" The boss took the invention. "Let's start making more of these, give us the blueprints and we can start production immediately!"
"Okay..." Murphy let out a nervous laugh, because the boss spoke loudly as usual.
A familiar psychotic laugh was heard, echoing throughout the building.
"That's a NICE impression, Murphy. Did you do the voice yourself in the game?"
"Uhh, sir? T-That wasn't me." Murphy faltered. "Hey, what on Earth?!" He noticed that Tails Doll was sitting next to a random computer. He felt like the doll was watching him.
"Hey," Tails Doll greeted. "I have one question for you..."
Murphy looked wide-eyed at the doll. "W-What is it?"
"Can you feel the sunshine, does it brighten up your day?" Tails Doll creepily sang, and let out a laugh that slowed down and began sounding demonic.
"Ummm, I d-don't k-kno-" Tails Doll's gem illuminated in a bright red light, and he jumped onto Murphy, clawing at his face while laughing.
The boss turned around to walk back to his office, but froze in place, as he saw Sonic.EXE looking at him with a cocked head, and a demonic grin. "H-Hello, Soooni-"
Sonic.EXE jumped, grabbing the boss' throat and pinning him to the wall. "BRING HER BACK!!!" He demanded.
"I-I don't understand!" The boss had never felt fear like he has now. He shivered, as he looked into Sonic.EXE's black, bloody eyes. His irises now a blood-red color, and his highlights were now shadowed. "P-PLEASE LET ME GO!"
Sonic.EXE let go, chuckling evilly. "So, YOU'RE the reason all the pain happened. It's time to play my favorite game, it's called "Judgement Day". Are you feeling lucky?"
The screen goes to black, as Sonic.EXE laughs psychotically with the boss screaming. Bloodstains form in the screen, as black, bloody subtitles form, reading "Game Over".

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